Stable Talk

Stable Talk
Summary: Victricia, Jerric and Sammel catch up and banter in the stables of Brivey.
Date: 11/08/2013
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Brivey Keep - Stables
The stables consists of a single, high-ceilinged building with open rafters. The wide, dirt-packed lane leads from the double-doored entrance straight to the rear wall lined with tack. A single ladder leads to the hayloft above, and spacious stalls flank either side of the walkway. Although the groomsmen work day and night to provide for the animals, the atmosphere is a relaxed and peaceful one punctuated with the scent of horse, leather, and hay. A door set in the rear wall leads into private quarters, and the only other exit heads back into the courtyard.
Sun Aug 11, 1329

There was something refreshing about the scent of polished leather and freshly turned hay. Something peaceful in the soft whiney of horses as they stood, munching quietly on oats. Vi was there among them, though Gilly stood out in the hallway, rather than in a stable and Vi was brushing her, rather than a stable hand; humming softly while she did.

"They have stable hands to do that you know," Jerric mentions to Victricia as he makes his way into the stables. His arrival in Brivey the night before was with out fain fair. He quietly slipped in and went to the room that is held for him, or the King.

"Do they?" Vi countered, a slender brow arching in the Prince's direction, before she stepped away from the mare and hooked a hand into her skirt; offering a low sweep of courtsey that offered a rather healthy view of her breasts in the low cut of that gown. "I hadn't seen them, my Prince. And welcome, to Brivey."

A simple nod of his head "It's the rumor anyway," he says with a hint of a smile. Making his way over to low stool Jerric sits, arms resting on his knees. He looks the horse over that Vi is brushing "A fine animal, where did you get it?" Studies the horse some more, perhaps as a fighter "Though fast, I am sure, not stout enough for combat. But the looks of her she would be an easy ride, no?"

"I shall have to look into it then," Vi teased, amusement dancing in her eyes as she watched the prince move to a stool. Vi returned to her mare, gently running the brush down the horses flank. "Fast, but delicate. An easy ride, but…thorough, about it. Were you interested, Highness? Though, I do not believe that you came all the way to Brivey simply for a mare."

A smirk as Jerric plucks a stray bit of hay and it is stuck in the corner of his mouth. His feet stretches out and he leans back on the wall of the stable "Brivey is a second home to me. I think I grew up here as much as I did at Rhaedan Castle actually." His eyes get that far away look to them as he sees back in the past "Or it seemed so anyway. I have a lot of fond memories of here. And when I need a rest, here is the closest place." He begins to say more, stops, pauses a moment and the shrugs that what the hell type of shrug "Have you been seeing Sammel much? How is that going?"

The sound of Vi's laughter is rich and throaty. "So, my liege is telling me that when he desires a break from his life and a rest, it will be my home that he comes to. Must I play dutiful hostess then and see to it that all your needs are well tended?" There's a flicker of humor in her eyes, an amused curl to her lips. It tempers somewhat, at his question and the girl offers a delicate shrug. "He is master of his domain and all that is within it."

Another smirk "Some how if I said yes to that question I fear I might get that brush tossed at me, Vi. So to protect us all, I shall decline your offer of being the dutiful hostess." Offer, what offer? He cuts his eyes to Vi as his head tilts "That is not what I was asking was it? Come now, tell me what you think of him?" Then he laughs "I could tell you stories about him that would have you rolling in the floor, but some how I do not think that he would appreciate it much." Said with a follow up wink.

"To throw a brush at you, Prince Jerric, would be to assult the prince and I am far too much a lady to do such a thing. After all, my place is but to ask how high, when you say jump, as you were kind enough to remind me." The amusement remained, before her lips curled a grin that was dark and playful both. "I think of him, the same that I thought of him before it was decided that we were to be wed."

Jerric studies the lady for a time. "I did say that, didn't I? But there are times when friends can just be friends, no? I mean, look at Sammel and I. If I ordered him to do something he would do it. And if he didn't like it he would let me know in his off handed way, but would still do it. Yet we can still be friends. He once threw a full mug of ale at me, but it was in fun and all was good." He grins "So in other words, you think of him as unfavorably as you did before?"

