Fire at the Clam: Swords and Flames

Swords and Flames
Summary: Hell breaks loose in the Bad Clam Tavern, when fanatics start to attack the few guests with swords and then with flames, to offer them as a sacrifice to Kharnas the Chaotic.
Date: 15/04/2013
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The Bad Clam Tavern, Laketown
The Bad Clam Tavern is a venerable institution of eating and drinking for those that prefer what best can be described as a more lively, colorful crowd. While the wealthier folk may prefer the gentile atmosphere of the Blue Duck, the Bad Clam, with its smells of ale, sweat, blood, and sex, is the place to be to live. Tall stone walls and threadbare but expansive rugs hint at the tavern's old purpose as the heart of a once sleepy port town. The intoxicating scent of fresh bread, hearty soup, and rendering fat from the kitchen can warm even the coldest soul. Good food, good drink, and quite a lot to look at. A long bar made up of planks resting on empty ale casks is the hub of activity and gossip.Outside is the Road to the Docks and the rest of Laketown.
April 15th, 1329

Whispers filter through the Bad Clam Tavern. In the bustle of the afternoon meal, figures come and go without anyone paying attention. Shadows dance along the walls, some belonging to the distinguished fellows who have chosen a more informal setting while others are but shadows themselves, merely whispers of dark cloth and questionable scents. They linger near the door, all but hidden against the colorful din of the afternoon. They wait.

Dressed in a very simple hooded cloak over his normal clothing, obscuring that clothing now, Pawel is seated at a table a bit off to the side, talking quietly with a middle-aged man. The Varghem's hood is over his head, obscuring most of his face. Taking a sip from his ale, he nods at something the other man says, offering something in return rather quietly.

Sitting off at a corner with a simple hooded cloak over his usual clothing is none other than Stefan. With two men similar dressed. Letting his gaze take in the room. His ale swirled in the tankard. Watching the man with the Varghem hood. Watching them from the distance for a bit longer.

Company of three people comes inside. Two men stand near the sides of the young woman. She has a scratch of her shoulder, covored with a burgundy cloak, which is decoraded with dark hide. Men are dressed in simple leathern clothes, however, quite good swords in scabbards are cliped near their belts. The amber eyes of the young woman looks around, trying to see someone familiar or to find a seat. Her look catches The Duke and Collette goes straight to him. She offers him a smile, but sits near the next table. Both men, who follows her, sits from her sides. She orders some wine and brushes her dark curly stook of hair with soft fingers. Collette looks a little bit bored, but playfulness as usually glints in her eyes.

Under no such disguises, a young woman in her late teens is at the bar, her hair the vibrant red color of the sunset not subdued by any coverings, after getting her order, Kaelea begins walking towards a table in the corner, holding a small cup of tepid tea. Curious eyes look around the room, her posture relaxed as she approaches a table near where Stefan sits, not recognizing him right off.

Seated at one of the tables is a less obscure individual, her blue shiny armour sticking out from the rather unobtrusive clad other guests. Her blue cloak doesn't help much either, no it underlines the fact that one specimen of the elite that constitutes the Blue Guard of the Tanifords graces the tavern with her very presence, whereas any Taniford Royalty seems to be absent at the moment. The female Blue Guard sips quietly from her mug of ale, one free hand absently patting the pommel of her sword, as she casts a glance about the place with a vigilant stare.

The general merriment of the tavern staggers to a halt at the same time a girl comes running from the kitchen, screaming. Blood covers her hands, tears streaming down her cheeks. "Th' work o' Kharnas!" she half-wails. "Eanan. Someone killed Eanan!" She falls to her knees in the middle of the room, hands covering her face as she sobs. The blood and tears mix together, leaving droplets of swirling pink against the white cloth of her cotton blouse. Stains that will never be washed away. It draws the attention of many in the room, but seems to be a sign for others.

There is no time for action or pause. The room bursts forth in a moment of panic with many of the patrons trying to make a sudden flood for the doors. But they are stopped short by the shadow wraiths of men who grab candles and lanterns from tables that would have served for minimal illumination inside the tavern. "DEATH TO ALL WHO OPPOSE HIM!" is the resounding cry before they smash their flames to the ground.
The flames roar up, egged on the by previous spills of ale and other alcoholic beverages and perhaps other accelerants, given how quickly the flames rise, blocking off the exits to the tavern.

Pawel's head turns towards the girl that comes running from the kitchen, frowning a bit as he sees the blood and the tears. Taking another quick sip of his ale, just as he sees, and hears, the shadowy men. "What the…" he begins, starting to get to his feet now. Frowning quite a bit as he sees the fire, and he looks around quickly to see if he can find another way out of there now.

As unbelievable as it is, Kaelea just stands there like a deer in a light, staring at the distraught young woman who comes out of the kitchen with blood all over her. Then she smells the acrid and undeniable stench of smoke.. just before she sees it. Her hand holding her cup drops to her side and she's frozen in petrified panic as the cup goes smashing to the floor and the flames grow, blocking the exits. She can only stare wide-eyed, immobile.

The screaming girl's entrance is enough to alert Deidra, the Blue Guard, and rising from her seat at once, the sword leaps into her hand, and standing there amidst the flood of people heading for the doors, she calls: "Calm down, now. No nead for panic." And as she is about to approach the girl, to question her further, the situation escalates even more. And as the room seems to fill with flames, she of all tries to keep a cool head. "Water! And be quick about it! We need to put out the flames!"

At first, than Collette hears a girl, she is sitting quite coolly. However, than the fire starts, she jumps from her seat. Both guards of her do the same. One of them, puts a hand on the shoulder of the young lady "Don't worry, everything will be good," he tries to calm down Collette, even if she does not look too frightened. Likely, she just do not understand what is going on and why. Her amber eyes slips trhough the room. "Lady, follow me," says the one guard, who tries to thrust his way away from the fire, closer to the window. Collette does as she is ordered and the other one guard follows the lady, trying to save her from the frightened crowd.

Stefan grins as he spots Collette. Though before he can rise or greet his eyes catch on to the closeby Kaelea, as she is about to settle near him. Gesturing for her to come over. Though then the woman comes running out and his brow raises. About to rise as the men speak and fire is started. Jaws clench. As the three men stands the weapons under their cloaks can be seen. Gesturing for a guard to see to the girl Himself gesturing for Kaelea. Gripping her shoulders. "Get water." He tells her before moving for the other nobles. "Sir." Comes his call to Pawel, to gesture for him to help out as well. Himself moving to try and get the water. The free guards moving along as well.

"NO MORE!" one of the shadow wraiths screams, his voice loud and on the verge of panic. "KHARNAS, WE SEND TO YOU OUR SACRIFICES, PURGED IN FIREY DEATHS," Fanatics. All the same. But these fanatics have swords, and do not seem all that afraid to use them. Blades come jumping to hand, blocking exits and stalling others from potentially making their escape.

