Staff Spying

While a Mush, and in particular Game of Kings, is not a very private place spying on players or fellow staff
members is prohibited. Though Staff may not be legally obligated to guarantee privacy or free speech, a
mush quickly becomes unenjoyable if a certain level of privacy and freedom is not maintained.

On Game of Kings all staff members will always make a reasonable effort to avoid prying into any material that
the player does not want to be made public. Staff will not examine any player's private objects unless absolutely
necessary. When it becomes necessary the staff member will obtain advance permission from the player before
so, when possible.

Staff will not examine private data even if it is stored on global objects. Player +mail is perhaps the most sensitive
of all. Under no circumstances will a staff member read any player's private +mail.

In addition, eavesdropping is equally prohibited. Staff will not usedark objects, listen patterns, or other code to
listen in on players having private conversations including but not limited to pages.

Should a Staff member, in the course of Staff's normal duties, accidentally overhear a private conversation he/she
will immediately inform everyone affected and apologize for the accidental intrusion as well as log it to the Admin BB.
It is the staff member's responsibility to take resonable efforts to avoid situations that might result in a violation of
a player's privacy.

During the course of a Staff member's duties a sensitive situation may require that he/she bend or break some of the
above rules. For example, if an admin is investigating a claim of illegal alts, he might need to examine attributes on the
suspected players in order to search for similarities. Whenever a situation like this arises, never pass along or gossip
about any private information he/she may have stumbled across — not even to other staff members. Guard as much of
the player's privacy as you can, while still performing your duties.

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