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Game Status : The Game is currently up.

The Wiki is still UNDER CONSTRUCTION. Staff is aware of topics which are incomplete, and will be working diligently while we are in BETA.

Announcements will be made as topics are finalized.


A land that was one whole lay torn apart by too many years of war.
Two brothers long dead still fight for the right to call themselves king.

Welcome to the Game of Kings.

Can the fragile peace survive? Forced to set aside their centuries-old feud by the invasion of Corsairs, the kingdoms of Rhaedan and Taniford stitched together a fragile truce to drive the invaders off. But will they fall into another bloody, internecine war, or will peace prevail?

You will help decide the fate of two kingdoms in this original medium-fantasy MUSH. Play the role of a brave and chivalrous knight, a grasping noble, a holy warrior of the Guardians, a Master craftsman, a barmaid, or anything in between on Game of Kings.

Where will you find your place in the Game?

We are a brand new MUSH currently in beta. Our theme is completely original, though you will notice that we have drawn heavily on both European and Asian history. Currently, our grid is set in a small region of Eikeren, balanced between both Rhaedan and Taniford lands so that our playerbase might choose which Kingdom suits them best. The staff believes that the stories should be in the hands of the players and as such, you may app for characters in a position of power and your decisions could effect the entire population of the MUSH.

Please take the time to read through the wiki to ensure you have a thorough grasp of our theme and policies. If you have any questions, do not hesitate to contact staff in game and we will be glad to assist you.

About the Wiki

Any person is welcome to read the wiki but only approved users may edit these pages. If you have a character, please submit a +request in game with your wikidot account and we will invite you.

Join the Game at:

gameofkings.net, port 4800

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