Murdered Princess: Suspicions

Summary: After the celebration comes to an abrupt end, the Rhaedan's are led off for a more private discussion.
Date: 06/May/2013
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This room is expansive, but retains an intimate feel with a lowered ceiling and dark wood furnishings. A window-seat with tall, narrow windows provides most of the light in the room, but there are also mirror-backed candles scattered around the corners of the room. Several groups of chairs and tables are scattered about the area, divided by low bookshelves to create more intimate settings. A single door opens back out into the hall connecting the noble rooms.
Monday, May 06, 1329

Leading the way up the stairs, and into the Study on the floor that holds some of the rooms for visiting nobility, Pawel gestures to the seats in the room, for people to seat themselves. "As I said down there, I'm truly sorry for doing this." Looking between the various others now, with a bit of a sigh.

Carisse moves to sit on the window seat, settling easily and smoothing her skirts. She glances around, taking in the demeanour that each of the people in the room is showing. There is a somber and tense expression on her face and her usual good humour is subdued. The news is not at all good, not for either royal family it seems. She looks at Pawel as he speaks, her bright blue eyes reflecting sadness.

Fayre chooses to sit in the window-seat, where moments later a beautiful silvery sight-hound bounds up to join her as a maid lets her in. The young girl puts an arm around the dog, whose affectionate attitude suggests she belongs to Fayre, and buries her face briefly in the silky fur. "There, almost as good as having Darrin here," she says with a soft sigh.
"It can't be helped— whatever peace exists between us now is an uneasy one. I was born in the midst of it and even I know we are ancient enemies. It isn't just your ancestor's wrongs that we must account for, but centuries of conflict that have added sins, one side against the other. The Rhaedan are hated here, I beg your pardon for saying so. But it is true. In light of what has happened, no Rhaedan is safe in the South at the moment. No matter what the wishes of the queen, or our personal wishes are."

Arriving not long before his older brother and the royals, Aethel strides into the room, glancing around and moving towards the window-seat, but not seating on it. Instead, the knight chooses to stand by the side of his sister, listening carefully from the words of Fayre.

Taking seat, the Taniford Prince breathes deeply before speaking to the gathered ones. "Princess Amira, Prince Stefan. First of all, please accept all the apologies needed from me, my family, and my Kingdom. We already felt what you are feeling, and it ended wrong. But now, it will not. Whoever took Princess Kerilyn will pay to the Taniford justice as well. Until we have something clear, and as long as you stay in the South, a Blue Guard will be assigned to each one of you. They will protect you from any harm, and will never attempt any to you. We don't even know, at this point, if the note is a misleading clue - but we will know it shortly, you have my word on that."

This time Amira remains stoically silent, taking a seat when she enters the room, her posture is as stiff as her usually friendly and warm features. Clasping her hands together on her lap, she does not look at any of the Southerners who she had thought were her friends. Instead, she stares straight ahead. When Fayre speaks though, she is unable to hold her tongue, although she still keeps her gaze directly ahead of her. "I had no idea we were so hated here. Had I known, I would never have traveled here. If we are so hated, allow us to return to our own lands, we have managed to do so safely thus far without your protection, I am quite sure we can manage again."

"For our safety? It is for your own safety. And yes, the south do hate the north and the other way around. Keeping us will cause the north to get impatient. It would had been better to let us go if you were worried for us. But doing that and if something get out then it is on you that the blame is on. So if you want to keep us then be honest." Stefan offers and has calmed a bit. "None other than you would know. Letting us leave would be better before it spreads, if you are only worried about that." Raising a brow to Amira as well. Taking a seat and crossing his arms. "But. IT is what it is."

"And were Samwell and Fayre in the North when this happened," Carisse says softly. "What would be your reaction?" She pauses though, the first words out of her mouth in quite a while laced with sadness. "But it is indeed what it is, and I would rather not have the friendships that have started to form all destroyed to add to the sadness. If that is even possible any more."

