Such Cool Courtesies

Such Cool Courtesies
Summary: Cassia speaks with Eldrick over the clash between their families.
Date: 20/July/1329
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Cassia Eldrick 

Laketown - Open field
Pavilions and Passersby.
July 20, 1329

My lord,
Before the festivities end, I would like to have a civilized meet with you. To be sure, no treachery is abound, I mean only the best to your person. Do send a messenger back with a reply. I would not feel slighted if you decline.

Best regards,
Lady Cassia Auldholme

A page returns with Eldrick's answer: "My Lord of Lohstren bids me tell the Lady that she may be received at the time she chooses, with however many retainers she judges fit to guarantee her safety and reputation."

The front walls of Cassia's small pavilion are pulled up, the sitting area is visible to all that walk by, a small brazier is burning near a table which is set with two chairs, cups and a flaggon of sweet red wine — leaving no room for uninvited guests to sit. Mild foodstuffs are set out as well, some cheeses and cured meats. The flaps at the back remained closed, perhaps holding the lady's sleeping quarters.

Of the two chairs, Cassia sits in one of them, two of her guards flank the flaps to the back of the pavilion, two to the front. She twirls the wine in her cup taking a sip here and there to pass the time, handmaiden is scurrying about behind the flaps behind her. She hums a tune to herself, brushing the curls off her shoulder and adjusting the golden circlet about her brow.

Eldrick's approach is difficult to overlook. A pair of squires accompany the solemn-faced Horse Lord as he pauses at the edge of the pavilion to offer the required bow of the head and shoulders to another noble in greeting, "Lady Auldholme." The knight remains attired for the joust, with a broadsword sheathed on his belt.

She bends in courtesy whilst sitting in her seat, a welcoming smile set upon her lips. "My lord," Cassia says politely, nodding to the squires "please, come sit. I hope your head is doing alright. Wine?" She awaits his reply and her guards calm at the lack of extra guards.

"I thank the Lady for her courtesy, but would decline," Eldrick answers the offer of wine, as- once Cassia has seated herself- the knight takes the seat facing her, adjusting the lie of his scabbard to prevent damaging either the chair or his belt. His squires remain at the edge of the pavilion's absent walls, regarding those within the open shelter, and occasionally scanning the surrounding camp. "Of what would the Lady speak?" Eldrick asks, level in tone and straight of back.

She shrugs as he declines, filling her cup back up from the flaggon as he takes his seat. "I am not speaking to you on my father's behalf, if that is what you're wondering. For me, it is a general curiosity and a wish and hope to somehow clean this mess my brother has caused. Foolish, as I have always called him. Very much a boy with his mind in his heart rather than in his head. I wish to hear if you do have any terms. No doubt my father will be stubborn in this matter, if I have any hope to get through to him I must need know your terms, if any." She turns a crooked smile. "I do not speak for my house here, but from me, personally, I am sorry for my brother's actions."

Eldrick hears out Cassia's initial words, his expression kept deliberately stoic throughout. As she voices sorrow for the actions taken, Eldrick draws a slow breath through the nose, ordering his own thoughts in the process. "I welcome the Lady's embassy, and salute the spirit of its offer. That said," he draws a fresh breath, solemn regard fixed on Cassia and continues. "Sir Augustus has seduced the woman who was my sister into treason against my family and my Queen. That same woman has been paraded about this very city in the colors of Auldholme. So long as Lord Auldholme so endorses the actions of his son against my House, so long as he harbors a traitor against my liege, there can be no friendship between your line and my own, Lady."

The words flow into Cassia's ears, riddled with cool courtesy, and yet she nods after it all. "I had not known the girl wore our house colors. I had been on a sort of envoy to the north for a spell." She sighs at this, taking a sip of wine and letting her thoughts process for a moment. "Is it your wish that she is returned to your home and ward?" Cassia questions with a slightly warmer demeanor than Eldrick's own. "I can understand all that you say, and I cannot disagree with your thoughts one bit, no matter what my father thinks of this matter, I find it a very grave offense. As I hope he does as well. I do so wonder if he is in tune with all that has transpired. Our house is an honorable one, an important one, that has now seen one of it's darkest times. I feel the good name and house of Auldholme has been sullied by these transgressions." Cassia rages just a touch before reigning in her temper. "Still, it is a matter of the heart, I believe. It will be hard won."

"I have been taught that matters of the heart must be judged coldly, lest one's head grow too hot," Eldrick comments evenly in return. Drawing a fresh breath as to his wishes, the Lohstren answers: "If Collette is returned to us, she will be executed as a traitor. There is no other honorable course left to me in redressing her treasons. I doubt very much that your Lordly father would wish to set the precedent of returning Taniford defectors," he notes, a wry twist coloring his otherwise flat words. "Simply know that in treating with her, he cannot treat with us."

"Hmm. That will not do. No. I do not think he would send her back to her death." Cassia sighs. "If there were anyway to make this right, I would. I will let him know your demands, to be sure, on my honor I will." Cassia takes a drink and looks over the rigid and cold man. "I have to agree, however, that things of that nature should be judged coldly. However, they do happen, often enough I think. No way could the girl be spared?" She knows it's a feeble attempt, but the look on her face shows it's one she had to make. "We are but pieces for our parents own whims, we do not have a choice in who we will wed, not often enough, that's for sure. I can almost be certain that our houses would've never heard their pleas for marriage if they had spoke plainly. Nothing short of my brother's disownment could fix this it seems."

"If she were to remain in the North, but outside of House Auldholme's name and protection, that would be a suitable gesture of distance from your brother's actions. Remaining outside Taniford would thus preserve her life." He does not comment on Cassia's last sentiment regarding her brother's disowning. Instead, he offers, "When next you speak with Count Myrik, I ask that you give him my high regards. Although our houses have long been opponents, there is respect and honor for the conduct and deeds of the Iron Count in Summit Halls. For the conduct and deeds of Sir Augustus, there is none."

A small smile curls up the corners of her lips. "A fair demand, good sir. Quite fair, indeed," Cassia says of his words on his placement of his disposed sister. "My father would be happy to hear such respectful words, I'm sure. You are too kind. And too kind to entreat with me, you did not have to," her smile brightens a touch. "I dare say, our houses will ever be opponents, unless either one of them miraculously uproots and moves either North or South," a light, goodhearted jest it was and gained and equally light chuckle from the woman. "Though still, perhaps, one day we shall be able to share a glass of wine without such cool courtesies, hmm?" She chuckles a little more, a soft thing it is.

"It was no kindness, Lady Auldholme," Eldrick notes plainly to her initial thanks. "Simply the courtesy due from one noble to another, it would have been unknightly of me to refuse. Even in battle foemen may show respect to one another." He sniffs dryly at the talk of either house uprooting, but makes no comment on such. "Until we meet again, I bid the Lady a good day," he notes instead, rising from his borrowed seat and offering a second bow of the head and shoulders to his hostess.

"Well. Still, do not fault my brain for thinking as such, sir." She says kindly enough; setting down her cup she rises when he does with a bow and nod of her own. "I hope that we could meet again soon, my lord, and hopefully on better terms." She smiles lightly, "Good day to you as well, my lord."

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