Sunset Boulevard

Sunset Boulevard
Summary: Lady Collette Lohstren is sitting in the Garden Court, when approached by Lord Castor Westmark, and his trusty (if gargantuan) fenhound - Cerberus. As they become acquainted, more folk arrive: Lyam, Elenore, Carisse and Pawel. Lyam immediately tries his hand at match-making…
Date: 29/05/2013
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Garden Court, Taniford
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29th May, 1329

The sun sets beyond the western horizon, setting the clouds in the sky alight with multi-hued flames. It is the perfect time to be in the gardens, to appreciate the tree, and flowers whose beauty would dare to challenge the sky in all its glory. The gardens are quiet, for now, as only a handful of passersby moves amongst them as most of the realm prepares itself for the coming night.

Castor Westmark, son of the Shadow Baron, finds himself here (as opposed to mounting his steed and galloping away to freedom), walking idly along the path - his faithful fenhound, Cerberus, at his side. The dog is more than content to have his master all to himself, and pads along the courtyard - tail wagging. It looks as if the animal has had a recent bath; his shaggy coat of rich obsidian practically shines in the fading sunlight.

Castor, himself, looks like a lord for a change - instead of a traveller. He is dressed in all whites and greys, with a black cloak thrown over his shoulders and fastened with a silver clasp wrought in the likeness of a stag.

He doesn't look terribly happy.

This evening is not an exception. Young lady once more sits near the fountain, running with her pale fingers through the refreshing water. Though, today there is no that laugh, which usually ripples through the gardens. The youngest daughter of the Horses Lord looks quiet and thoughtful. However, corners of her lips form the same playful smile.

The wind mischievously plays with the stook of tress curly dark brown hair on her head. There is a small burgundy ribbon, which tries to keep some of these crazy curls in place unsuccessfully. She is spruced up with the gown made of lightweight fabric. That's why the small breeze easily finds the way under her skirt embroidered with a golden thread, rising it a little bit and baring her feet in black elegent shoes. The body of the chemise has the same black colour, however, long sleeves with a very wide bell sleeve cut at an angle are coloured in the same dark burgundy colour as her ribbon belt on a waist. Moreover, the young lady covers her shoulders from the cool with a surcoat with large cut-outs on both sides with no sleeves made of white rabbit fur.

Not so far away from the lady stands young and handsome guard, who stares at woman with his fatherly eyes. There is a blazon of house of Lohstren on his cloak.

The young Westmark recognises the lady sitting by the fountain, his eyes first studying her face as he walks toward the gardens, then the guard beside her. His left hand drops to his side to give his hound an affectionate scratch behind the ear, then he walks at a leisurely pace following the path that winds around the fountain from the opposite side, so that he is not walking up on an armed guard.

When he is within a respectable distance for conversation, the son of the Shadow Baron effects an appropriate bow, a cocky, lopsided half-smile on his boyish features. "Milady Lohstren, good evening!" he remarks in a tenor voice of medium timbre as he lifts his head again. A lock of dark hair falls down over his face and he brushes it aside.

"I do not believe I have had the pleasure. Castor, of Westmark at your service. We share a similar appreciation for beauty -" and he motions with a hand toward the gardens, an appreciative smile on his features.

He makes a quick gesture of his hand to his hound, who obediently sits down beside the young lord.

Collette rises an eyebrow and cants her head, examining the man, who just approached. She does not say anything, but her amber eyes can give a hint, that even if she stares at the Westmark, her minds are flying somewhere else.

Just after a few heartbeats, young lady lets some soft words leave her throat "Collette Lohstren…" she bites her lip and a curious look slips to the dog. At that moment russet eyes starts playfully sparkling and young woman chuckles, brushing some of her curls aside. "What a lovely creature…" drawls she, giving much more attention to the animal than to the young lord. "Does he has a name?"

The hound's bushy tail immediately starts wagging against the flagstones and his ears perk upward at the sound of the lady's voice, and her attention. Even sitting down, the creature is massive - almost the size of young horse. Castor's lips quirk into a wry little half-grin, and he playfully scratches the hound behind its ear again.

"Cerberus," he says in answer to the lady's question. "Don't let his size fool you - for a hunting hound he is quite the lap-dog… not that he would fit on anybody's lap that I know of. Koll perhaps…"

He half-chuckles mildly.

"Circumstance makes hunting at present rather difficult, so a walk will have to suffice. Do you hunt, milady? - Come to think of it, asking that of one of the Horse Lords may be a silly question."

