Emily Ratajkowski
Emily Ratajkowski as Synniva
Full Name: Synniva
Byname: Whispered amongst select circles.
Age: 20
Kingdom: None.
House: None.
Title/Profession: Mistress
Position: Courtesan
Place of Birth: Syth
Father: Unknown Patron
Mother: Rybecca Quick
Siblings: None.
Spouse: None.
Children: Never.


Synniva bares a profession that is as old as time and to her way of thinking, just as honorable. Born in the confined space of a brothel on the northern most border of Rhaedan, it was within those walls that Syn called home. After all, most children take to the trade of their parents. But there were no sins committed against the flesh, none at least, until the girl came of age. Instead then, of having one mother, Synniva had many and each of them a little glimmering of information to be shared.

She was taught that not just to use her body, but her mind, while her childhood was filled with those who found themselves without client taking to her tutelage. Her education is by no means a formal one but rather a smattering garnered from scattered souls. Skill enough to manage her own purse one day, while the same was dedicated to protecting her body. Wit enough to draw the potion to forgo unwanted birth, a skill that her own fair mother should have learned herself and glimpse enough to treat the barest of wounds when those who found themselves damaged either from pleasure within, or pain without had need.

Syn was taught to make do for herself, because no one in life would do so for her. No pampered ladies there, nor true Ladies at all, in fact. So she learned then, how best to watch and what to watch for, how to stay small and quiet and out of the way, during business hours. How to set astride a horse without making a fool of herself and how to ensure that she didn't do without, when times were hard and clients were slim. Anything and everything to fill a child's head and later, a young woman's who found herself interested in the trade, serving time both in the kitchen and when that proved to be more disaster than service, to tend the counters instead, plying the crowd with drink and song.

At heart, Synniva is a joyous soul, one prone to laughter and smiles and finding the goodwill in all she meets, for all that some would call her profession dark and to be fair, it is. She's know the blunt end of a beating and the truth of desire from those with no respect nor coin to pay and yet, hides it away, beneath a smile and a song and finds itself gleaming out when she's forced to take a hand to the training of those new to joining their professional ranks. Yet for the most part, her sweetness comes without cost and she's a fair companion to many that she meets.

Good with people but not…not always the brightest, for it was crossing paths with Seline that gave Syn any true means of direction and aspiration. The bookish former healer had a mind to her that Syn couldn't hope to possess. After all, if she'd a roof of her head, whether it was hers or not and enough food to keep the ache from her stomach then she was content in life, but Seline gave her aspirations and a direction, as much as she'd offered the same to the fey-like creature.


Character Features

Physical Features

Synniva's a tall woman, at five six, with a faintly exotic air to her appearance; the dusky hue of her skin suggests perhaps something of mixed descent or a commoners time spent in the sun. Her eyes are brown, sharp and attentive, with faint hints of gold. Her nose is long and slender, suggesting with the high cheek bones an air of aristocracy; while her lips are full and prone to curling up on the right, into a smile that's just a little wicked or down into a pout that can melt even the most frozen of hearts. Though her hair may be her wildest feature, it's dark and rich, full of thick waves that tease all the way down her spine to the curves of her rear. Her limbs long and lissome; her curves soft and inviting.

Synniva dresses to her advantage as well as comfort, with gowns of pale white, that compliments the dusky hues of her skin; their necks scoop low, while the waist-line is Ellowe high, tapered in close beneath the swell of her breasts. It amplifies the natural wealth of her bosom, while heightening the length of those long legs and separating the two with a bit of ribbon that often matches the colors she wears in her hair. Elegant and fey-like while at the same time composed of qualities of sheerness that wouldn't be found on a true lady's figure. Even her slippers seem soft as the rest of her, delicate and a cut above what's found on a typical common whore; mostly…because she isn't.


  • Sadomasochistic
  • Easily Misled
  • Forgiving
  • Flirtatious
  • Impetuous


  • Not your common whore.
  • Is fond of philosophy, literature, poetry and song.
  • Dances by herself in the rain.
  • Is forgetful…more often than not.
  • Has a more expansive education than most noble women.
  • Likes kittens.
  • Entertains by appointment only. To get one, talk with Seline.

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