Suddenly, A Wedding

Suddenly, a Wedding
Summary: Johan and Bryony surprise the temple with a request to be married without announcement or formal affair.
Date: September 8, 2013
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Laketown - Temple of the Four
Like all temples of the Four, this one is a slightly stretched diamond in structure with lofty cathedral ceilings that let natural light shine in and illuminate this sacred place. It is accessed by a graceful archway on each of the four straight walls, emphasizing that neither direction holds prescedence over the other. Many of the craftsmen of Laketown have come together to carve, engrave, and accent this wonderous temple.

At each of the four corners of the temple are the altars of the Four. The northern corner belongs to Bornas the Mountain God crafted from hard ivory. There is an offering dish that is often filled with handfuls of earth, leaves, or seeds. Directly opposite of him in the south is the handsome and youthful statue of Ravas the Fire God carved from petrified crimson wood, and his offering bowl often contains hearth ash or bits of tinder. To Ravas's left in the western corner is the old and wise Stilltha crafted from polished blue marble; river stones and water occupy her offering bowl, including the occasional fishbone. Last, but not least, opposite of Stilltha in the east is the young Altheara chisled to life from the heart of a hard blackwood. In her bowl is held bird feathers and bones, as well as small carved flutes and chimes.

It is a fall day. The weather is cool and drizzling.

Sun Sep 08, 1329

With the street faire about, the Temple itself is fairly empty with so many having their attention pulled in that direction. Though the stray Acolyte might wander through or some devote person comes slipping along to give a quick prayer in between browsing over a few booths. Though it seems the Mother Superior herself is just finishing up her evening prayers as Tylon rises up from where he had been kneeling by Stilltha's alter. A hand lightly adjuting her robes as she turns to move away from the alter.

Johan's apprentices have been tasked with breaking down his festival stall and clearing everything away. He arrives at the temple dressed in clean clothes! A clean linen shirt, clean stitched hide pants and boots with minimal mud around the soles. It's hard withe drizzling and the roads tromped by the festival goers. He wears his bear skin against the chill and the dreary weather. He has a pouch in his hand, carried with him and somewhat guarded in the curl of his arm. He shakes some of the rain water off of his nose and wipes it out of his beard as he looks about. A little nervous? Maybe. It's not every day a man takes this particular dive. And does it as sober as Johan got. When he spots Tylon, he starts to move toward her, nodding to her and greeting, "Your Holiness. You're still here - "

Bryony is only a few moments behind Johan. She pushes back the hood of her cloak as she enters the temple, hazel eyes alight and cheeks flushed with excitement. Spying the smith chatting with Tylon, she hastens to join him. Finger touch the back of his arm, letting him know she is there as she comes up alongside him. A small curtsy is given to the priestess as Bry clutches her own small pouch in her hand. "Forgive me, I am lat-Am I late?" The last half of that sentence seems to be directed towards Johan. Dressed much the same as she was earlier, the only addition is a fine silver comb slipped in above her braid.

In seeing the weaponsmith heading her way, Tylon does give pause in her steps and whatever path might have been taken. A slight incline of her head given to him,"Good evening to you, Master Johan," a slight turn to her lips coming at his statement," And it is my home, so I am oft about, even if not in this area proper. " Her yes drifting to Bryony as the woman comes up behind Johan, offering a inlcine of her head as well to the other healer. Though the question does cause a slight quirking of an eyebrow, even if Tylon does not intrude to ask with the question not direct towards her.

Cristof is standing with an acolyte near a doorway that leads to another part of the temple. He bows to the robed brother and says, "Thakn you for the use of the book, brother." The acolyte bows and turns, heading down a long hallway to a library. When he also turns, Cristof finds himself facing three people, and recognizing only one, the Mother Superior. He frowns nervously and remains still. His eyes glance around the room as if he is unsure about what to do next.

Johan looks back to Bryony when he feels her hand, and turns a warm smile her way. "I have only just arrived," he assures her, before looking back to Tylong. "Mother, I know that it is very short notice - but we had hoped that you might marry us this evening." Johan reaches back when he says that, to curl at Bryony's back and usher her forward as part of the request. Johan glances around the temple, the meager population of passing through and Cristoff, giving a passing greeting to the man, before looking back to Tylon.