"I think," Vi murmured, watching him carefully and selecting her words with much the same, "That I find him just as…," and whatever she'd been about to say, was censored at the last moment and she smiled instead. "Ah, but a lady doesn't kiss and tell, does she? It would be most unbecoming of me. Needless to say, if I told you that we had decided upon a date for the ceremony two weeks from now, what would you say?"

Jerric sits up "What, you kissed him?" He grins broadly "Really, you kissed him? That's great. And he, he was ok with that?" Then shock flicks upon him "Two weeks! Really? Two weeks is hardly enough time to get everything ready. Will it be here or at Malgrave?" Questions questions.

Only at the training grounds and the library ranked higher in Brivey Keep of places where you were likely to bump into Sir Sammel Riedel. It should not come as any great surprise then to hear the sounds of familiar footfalls, comfortablly confident, spaced for that ground eating pace a tall man could make without actually looking hurried. As he strode, he hummed to himself, a little diddy that was downright filthy when sung in the barracks with words rather than just a melody.

"If I were a man, I could tell you that I slept with him and you'd cheer me on, while telling me not to get caught. If I were a'd tell me I had to marry him, as it stands, you've done that already. How…," the sound of Sammel's humming catching her ears as she turned towards the sound, "fortunate for I then that I have done none of those things. Imagine the scandal." But then her attention split, as did her lips into a smile that was fullbloom. "Sir Sammel! If you might hold off on the next bars of, What it Means to be a Lady, I was just telling the Prince here that we'd decided on two weeks. Isn't that wonderful!" Smirk.

Jerric smirks "As for who you slept with and when it is none of my business, Vi. But only that if you had, well then I would be happy for you both. Then perhaps this marriage would not be such a dreadful thing for you." He turns at the sound of the hum, and watches Sammel as Vi calls to him. "I was wondering, where will the wedding be held, here or at Malgrave?"

"I don't know what you're talking about," Sammel said evasivly when Victricia caught him out on exactly what he had been singing. "Old Tom's dogs, that's what that song is called." Sure it was. Sure it was! He scratched at the smooth curve of his jawline, pale green eyes catching out the Prince and his Betrothed, and especially the latter's rather expansively revealed bosom. Squint. Like he couldn't decide if he disapproved or just admired. "But I'm pretty sure -we- didn't decide anything. What I am sure of is you trying to ambush the decision infront of the Prince." He rolled his eyes, then matched her blooming smile with a crooked one of his own.
"Why don't you ask her? She's the one with all the answers."

Vi's jaw dropped, while her hand flew to her chest, a look of horrified shock on her face. "Why, I can not believe that you would think I would do such a thing, Prince Jerric! I am a lady of honor, one need only ask my soon to be lord-husband," ever so sweetly murmured, before she leveled the man in question with a look. "If, that is the song that you're singing, then I don't suppose you'd mind if I regaled the prince with the song in its entirety, would you, my Lord? Though I heard it's original author was beat quite soundly for the singing of it towards a young lord's wife." Teased, before she gave a last pat to the mare and a nod for the stablehand to step forward and claim her, for her stall.
"Ambush? Why, I would never dare ambush anything, Sammel and well you know. I am not one for politics. However, I recall that even my handmaid Nina, may vouch for your agreement of two weeks. A very enthaustic 'Mmmhmmmmm!' if I remember correctly. I am sure, however. That she does. We shall marry where it pleases Sir Sammel," the latter dutifully informed to the Prince.

Laughing "You my Lady I do trust but him," Jerric cuts his eyes to Sammel "I have known him way to long." Jerric knows full well the song Sammel was humming but he turns all innocently to Vi "Oh, please do, it has been a good long while since I heard a good song." Then as the two discuss the marriage, Jerric leans back, a sly smile on his face. He crosses his arms across his chest "So when it's decided which one of you are right, just let me know when and where?" He looks to the pair "If it's not to much to ask that is."