The panic of the others around, the rapid movements of the nobility, the demands for water all go unheard as the flames rise and those blocking the exit scream out, their mouths moving all still unheard as the blood rushes to her head, silencing the panic from around her. The panic is building inside her as the implications slowly penetrate her terrified mind. Kaelea opens her mouth and screams, and screams. Over and over. Panic and fear for her life has her running foolishly and headlong towards the door, blindly towards the people with the swords, one thing on her mind. Survival, getting out.

"Sacrifices? You'll be the sacrifices, you stupid fools!" Deidra calls in righteous anger, tossing the almost empty mug of ale at one of the shadow wraiths, while swinging her sword at another that is blocking the door. "Foolish enough to start a folly as this, when a Blue Guard is present? You'll regret it soon enough, I wager!"

Frowning a bit as he looks around, still trying to spot somewhere to escape to, Pawel starts to remove that cloak he was wearing, tossing it onto the table he was at. Frowning as he hears the scream from Kaelea, he starts moving in her direction a little, while drawing the dirk he brought with him. Spotting Stefan, he frowns a little. "Good with a weapon and not just talk, Your Highness?" he calls out to the man, as he turns to look around again. Seeing the member of the Blue Guard, he smiles a little. "Good…" he mutters. Reaching for Kaelea's shoulder as he reaches her. "Get back… Get some water…" he offers to her, trying to shake her a bit out of the panic.

Stefan moves along, hearing the screams and eyes going to Kaelea. Trying to get a hold of her to toss her back, along with Pawel. "Guards!" He calls to the two with him as he draws his own sword. Nodding to Pawel as well. "Of course, your grace." Letting Pawel see to Kaelea as she seems to have her. Glancing to make sure that the lady is fine as well. Eyes going to the men blocking the path.

"Those fanatics," angrily mumbles the guard with a scar on his cheek "Do not turn your eyes away from the lady," he says for the younger guard and both men draw out their swords, and the older one sneaks closer to the one of the mad people near the window. Collette stands as close near her younger guard as she can. She is shaking a little bit, but her eyes fill with a lot of despite and she starts mumbling "Crazy people, what the hell they are doin? What sacrifice?" Her look slips through the room again, she sees Prince Stafan, The Duke and Blue guard. It looks like, she becomes worried about all of them. Collette catches a readhead girl too and hears, how people are shouting about the water. She tries to walk in a hurry to their direction "Where is the water?! We need to stop the fire, I can help!" and the crowd distinguish her from her guards.

Feeling a hand on her shoulder, stopping her, Kaelea blindly hits out, trying to get away from whatever real or imagined force is trying to keep her there inside the burning building. The smoke is gathering, her eyes burn, it clogs her throat. She scratches and claws, trying to get away from whatever or whomever is holding her against her will, the will to survive is stronger than their hands and she breaks free, rushing towards the door again, for clean air, she can't breathe! So much fire and smoke in such a small area, she puts an arm over her face and runs to try and just get out!

Teeth bared, eyes gleaming with a frightening excitement, the fanatics advance towards the crowds, striking down women and men alike who might pass in their way. Crumpled bodies fall, and then are walked over as they approach those who could be of noble blood.

Seeing as Pawel got some control on Kaelea it allows Stefan to focus on the fanatics. Stefan stepping up with his guard, while the other guard see to getting water. Stefan and the guard charging in on one each, sending their blades towards the men.

Studying her opponent with a cold stare in the blink of an eye, Deidra spits out in contempt, before she whirls around to attack the villain from a side he would not have expected, aiming for his midsection with the deadly swiftness that she has become well known for.

In the first clashing of swords, one Wraith swings his blade up against the Prince of Rhaedan, locking both into a combat where neither gives an inch. However his guard seems to be at a slight advantage, cutting down his foe in a move that may not be elegant, but gets the job done.

However, the younger guard easily finds the lady "M'lady!" he even shouts "Stop right there! You are not save alone, I hope you understand it," he takes the young woman's hand and tries to keep her of his back. At that moment the older guard with a scar finds the pair "M'lady, are you good?" he asks. Collette just nods and points behind her guards back. Now the young lady looks really frightened, than one of fanatics creeps forward. The guard quickly turns back and fends off. He quickly hits back. At the same moment Collette hears how the sword of her younger guard clashes. She closes her eyes and starts mumbling something under her nose.

Keeping a firm grip on the shoulder even as Kaelea tries scratching and clawing, Pawel pulls her a bit closer for a few moments. "Stop the panic! Get back, try to find another way out, or get some water to put out the fire!" He shouts this right in front of her face, before he pushes her back in the direction of where the fanatics hasn't gotten yet, forcefully. He'll apologize or check on her later, but now he turns to face the incoming enemies, readying his dirk. Nearby, another man has removed a nondescript cloak, to reveal himself as a guard of House Varghem. Seems that Pawel brought someone with him, at least. The guard moves forward as well, weapon drawn now.

Unfortunately, as Deidra approaches another of the attacking men, she is not so lucky. In a moment of sheer luck, he manages to catch his blade against her leg, drawing blood.

The Guard advancing on behalf of Collette is able to take down yet another of the mysterious Wraiths.

The Duke of Varghem and his guard manage to draw the attention of more of the Wraiths, at least taking their attention from the innocents with no weapons, yet the Duke finds himself unable to gain an edge. Pawel's guard is not so lucky and he goes down from a fatal wound.

With her attempt to escape thwarted yet again, Kaelea just stares at Pawel as he yells at her then tosses her aside forcefully, she stumbles in the direction he pushes her, but manages to catch herself on the wall. Head, meet wall. Dazed, she stands there, bracing herself against the wall, rubbing the bump forming on her forehead, trying to get her bearings back, the smoke still burning her eyes. "Water," she croaks out through a throat burning from smoke as she stumbles towards the kitchen to try and find a way out that way.

Seeing the downed Varghem and his own guard safe he gestures with his hand. "Get him." He tells his guards and continues his own fight with the one he is standing with. "Let's see if you can dance." He tells his opponent. Light words perhaps despite his appearance being fully serious.

Stefan manages a deadly swipe that does prove fatal for his opponent while his guard finds himself trapped in combat with the Vargham Guard slayer.

Deidra spits out again, her jaw tightening as is the grip around her sword. The smoke in the air makes her cough a little, whereas the blood on her thigh does not trouble her much, although the wound's inconvenience probably does. However, she would probably never admit it. "You will regret *that*, you scum!" the Blue Guard remarks, still in seemingly cold temper as she tries to whirl around again, this time aiming for one of the villain's legs.

