February 24, 1329: Spill A Little, Drink A Little

Spill a little Drink a little
Summary: Amira and Jerric take a break from the snow and enjoy some tea
Date: 24 Feb 2013
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Study - Brivey Keep
Meant for business and meetings of the most important of topics, the room is spacious enough to hold several people comfortably. To the right upon entering is an oak desk, polished and shined with a red clothed backed armchair behind it. Stacks of paper, blanket and some written on, an ink well and a pen for writing. In front of the desk is two more single chairs for gathering. On the left of the room is a lounge bench set for more relaxed conversation, a table in front of it and two red clothed armed chairs beyond that. A fire brings warmth to the room, while several windows around the far wall bring light. Shelves line the wall on either side of the roaring fire. Books, scrolls, and ledgers take up space on those shelves, while other areas have small trinket items of personal value to the owner.
February 24, 1329

The snow falls once again. The warm weather of the day before is now nothing but a memory. Winds whip around the tall Keep so that faint whistles can be heard during the strongest of gusts. The weather has driven many inside and one of them is Jerric who has made his way to the Study of Brivey Keep where a crackling wards off the chill. A kettle of tea has been placed on the table and his long legs stretch out and are crossed at the ankle. It's obvious that he's been outside as his damp fur cloak as been tossed over the back of a chair and his boots glisten with melted snow. One hand holds a tea cup close to his lips, pausing there, and another holds a parchment that has been opened. The seal of wax is clearly recognized as that of King Breac's personal seal.

Restless, that is perhaps the best word to describe what brings Amira from her own rooms to the study. Pausing at the window even as she enters this room, she sighs, somewhat disheartened to see the snow still falling. Lingering only a moment, she turns to look about the room proper and when her gaze settles on her brother, her countenance immediately loses any traces of unhappiness to be replaced by delight so pure it can only be real. "Jerric!" The exclamation is given even as she leaves the window behind to approach her brother. Always, she greets him with a brushing of her lips over his cheek, "I am so very happy to see you, my brother."

The exclamation jars the Prince, enough that he spills a bit of tea on his shirt. His ire rises quickly "Bloody…" but when he looks up from the shirt to see Amira any anger that might have been held is melted away faster than the snow that was on his boots. He smiles warmly "Amira! I had heard you were coming from home but I didn't know you had already arrived!" He sits up and pats the seat next to him on the large couch "Come, sit, do you want tea?" Yes he babbles as only the presence of Amira can bring out in him.

A hand lifts quickly to her mouth, Amira had not intended on startling her brother. Lowering her hand, she withdraws a lacy handkerchief and kneels down before him to dab at the spilt tea on his shirt. Lifting her chin, her blue eyes meet his and she smiles somewhat demurely. "Please forgive me my dearest brother, I truly had no intention of causing you to spill your tea on your clothing." Now that the tea is dabbed off, she offers her hand should he wish to help her up again. "I arrived just before the snow came, and it is a lucky thing! I think it looks as if there is going to be a lot of it out there." A glance to the tea and the cups, then she bobs her head, "I shall get some and you a refill, should you need?"

Jerric can't help but laugh as Amira cleans his shirt "Amira, it's fine, really. Just a little tea. You don't have to do that." And when the hand is offered of course he takes it and helps her up. His eyes never leave her's and the grin only spreads "I can't believe you are here! I mean, you bring the sun out no matter the weather." He holds out the tea cup "Well as I am wearing most of it, yes, more please." Then with out hardly a breath "Tell me all about what you have been up to. It's been what, a month or two since last we spoke? How is home, are you still working on your archer? What about that colt I had picked out for you? YOu are taking care of it like I said?" Then he laughs deeply and for a good bit "I really have to stop treating you like a little girl now don't I? You are a grown woman now but," his head tilts to the side "I can't help myself. Forgive me?"