"Well. I might've.. made that particular sound, in which might've been construed as agreement, but I was thinking about something else. But alright. Since you have your maid as a witness, what can I do but agree?"
Sammel gave Jerric a look when he encouraged Victricia to sing a song that, well, got peasents beaten up if they ever dared to sing it where a Lady could hear it. Apparently one Lady was not to be disuaded from learning it, even so. A roll of the eye later, he aquiescenced to the Highness' desires. Even if the look he gave Vi went along the lines of: I can't believe you're going to sing that song.
"Two weeks. Here, I suppose."

"I am more sure it was agreement, my lord. I could not fathom what else it might have been, if not an agreement to our wedding. What else could you have possibly been thinking about?" Inquired, with the loft of a brow as she pinned Sammel beneath the weight of her gaze in return and then, winked; drawing herself upright to sing because after all, the Prince had asked.
Prim and prude, not trained to be rude, such is the life of a Laaaaady.
Liars behind lace, broodmares with grace, such is the life of a Laaaaady.
A fair defined creature, with a septa for a teacher, this is the life of a Lady.
With manners and poise, they don't make much noise. That's what defines a lady.
To bleed when there's need for a nobleman's greed, with a potion to hide the young bastard's seed.
Decite is discrete on any backstreet, that's common knowledge for a laaaady.
Excuse me my Lord, but I don't want you bored and that's what you'll be, with a laaaady."
Absolutely shameless grin. "Sir Sammel, since you know it so very well, tell me, have I left anything out?"

Jerric's grin is fixed, then he listens intently to the song. When it finishes he is laughing hard and clapping "And such a fine voice you have, My Lady," he says before looking to Sammel "I think you have met your match, old friend. But remember it was I that asked her to sing."

"I'm pretty sure you know," Sammel said with a grunt, before he folded his broad arms over his chest and listened to the girl give words to his earlier hummed melody. He was trying to keep a straight and stern facade, but a quiet chortle was fighting itself free, humor in his eyes.
"Aye, it was you who asked her to sing it, Jerric. Means it's you I aught to beat the hell up."

"The prince has made it very plain," Victricia went on, merriment in her voice, "That if tells me to jump, I am to jump without question. So if he bids me sing then, surely I must?" Helpfully ventured, before she glanced past Sammel to a blushing Nina who'd all but stopped with her sewing and gone redfaced for Vi's singing.
"Shall I send someone for refreshments, gentlemen?"

A roll of his eyes "Even on your best days," Jerric starts and then shakes his head recalling the many thrashings he got at the hands of Sammel. "But you won't, cause you like me, Sammel. Go ahead, admit it." He thinks a moment "So, two weeks, here at Brivey." He smiles and looks to the two "We have much to do between now and then."
As Vi speaks of her jumping he looks to Sammel and shrugs "It's true, I did. And so she was just doing her royal duty." He nods "I would love that, Vi. Ale. Might want to fetch Sammel some lemon water, though. He should cut down on his drinking. But I guess you will find that out in due time." He leans a bit in the direction of Vi "Not that I am saying he drinks to much, but…" he shrugs.

"The only person who gets to tell me when I can or cannot drink in my own fucking keep, is father. And he won't, because he bloody well knows I'll take an extended trip the moment he tries," Sammel declared loudly. Hmph. "So don't you dare give me lemon water, my Lady. In this one thing, disregard the Prince. If there is one thing that will make even the most loyal vassal rebel, it's when a liege tries to limit his drinking." His eyes glimmered as he looked between the two of them.
"Perhaps not in the stables, though. The stench of horse doesn't quite mesh with refreshments. Unless we make it an outing, instead."

"Much to do? Highness, there is naught. I have full trust that those deciding parents who made this match, will plan it. All I intend to do is make sure that I show up for the fitting in regards to the dress and then, for the day itself." Seating charts, invitations, meals, all of it in the hands of someone else. Entertainment? Again. Not her.
Instead, she regarded Sammel as he spoke and then dipped her head in compliance with his words. "Ale as well then, Sir Sammel? Though if you would prefer to make it an outing, I am agreeable. Do you prefer to stay in, I am the same."