Collette starts laughing so loudly, that she has to cover her lips with soft fingers just to muffle the sound, to remain politely. This time she glances at the man and ironically grins "Am I hunt?" She repeats the question and continues laughing till a small tear shows up in the corner of her eyes. She cleans it with the smallest finger of her hand with a ring. "Oh, boy, I did not laughed so good whole day…" She shakes her head and suddenly her pale face darkens "Actually it is not funny," shrugs young lady "I hunt. I am obsessed with hunting and right now I feel just horrible, because I cannot hunt. I have to sit here or there," Collette cants her head to the one side, later to another "My poor Arrow is crazy too. Though I sneaked to the forest with him a few times, alone. But later I was caught… Though… Everyone was much more interested in what i found, not why I was alone in the woods. I am lucky!" chuckles Horses Lord's daughter and turns her eyes to the water. Her fingers start playing with it again. "So, Westmark, you say… Didn't see any of you in tourney… Why?"

Puzzlement turns to mutual mirth as the reason for the lady's laughter becomes apparent to the young nobleman. The dark-furred fenhound at his side only grows more exuberant and starts craning his head forward to Collette. Castor gives her a knowing - and rueful - nod.

"'Having to sit here or there'," he repeats, his lips forming an empathetic mouth-shrug as he tilts his head from side to side with the words 'here' and 'there'. "I know what you mean, milady. I fear my own steed is going to hate me for years to come for bringing him here - but we shall be on the road again soon enough."

He pauses to consider his answer regard the tourney, his features effecting a pained expression of regret. "We were… unavoidably detained, milady," he says with genuine regret. Then he smirks. "I should liked to have been there. Do you favour any contest in particular?" It is an obvious question, but he is happy to ask.

Cerberus still sticks his shaggy head forward, sniffing at Lady Collette and hoping for a pat.

Collette follows Cerberus with her sparkling eyes. With each step of the dog, young lady grins more and more. Finally, when animal is close enough, Collette gallantly pats him, immersing her fingers to his fur. "Oh, boy, you are so sweet, so lovely!"

However, quite quickly she glances back at the lord "I watched some of the events. My brother won in two of them," very proudly states Collette "Though it was very interesting fight in the swords on foot, you know. A mysterious knight, who had my favour was fighting with my brother in finals," girl laughs once more and straightens her skirt, letting amber eyes to examine the animal.

After some minutes of silence "Oh!" quite loudly shouts young lady "I just remembered, I met one of the Westmarks. Not in the tourney. At the Inn. A little bit grumpy ser Maldred. Though, I loved talking with him! Are you two brothers?" curiously peeks at the man Collette.

The young Westmark looks wistful, even jealous, at the mention of sword-contests. Hands go to his hips and he glances upward toward the peach-hued sunset sky and lets a breath escape his lips. Cerberus, the immense, dark-furred fenhound at his side, seems completely taken with this young Lohstren lady, continually stretching his head forth for more petting. He even tilts his head to the side for a scratch behind his ears.

"I think you are corrupting my hound," Castor jokes with a wry smirk. "I would have liked to have seen the tourneys, even compete. Sword… bow… aye, especially the bow—oh. Ser Maldred is my cousin; you say he competed as well? Interesting…"

He glances back across the gardens to see if anyone else is approaching. The traffic is mild, people coming and going both through and around the gardens, some on their way to the temple. The sun is not far from dipping behind the horizon, heralding the evening.

"I shall have to make a point of being there, next time," Castor adds a moment later. "With the favour of a lady, of course." He grins.

There are those that say that Lyam is a permanent fixture in the Garden Court, as much time as he spends down in it. The slight young man arrives with his small contingent of guards as he takes in the sights and sounds of the early evening and draws in a fresh breath of air.

Noticing the wild hair of the Lohstren lady, the young Varghem lord makes his way towards her and the rather large creature at her side. Oh, and let's not forget the hound as well. His leather-bound sketchpad is with him as always, and as he gets closer, he raises his voice in a friendly tone. "Lady Collette, evening!" comes the cheerful greeting, hands moving to clutch around the sketchpad.

"No, no, no," shakes her head young lady, while taking a scratch behind Cerberus ear. "I say, that I met him in the Inn, not in the tournament. He wasn't there…" Collette grins and sticks her eyes to the animal "Well… Does that mean he will leave with me and you are not having a dog anymore?" Collette kisses her finger and when touches Cerberus nose with it "I think I just fall in love!"

The youngest daughter of Lohstren looks around too, when man's attention slips to the other people. "So," drawls she silently, as she wouldn't like to interrupt or something "Bow, you say… I wanted to participate in the bow part, but…" shrugs lady "Have no idea why I didn't.