Arching one brow, and canting her head slightly to the side, Fayre regards both Stefan and Amira in sudden silence. It's hard to tell what she's feeling, but the dog who had settled its head in her lap suddenly lifts it and utters a low growl.
"Do you really wish to sneak away in the night? What will people say to that, Prince Stefan? Were I your guest in the north, I would /understand/ negative reactions, unease, suspicion. I would have expected it. As royals we often go where there is no peace and friendship, It is our duty to do so. And we must expect negative reacions when tragedy strikes. You both act as if we have trapped you here through some nefarious plot. My sister lies in two bloody pieces. Respect our grief and cause for concern instead of doling out anger and resentment. That is what it is to be a member of the royal family."

"I believe there are many of us who would want the hate to die," Pawel replies with a bit of a sigh, as he drops down into a seat as well. "But yes, if the roles were reversed, and the tourney had been the Brivey one, I believe Duke Riedel would probably have done the same. Well, to be honest, I believe he would have dropped our royals straight into the dungeon." Looking to Amira for a few moments now, he offers her a momentary smile, before he listens to Fayre's words as well. "What we all will need to do now is to find out how we can make sure who it was that was behind this." A brief pause, before he adds, "Because on the off chance that it is someone from your own kingdom behind this, and have disguised it all on the worshippers of the chaotic one, it would seem that they would be willing to sacrifice any of you as well. After all, you were in the burning tavern with me, Prince Stefan." Pausing a bit as one of the guards from the outside makes his way over and whispers something, before he nods, "Let them in."

"And my sister has been taken, by the same who have dismantled your own sister and you dare lecture me on what it is to be a member of the royal family? I know -exactly- what it is to be a member of the royal family. I know the requirements, I know the costs. You ask for sympathy yet you offer none in return." Amira once more looks between Fayre and Pawel. "You would dare tell me what I would do had it been in Brivey? You do not know me after all, and do not pretend to do so. If you have any direct questions for me, please ask them, do not continue to justify your reasoning."

As the doors open, Stefan and Amira will recognize the couple that comes through. Leading at the front, the ranger from the North, Savaric, looks none too pleased. He looks around the assembled nobles with just an inclination of his head. In his right hand, carried and then dropped on the table with them all is the dress of Princess Alyarona. "Talia and I out hunting near ruins. Came across trail. Led to this. Found where Princess murdered." And with that, he dumps out the bag he carries. Several decapitated crows, sacrifice style, and a broken dagger with the crest of House Rhaedan on it. "Held several days. Blue Guard trample area.." he starts to say more, but a sharp rap to his side from his wife stops the large Ranger cold and he looks back. "Wife will explain. Better than I."

"Who mentioned any sneaking in the night? We would had ridden as we had planned." Stefan says before looking to Carisse. "I'd let one of them go to show that we mean little true harm. But needing to show that we are trying something. Unless you are letting all other northerners leave?" Since there are several around town. Raising a bro to Fayre. "Yeah. And what message do you think it sends to the north when there is no reason? IT is not the resentment or negative reaction, your highness. I just asked you to stop lying. Which you did by saying it is for our best." Turning to Pawel with a raise of his brow. "It would not be his choice. They would still be shown respect." As Savaric comes, he raises a brow. "Let me see the dagger." In case it is perhaps his sister's. Since it would make a bit of sense. He is not moving for the dagger. LEtting Pawel or one of the Tanifords hand it to him, if they wish.

Something Pawel says seems to have enlightened Aethel, he nods as his brother speaks and turns to offer a nod to the newcomers, brows furrowing as the man speaks and drops the bag, "I wonder… What kind of savage beast could do such horrid thing?" He questions, adressing no one in particular.

"From the signs at the camp site," Talia says as she steps forward, speaking to the assembled gentry in a softer voice than the one used by her husband, "there were at least three horses, though from the tracks there was no way to determine if those three were a constant or a changing number." She moves toward where the grown, broken dagger and decapitated crows are set on display. "The dagger does not appear to have any blood on it, but it could have been easily cleaned.." she says as she lifts the dagger and carries it forward, carefully, to offer it to Prince Stefan, "your highness," she says in that same quiet voice. "From the amount of blood that we found, your highness, it is my thinking that the princess was still alive when they took her head. She had been bound to this stone.. well, I've sketched it, we thought it might help to see where everything was found without all needing to take the journey to."