Deidra has been appointed to the Blue Guard for a reason and her lightning reflexes prove to be too much for the Wraith.

Than the older guard with a scary scar on his cheek takes down his oponent, he turns back to the lady, to make sure, that she is good. The lady stands very close to the younger guard, who is already breathless. The older gurd grabs the lady's hand and draws her up. He looks around intently, to see if nobody is coming closer. However, the younger guard looks like he will fall. For this reason, the man with a scar dislodges the boy to the Collette screaming "Do not turn your eyes from her!" and he stands in front of the fanatic. His sword goes straight to the right side of enemy.

Frowning a bit as his attack doesn't quite work out, Pawel steps back a bit, before he tries another quick attack now. He hasn't seen the guard go down yet, busy trying to get the attacker taken care of now.

With everyone else fighting and distracted, Kaelea runs through to the kitchen and discovers a way out, she slips out quietly and runs to try and get help for the others left inside.

Staring at the leg so cleanly cut off, Deidra watches the wraith fall, with a stream of blood spattering both her and her beautiful blue cloak as he hits the ground. "Never mess with a Blue Guard - again!" she says in grim satisfaction to the dying villain, as she leans forward for a last almost affectionate kick to his side.

In the light of the continued attacks, only a few remain, but they find themselves being slowly picked off. Collette's Guard goes down, given a dark and painful end for faithful service, while Pawel takes his years of training and puts them to good use, leaving only one of the shadowy wraiths still standing.

After getting the man down he moves swiftly. Spinning and trying to cut dwon the last man standing. His own guard stepping back to have control of the others. Stefan taking his charge to attack. "Peekaboo!" Comes his words as he cuts dowards the man's midsection.

The Rhaedan guard is able to put down the very last of the fanatics, leaving people only to worry about dying of smoke inhalation.

Than Collette sees, how her loyal older guard with a scary scar on his cheek falls down in the blood, she starts screaming "No! Not you!" and tries to run closer. However, the enemy is near the warm body. For this reason the younger guard grabs the lady straight to his armful "M'Lady, you can't do anything!" Tears starts dropping from amber eyes of the lady. She sobs ruefully and it looks like, that her feet can't hold her. She falls on the ground and the younger guard kneels near his lady. "M'lady, stand up. We need to find the way out," he tries to speak with her, but she just shakes her head and sobs mumbling "Not him. Just not him!"

Stomping a few times on the head of his now killed enemy, before he adds a proper kick, Pawel looks around, eyes narrowed for the moment. Seeing Stefan go for that remaining enemy, he starts looking around for his guard, only to find the man being downed and dead. There's a few seconds when there's a bit of rage on his face, but as soon as he sees the fire, his mind seems to get back into gear. "WATER!" he calls out, looking around. "Get water so we can put out the fire!" Starting to move for where that water can be found now.

The flames are growing hotter, even as people try to wet down fire and keep it from getting out of control. They inch in, closer and closer to the group and the remaining survivors try to move more toward the center of the room, gathering the wounded and innocent closer together. Is this the end?

THUMP THUMP outside as people try to break through the doors.

As the men go down Stefan is moving to try and help with getting water, if possible. Hearing the sounds from the outside. The blody sword put away. Moving and seeing Collette. "My lady, are you alright?" He asks as she seems saddened. "We need water."

Than the last bandit is killed and the Prince appeals to her, she raises her flushed eyes and just nods. She quickly stands up giving no attention to her young guard, just a quick look full of disappointment. You could think, that she is angry, that her old guard had to die just because the younger one was too tired to fight. She cleans her tears from cheeks with arm and gives a quick look to the body. "We need to bury him…" she whispers and leans near the body to drag him far away from the fire. But the man is too heavy and the fire is too close. One of the flames frightens Collette. Just a few more steps and the fire would reach Collette. She withdraws and just now understand the Prince words. She quickly runs there the Duke went - to get some water.

Seeing the flames come closer, and moving in with the others, Pawel takes a few brief moments to wipe the blood away from his dirk, on one of the fallen men, before he puts it away. Looking up in the direction of the roof to see if there's any way of getting out through there. Hoping against hope, and all that. He keeps quiet for the moment, looking rather focused on his little bubble of hope.

Since the fire isn't seizing Stefan is trying to help Collette to stand. "We got to get out, my lady." He tells her. Gesturing for his guards to try and clear an exit. Looking over to Pawel as well. "Seeing any way out?" He asks both the duke and the blue guard. "Any employees? There should be a way out. The back?" He offers and coughs a bit. "Help the lady." He tells Collette's guard. "Bring buckets to clear paths perhaps?" Trying to keep himself low all along, as they smoke is covering the tavern.

The young lady tries to get to the kitchen, to ind some water, to help, but she can't reach her destination. She stumbles on the ground. She tries to breath deeply, but the air is so searing and stuffy. Drops of sweat falls from her forehead to her cheeks and than on the ground. It mixes with tears and after a few more heartbeats Collette just faints. Than the young guard sees his lady on the ground, he tries to concentrate all his strenght to get closer. However, all the smokes do not let to see clearly. Also, it is harder to breath for him to. He looks a little bit scared and nervous. He still sometimes gives a quick look to the dead bodies. However, he slowly walks near his lady on the bloody ground.

"Yes, buckets." Deidra nods, coughing harder now from the smoke. "We could even try to drench our cloaks with water, work our way through the flames to one of those windows over there…?" She raises her hand to point to a window, unfortunately the way there is almost engulfed in flames. Her head is turning towards the kitchen then. "One disappeared to the kitchens, maybe there is a way out there?" Indecision now invading her like the smoke her lungs.

"Nothing yet," Pawel replies, shaking his head a little as he crouches a little more. Words a little calmer than he is himself. Looking towards the floor for a few moments, in case there might be some kind of a trapdoor or anything else that can lead to any kind of safety. "Whatever we decide, we'd better do it soon," he says, before he adds, "Windows are probably our best chance, if we can get past the flames." A brief pause, before he adds, "Straight out and into the lake, to kill the remaining flames…"

The room is covered in a heavy haze of smoke and flames, with many of the guests and patrons of the establishment having already fainted from the fumes. Sadly, some were so weakened by wounds or the toxic gases that they have already begun burning to death.

Roltoff moves in and looks at those that are starting to burn and toss's his soaked wool blanket over the bodies to put out any fires and while keeping low, "start pullin them out, I'll move .."Cough, cough.. "them closer to the exit.."

With Roltoff leading the way, Rae and he had engaged two shadow cast figures to fight their way into the building through the kitchen. The heavy haze of smoke and flames makes Rae cough and pull the water soaked wool blanket higher around her shoulders with her free hand, her sword held at the ready in the other. "Aye," she calls in return, her reply more a breath of a word than anything else.