Castor blinks and then gives a light shrug of his shoulders. "Of course, my mistake. Put me out on my horse with the open road and endless possibilities before me - and I am much more attentive, I promise. Here, on the other hand…" He lets his voice trail off as the other young nobleman approaches, and offers the man an appropriate bow.

"Lord Varghem, good evening," he says in a voice that is notably neutral. It is Cerberus who provides a welcome distraction.

"I think he would stay, milady, if I could not offer him the promise of a hunt when my family depart for our home. It is the only thing that keeps him loyal, I think oft-times."

Young lady chuckles "I see…" drawls she at the loyalty part and stands up to offer a respectful curtsy "Lord Lyam, good to see you," she smiles warmly "However, it looks like, when you come I have to leave… It's getting darker and darker… I have to do some things before the night comes." Collette turns back to Cerberus "It was a pleasure to meet you, my dear sweet hunter," she grins for an animal and glance to the Westmark lord "It was nice to meet you too," though she does not sound so enthusiastic about it, as she sounded, when was speaking with a dog.

Saying everyone goodbye, young lady nods to her guard and they both vanishes in the shadows of the Garden.

When the young man with Collette addresses him, Lyam looks confused for a moment. "I'm sorry, I have a terrible memory as of late. Have we met and I do not realize it?" he asks as he looks over the Westmark lord and pauses as Collette speaks. "Oh.. well, I will see you later, Collette. I was hoping I could get your thoughts on some of the rings I was considering getting Elenore for our betrothal…" he starts to say, and then bows his head. "See you later, Collette."

Castor snorts as if he can relate. His eyes follow the wild-haired Lohstren lady as she departs - and his fenhound starts to whine just a little. Moments later, the dog is looking up at his master, hoping for more attention.

"I recognised the uniforms," Castor remarks blandly to the other man's question. Then he flashes a lopsided grin. "Castor, of Westmark. If I heard the Lady Collette correctly - Lyam, am I right?" He motions mutedly toward the sketchpad in Lyam's hand.

"Do you come here to draw? I fear the light is fading all too quickly, this evening."

Speaking of that particular expendable Taniford…Slipping lightly upon the shadows that lead into the gardens is the slight form of Elenore. A few looks are given backwards before a rather pleased look had and Elenore takes up with her usual ethereal gate. Most noticeably, she seems to be lacking any sign of guards….for once. Ah…but there are people…she wasn't expecting people. Eye blink and then a beaming smile comes and she is soon at Lyam's side, placing a kiss to his cheek, "I was not expecting to find you here, Lyam…it is a lovely surprise. And there are….oh.." And there she goes, practically sitting down in front of the dog, "And who are you?"

"I see.." Lyam says, as he looks back to his guards and chuckles. "I suppose that Hammel is a dead giveaway." he admits finally and nods his head. "Aye, I am Lyam Varghem, younest of the Wolveshire children.." he starts to say, with his slight build and pale skin, it's obvious he does not get out much. "It is a pleasure to meet you Lord Castor.. of Westmark?" there's a subtle arch of his brown in the twilight darkness. "I did not realize that they had made an appearance here as well." there's a hint of worry in his voice, that is washed away when he feels a familiar presence at his side.

Warmth finds his voice easily as he eturns Elenore's kiss affectionately. "Ellie." he offers with a smile, and then she goes to settle at level with the large Fenhound. "I was just out getting some air and was going to visit the jeweller in a bit." he admits with a smile. "I have been working on some designs for our rings. Ah.. manners. Lord Castor, this is Lady Elenore Taniford, my betrothed. Ellie, this is Castor of Westmark." The three nobles, Castor's large fenhound and a few guards are gathered in the twilight evening, talking amongst themselves.

Carisse is humming, perhaps a little off key, but happily, as she comes into the gardens. She's got a basket in one hand, and her maid has another. The guards trail behind, doing whatever it is that guards do while guarding. Which is to say, they're not used as beasts of burden, but left free to be able to fight, should it be required. Carisse has her hair all up, nicely appropriate and proper, as she heads over to a particular part of the garden, stopping there to pull out long gloves and put them on. The sound of voices catches her attention, and her head tilts. The gloves are tossed back atop the basket, and she moves over to the small group. "Good evening, all," she calls out, blue eyes curious and smile warm, as she offers a small polite curtsey.

The son of the Shadow Baron's first response is to bow floridly to the lady. "'Tis a pleasure, Lady Elenore," he says with a wide grin. "May I offer my congratulations on your betrothal?" He looks as if he were about to say something else, but once again Cerberus has stolen almost all the attention for himself.