Bryony is drawn forward, finding another smile for the smith before she looks again to Tylon. "We've been betrothed for some time," she explains. "So it is not nearly as hasty as it sounds." The healer slides her hands over her skirts, smoothing them down as she gives the reassurance. "We just… There is no family on my side and well… truth to tell, we simply tire of waiting. We are both in our right minds… well, as right of mind as we usually are…"

Tylon smiles calmly as Johan's words do end up explaining just what Bryony's words were about. Hearing out the quick reassurance that Bryony gives in turn beofre giving a small nod of her head,"I do see. It is certainly possible for me to do the ceremony this evening, as it seems you are both willing…Have you some offerings for the Guardians to give during the ceremony? And have you plan to exchange some toekn or offering between each other? I have found most wish to, though some have been in to great a hurry to prepare anything." After all some are rather hasty about it! Or just perhaps not in their right minds. Catching sight of Cristof, Tylon does raise a hand to beckon the new acolyte over,"Come, Son Cristof, if you have the time, it seems you might have chance to observe one of the pleasant aspects of our positions."

Johan lifts the sack in his hand, to lift out a lamp of oil and a smooth, round orb of iron. "Aye, we each gathered two of the offerings." He glances toward Bryony then, considering her a moment, before shaking his head and looking back to Tylon. "Like many other things that would continue to procrastinate the day, we have decided to tackle that after." Another beat, efore he recalls, "I also have a donation, a percentage of my sales from the festival, to help the Temple recover from the burden of the attacks on the city."

Bryony is digging into her bag as well, producing copper windchimes and an odd knobby bulb. "Water lily," she whispers, in explanation to the smith. As to tokens for one another, she smiles softly up at him. "He gives me his name… What greater token could I ask?" The woman's gaze shifts back to Tylon and she grins wryly. "If you ask me, he's getting the short end of the stick." As Cristof is addressed, her eyes turn towards him and she gives a solemn nod.

Cristof bows deeply to Tylon when the mother superior calls his name. He approaches at a reverent pace. When she offers the opportunity, he answers quietly, "I would be honored by such an opportunity." Then he turns and bows to Johan and Bryony. "That is," he amends, "if you do not object."

As the pair dig out the various offerings they have procurred, Tylon gives a small nod. Simply noting on tokens for one another,"It is often simply a personal choice on those." Or a matter of what one can or cannot afford. Giving a small bow of her head to Johan,"The Temple as always appreciates what you have already offered, and are very thankful for the additional donation, I shall ensure that it is put to good use tending to those in need as well as continuing to aid in protecting those of Laketown. " Simply smilling to Bryony with a bit of a nod.

Glancing to Cristof when he comes up, a small incline of her head to him,"It seems a simple thing, this task, yet is holds the greatest importance and bring people together. A potential healing of a different way for some." Turning back to smile at the couple, before motioning towards the center of the Temple,"Shall we begin then if you are both ready?" Waiting a few beats for them to consider it before waling that way.

Johan looks like he's about to say something, but then stops short and clears his throat. The somewhat sheepish expression suggests it might have been less than couthe. It was probably something that if he had been in his cups he'd have declared without hesitation. He nods to the explanation fo the water lily though. It's not until Cristof speaks up that Johan speaks again. "I have no objection," he assures. There is very little need for Johan to condsider any further. When Tylon gestures them forward, Johan moves toward the center of the room.

Bryony knows that look on Johan's face quite well. There is a sound from her throat, between a groan, a sigh and a laugh. Nothing is said, however. "Thank you," she murmurs to both Tylong and Cristof. As they are directed, the healer steps forward with Johan, meeting him in the center of the room. Giddiness begins to set in now that things are under way and, when she's not grinning like a fool up at him, she's giggling softly.

Cristof smiles warmly and watches while the happy, if nervous, couple, take their places in the center of the room. His primary focus is on Tylon now, while he is learning the motions and the underlying emotional tembre that she conveys with word and gesture.

