Summary: Prince Samwell Taniford summons Sir Gauvain Tarris to enlist him the Robard events.
Date: 29/10/1329
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Samwell Gauvain 

Samwell has sent a royal summons out to Gauvain to meet him at the castle.

He had never been to THE Castle before. He has seen it, had even been to the town, once, during the Corsair War, but he had never had cause or reason to set a single foot inside the castle. So, he allowed Bethany to help him dress, and had even gotten new clothing for the visit. He might run into the Queen and it wouldn't do to look like the country bumpkin the rest of the Court must think him. Gauvain strides through the halls in a black dublet slashed with the dark green of his house, and black trousers tucked into elegant, supple leather riding boots. The boots match the gloves tucked into the matching leather swordbelt where his dirk and sword rest. Hair, once again having been braided by Bethany is tied off by a dark green cord to match the slashes in his dublet.

Gauvain stops before the door to where he was summoned. He makes sure his sword belt is straight, and his clothing is all in aright before he nods to set himself. Then he reaches up and knocks on the door. When he's given the all clear to enter, Gauvain does so and bows deeply. "Your Highness. You summoned me?"

The castle is Sam's home and for him mostly the place where he's spent many hours being tortured by strict school masters or playing with his siblings. Yet when he receives visitors, he does dress properly in white breeches, shiny black boots and a royal-blue tunic girded by a shiny black belt. When Gauvain enters, he finds Samwell in a small solar where a fire is burning brightly to warm the room and a small repast of snacks and wine has been set down at a table by the window. "Sir Gauvain, thank you for answering my summons so promptly.", he smiles and gestures towards the small table, "Please have a seat! How have you fared since our return?"

"Well your highness," Gauvain says with that slight smirk of his, "One does not ignore a summons from his Prince." He moves to where he is indicated and adjusts his sword belt so he can sit properly. "Thank you your highness. I have been well. Managed to work wiht my Squire on her tilt, I am proud to say she will make an impressive lancer one day, and I've managed to secure a trade agreement with Mistress D'Aemaz, getting my lands a little more creature comfornts and wealth. Which is good. Save the even that happened with Sir Jaren, all is well."

"Yes, the man was most unfortunate. I need to see him sometime.", Sam remembers as he pours some wine for them both and hands Gauvain a glass, "I'm glad to hear you and Mistress Bethany are doing well. Still, I hope you wouldn't mind too terribly if I took you from Laketown again?", he asks with a slight grin.

Gauvain shakes his head. "Not at all your highness. I am yours to command." He says with a nod of determination. "You have given me a chance to earn back some of my honor. For that, I am grateful your Highness. Anything you need, you have but to ask it."

"Excellent!", Samwell beams and lifts his wine glass in a little toast before drinking some. Finally he continues: "I have spoken to my mother, the Queen. She agrees that Sir Robard Dalyan should be evicted from his mountain fortress. However, she is also aware that we are operating in Lord Losthren's jurisdiction, so she has written to him now to clear our presence. Once we have received permission we will ride back to Fort Brenton, evict Dalyan and destroy the bandits.", he explains and smiles slightly. "I believe it is safe to say we can start packing soon…"

"Excellent indeed." Gauvian says with a nod as he toasts with the Prince. He sips the wine and nodds appreciatively to its vintage. "I don't have much, maybe twenty five men, and most of them Archers. Do you wish me to summon them? I can have my Master at Arms here within a day of his recieving the summons I'm sure. And though I have no Cavalry of my own, I have excellent Warhorses, I can have the men bring them incase your highness has need of further cavalry, though I doubt we'll be doing much in the way of Cavalry charges."

Samwell smiles at the enthusiasm and shakes his head. "That will not be necessary, Sir Gauvain.", he assures him, "We are not waging a war, we are just evicting a useless hedge knight and his men. You can take your squire and a few men of your choice and the same will go for Sir Jaren. I will take my own Blue Guards and a few elite soldiers, but all in all we won't be more than thirty or forty men. We will need to camp in the open and take our own supplies as we cannot be a burden to the villagers' meagre supplies. So the fewer people come, the better."

Gauvain nods once. "My Prince…" He says after a moment's thought. "I can appreciate the need for sublty, but thirty to forty men…" He winces ever so slightly. "Robard has a fortress. One that can easily hold of several hundred. I would suggest at least a hundred men. Supplies won't be a problem, in any case. Griffon Point has plenty, especially with the Trade agreement I just worked out. I'll take Jaren, we cna collect the men of his choosing form his River fort on the way, get toe the Point, gather my men and the supplies."

Samwell shakes his head. "It is a small fortress and we've seen how many men - or rather how few - he has there with him. Naturally we won't be charging at the fortress straightaway. We will gain access by making it appear like a friendly return visit, bringing gifts from the Queen to thank him for his earlier hospitality… and once we are inside, we will attack.", he explains his strategy.

Gauvain leans back in his chair and taps his chin thoughtfully. He thinks on the idea, and then nods. "I can see this working. We'll need to take a few key locations straight away. The Gate house. The walls. Even from the inside, if he has archers on the walls, they can prove our downfall." He thinks for a moment. "Give Jaren the inner stairs and thus the Wall to clear. With five men he should be good. I can handle the Gatehouse, though I confess, I want a piece of this so called Knight myself."

Samwell chuckles softly as Gauvain starts plotting things. "Thank you for your suggestions, Sir Gauvain, I will consider them.", the prince says diplomatically, "I made sure to study the fortress's layout and defenses carefully. I believe we will be most successful if we attack in the dark of the night when most of his men are drunk or asleep. Then use the sunrise to our advantage. I am not sure, though, if Sir Robard may be cut into pieces.", he warns ,"Lord Losthren may want him for himself."

"Of course your Higness." Gauvain says with a smile that says he regognizes the politeness there. He stands and gives a grin to Samwell. "With your leave, your Highness, I'll get things in order."

Sam gets to his feet as well to offer a bow. "Of course, Sir Gauvain. Thank you for coming to see me. I will let you know when we are ready to march."

Gauvain gives Samwell a deep bow of respect as well. "We'll be ready your Highness." He says simply. He straightens and then turns to head toward the door. He has quite a bit to do now, and he needs to see to it.

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