Staff Oath

I. My Purpose
I am here to improve and enrich the game and maintain an exciting, immersive, and high-quality game
with the responsibilities I've been entrusted, be it helping fellow Staff, running scenes, resolving disputes,
or overseeing players. I will always remember that I am a servant to the community, and will always place
the well-being of the game over personal goals within the game. I also understand that this is a volunteer
job, and real life -always- comes first. I will always post and inform Staff when I am gone, and for how long,
and why. If due to real-life circumstances I can no longer actively staff, I will step down.

II. My Behavior
I will treat players with respect and courtesy, no matter my personal opinion, or if they don't return the respect.

I will show no favoritism. Not toward other Staff members, not toward my buddies, not toward my IC factions. If
there is a direct conflict of interest I will immediately ask another Staff member to take over, or if it's not possible,
I will refuse to participate as Staff.

I will never leak secrets including but not limited to secrets of plots, game mechanics, building, or secrets of PCs in
any medium to non-Staff (IM, e-mail, page, etc.) NO sharing someone's character background with my buddies or
any players. What's said and done in Staff, STAYS in Staff and what I know of players will not be divulged to any
other player.

I will conduct myself in a trustworthy, professional and respectful manner to both my peers and players, and be an
excellent example of good conduct that upholds the spirit of our rules and sportsmanship. I will never call players
offensive names nor belittle them in front of any other players.

I will never act rashly; I will get my facts straight before offering any definitive answer to players. Examples include
but are not limited to answering coding and building questions, running a scene using confidential plot info, investigating
an OOC dispute. Even if this means that the player in question has to wait a few days. I will act with all deliberate speed,
but I will not rush.

III. My Responsibilities
I am responsible for what I see. Inaction can be a mistake. I will accomplish my duties in a fair and impartial manner always.
I fully understand our player policies and rules, and will both uphold them and model them.

When I am logged in on my Staff account, I will take an active part in the gameworld and enrich the atmosphere for the
players' enjoyment. If I am to be gone for more than several minutes, I will log off. I will not log in to idle. Being a Staff
member is a privilege and an onerous task; I will work as hard as I can to improve the game through my duties.

While enjoying myself and playing my own character is important, by agreeing to this Oath, I place my duties as a Staff
member first. Should the need arise, I must drop what I'm doing as my own character to attend to Staff matters. If that is
necessary, I will do it promptly and politely.

IV. Final Addendum
I will always keep in mind why I am Staff. My first duty as is to improve the game. I also understand that real life is a higher
priority for myself and for other players.

By accepting the post as Staff I am also accepting this Oath, I am fully aware of all regulations and rules that are expected
of me as a Staff member, and I agree to follow them to my best ability and wholeheartedly.

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