Carisse simply looks at the crowd, feeling totally ignored now, and she shrugs. "I did ask," she says, glancing over at Aethel and reaching a hand for her brother's. She's feeling the need for some comfort, and this whole crowd is all over prickles and refusing to listen to each other. She brightens briefly at Stefan's interjection, since at least someone is listening to her. It even wins Stefan a smile, though she drops her gaze soon enough. She looks up again as the Ranger and his wife come in, at the least recognizing them from Pawel's little jousting accident. As the dress is dropped on the table, Carisse closes her eyes, keeping herself calm. She then opens her eyes to see what is there. If Aylanora could endure it, she can look at the results.

"I dare quite a lot," Fayre says in a low tone. "This is my kingdom, after all. And your sister may have been abducted- I do hope not— but I remind you, my sister is dead. There is no hope. Nothing will bring her back. Do you understand that? And if you do not wish to listen to reason- if you wish to foster this strange resentment simply because you have been detained a short while in a place you were staying anyway- then truly I see no reason to trust you at all." Fayre, at 16, has suddenly developed a seriously imperious tone of voice.
She turns to Stefan. "Lying? There's no lie here. We have multiple reasons for detaining you and one is indeed your safety. Unless you are actually sneaking away in the night, do you think our citizens will let you ride past unmolested? They adored my sister. Suspicion will first and instantly be cast upon you by the very nature of our past interactions. Denying that is denying reality-" She begins to say more but Talia's words cause her own to fail her. having risen, Fayre sits down again and puts her hand upon her dog's head.

"Tell them." Savaric prompts his wife. "Tell them of marks of the chaos bringer."

Talia withdraws the folded pieces of paper that hold the sketches she's made as she nods to Savaric. "At the foot of the altar where.." she glances with sympathy to the young princess before continuing, "where all the blood was found, there were several crows that look like they were sacrificed too. The bodies were scattered about the stone plate," she unfolds the sketch in particular, "in the middle of the stone is a large X etched into the stone." She glances towards Savaric, "My husband says that the mark is of the Chaos Bringer, Kharnas," she explains as she looks back.

As his sister reaches his hand, Aethel casts Carisse a comforting smile before raising his gaze to the others, "I don't want to be the first Southern nobleman to defend a northron in 400 years, but…" He says, taking a deep breath before continuing, "It seems like someone is plotting to see both kingdoms fighting each other once again. I can't see why a Rhaedan would leave a weapon with their signature in such dreadful scene, generating a potential evidence against them, it just seems… fake. Now think with me… Who will profit from our lack of peace? Who can climb into chaos as if it was a stair?"

"Of course it doesn't make sense." Samwell, having kept silence for a while, nods in agreement to Aethel. "If there would be a Rhaedan sigil painted all around, I would still not think it is a clue. Whoever did this was smart enough to avoid is for a long time. The have hired mercenaries, as we saw in the docks. I, personally, won't blame the North right now - as much as it is expected of me to do. But, still, as my sister said, it would not be nice for you," the dark eyes move to the northerner royals, "To go outside and face a crowd willing to kill you. At least our Blue Guards are instructed to keep you alive, and no one will say a Rhaedan died here. Too much blood has ran already. So, what do you think, Princess Amira and Prince Stefan? Not about if you are kidnapped or not, but about what is happening, and who can it be."

"What do you mean? Since none knows." He offers to Fayre with a raise of his brow. "You are keeping us for your suspicions. Own up to it." Stefan tells Fayre. "None has mentioned riding in the night, still." Shrugging a bit. "I still told you that I don't care as if you keep me or not. But don't say that it would be better for us than letting us ride out. I understand as well that you need to keep us. But don't say that it is for us that you do. But for now, let us get this done and try and do what we can to solve it." Giving Carisse a brief smile in return before looking to the dagger as it comes over. As well as listening to Talia. "From what he sounds like it does sound like the same ones that tried to burn us alive in Laketown. If they do attack the north then they have attacked all three parties." He offers and looks between them all. Taking a deep breath and holding the dagger. "And this is my sister's." He says and frowns. "If we are to stay here offer us something to be able to help out." Offering a look to his own sister as well.