The fenhound is massive - the size of a small pony, covered in a shaggy coat of shadowy fur that glistens in the fading light from a recent bath and groom. The hound is more than happy to lap up the attentions of Elenore - literally! - and instantly tries to lick her.

"Cerberus!" Castor barks softly to the hunting dog, although his voice lacks much of an edge to it. The Westmark youth gives up trying to command his dog for now and turns his attention back to Lyam.

"Family business," he replies with a polite smile. Then it turns into something a little more boyish. "The usual sort of thing one can expect - and it can be diverting to see just how many people are enjoying our wine, as well, so…" His voice fades at the entrance of Carisse, to whom he offers a polite bow after her greeting. "Milady…"

There is a warm smile as the kiss is returned, Elenore giving a slight now, "Aye, air….that is what I was about for as well. "A flicker of a look perhaps countering her words, along with that lack of guards. But the dog has now rather drawn her attention,"I bet you would like to see the designs too, aye?" Glancing up as there is an introduction and a person that goes with the shaggy pony, "A beautiful pleasure, Lord Castor!"

And there was a bow of her head coming but it is at that moment Elenore ends up getting licked, and she just laughs and throws her arms around the dog in a hug. "So Cerberus it is?" Plenty of petting and scritching soon seems to follow, indeed the dog just gets all the attention.

"Sis!" Lyam is far more informal when it comes to family, a step up to Carisse to give her a hug and a quick buss on the cheek with his lips before he glances at the shopping that she's been up to. "You know, I just suggested to our brother that with this prolonged hosting of so many nobles, we should consider tightening our fiscal belts.." he says in a mild tease to his older sister, amusement brightening his eyes as he leads her over to their group. "You already know your future sister by marriage, of course.. and this is Castor Westmark, one of the children of the Shadow Baron.." the young man says the words like they're the stuff of stories told to children to make sure they don't wander off alone. A shadowy figure that stealths in the night to steal them to turn them into his denizens in the battle against the Corsairs. "You keep that up, beloved.." he says towards Elenore, "…and I will have to see about getting you a pup or something to bring with us when we travel to your home." he says with a small chuckle. "Though I fear I might get jealous at all the affection." he winks.

Carisse immediately returns the hug from Lyam with a broader smile, and an informal ease in return. "What makes you think we have not, Lyam?" she asks. "Though where it does not show, of course." Mischief gleams in those blue eyes so it might be difficult to say whether or not she is telling the truth. She does turn to look at Elenore and the massive dog, with eyes widening. "Lady Elenore, a pleasure to see you again. And that is a beautiful dog." No fear here, though Carisse does not at the moment go harass the puppy. Instead she turns her attention to the stranger, giving him a nod of her head.

"A pleasure, Lord Westmark. And since my lout of a brother has managed to mangle it, I am Carisse Varghem, the youngest of Pawel's sisters." She tilts her head at the Shadow Baron comment, and then shakes her head. "Such tall tales we used to tell as children. Perhaps, Lord Westmark, you might regale us with tales of your home so that we can put truth where rumour lies?"

Castor, for the moment is glancing at his hound with a wry smirk, only to shake his head a moment later and lift his eyebrows in the sort of rueful defeat one can expect of someone who has no chance against his opposition. "That is the last time I take you out when I am meeting people and making friends, Cerberus," he chides the dog - but the half-smirk on his face robs the rebuke of any bite it might have had.

He bow to Carisse as introductions are made. "The truth, milady, at the moment would seem the hound is more captivating than his master - which I suppose reveals that the Westmarks keep many interesting animals!" He flashes a roguish, lopsided grin at the noblewoman, then glances at both Elenore and Lyam to include them in his reply as well.

"You know what they say about stories - either the truth does not live up to the legend, or somehow proves worse. I prefer the stories - they certainly make me look better. Oh, wait, I don't feature that much in them, I fear…The real thing will have to suffice." He chuckles. "I suppose I could -"

He is cut off by his hound who, so delighted by the attention of Lady Elenore, reaches forward to try and get another pat on the head. Castor shakes his head in defeat. "I cannot take you anywhere, can I?" he laments as the sun dips further below the western horizon, causing the sky to turn a deep fiery orange.

"I should be going. We return to our home soon, and the Shadow Baron will wish to see his children before retiring for the night." He casts his eye upon Carisse, and smirks. "Another time for stories, perhaps, milady?"

