Prince Stefan Rhaedan
Jamie Campbell Bower
Jamie Campbell Bower as Stefan Iridian Rhaedan
Full Name: Stefan Iridian Rhaedan
Byname: Rhaedan's Wild One
Age: 22
Kingdom: Rhaedan
House: Rhaedan
Title/Profession: Prince
Position: Defender of Rhaedan Castle
Place of Birth: Rhaedan
Father: Braec Rhaedan
Mother: Arwydd Rhaedan
Siblings: Jerric, Kerilyn, Niniane, Amira
Spouse: N/A
Children: N/A


The second son of King Breac Rhaedan. Defender of Castle Rhaedan. Having an enjoyment for the finer things in life. A knight and enjoying sneaking into tournaments. Often considered the wild one of the Rhaedan's


On the Grid

Known Associates

Jerric Jerric Rhaedan : My big bro, the heir.
Niniane Niniane Isolde Rhaedan : My twin sister and accomplice in some of my disguises and so forth.
Amira Amira Anya Rhaedan : My youngest sister. She does not deserve the reputation she is getting.

Talia Talia Ashlan : A skilled healer. The wife of Savaric.
Savaric Savaric Ashlan : A skilled hunter that has helped us out a lot in the search for Kerilyn. The husband of Talia.
Bryony Bryony Fearn : Interesting and seemingly honest. We'll see what happens. She is currently my personal apothecary and wishing for a position within the Rhaedans. I will see to about learning more about her before recommending her.
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