Staff Judges

Judges will be either an Admin or a Wizard, and will assist with a variety of circumstances, including but not limited to:

1) Overseeing any scene that has the potential for character death. They will provide assistance in assuring that the scene remains fair within the confines of the IC situation, and that all appropriate rules and policies are followed.
2) Being the arbiters of any dispute of any scene where the need arises.
3) Overseeing any player-run TinyPlot if requested. For example, if a group of players wish to overthrow the current Lord of a Tower, they will call in a Judge to oversee the overthrow.
4) Determining the outcome of any scene which a character's player does not feel comfortable RPing out. The judge shall inform the player that was not comfortable with the RP of the final outcome.
5) When in doubt, request a judge. There will never be any recriminations for calling a Judge to a scene. However, we do ask that players do not abuse this when common sense can be an equally effective judge.

Judges will never answer a +jreq if one of their own characters is involved, if it involves a faction their character is in, or if there is any other conflict of interest. In this case they will inform the other connected staff members that they can not answer the request. If they are the only staff member online at the time of the request, they will inform the requester that they can not answer the request due to a conflict of interest.

The decisions made by a Judge are final and it is expected that all players involved will respect the decision even if they do not agree with it or their character is harmed by the decision.

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