With everyone gathered in the center of the Temple, and thus also the center of the Alters of the Four, Tylon takes a small breathe before beginning the ceremony,"Tonight we gather under the eyes of the Four to join these two, Mistress Bryony Fearn and Master Johan Grimson in the sacred union of marriage. " Even if there are few to pay witness, Tylon yet speaks as if there were many to pay witness. Eye eyes shifting between the pair as she continues to speak,"As will your lives become a journey to be taken today, so must this be a journey taken together. If you would present your hands." Her own hand indicating for each to present a hand, namely the ones that allow each to hold the other as she draws out the twined silver and gold cord to bind them for their porcession between the alters to give Oaths and Offerings.

Johan isn't quite the giggly giddy girl Bryony is, but he does have an unshakable grin and an anxious tap in his thumb against the side of the orb. He straightens up a little when Tylon begins speaking, and shifts the orb into the same hand as the lamp, to free his other hand to reach over and wran around Bryony's. His attention is split, looking often between Tylon's oration and Bryony beside him. When Tylon pulls the cord, Johan squeezes Bryony's hand lightly and whispers to her, "Last chance."

"Oh no, Master Grimson," Bryony whispers softly as she places her hand in his. Hazel eyes lift to regard the smith with adoration and mischief. "Once set upon a course, I do not stray…" That said, the woman falls silent, turning her attention to the priestess as she continues with the procession. Ther are too many places for her eyes to look: Tylon, Cristof, each of the four. Time and time again, however, she sneaks glances up at Johan. Each time a wide grin curves her lips and she has to look away for fear of laughter.

Cristof folds his hands in front of him and stand in mute, respectful silence. He smiles slightly when he sees Bryony's signs of obvious jitter, but still, he concentrates mainly on Tylon. Observers usually pay scant attention, but he has good reason, as an acolyte, to attend carefully to the proceedings.

There is a light smile by the calm priestess at the light banter that passes between the pair. Once the hands are presented, Tylon goes about tying the cord about their joined hands, not tightly so, but enough that it will not fall from away from them easily. "Today, two paths have sought to twine and become as one. Begin now this path as one, by seeking the blessings of the Four as you present what offerings you have for them."

Her hand lightly directing them to move towards Bornas alter. "All marriages must have the strength to stand though all that its path with cross." Tylon speaking again once they have reached the alter itself,"As the offering is made, let you give your oath together. " Continuing a touch softer with the prompt of that oath for them to repeat,"Our union is blessed by Bornas. Together, we will be strong and steady, enduring the harshest trials as one."

Johan checks his stride to be more even with Bryony's as they approach the first altar. He is very familiar with this first altar. As they approach it, he shifts the orb in his fingers to set it down on the altar with no small amount of reverence - excited or not. He was still a deeply religious man. After Tylon gives them the oath, he looks to Bryony and repeats with her, "Our union is blessed by Bornas - Togethr, we will be strong and steady, enduring the harshest trials as one."

"Our union is blessed by Bornas. Together, we will be strong and steady, enduring the harshest trials as one," Bryony echoes, her voice in one chorus with her intended. Fingers squeeze at his gently as, already, her hazel eyes begin to well. It is no less sacred for the woman.

A small nod comes as the pair complete the first offering and Oath, Tylon's hand giving some light direction to send them along towards Altheara's alter as she notes,"And upon each path sometimes direction is needed and we pray that Altheara always sends her winds to guide and keep them straight upon it." Giving them the time to make it to the alter before continuing, "As the offering is made, let you give your oath together. " Continuing a touch softer with the prompt of that oath for them to repeat,"Our union is blessed by Altheara. Together, we will learn from one another and find joy in simple pleasures."

Johan waits for Bryony to present her offering to the alter, to repeat Tylon with her. "Our unionis blessed by Altheara. Togehter, we will learn from one another and find joy in simple pleasures."

Bryony places the windchime at the altar, some of the giddiness fading as they get deeper into the ceremony. "Our union is blessed by Altheara. Together, we will learn from one another and find joy in simple pleasures," she repeats.