Listening to the others, especially to Fayre and Amira, Pawel's expression darkens quite a bit now. Those that know him well enough probably won't be surprised when the next thing that happens is that he raises his voice very much. "ENOUGH! Both of you!" Using the voice a battlefield commander would use to some brawling soldiers or something like that, as he gets to his feet, moving to place himself between the two Princesses. Looking to Amira and Stefan again, he studies them for a few moments, before he adds, "I do not doubt that the two of you would have done the honorable thing. But from my earlier dealings with both Duke Riedel, and your own brother, I sadly cannot say I'm sure they would do the same." Nodding a little as he hears the information about the stone plate, and his fists clenches for a few moments. "It wouldn't have come to this if that fool that used to command the Blue Guards have had a brain in that head of his. What was he thinking bringing the… bringing her into the middle of the Lord's Hall like that." Nodding a bit as the dagger is identified, he looks to Stefan again. "What would you need?" he asks, a bit quietly.

"I don't think anyone here is assuming our guests' nation is guilty," Fayre says, her voice faint. Her anger (and Pawel's shout) took much fire out of her, and she longs for the time to simply be sad, to mourn. "We must not act at all yet. We can't declare innocence or guilt. Only speculation. And everyone knows by now, Prince Stefan. the hall was filled with guests, many of whom fled outside. The news is spreading like a wild fire even as we speak, and much faster than you can ride. Speaking of which— Sam, let me write to momma. Let me tell her. i don't know why I just feel…she should hear from me." The maid who had been ordered to bring paper has been standing at the ready for it, and Fayre takes what she is given to the nearest table. "We need your help, Prince Stefan, as you need ours. If this letter is true, then the only thing we need to be fighting over is who has the right to gut the perpetrators, the North or the South." She begins to dip the quill, then pauses and looks up, "The king of the north should learn this news from his children as well."

Talia steps back, now that the gentry are discussing and.. speaking loudly.. again and sets the sketches on the table along with the other items they've brought forward. "My husband can lead your guard back to the scene, to the ruins, if that's needed," she volunteers. She aims her curtsy toward Prince Stefan and Princess Amira, "If we may withdraw, your highness?"

"Highnesses. No track was found of direction they retreated. I would have found it if there were. Would like to have chance to continue hunt." Savaric says as he looks around the group. With that, he looks to Stefan. "Prince, would serve as your retainer. Share any information we find with you." Yes, he and Talia are a package deal.

Amira keeps her gaze directly ahead, seeking no one for comfort now. "I regret what has happened to your sister. If you need something, simply ask it of me, I can offer nothing if you do not ask. I want to look for my sister, I have skills in tracking and perhaps… perhaps I could find her." There is a crack in her voice and she forces herself to breathe in and out. When Aethel speaks, she finally lifts her gaze to him and Carisse. "I agree, Sir. Why would someone leave such an obvious clue?" Only when Samwell addresses her again does she finally look to him with a bleak expression. "As my brother says, it sounds as if the same from the Inn." Seeing her sisters dagger, she turns a tortured look to her brother. "Kerilyn.." she whispers. At the question from Talia, she lifts her shoulders. "I have no say in that, you will have to ask those in charge."

Carisse glances over at Fayre, and reaches a gentle hand to touch her cousin's shoulder briefly. As Fayre now works on letters, and all seems to calm down again, Carisse says, "I'm willing to help as well, if I can. But I think it might be better, Your Highness, to stay where those who have kidnapped your sister cannot get hold of you. Imagine if they have both of you, the horror that would be on your family. And yes, I do know that is difficult, for I'd very much have liked to look for my cousin, and yet stayed here instead."