A smile goes to Lyam, "It would be a delightful thing, the colors become…" Elenore looks back to the dog and ruffles around his ears a bit, "fluffy in a way. But if it would upset the wolf…." And there is another laugh when she receives another licking from Cerberus. For all the dog has captured her attention, Elenore seems to be paying some attention for there is a glance to Castor, "And thank you, Lord Castor, we are most pleased about it. The happiness brought when I heard the news made me wish to dance for days." A smile is had for Carisse, "It is forever a delight to see you again, Lady Carisse."

The hound is given more ear ruffles and scritches. A faint gasp comes from Elenore at Caspor's rebuke to the dog, "But he is wanting of friends making too!" But with more showing up and words of departing coming about, Elenore does give the dog another hug, whispering something to the beast before finally getting back fully to her feet and returns to Lyam's side. A managing a proper bow of her head now, "It has been a pleasure, Lord Castor…..and Sir Cerberus."

"I had figured you would want to introduce yourself, dear sister." Lyam says with a grin. "After all, an attractive male about your age.." he teases slightly, a glance between Carisse and Castor as he grins at Elenore's return to his side. "It would not upset me, my beloved. I fear that I am allergic to some dogs, however." he admits as he slips his hand back into Elenore's.

"It was a pleasure to meet you, Lord Castor. Please, feel free to stop by again and regale my sister with tales of your travels as the son of the Shadow Baron." A grin at that as the young man makes a clumsy attempt to play matchmaker.

"And are you a matchmaker now, Lyam?" Carisse says with some obvious amusement. She shakes her head, and then says to Castor, "Please do excuse my brother. Now that he has found his match, he seems to be thinking we should all find one. Will we or nil we. It has been good to meet you and I look forward to those stories you will tell on another day." Her gaze goes to the dog, but with Castor looking to leave, Carisse does not go to greet the dog. This time. A polite bow of her head, and a charming smile offered to Castor, she turns to Elenore. "If we are to be sisters by marriage, then you must call me Carisse please."

Stepping over from the direction of the courtyard, Pawel takes a few moments to run one hand through his hair as he heads a bit into the garden, steps rather slow for now. He doesn't pay too much attention to the people present at the moment, letting out a bit of a breath as he seems to relax a bit now.

An eyebrow goes up at Lyam, and Castor's eyes dart between the brother and sister with a look that might be construed as: is he serious?. He grins broadly at the siblings and shakes his head in a wry manner.

"Ahh, if only you knew what my father would have to say on the subject of me and matches…" He bows - floridly, deliberately a trifle over the top - to these three new acquaintances, and then gives a short, shrill (but relatively soft) whistle to his fenhound.

Sir Cerberus, as he has thus been dubbed, reluctantly rises to his paws and turns his immense, shaggy frame with his master as the latter individual takes a step back from the small group.

"It has been a distinct pleasure, my lord and ladies! We must do this again!" That last phrase is given with a particular glance at Carisse, then with a flourish of his cloak, the youthful son of the Shadow Baron (and his faithful hound) stride away.

Fingers gently lace with Lyam's when he takes her hand up, Elenore gives a slight shake of her head, "We do not need to get one, especially if you are allergic…..Sir Cerberus could perhaps just visit from time to time?" Yes, she's implying invites to the newly Knighted…dog.

Elenore dips her head towards Carisse, "Aye, I must…Carisse…and do please call me Elenore..or as my family would call me, Ellie." A laugh comes at the match making attempt,"It is not a bad thing though, that he wishes for others to have such as well?" Sending a parting smile and bow of her head to the northerner pair as they take their leave.

"I cannot be blamed in wishing my happiness upon others, though it seems our oldest brother has partaken a bit much on his end." Lyam says in mild amusement as the young man grips his fingers to his betrothed's. "It was well met, Lord Castor." he offers, and then that same Duke is noticed, and the young man watches him for a moment, and remembering the words from Elenore, his fingers start to loosen from hers, to make that proper distance again.

Carisse laughs softly at Castor's parting words and particular glance, though she turns easily enough to discuss with her brother and his fiancée. "Did I hear you say something about jewellery designs? You must both be very excited, I am certain." She follows Lyam's gaze to catch sight of Pawel, but makes no comment on the rumours flying about their eldest brother's possible indiscretions. Instead, she turns back to Elenore, with a warm smile. "Elenore - or Ellie then. I think I can manage that." A hint of a smile, and then a small shrug. "And I suppose not, Lyam, not blame exactly. But - perhaps a bit of subtlety might be in order?"

"Partaken a bit much of what, brother?" Seems Pawel's ears are working the way they're supposed to be, at least. Making his way over towards the others, he shakes his head a little bit now. "And how are you all today?"

End of Castor's Log; this scene may be continued in another log.

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