Taking his hand, Amira rises, eyes still on his, her own reflecting an enchantment she holds in seeing him again. "I missed you terribly," taking the cup she efficiently refills it before offering it to him once more. Once he takes it, she pours herself one and takes the offered seat beside him, pleased to be so near the only person she was so close to. "If only the sun were out, we could go frolic in the woods like we did as children." So many wonderful memories. Going right in to the explanation of the past few months, she rests her cheek against his shoulder in a familiar gesture, for some reason she always liked to be touching him when they were near. Cuddles here, a quick kiss of greeting, just a reassurance he was there beside her. "The colt is growing more every day, he is very temperate and is taking well to being led, we have even had a saddle placed on him to get him used to the weight. It will still be some time before he is ready though I do help with much of the work involving him so that he will know me well."

And she is off, now that she is talking, to figure a way to get her to stop. "That has taken up a lot of time the past few months. We even brought the colt with us. I do go out practicing the archery more often than not.. and mother.." if there is a pout in her voice, she tries to cover it. "Mother made me spend days and days on end with her and other ladies to teach me the proper way to conduct myself." Though her voice sounds more amused than anything by it. The youngest Rhaedan was quite capable of being proper. "I feel as if I am a grown woman now, do I look like it?"

To her reply Jerric only laughs more "Good, I am glad to hear you have been keeping up with the archery. You have a natural talent to it. Don't squander it. You brought the colt with you? I will have to see it when this weather breaks."The grin deepen's as he hears of being proper "So no more leg'ns and fighting with the boys in the courtyard I guess?" He teases with a wrinkle of his eyes. "Yes," comes his voice a tad more serious "You look a grown woman. That's what worries me. For if I see it every young male between Rhaedan and Taniford will be able to see it." He sighs a bit melodramatically "And then I will have to kill them."

It gladdens her to hear his laugh, for far too often his duties keep the laughter out of his voice and the worry in his eyes. Lifting her head, Amira offers him a vibrant smile. "I could never squander it because it is something I do that I love. Most things I do because etiquette and mother and father," a quick, playful eyeroll there, "demands it." Leaning over, she replaces the tea on the table a moment, for it is still too hot to drink yet, then clasps her hands together all demure and proper like. Setting her posture just so, she straightens her shoulders in the display of a proper lady. "There, did you see? I had to learn all of that." Again, she bobs her head in a quick nod and leans forward to whisper conspiratorialy, eyes dancing with merriment. "I brought leg'ns and a tunic with me, please do not tell mother." Sitting back now, she hears the last and gives him a brief, odd look as if just discovering that young males will me looking at her. At -her-. Not her sisters? She stifles a giggle at the thought. "Kerilyn is much more beautiful than I, and I have other things to do than loiter and make polite talk with young men. Besides, I have you." And that is good enough for her.

With a shake of his finger "Now now, listen to what mother and father tells you. We have an image to uphold." He chuckles as she sits all proper and lady like "Yes, yes. very proper. And very well done." He leans forward, his voice low "Good, glad you brought them. Maybe you and I can slip out one day and go have some fun in the woods. Like we used to." He grins "Yes, I do agree that Kerilyn is very pretty. But honestly, Amira, you are just as pretty if not more." He nods his head "And yes, the boys will be chasing after you and soon you will find that you enjoy their attention. Then I will have to kill them. It's a sad circle we older brothers have to dance around. But" he shrugs his shoulders "Duty is duty after all." There is a mock tone to his voice but also, something that only Amira may pick up as a tinge of seriousness too.

Amira looks at him in what would be an austere and serious look were it not for the laughter in her eyes as he shakes his finger at her. "I would never, ever harm the image of our house, I do so love my family too much for that." The compliment earns a pink tint to her cheeks and she just radiates happiness when he speaks low to her about going out to the woods again like they used to. "Oh Jerric, I would love to get to spend time with you, it seems we never are able lately." Though to hear him about the boys chasing her, her lips lift in a quiet smile, especially when he mentions killing them. He seems simultaneously playful yet serious at the same time. "Perhaps, though I have no interest in boys, except if I can challenge them with my bow." Belatedly she realizes he had been working when she arrived and her eyes land back on the parchment, "Is there anything happening right now?"