Finally, the young guard approaches near his lady. He tries to raise her from the ground. "M'lady," he whispers and is really worried. He gets all his left strenght and starts carry her from the burning building in the direction helpers just came. He is very exhausted and stumbles sometimes. Collette mumbles something onder her nose. It looks like, that she fainted more from distress than from the lack of air. The guard goes forward. Each step brings him pain, but he tries to save his lady.

"'Tis agreed then." Deidra concedes, after another fit of coughing, grabbing a bucket to drench herself and her already blood-spattered cloak with water. Wrapping the wet cloak about her, she is about to make for the window, when the sound of heavy footsteps and voices coming from the kitchens make her change her mind at the very last moment. "Thank the four!" she exclaims and moves towards the direction of the racket in the kitchens. "It was about high time…"

Roltoff coughs and shakes his head, "sorry ran into some.. uh old friends. who wanted to chat a while.. " as he moves to help the injured guard escorte Collette out of the building before he rush's back in to aid the rest.

Stefan does send his own guard to help Collette's with covering her. "Wake her and help her out." Hearing sounds coming from the kitchens so Stefan's guard that went to check does gesture to head that way. Nodding to Deidra as well. Getting his own cloak wet. The simple one. Able to just try and help people along towards the back.

Through the haze of the room and those making their way through the smoke toward the refuge of the kitchen and - from the kitchen - to the air outside. "Collette!" Rae calls, seeing her sister and her sister's guard in the chaos of the burning room. She shoves the remains of a burning chair out of the way to clear more of a path for those getting out of the room, making note of those who help her sister as she does what she can to help the rest who have need.

Nodding a little now, Pawel works on getting his own clothing wet now. "About time…" he mutters to himself, before he moves to try getting some people with him on the way out now. Stopping for a few moments to glance over to his fallen guard, muttering something under his breath now, before he makes his way out as quickly as he can, along with the others now.

Kaelea was just returning back inside, this time with her only weapon on her when she notices people are beginning to leave. Quietly, she leaves back out through the kitchen door, attempting to slink off by herself.

Roltoff returns once Collette and her guard were safe before re-wetting his blanket and returning to haul out the next severly wounded individual.

Once her sister is seen safely out of the burning room, Rae goes back to helping those who are over come by smoke or heat and hauls those with need bodily from the room to the kitchen and - form there - to those waiting outside to help further. Those who are unconscious - and one she turns to help is clearly beyond help she can aid - are treated with as much are to be removed from the flame walled box that the room is become.

Yanking one collapsed young serving wench to her feet, Deidra finally arrives at the kitchens now, the heavy smoke causing her to have another fit of coughing. But with the exit so close now, the Blue Guard gathers herself for a last exertion, and supporting the almost unconsious girl she stumbles foward, deeply inhaling as soon as she arrives outside.

Stefan does try to get people out as well. Leading them on towards freedom. Passing Roltoff and nodding to him. "Think we are getting the last out. If possible try and get hold of at least one assailant." HE says. Continuing to send people out before he is following as well. Needing to get out from the smoke. Coughing as he moves and stumbles a bit.

With the rest of those who are alive carried from the room, Rae is heard on the heels of Stefan - though she knows it not - and her next trip from the room brings her to the kitchen with word being relayed back that all those who are alive have been carried out. "Help me grab this man," she says to the back of Stefan's head, moving to the side of the path leading to and from the kitchen. She secures her sword, grabbing hold of the man's arms and preparing to drag the body out of the kitchen.

Roltoff makes one final sweep of the building and after making sure everyone is out, noble, guards and ladies in waiting and all that does he pull the two attackers out as well.

Managing to get out of there now, Pawel finally sinks down to his knees as he gets safely out. Taking a few deep breaths now, as he leans forward, coughing quite a bit as he does. Air. Nice, clean, not-filled-with-gas-and-smoke air…

Hearing the call to him, Stefan coughs. Turning and nodding. A bit blurry from the smoke. Grabbing one of the arms to drag the body out. Holding the wet cloth to his mouth to breath a bit. Continuing to drag. Focusing on that and getting out. One of his guards making his way inside to get the prince out as well, luckily he is already on his way. Stefan's own eyes glancing to the one helping him and there is a weak grin to her. "Well hey there."

Roltoff drags the two bodies of the assaulants as far as he dares and lets go of them before dropping to his knees and catching some fresh air. He is soot covered and sore as he looks to make sure no one else is severly hurt. He grabs a water skin and moves to those closest and offers them fresh clean water to wet their parched throats.

Lowering the head and shoulders of the dead assailant that she has helped carry out of the kitchen, Rae lifts one hand to swipe over her face, leaving soot smeared over her face. It's the weak grin and the spoken words that draw her attention back, "Fancy meeting you here," is the quiet voiced reply before she gives a good cough, trying to expel the smoke and haze from her lungs.

Roltoff looks to the knight who followed him in and sluggishly moves to her side, offering her some fresh water. " I doubt he'll be needing any.. " as he offers a weak grin.

Accepting the offered water, "Thanks," is said before she tilts her head back and pours water into her mouth, swishing the first mouth full around before turning to the side and spitting the soot-water mix onto the stones then taking a second mouth full of water and swallowing it down with a grimace.

Road to the Docks, Laketown
The road to the docks was once the heart of Laketown, now moved inland some away from the industry of the docks. While the bustling port town seems to shimmer from the polished stone and intricate wood and fancy metalworks, here by the docks, things are still rough, evoking a time when Laketown was a sleepy backwater port. Craftsmen from the Guilds, the sailors of the Docks, and the laborers of both convene for some lodging or a hot meal or whatever money can buy away from the gaze of the city guards. One should keep an eye on one's purse, or fall prey to those that seem to live out of the shadows. Here, it is the well-to-do that scurry away as quickly as they can.

Yet, to the south lies the venerable paved road to the Craftsman's Quarter and the Guild headquarters and to the north the well-to-do Merchant's Quarter. The broad cobblestone road leads west back to Laketown proper and east to the busy and expansive docks. The Bad Clam Tavern is a place to get a cheap mug of ale, a hot meal, and then some, at cheap rates. An apothecary serves as a clinic and makeshift emergency care in this part of town.

The Bad Clam Tavern has seen better days. Today is not one of them. Smoke tendrils still trail upwards from the hulk of the building as it is little more than a burned out shell of what it once was.

April 15th, 1329

Remaining on his knees for now, getting through some more coughing, and deep breaths, Pawel finally starts stumbling back to his feet, looking around for a few moments now. His expression kept carefully neutral, although it's probably not too hard to see that it's kept that way with much effort. Looking around, and then back to the building, then over to the others.