Stefan nods to Talia, "Of course. Thank you." Looking to Fayre with a nod as well. "We do what we need." This before looking to Pawel. "Any updates and news. First of, our huntsman can bring you to the sight. Perhaps you can find something from there, even if we can't tell where they went. Perhaps we can see anything about the ways they have gone about the different attacks so far. If they are the same. We did get a hold of the bodies of those that burned the tavern in laketown after all. IF there is anything similar between them and what we found at the ruins. We do have knowledge that you don't, and the other way around." He offers to them all. Looking to Amira as well as he sees her whispering what he can only guess to be their sister's name.

Fayre is busy writing, for the moment. It will not be a long and elegant letter. The handwriting needs practice, and she's not going to even bother to redraft it. It will go as is. A few simple, tragic lines from sole surviving daughter to queen. After all, verbosity can't soften the news. Perfectly formed O's and Q's can't. The blotches of ink won't make things worse.
"Sam, come and sign…just so she sees your hand. It will make her feel better." She beckons her brother, holding out the quill, and dripping a little ink on the floor. She always was a messy scribe.

"Nothing will happen to Fayre, cousin." Samwell speaks in soft tone now. "No other Taniford or Rhaedan will suffer any harm. My Blue Guard is at your service, too." he offers to the northerner royals, with a voice full of honesty and concern. "I will, sister." and a sign is drawn in the letter.

"My good man and woman, you have our thanks as well. If you ever need anything, you just have to tell us. Your help is more than we should have expected. Thank you."

Talia gives one more curtsy and, with a nod to Savaric, she straightens and departs with a glance at the Blue Guard in passing, reasonable wariness evident but that's all.

Offering a bow of his head, Savaric nods as the northern ranger gives a grunt. And then he looks over at Talia. She can figure out what to ask for and all that, but later, for now, there's just a need to get back out into the fresh air. "Let's go, wife."

Pawel nods a little bit as he listens to what's being said. "We will have to work together to find out this," he agrees with Stefan, before he looks about to say something when Samwell speaks, nodding a little. Going silent again for the moment now.

Fayre sands the letter, since there's no time to let ink dry. It's folded and then a dollop of wax is smeared and pressed with her personal seal— a unicorn. A rider has already come to wait on the letter, and as Fayre hands it to him, and he tucks it into his breast, she says, "Take the fastest horse in the stable. Arrive in record time and I will purchase the animal for you. Go." And then he's gone, and it is done. And that was the hardest part.

With the bulk of the conversation had and the answer of her assisting has been given, Amira has fallen silent as well, eyes resting on her sisters dagger. Briefly she looks back at Carisse when she speaks to her and she nods in return, knowing nothing she said would alter what is. "Yes, my lady."

Carisse is very glad she has her brother there with her at the moment. All of them, though it is Aethel who is keeping her grounded at the moment. "Pawel, let me know if there is anything I can do," she says softly. Then she turns to Amira and Stefan. "I am truly sorry this has happened, but if there is a way I can make your stay more pleasant - and believe me, I /know/ this will not make things better, but I would like to at least try - please do let me know." Carisse tilts her head, glancing at Fayre and Samwell briefly, sad about their loss most of all, though she has a wealth of sympathy for Amira and Stefan as well. "I can just imagine were it my sister - " she says softly, with a glance over at Pawel.

Stefan looks to Fayre as well, giving her a small smile. Trying to offer some reassurance to her, and sympathy. Not much he can offer to her right now after all. As for Carisse words to his sister, he nods to her. Grateful. Though then it is on Pawel it focuses. "Indeed. So the more both sides know, the better." Turning back to Carisse at her offer. "Thank you. I am sure both my sister and myself would enjoy some company if nothing else." Then back to Samwell and Fayre. "Same goes for you both, if you need company."

With those words, Faye's composure is spent. It still doesn't completely hit her— the realization that everything she believed about the world was wrong will come sometime in the night. Never before had she lost anyone, or feared for anyone. Not really. Until the moment she saw Aylanora's head surreally detached from Aylanora's body, she thought it all a farce. Looking at Stefan, her deep blue eyes dim behind a sudden well-spring of tears, and the girl rises and leaves the room, unable to respond at all. Sparrow, the dog, bounds after her.