Jerric turns his head slightly away from his and cuts his eyes back to her "YOu better not, I would hate to have to spank you as if you were 6 again." Yea, right, as if /he/ ever spanked her. Actually he ran a lot of interference for her as is his way. Always protecting. Then when it comes to sneaking off in the woods he closes his eyes momentarily "How I would love just slipping out, the two of us getting out to the woods again, like we used to." But a plan seems to be forming in his head before he turns to Amira once again "I will see what I can do though. No promises but I will try." And yes, some times the weight of his title does seem to be more than he would wish. Mostly when it concerns being with Amira. The melancholy last but a brief span of seconds. For being in the presence of Amira one can not be that way for any length of time. "Well for my sanity don't get to interested in them. Boys that is. I have enough troubles as it is and having to keep an eye on you all the time would be to much to handle." He looks down at the parchment that is now laying on the table "Oh, just some words from father. Seems there was some trouble at Spidon that he wants me to look into. Nothing serious, some tax issues."

Amira does laugh at the threat of a spanking, leaning her head on his shoulder again. "Whenever you want to sneak out, just you and I we can. I came here to spend time with you, because I miss you and want to stay as long as you allow me to." After a moment, she again reaches for her tea and after a tentative sip finds it cool enough to drink. "I will not get interested in boys. No one will ever be you, so how could anyone else compare?" Glancing back at the parchment when he does, she lifts concerned eyes to his once more. "Will you have to go there? May I travel with you whenever you leave?"

Yes, Amira is the only one that can cause him to laugh so. And laugh again Jerric does "Yes, no one compares. But one day you will have to settle for a cheep imitation, Amira." The mirth in is voice invades his eyes as he too takes up his tea and sips from the delicate cup. "But there will come the day that you will be interested, that I promise and have I ever been wrong?" He chuckles at his own self joke. "Well it's not up to me if you stay or not. We will be making the ride down to Laketown as soon as the weather breaks. YOu can come as well. Kerilyn is there but so are those Taniford people. Princess Aylanora to name one, Duke Varghem as well." He gives the parchment a glance "I am not sure if I will have to go. I will send an envoy there for now. As for your coming along, we will see."

His laugh brings one of her own and Amira regards him with happiness. "Perhaps one day, by then though you will be married and have replaced me with another in your affections." Teasing still, though there is a lingering worry on her eyes that will eventually happen. "You have never been wrong, my dear brother, so I believe you, though with no one to compare, I should think there is no rush. Besides, I have my colt, my bow and my family. What else does a princess need?" Hearing him out about the journey, she smiles, "It would be nice to see everyone, yet I do like time here with you most."

Jerric rolls his eyes and two fingers tickle her side "Not you too. All I have been hearing from Father is to marry Lady Guinevere who drives me up the wall and I know she can't hardly stand being in the same room with me. Father tells me that Duke Kazimir is his most loyal vassal and to cement that he wants me to marry her. At least mother is more on my side and isn't so certain that Guinevere is the right person." He sits up all big and proud "Nope, never been wrong. That's me," followed by a wink to his sister. If Jerric could melt now would be the time. He brings his forehead to touch hers "I like the time with you as well Amira. But we will have to go to Laketown all the same. YOu do have travel clothes, right?"

Very unprincessly Amira giggles when he tickles her, squirming beside him, loving their times together. "I want you to marry someone who makes you happy and not someone who cannot stand to be in the same room. You should always be happy Jerric." When he touches foreheads with her, she looks into his eyes with her big, blue trusting ones. "I traveled here in travel clothes, so I am ready whenever you wish to travel." Impulsively, she wraps her arms around him in a hug and pecks a quick kiss on his lips. "I love you more than anything. I will be ready."

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