"Well I must make sure that things are done just so, Lady Victricia. For this is a wedding that came from the King himself and it involves Sammel. The one that was never going to marry." Jerric chuckles at Sammel "As if I could tell you not to drink, that would be the day. But as for an outing or finding a nice place here, I can go with either."

Sammel barked a quick laugh. "Hah. Anyone who trusts me to make a wedding, will find I've forgotten half the details. A nice big melee on the day I wouldn't mind, though. Or a joust. Or both." He scratched at his cheek, thoghtful. Perhaps remembering how it had gone the last time he had tried his hand at jousting.
"We're going on a little outing, then. I am deserving of a rematch on a race I had with the Lady Victricia, anyhow."

Victricia supplied no opinion of her wedding day. She'd not had a choice in the husband, after all. Why bother with the rest? At least he was a decent… "Nina, send Becky to the kitchens would you. Have the cook send out a basket of Sir Sammels favorites, fit for riding, as well as enough ale to content both he and the Prince. I'll take the wine."
Though the lady returned to the pair when she was finished with the orders, it was Sammel's words that had her arching a brow. "Rematch? We raced? I don't…oh, when you gambled your service against a kiss. You still owe me, remember."

"A Joust! That would be perfect! Yes, a need a Joust for the wedding." Hey, it's a guy thing. He stands and dusts himself off "Then an outing it is. Riding or walking," Jerric asks as he listens to the orders given to the maid and smiles "A way to a man's heart is through his stomach, right My Lady?"

"Actually, I find the way to Sammels, Highness, was through his cock. But close enough!" Oh poor Nina. She absolutely positively -choked-.

"I still owe you," Sammel agreed, because he was a man of his word. Even if he sometimes gave it only grudgingly and with as much resistance as he could possibly summon up. "A ride and an outing then, and you can tell me if you have any proper thoughts for the joust, too."
Except of course, there came the bomb. Sammel blinked, stuttered to a halt. The look he gave Victricia had a sudden storm of fury in it, a dark tempest that promised an immediate explosion. The man had a temper. Sometimes it got downright nasty. People got hurt.

Jerric is nearly dancing to where his horse is stabled. "A joust, it will be perfect." That is till Vi talks of the way to Sammel's heart. To which he stumbles and has to catch himself to keep from falling. He turns, shocked, then laughs "Oh really, I hadn't known that."

"Oh good grief," Vi murmured, rolling her eyes with the look that Sammel shot in her direction. "If -he- recognizes a joke for what it is, why can't you? I do have the good sense not to say it in questionable company, at any rate." Jousting. How..delightful. "I'll just go see what's taking so long with the kitchen, shall I?" And like a good little girl, waited politely to be excused.

Breathe in. Breathe out. Breathe in. Breathe out. Sammel squished his temper as much as he could, which wasn't that much at all. It still brewed behind his pale eyes. "I guess because he's not about to marry you," he muttered. "Ah. Yeah. That would probably be for the best," and in so doing accepting her request to be dismissed.

Jerric is still laughing to hard to say much, and it doesn't help as he looks to Sammel either. Which only makes him laugh even harder. Between bouts he says "I do think you may have met your match in that one, old friend. She reminds me of…" he grins and stares at Sammel "you." and then he laughs even harder.

Vi skirted off while she still could; to the kitchen to collect the pieces for their outing, before Sammel decided to give her a thrashing sooner rather than later. Oh-ho!

"We'll see. We'll fucking see, already," Sammel growled deep in his throat. "I don't mind a girl with sass. But fucking hell, she best make sure that sass only ever comes out in play with me." His breath shuddered in, slowly, his fingers unrolling and then clenching again in turn. "I need to go change to some riding clothes." With that, and a squint against Vi's retreating frame, and then he made to leave.

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