"I wish not to lose friendships forged over the week. I value each of them. I only… I wish you had not lost your sister, your cousin." Watching Fayre, her own eyes water at the pain of the young girl with a sudden kingdom thrust on her delicate shoulders. Lifting her chin, Amira regards Samwell. "We are allowed free reign of the Castle? The same as before?" Just clarifying they would not be kept to their rooms. "Only not allowed outside?"

"If it was your sister, I suspect you would have at least one brother going totally berserk," Pawel offers a bit quietly to Carisse, before he nods a little as he hears Stefan. "Let's make sure…" he begins, before he nods again as he hears Amira's words. "Yes. As long as you stay within the outer walls of the Castle, so the Main Keep, the Courtyard, Gardens and Temple. And like my sister said, if there's anything you need, ask one of us."

"As Duke Pawel said, you can move freely through the Castle. You will have all the attention you deserve, Princess Amira and Prince Stefan. We are very sorry, I will understand if you keep me in a dungeon in the Rhaedan Castle when all this ends. But, at least, I am sure I will meet your sister and there won't be any other tragedy." the sadness in Samwell's voice is evident. Now, more calmed, there is only grief. "Farewell Fayre." he offers warmly.

Carisse looks at Pawel and nods her head. "I expect you are correct, and maybe more than one," she says. She now has the window seat all to herself, but there is room for someone else on the seat. "Fayre - take care," she calls. Then she curls herself up a bit, making her seem a bit smaller and more fragile.

After a moment, Amira rises and she approaches Samwell. With concern in her eyes, she remembers the past several days and she lifts a hand to rest it gently on his shoulder. "Words cannot express how incredibly sorry I am for your loss, Prince Samwell." For a moment she wants to smile for him, yet she does not, instead she reads the sadness and grief and with only a brief hesitation, she wraps her arms around him to give him a hug. If he accepts.

"Farewell, your highness." Stefan offers to Fayre and even rises to his feet to giver her a waist bow. Turning to Samwell as his sister moves towards him. Blinking as she hugs him. Letting them be though, understanding somewhat. Turning to Pawel. "Thank you, your grace." He offers before moving to take a seat at the window, with Carisse. "How about you, my lady? You've been quite silent." Perhaps wanting to see what she thinks.

Carisse glances over as Stefan comes to sit by her, tilting her head slightly. "I think - " She pauses, glances over at Pawel, and then Samwell and Amira, and then she sighs. "I think we might all need a hug, but some of us are too stubborn to get one. Or maybe more than one." She shakes her head a bit. "Poor Fayre. And of course, you too, Prince Samwell. I am so sorry." She's shaking a bit, but hanging in there.

A pair of dark eyes meet Amira. Concerned, even a little ashamed, as her words are spoken, but then just surprised to see those are kind words, indeed. A deep breath, and the hug is accepted. More than that, it may be a strong one. For a moment, his eyes close and he is just there. And when it is done, he gets back and smiles at the Princess with a crystalline gaze. "Thank you." he says in faint, broken voice.

To the Varghem lady, a little nod is spared. "I think we all need one." and then another at her words of sorry, but he doesn't manage to find the appropriate words to answer.

Pawel nods a little as he listens now, letting out a bit of a sigh. "We all need…" he begins, before he goes silent again, glancing around for a few moments now. "I guess everyone have different ways of coping with loss." A brief pause, before he lets out another sigh. "There are so many things about all of this I wish was different…"

Stefan nods, "I believe so as well." Looking to the door where the princess had left moments ago and sighs a bit before looking to Carisse. Leaning in to give her a hug. "IT will all work out though. Those responsible will be dealt with." Keeping her close for a moment, if she allows. Glancing to Pawel at his words. "We need retribution. Or justice if you prefer."

For a long moment, Amira just holds him, offering comfort where she can, trying to help him deal with the pain she is certain he is feeling and then just like that the hug has ended and he is offering a smile. "If you need me, Prince Samwell, you know where I will be. Please, just look for me." His broken voice terribly sad for her to hear from what was once a very playful and fun Prince." There is another look to the others, Carisse gets an encouraging smile as Stefan offers her a hug, Pawel gets another look of concern, yet she remains near Samwell, as if afraid to leave his side. "I am sure it will all work out, truly, it has to at some point."

