Staff Story Tellers

On Game of Kings we have set Story Tellers (STs) to assist with RP development and plots.

First we want to empower you, the players, to run your own tiny-plots (TPs). All we ask is that you inform Staff/ST so that your TP doesn't conflict with any others that have been planned. We also ask that you use the Rumors BB, and, if possible, let the staff know what is going on periodically.

Our STs are here to provide game-wide TPs, help struggling Factions, and to assist you in your TPs when needed. We will be very flexible in providing help, and we are here to help enhance RP.

STs will also be our Judges. They are to be called in ANY time there is a possibility of a character death. They should also be called in on the off-chance that there is a dispute on actions taken by characters during RP. Until a ST is present, consider the scene to be frozen. To call for a ST to judge a scene use the +jreq command.

To submit a TP idea to staff where ST help may be needed simply submit a +request. Please provide as much information about the TP as you can and who will be the contact person for the TP. This will aid us in providing the best possible help for your roleplay.

STs will also be available to answer theme-related questions. If any STs are visible online feel free to page them to discuss your ideas.

There are two tiers of Storytellers on Game of Kings.

Tier One - Theme Storytellers

The first tier of STs are the theme Storytellers. Each Storyteller is assigned to a different area of the game. What these positions means to you is that if you have a question concerning theme or need for a particular culture these are your first points of contact. As an example say a Taniford player wants to pose NPCs from the Temple they would first clear it with the Temple Point of Contact. Or if a player wants support from a particular culture, even their own, they will contact the Point of Contact.

If the situation arise in RP that a need for NPCs from a culture be required and the Point of Contact for that culture is not online, the next step would be to contact Staff.

Should you wish to post a BB about sneaking into the Guilds and stealing secretes you would first have to contact the Point of Contact for the guilds. If you wish to post a band of Chosen joining your side of the Fight you should clear it with the Temple Point of contact. If you wish to spread a rumor about the Tanifords give a shout out to the Taniford Point of Contact.

The points of contacts for the First Tier is:

Area Contact
Taniford Fayre
Rhaedan Paule
Temple Tylon
Guild Open

Tier Two - Overall Storytellers

When a judge is needed for a scene, when there is a question that is asked that a first tier storyteller cannot answer, the second tier Storyteller steps in. In order, the Judge/Overall storytellers are: Azrael, Whatever, and Whoever. Using +jreq will get one of these staffer's attention to assist you.

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