And there is that bit of direction again, two down, two to go, onwards to Ravas! "In each marriage, there must be love and passion, the fire rekindled through the years to come so that each are reminded of this day and the fire that burned, and so that it may never go out. " Giving a slight smile to Cristoff as she gives the pair the time to move to the next alter before speaking again, "As the offering is made, let you give your oath together. " Continuing a touch softer with the prompt of that oath for them to repeat,"Our union is blessed by Ravas. Together, we will be courageous, and our loyalty will be as constant as the rising sun."

As Johan walks with Bryony toward this third alter, he listens to Tylon's words regarding the path they are taking, digests them, really gives them thought. When they reach the altar, he sets the lamp out for Ravas and turns to Bryony again. "Our union is blessed by Ravas. Together, we will be courageous, and our loyalty will be as constant as the rising sun."

Bryony's gaze lifts to Johan during the course of Tylon's words, a small smile finding her lips. The woman gives his hand another gentle squeeze as she offers up this part of the vow. "Our union is blessed by Ravas. Together, we will be courageous, and our loyalty will be as constant as the rising sun."

"Even as there must be passion, so to must a marriage know calmness and patience as the path is tread." Tylon's hand jut barely motioning to the last of the alters, for certainly it is obvious to them where to go next. Leaning towards Cristof to note softly enough for just him to hear,"Often, we get to see a bit of a blush on this next one, sometimes the last one as well, depends on the couple." Falling silent once more til the pair do reach that final alter.

And once again she speaks the prompts that are perhaps expected by now. "As the offering is made, let you give your oath together. " Continuing a touch softer with the prompt of that oath for them to repeat,"Our union is blessed by Stilltha. Together, we will be calm and wise, and our marriage will be fruitful."

Once the oath has been spoken by the pair, Tylon does given a gentle motion with one hand to direct them back towards the center where she and Cristof remained.

Again, Johan waits for Bryony to make the offering to the altar. He does crack a slight grin, but he tries to stiffle it. "Our union is blessed by Stilltha. Together, we will be calm and wise, and our marriage will be - " He's successful until he gets here, and the grin cracks again. " - very fruitful."

Bryony places the lily bulb onto the altar, giving an offering of new life. For a woman who blushes often, her cheeks have yet to tinge pink and they do not do so for this one either. The healer boldly looks up at the smith, her smile wide as she gives the oath. "Our union is blessed by Stilltha. Together, we will be calm and wise, and our marriage will be fruitful… At least four, yes?" The last is somewhat whispered, perhaps a return jest for his own.

With oaths spoken, Johan leads Bryony back to the center of the temple.

A smile is offered to the pair as they come back to the center of the Temple,"Together you have asked for the Blessings of the Guardians as you seek to begin your path in marriage, and as Their servant in this world it is my honnor to bestow them upon you. For They are pleased with that which you have offered and that your hearts willingly seek this union in good faith." A slight pause occuring as Tylon draws a breathe,"It is by Their Power, I pronounce you husband and wife. May your paths be ever twined as you go froward from here and live every moment form now til your last as husband and wife." Waiting that heartbeat of a moment before adding,"You may kiss your bride, if you so wish."

Johan turns more fully to Bryony while Tylon goes through the final formalities, reaching for her other hand along with the one already bound to hers. When the final words are spoken, he lets that hand go though, to reach out and scoop Bryony into his arm, lefting her up onto her toes while he takes that first kiss from Bryony, half broken by the sheer width of his grin.

Bryony begins to find herself giddy again. In the center of the room, the circle complete, she is all too aware that the end is near. The tears that had been threatening the entire ceremony finally break free. Just one or two, but they are shed in happiness. Her smile is radiant as she squeezes both of his hands and she finds herself laughing at the priestess's last. As she is lifted, one arm wraps about his shoulders to help her hold on as she kisses her husband for the first time.

Tylon smiles herself as the couple kiss, it is a beautiful thing that first shared kiss of a married couple, especially when the marriage is one of free will and not some political arrangement. Er… Giving a gentle bow of her head to the pair,"May you go forth and celebrate your evening and enjoy a most delightful evening together." A sparkle touching ot her eyes for a brief moment. Stepping to withdraw, as no doubt the couple will be caught up in themselve for a few moments. Noting lightly to Cristof," Not something that is perhaps as easy to take up when out on circuit. Though if you will excuse me, I should be retiring. I fear Brother Thomas is getting to be a stickler about me resting after everything of late. And I am sure you have lessons to see to as well." Giving a small incline of her head before withdrawing with a soft murmuring,"Guardian's Blessing upon you."