Roltoff waits until Rae's had her fill and moves to the next person to offer them fresh water. Until the skin is empty and then he moves to the well to refill it and starts anew.

Stefan was helping Rae with pulling the body out and drinking water when offered. Once outside he stretches to breathe. "Aaah. Finally." He offers and looks around. "Alright. Seems there's not much left we can do." He says about the tavern. Then looking to the bodies that got dragged out. Eyes shifting to the people. "Thanks for busting us out."

Lifting the edge of the blanket to wipe the soot and sweat off of her face, Rae tugs the blanket off and quite calmly drops it on the body of the dead one they'd dragged outside. "It seemed the thing to do," she says, rather amiably as her fellow volunteer fire brigade member (Roltoff) continues to move along with the water skin. She aims a nod toward one of the other men (Pawel) before looking back at the Tavern and the smoke still pouring out through the ruined windows, "How did the fire start? How many didn't make it?"

Roltoff moves over to where Rae and Stefan are gathered after dispensing all the water he can and flops down onto his rear and then lays on his back. "Ok, that was… uh… fun and all, but let’s not do that again for oh… a lifetime…" he says sarcastically. "Heck, figure hunting those bandits will be easier after this,” he says with a grin.

"By people throwing candles and torches down. Fanatics," Pawel offers, a bit slowly. "They kept people for getting to the doors…" He looks around for a few moments, fists clenching now. "Luckily for them, they're all dealt with…"

"What manner of fool throws down a candle or a torch?" Rae wonders as she shakes her head, the long braid of her hair moving on her shoulders before she turns and extends a hand toward Roltoff, "Thanks for leading the charge, by the way. I'm Rae," she offers in greeting, standing DOWN on all formality at this point; as being nearly roasted like a chicken in a tin can calls for a serious lack of formality in the aftermath of.

Roltoff takes Rae's hand and shakes it. "Delmort, Roltoff Delmort." He grins, "Not a problem quite a few bidders for jobs in that room." He grins in a teasing fashion, "Besides when I heard your sister was in there it made it more important to help, She's been quite nice to me since my arrival." He then looks to Stefan and Pawel and adds, "Everyone has."

"Indeed. Fanatics. They were going to use the people inside as sacrifices." Stefan explains and coughs a bit more. Nodding a bit as he looks to the others. Hearing Rae's name he ahs. Along with who her sister was. About to introduce himself but a guard is making his way over. Since Stefan has continued coughing a bit. "Are you alright, your highness?" Which get a nod from Stefan, "Yeah, I'm fine." Looking to the others once more. "Prince Stefan Rhaedan." He introduces himself.

"The people that wants to light a fire," Pawel remarks, letting out a bit of a breath now. "If I ever get my hand on anyone like those, they will indeed get the chance to meet their guardian…" That part offered rather angrily as he glances around now. "Possibly by being bashed against a stone wall, or thrown from the highest window."

"Please to meet you, Roltoff Delmort," Rae replies, his words bringing a brief flash of a smile from her, "and on my sisters behalf, allow me to thank you for your help as well," having seen her sister safely off and away to the Inn with the first of those out of the burning tavern. She glances back toward Stefan, one slender eyebrow arching subtly to accompany the curve of her lips in a smile that is amused - and making absolutely no explanation for the amusement. "Indeed? Well met then, Prince Stefan Rhaedan," she says as she sketches a polite bow from where she's sitting, "Sir Rae Lohstren, at your service. Welcome to Laketown," she adds, very proper in the words there.
A small pause before Rae nods more formally at Pawel, "I'd be happy to help in that endeavor, your grace."

Roltoff smiles at Rae, "The pleasure is mine and I thank you for the assist. I’m just glad we managed to get all of the people out and from what I could see, only a few had minor burns. Limiting our casualties to those who died in combat." He sighs a bit.

Stefan grins in return to Rae. "Pleasure, Sir Rae." He offers and does seem a bit amused as well. Shifting his gaze towards Pawel with a nod. "I am quite certain that we all would find something. Though I think finding info from them before defenestrating them would be better." He offers and shrugs a bit. His expression going back to serious now. Nodding to Roltoff. "Some guards went down and I think probably some civilians because of the fire."

"Maybe," Pawel replies to Stefan's words. "That would depend on my mood." He looks around for a few moments, taking a few more deep breaths. Glancing back to the remains of the tavern, he shakes his head a little. "Waste of a good tavern…"

"Aye, though the family of the dead won't care for the distinction," Rae says quietly, her voice a bit husky from coughing the smoke out of her lungs. She shares the moment of amusement with Stefan before her attention shifts around to Pawel once again. "Waste of a good tavern and the drink…" There's a pause then her eyes narrow. "The drink. If it hasn't caught yet… it may well go up at any moment," she warns, pushing to her feet, wariness evident in her stance.

Roltoff looks at Rae and nods. "Quite true, best we move those too wounded further away, lest they possibly get hurt even worse."

Stefan nods and coughs a bit more. Standing and looking around a bit. Getting a bit restless. Nodding to Rae as well. "Yeah. I didn't even get to finish my drink." He sighs at that and shakes his head disappointed.

Roltoff stands up and looks at Rae, for a bit as he moves to start helping those too wounded and moving them back further just to be safe. "Well, don’t take any risks best you re-soak your blankets Sir Rae, just in case the booze inside does catch"

"Capital idea," Rae says quietly, grabbing the water soaked blanket she'd used as a cloak and hastily drags the wounded assailant onto the blanket, wrapping him up like a hastily swathed parcel before she casts a wary look at the front of the tavern again. Her brief glance inside, and her knowledge of taverns (what knight DOESN'T have a knowledge of Taverns) before she turns back to the task at hand.
The sound of the fire consuming the front of the building is a quiet sound - as far as fires go - the cracks, pops, shower of sparks, the hiss of bits of burning debris that land in the shallow puddles of water left from the buckets of water pitched through the windows. Those buildings that are nearest the tavern are also abandoned though a bucket brigade continues to douse the buildings adjacent - attempting to keep the fire from spreading. The trough has been filled again and again, a pair of children working the pumps with youthful vigor to keep the water going. The crowd of spectators, after all what fire DOESN'T draw a crowd, is gathered on the far side of the street, the glow of the flames reflecting off of concerned and awe struck faces, fire being the great fear of most city dwellers. That lull in conversation is timely…
A sudden BOOM rattles the window panes of the nearest buildings, shattering the ones in the buildings to either side. The front door explodes outward, turning into so much flying shrapnel, the windows coughing flame outward before the fire leaps upward and out - seeming to reach for the crowd with the beckoning hand of death. For a moment - a long timeless moment - the belch of flame hangs in the air before rearing back then soars upward to consume the front of the building. Screams come from those gathered, a near stampede happening as the crowd breaks and scatters.