Carisse looks a little bit surprised as she gets a hug from Stefan, but she does actually give him a gentle hug in return. "I think one step at a time, and we shall prevail together," she says. She reaches to pat Stefan's shoulder, and then she stirs. Carisse comes to her feet and goes over to give Pawel a hug as well.

"Princess Amira," Samwell starts to say in soft voice, but noticeably more calmed than the last time, "I don't know how much will this help, but, if you ever need me, or if you need anything and I can help, you can just look for me as well." he sighs, looking to the window. Turning quickly to meet her again, and getting a little closer, some few words are whispered in her ear. After that, and after another smile, he just adds, "It will all work out. I am sure it will."

Nodding a little to what's being said, Pawel offers a quiet smile now. He doesn't say anything, but as he's hugged by his sister, he hugs her back, for a few moments just content being there. That done, he looks around. "If you all will excuse me, I need some rest." Both sounding and looking quite tired at the moment, it would seem. "I will see you all tomorrow." And with that, he heads for the door, to disappear outside now.

Stefan does smile to Carisse at the returned hug and the pat. LEtting her slip off to her brother. Leaning back a bit in his seat and closing his eyes. Listening to the words offered around him. "Night." He offers to Pawel as he moves to leave. Rising to his feet as well. Not leaving yet, just stretching. But preparing to leave it seems.

As Pawel makes to leave, Carisse also steps back. "I should retire as well," she says softly. She looks over at Stefan briefly, smiling at him once more. "Thank you." She takes a breath and then she moves to place a hand on Samwell's shoulder, in support and comfort. (She'd give him a hug, but it's been done and done well already.) "Please, take care. All of you."

When the Prince says her name, Amira tips her head back just enough to meet those dark eyes. "What would you say if I assure you I do need you?" Though she makes light of it by offering a warm smile just then. Hearing the whispered words, her smile widens and she laughs softly. Whatever she is laughing at brings the happiness back to her eyes. "All in time, Your Highness, surely I will not rush things." There is only a brief whisper in return, though before she turns to bid Pawel goodnight. "Be well, Your Grace, I shall see you on the morrow." As Clarisse follows suit, she offers the Varghem another smile. "Be well, my lady. My condolences on your loss, truly. I should perhaps do the same."

"Cousin Pawel, thanks for everything. Have a good night." the Taniford knight gives him a respectful nod, and then an equal one to his sister. "You as well, cousin Carisse. Thank you, sleep well."

The knight stares a while, lost in the Princess' eyes. "I would," he says, "I will say I need you too." his breath becomes slower, and the hint of a smile precedes his next comment, "Even if that might be just a trick of yours to get out of here, but-" the words stop, the gaze moves somewhere else. "But I do."

Stefan watches the two of them before nodding. "I should take my leave as well. Behave." He tells them both with a narrowed look at Samwell. Protective of his sister. Bowing to both Pawel and Carisse as they leave. Following along as well. "Take care, both of you. Amira, find me in the morning." He tells her. Making sure that there are guards around, if possible, before he will leave.

When the others have gone and Amira remains with Samwell and the guard, she continues gazing at the Prince. "I could never trick you, Sammy. I should go see if sleep will find me this night. Please be well, and come see me tomorrow, so that we could speak more, if you wish."

This rather large hallway holds the more comfortable room set aside for visiting nobility. In addition to the guards out in the landing, there are also guards posted at various places in the hallway to ensure the safety of the visitors. Large paintings of landscapes occupy the walls punctuated here and there with decorative suits of armor. A few chairs and tables are set at random intervals for informal, private meetings amongs the nobility.

A solid blackwood door bearing the carving of a blackwood tree leads into the aptly named Blackwood Room. Further down the hallway, doors marked with carvings of a horse and a sun open into the Equine and Sunrise rooms. Lastly, banners bearing the coat of arms of House Taniford identify the room reserved for visiting royalty. A door near the end of the hall leads into the study, and a nondescript door near the front of the hall leads back onto the floor landing.

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