Johan doesn't set Bryony down right away. There's a second, and third quick kiss before he puts her feet back on the ground. When he straightens up, he looks to Tylon, to bow his head to her, and before she departs, "Thank you, your Holiness. It has been a honor to have you as our Priestess." He lets her depart from there though, looking back to Bryony for a moment, squeezes her again, then more toward Cristoff. "I forgot to give her the donation from the festival. Can you take them?"

Cristof remians silent, somber, and observant throughout the ceremony. When it concludes, however, his warm smile returns. He bows to the couple and repeats, "Thank you for allowing me to serve as a witness to this. I will be honored to see to the donations, sir." He steps forward.

Now that they are one, Bryony seems hellbent on taking that rather literally. She is not about to let go of Johan. Her arm slips about his waist and she rests her cheek against his arm. "Thank you," she echoes to Tylon. As he speaks with Cristof, she finds herself turning her eyes up to him, unable to stop smiling. "Thank you for being here to witness."

Johan still keeps that one bound hand. He had tucked the no empty sack through his belt, but it's another pouch he removes to pass to Cristoff, weighted with a mix of copper and silver. He holds this out to Cristof. "I wish that it were more. The monarchies might guide society, but it is the work you all do here that bolsters and nurtures our lives fromd day to day." He pauses then, for a moment, and chuckles, "I'm sorry, I'm afraid that I missed your name-" Once his hand was empty, he lets his arm curl around Bryony once more, keeping her as close as she cares to be kept.

Cristof bows. "Every offering, from a wagon full of gold to the special flower left by the smallest child, weighs the same to the gods. They measure it by the faith in the giver's heart," he assures. "I pray that the guardians will guide you always to the place of your richest blessings." Then he accepts the donation carefully, using both hands to receive it. "I am Cristof," he states simply.

"Thank you," Bryony murmurs to Cristof's kind words. The healer nestles into the smith as his arm curls about her. Tilting her head back, she looks up at Johan, grinning widely. "It still doesn't seem real, does it?"

Johan dips his head to Cristof. "Aye, to the Gods, but the market prefers coin to flowers," he returns with a crook of a grin. "Even the holy need heat and bread, yea?" Not to mention a replenishment of the healing supplies spent on the surplus of wounded. Glancing down to Bryony, Johan struggles. He has done so well, to keep his tongue well bitten, but it breaks now when he chuckles, "I assure, it will seem very real the moment I get you behind a closed door, Wife, after too long spent imagining."

"We do need all of that, sir," Cristof agrees. "And all gifts for that reason are welcomed." He shifts the sack in his hands. "Unless there is more that you need, I will leave you to continue on your new path."

And there's the blush. Bryony flushes crimson at Johan's teasing. "As I recall," she murmurs, "we had a conversation regarding something along those lines when we were returning from Rhaedan… a forfeit for teasing…" One dark brow arches as she looks up at him. "So… shall the forfeit be given before or after a drink and a dance in celebration?"

"No, I don't believe we have any further need," Johan chuckles. He leans down far enough to scoop Bryony up, cradled in his arms, and nods to Cristof. "Have a good evening. And thank you, again." Looking to Bryony, he clearly churns this idea over, before opening his mouth, and not giving an answer. Instead, his mouth just closes and he grins at her, starting to carry her out of the temple.

Bryony gives a squeak of surprise as he scoops her up, both arms quickly wrapping about his shoulders. "Johan!" The reprimand holds no sting at all, broken by laughter. "Forgive us," she prays of Cristof. "It was lovely to meet you." The last is called out over Johan's shoulder as he carries her out. Turning her attention back to her husband, the healer leans in to kiss his cheek tenderly. "I hope the night is freezing…"

Cristof laughs as well, and waves. "There is nothing to forgive when two hearts have joined properly in love before the gods!" he calls. Then he heads toward another door, again cradling the sack in his hands.

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