Stepping a bit away from the tavern as he hears that, Pawel shakes his head a little bit. "It's not the only…" Staggering backwards at the explosion, he loses his footing now. Getting to his feet rather quickly again, he grimaces a bit now.

Roltoff falls down as he is carrying a wounded member and use's body to shield them… "Ok, that’s not good." As he hastily stands and picks up the wounded and as gently as he can sling them over his shoulder hauling him off to safety. "Get more people on those buckets!" he yells at those who are gawking…

Stefan is stepping back a bit as well. The explosion giving him a bit of a push but mostly lifting his eyes and widening them. "Well now." He says before running his hand through his hair. Nodding and waving his guards to help as well. "We need to get a stop on it." Though most likely it is kept well enough.

Rae had turned at that first warning cough of sound, shielding the body of the unconscious assailant with hers, both hands lifted to cover the back of her head which she tucks down at the same time as the flame belches outward. When the shrapnel settles, at last, raining shreds of wood and flaming debris outward, she drags the body further away and flags the most brave of the mob of children who are seeded through the crowd, presses a coin into a grubby palm. "Twice this much if you sit on him and don't let anyone make off with his valuables," she promises, earning a enthusiastic nod from the child as she moves back to join Pawel, Roltoff and Stefan. "… or the buildings along either side are going to go up as well," she warns with a nod before turning to join the bucket line.

Pawel grimaces a little again shaking his head a little bit now. He doesn't say much more at the moment, just moving to help with the buckets, as fast as he can. Gaze still on the exploded building, as he keeps on doing what he can to help with the buckets now.

Roltoff makes sure the man he was carrying was safely put out of harm’s way as he runs back to direct traffic. "Get those buckets on the other side, to keep the fire from spreading." He moves over to where the prince, duke and sir Rae are and asks, "Anyone else need to be moved to safety?”

Pushing his way through the crowd of on-lookers, Thomas ducks as the flames erupt. He gives a worried glance to Mother Tylon before he pushes onwards "Seems you might be needed. I just caution you to stay clear of the fire itself." Meaning he won't let her get to close. At Thomas breaks free of the crowd and surveys the scene before him. Then back to Tylon to judge her reaction.

Rae is passing one bucket after another, left to right, the man at the front of the line pitching the bucket of water onto the side of the building nearest the fire, before passing the empty bucket back. Fighting fire the only way they can, one person at a time moving one bucket at a time, the sound of the flame consuming the building is accompanied by the snapping of timbers, smaller explosions from bottles of what might've been actually good tasting booze at some point before it became so much fuel for the fire.

Roltoff has second team working on the adjacent buildings making sure they are soaked so that the timber holds as much water as they can, so that the fire doesn't spread to them. Another group under his command is using spades to dig shallow ditches and tossing the dirt onto the burning building in an attempt to smother out the fires where they can.

Staying just behind Thomas as they draw closer to the source of the smoke, Tylon's head just barely ducks with the sound of the explosion and surge of flames that comes from the tavern. It is those nearest the chaos that draw her attention, plus screaming injured. Happily following along behind Thomas when he pushes through, she'd have a much harder time of it…even with the priestess robes. "I promise, I'll not get to close, Brother. If there are any injured yet close, aid in getting them away. Else I imagine, they could use some help in getting more water onto those fires." Already starting to step pass him to trot off to the nearest injured.

Passing the buckets as well, Pawel keeps an eye on the burning tavern as he does, muttering something under his breath as well.

With a nod, Thomas moves to between the two lines "Where do you want me to help?" He asks no one single person in particular. Though he waits to be directed to where ever he does keep an eye on Tylon as she moves to the wounded.

Stefan is helping with passing buckets as well. Trying to contain the fire. Being quite silent. His guards helping out as well. Though quiet for Stefan is a few comments still, "Damn it's hot."

Rae continues pass one bucket after another, side to side, taking empty ones back in exchange to pass along. The sight of the adjacent buildings makes her worry, though she isn't a city-girl out of preference she understands the danger of fire as much as anyone else. Those who join the line are greeted with a nod, "Hence… fire," she says with a nod toward Stefan.

As they continue to battle this fire Roltoff can see that it’s slowly getting away from them. Short of a heavy rain storm or a miracle he's not sure what to do, as they aren't able to get water to where it’s needed most nor dirt. He steps out of line for a bit as he wraps his soaked horse blanket around him and thinks. "Get some Axes!" he calls out, "Destroy the building’s structural supports so that it'll collapse in on itself. It should deny the fires burning inside the oxygen it needs and will prevent any of the other barrels from exploding making our job here harder."

The flap of Tylon's satchel is open and 'things' are out before she even gets to the first victim. A drop of calm in the sea of chaos, Tylon is settled to her knees murmuring as the injuries are assessed, "I'll have you fine before you know it. I know it hurts, draw a slow breathe as deeply as you can for me." Working away, the minor burns on the first are slathered in a sauve and wrapped before he's let the breath out.

"Wherever you can help," Pawel says, as he looks over at Thomas, offering the man a bit of a nod. Hearing Roltoff's words, he offers the man a bit of a nod. "That might work," he calls out. Still passing the buckets for now. "Getting too hot for you?" he mutters in Stefan's direction too now.

Rae pauses in the bucket slinging, turning as Roltoff makes a suggestion that is sure to upset the owner of the building that's turned into so much kindling, one hand going to her back for a moment as she considers his words and hears a general grumble of agreement from those nearby and soon half the bucket line is armed with various cudgels and axes, spare ones being passed along, one ending up in Rae's hands and a spare is extended toward Roltoff. "Ready?" she asks, a sudden grin forming on her face, could be she's a bit of a dare devil.

With a nod Thomas snatches an axe from the hands of one young boy that was going to go do as Roltoff suggested. "Go help the Priestess," he says with an authoritative voice. Then, with his he'd turned so that most of the heat from the flames strike the side he moves to the corner of the building, well what remains of it and begins striking the main post with the axe. Now and then he has to step back to get a bit of cooler air before attacking it once more.

"Ooooh. Here I just thought it was carrying all this water back and forth." Grinning as he continues on. Turning to nod at Rotloff's words. "Anyone with axes go on. Others, cover them. We need to do it fast." Turning to grin at Pawel as well. "Never too hot." Moving with Thomas to be able to help with buckets of water.

Roltoff grins as he is given the axe and nods. "Oh what were about to have…" As he grins and moves to head inside the building to cut the central supports. "Hit us with some water before we enter, I want to be good and soaked." He moves to the opening of what used to be the front door.

"Oh the joke I could make from that," is Rae's rather amused - if inappropriate - reply, taking the water dousing as well, cramming the braid of her hair down into her armor - so as to NOT have it catch on fire - and lets out a sound that is SUSPICIOUSLY close to a laugh as she rushes in alongside Roltoff.

Moving on, Tylon settles to the next in the series of injured. One far to silent, a prayer or three briefly murmured along the way. Surely they could always use a bit of help from the Guardians. A hand checks for pulse, for breathe before setting to the young woman's injuries. A glance catching the motion of someone who appears to help, "Set that bucket down, soak these in it." A roll of bandages given over before Tylon works to clean some burns and taking to the process of applying sauves and bandages.

Roltoff look at Rae and grins. "I’m sure you could," and he disappears inside the building. Not to be seen from, but then there is the tell-tale 'Whook!' of an axe blade connecting with wood.

Shaking his head a bit as he keeps the buckets ready for when people start coming out again, Pawel doesn't move to grab an axe and follow people inside. He's been enough inside that burning building for today, thanks. So he stays ready with buckets for now, glancing back towards Tylon for a few brief moments. He doesn't say anything yet, and very quickly, he turns his attention back to where people are hopefully coming out again from the building.

Rae's answering grin is all kinds of fierce as she takes up a two handed stance, using every ounce of strength she has to chop away at the support beam that's on fire near it's top. "Watch the roof," she warns Roltoff, her voice raised to call over the sound of the fire. Sparks and other bits of debris - all on fire - rain downward, sizzling off of her armor and his, sparks flaming and dying in hair and the water sodden clothing.

Roltoff looks up as he hears the call and nods. His own Double handed swings taking large bites out of the already charred lumber and he soon hears the Creaking sounds and start to run for the door's opening, "lets go, she's about to come down. " as he rush's out the front door, Steam pouring off his wool blanket as it begins to dry.

Unaware but his surcoat beginning to burn at the edges as Thomas swings the axe against the hardened wood. Each chop brings it that much closer to toppling. Then at last he drops the axe and begins to push on the upright beam. "Watch out, this is going to go," he yells so that the others might hear him.

Stefan raises a brow to Rae, "I need to hear that joke later." He tells her and continues on with the water. Throwing water on Roltoff. "More water." He offers and tries to keep it coming. Moving aside at the warning from Thomas. "Get on out. IT's going down." So that they pick up the pace inside.

"Here," a hand goes out to take the now soaked bandages from the somewhat dazed person who had appeared to help, yet wandering with a bucket of water. These get used upon 'nearly' reddened skin, to draw the heat out. Tylon yet manages to work away as calmly as a clam. "Grab someone, or two, who can help you move her along to the apothecary, she'll be needing a far bit of rest before moving further. Careful though, she might be out, but there is pain there yet." Seeing the process started before looking to find her next…patient. A glance going to the flaming building that is being brought down, eyeing the doorway people had vanished into with the roof starting to cave.

Rae doesn't toss down the axe - NEVER drop a weapon, even if it isn't hers - but she does turn it so that she has it by the haft and throws her weight in with the effort that Thomas is making against the upright beam. "Get - ready - to - run - for - it," she says between breaths and the sound of effort it takes to get the beam to start to tip.

Roltoff gets splashed by the water as he exits and sputter as he wasn't expecting it but grins as he looks back, with axe still in hand. "Come on you two, get out of there!" he calls back to both Rae, and Thomas. He turns to look at Stefan and with a rueful grin he says, "Thanks, I needed that."

Pawel keeps the water ready to throw it at the next person coming out now. "Good job," he offers in Roltoff's direction, frowning a bit as he still looks inside now.

Blinking as the woman comes to help him, Thomas nods his appreciation but says nothing as he strains against the timber. At first it seems like nothing is happening, then it begins to tilt. More, then more. The cracking at the base where he had used the axe starts to splinter "Go, I got it, get out of here." Though he figures she won't do as told but he had to try. Then the pressure begins to ease as the beam and a big part of the roof starts to move. Slowly, then a bit faster, then with hardly a hand on it the support of it, between the fire and the axe, gives way and the snapping of wood cracks out louder. "Yes, think it's time to get out of here!"

Thomas figures right, of course, and it's not that she has a death wish, it's just that… it needs to be done. She pushes with all of her effort to aid his and only when the snapping of wood and the sound of the structural beams groaning - who knew wood could do that - makes her leap back and nearly trip. Arms cast out to save her balance as larger bits of flaming debris start raining down in earnest. "now's a good time," she agrees, leaps forward, scoops up the axe that Thomas had dropped and gives him a not so gentle nudge with the end of the axe. "Move it, sunshine," she orders, sounding pushy AND encouraging at the same time. He goes, she goes, simple as that.

Roltoff waits for Thomas and Sir Rae to emerge from the collapsing building, and as Stefan prepares to douse them with water he too moves up and gets ready to use his soaked blanket to cover whoever doesn't get hit with water to help cool them off.

Stefan grins and nods to Roltoff. "Of course. Seemed like you were burning up." He offers and get more water, stepping to be able to gesture to Thomas and Rae both. Ready to splash water. Doing so as they exit.

He doesn't have to be told twice, a quick glance up at the roof as it sags. "Yes, M'Lady," he says with a grin and begins to make his way from the rubble. A quick glance back to make sure Miss Sunshine is following before he clears the fire. The bottom of his surcoat burns, mostly just a red ting and smoke. But who could tell in all that heat and smoke.

Seeing the people coming out now, Pawel pours the water on them as soon as he sees them near the entrance now. "Good work in there," he says, as he readies another bucket, in case one of them needs some extra water poured on them now.

Rae is a step behind Thomas and thus… gets a face full of water as Stefan pitches it right at the two of them. "Move… moving NOW is a great idea," she is saying rather LOUDLY and doesn't exactly push Thomas but she's hard on his heels encouraging him to go faster as the building collapses inward - loudly.

Roltoff covers Thomas and Rae with the wet blanket in addition to the water prince Stefan supplies. "Good to see you two made it out safely."

People come out of the build and get dashed with water and wet blankets, so Tylon is content there aren't yet more injured added to her list. And calmly ducks on to the last from the initial group, so what if there is a flaming building collapsing not far away? "Sorry for making you wait, let's get that arm looked over." Using water to wash it clean, "Just a bit more, I know it hurts a bit, but helps cool it as well. " More sauve gets dug out at some point, bandages.

Stefan does help with the water and then nods as he is moving away from the building as it collapses. "Of course." He tells her and moves along with them all and watches it all go down.

Another glance back at the woman, Thomas only grins. As he looks forward, splash. Then a blanket. He lets the water trail off and then shrugs out of the blanket "Thank you," he says to all and then to the woman that helped him he looks. Grinning "The Four are strong with you. Thank you for the help."

Roltoff is for the most part singed around the edges, hair, and armor. He's also darker of complexion due to the vast amount of soot on his face from all the ash of the now collapsed building. He looks around to make sure all were evacuated safely and that the fires under better control.

"Never could resist a challenge," is Rae's only excuse as she blinks water out of her eyes, using one hand to smear the soot and grime away from her eyes as well, backing up - a healthy distance - along with her fire chopping buddies - Thomas and Roltoff - to stand with Stefan and Pawel near Tylon. "Well, there goes a perfectly good tavern."

Pawel nods a little at Rae's words now, shaking his head momentarily. "A funeral pyre for those that got killed by those raging idiots…" he offers. "Someone should say a prayer for them, I believe…" Looking around for a few moments now.

Stefan nods to Pawel at his words. Shaking his head a bit. Grinning to the fire team. "Good job." He offers to all three. Pawel's last makes him look around though. Sure that someone must have heard Pawel.

The last bandage is secured before Tylon offers a bit of water, "Sip on this slowly, it'll help that burning in your throat." Giving the man an easy smile. "Take a couple moments to finish it off, then take it slowly for a bit. Can take a while for the smoke to clear from the head." The woman ensuring that he's actually taking to her words before Tylon pushes up and gives a look to ensure he was the last one that needed tending in that fashion. Catching word of prayers and pyres, Tylon takes a few steps towards commenting, "Are their families here to grant such permission?"

Roltoff breaks away from Thomas and Rae for a bit as he heads for one of the water troughs and once he gets there he drops to a knee and dunks his head under the cool water, and proceeds to scrub his fae and hair. Cleaning it as best he can. He lifts his head up gasping for air a bit but seems to relish it compared to the blazing heat he'd been subjected too previously.

Thomas chuckles at the woman and gives her a nod before he moves, protectively, to where Tylon is at. He watches her tend to the man before he looks up at the others "How did it start, does anyone know?" Eyes going from one to the next to the next.

"I don't know that the dead were identified," Rae says as she glances toward Roltoff before back to the priestess. "Is it necessary?" she asks, respect in her tone of voice before she coughs again, turning to the side politely so that she doesn't cough ON the priestess or anyone else.

"I know that one of them would have wanted it, at least," Pawel replies, something angry in his voice for a few moments now. "He was my guard, but more than that, he was a friend as well. So I can assure you they would give their permission for him, at least." A brief pause, before he looks over at Thomas. "Fanatical worshippers of the fifth one. They wanted to turn us all into some kind of sacrifice," he offers, quietly.

Roltoff moves over to where Tylon is treating the wounded man he took out of harm’s way and nods to Thomas. "You do good work miss, not seen better in quite some time. " as he kneels down, professional pride in his voice. "How is he?" as he looks up at Tylon and then down at the bandaged man.

A faint nod goes to Thomas when he comes near again. See, she didn't go running into a flaming building. A smile goes calmly to Roltoff,"He is doing well, he'll heal in time. And thank you, it is my calling, I do as best I can." Tylon gives a shake of her head to Rae, "It is not required, but if they can be identified it is the preference, so at the very least their families can be informed of what fate has passed, instead of being left wondering when they do not appear again." There is a blink towards Pawel at the news he delivers, a faint motion made, perhaps a ward against the fifth. "I will say a prayer for him, and the others."

"Easy, Your Grace," Rae says, stepping closer to the Duke, "No one is suggesting any impropriety to your fallen guard or insult to his religion, or yours," she adds, keeping her voice quiet and calm. "Thank you," she adds with a nod toward the Priestess before looking back toward Pawel. "May we know his name, Your Grace, that he be remembered properly?"

Roltoff nods to Tylon as he stands and a brief nod to Thomas as he moves back to those still dealing with the embers of the fire. Making sure that nothing is left to chance, even using the borrowed axe to clear a path so that bucket after bucket can be dumped in the lower area's to keep any hidden embers from reigniting once the debris was cleared.

The anger in Pawel's voice darkens his own a bit. But the news of the followers of the Fifth brings Thomas's brows together. He says nothing but nods "I will include him in my prayers, Duke Varghem." He looks to the others for a moment before turning to Tylon "So they are here." He says softly to her. He looks to his hand, his left and notes the redness and the blisters that have formed and drops it to his side. "I shall need a new tunic, I think. If it were not for you, Sir," he nods to Rae "I may not have gotten that to fall. And to you as well," he looks to Stefan and then Roltoff "I give you my thanks as well."

Pawel nods a little bit at Tylon's words. "Thank you." Nodding a bit at Rae as well, before he nods to Thomas too now. "His name was Tycho… Tycho Rowantree. A good man, who will be missed very much." Going quiet again now.

Rae glances toward Thomas with a wry smile, "Glad to be of assistance," she says quietly before turning back to Pawel. She echoes the given name, "Tycho Rowantree," in that quiet voice, the one used to speak to upset nobles, "we'll remember him and his sacrifice, Your Grace."

A hand briefly flits to Thomas' arm as Tylon murmurs, "There is always a chance of such a presence, it is simply the way of it. We will speak later." Eyes flicker to his hand, the blisters, "We will see to the tunic and the blisters shortly. I will finish and then I can see to you, Brother." The priestess does wait to hear of the name of the Duke' guard, and any others that are known before stepping off towards where the dead have been laid out. She pauses by each of those who have perished, an individual prayer, blessing is given over each in turn. Very heartfelt and beautiful blessings, really. Withdrawing once done, drifting back to Thomas in order to see to him and return to the Temple in good order, updates to be given.

Pawel nods a little as he hears the words spoken, before he looks around for a few moments. Letting out a bit of a sigh, he keeps quiet now, just listening.

Finally seeming to speak again, after a moment of silence, is Stefan. Having had his head lowered earlier. Giving Pawel a pat on his shoulder. "He fought bravely." He offers. Looking to those still around with a solemn expression.

Roltoff rubs his tired shoulders and looks at the destruction here and sighs. "My lords, Sir Rae… If you'll excuse me I will be going as I need to find a place to bathe and rest for the night." He then faces Pawel and adds, "I’m terribly sorry for the loss of your man." as he proceeds to slowly head up the road to find a place to sleep.

Grimacing momentarily at that pat to his shoulder, Pawel takes a few steps back, before he nods a little bit now. "That he did," he replies, before nodding to Roltoff. "Thank you," he offers, a bit quietly.

Stefan watches everyone leave and soon he is left with Pawel. Stefan's guards somewhere around the area. "Let us honor him. A drink."

"Sadly, I will have to deal with a few things, thanks to his passing. I will probably see you again later, Prince Stefan." That said he heads off back towards the inn now.

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