Taking That Leap

Taking That Leap
Summary: Shortly before the wedding ceremony Prince Samwell pays his Deputy Commander a visit to present her with yet another gift.
Date: 21/09/2013
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Blue Room, Blue Duck Inn, Laketown
The Blue Room is by far the largest of the rooms, more of a suite than a room with a separate part of the room complete with a wash basin and a bathtub hidden away with a screen. A big blue mandala flower is set on the rug at the center of the room, cobalt blue silk sheets contrasting with deep brown mahogany furniture. Airy and spacious, with vaulted ceilings and many windows to let in natural light, the stone pillars and the stone fireplace lend a monolithic feel to the whole room in some contrast to the more intricate carvings and motifs in some parts of the Blue Duck Inn. Wooden panels line the pale blue painted stucco walls carved with scenes of ducks and duck hunting.
September 21st, 1329

The big day of the wedding is there. The merchants of Laketown have delivered on time (woo!) and the new goodies have been laid out in whatever room Deidra is occupying. There was a timid knock at the door early in the morning and a servant girl from the castle had stepped in, explaining to Deidra that Prince Samwell had sent her to help with the dress and the hair. Some time later - when the bride is hopefully decent in her new dress - the prince himself arrives to check on things.

Deidra is standing in the middle of the room before a mirror, her steely green eyes glaring at her reflection with a mixture of annoyed uncertainty and the unrest of anticipation. She wears a dress. A courtly one. The green and gold more becoming a lady of noble birth than a commoner knight such as her. The ribbon of orange, dark green and gold has been set in place with the help of the maid as she would not have had the necessary calm to do it herself - nor the practice. She had tried many times during the pat three days, and continued to fail, so she had finally given up on those beautiful needles. But luckily enough, someone has sent her help and now the impossible seems to have been accomplished. Deidra's gaze drops down as she raises her skirts high enough to get a glimpse of those new calfskin shoes and a little smile conquers her mien, before she offers the maid a nod and a "Thank you." The girl stands there timidly behind a chair - as if she had feared for a temperamental reaction and offers a quick curtsey to the Prince as he enters, while the Deputy Commander of the Blue Guard turns and is about to bow, when she realizes that a curtsey would be more appropriate and offer less insight into her decollete than a bow - the resulting movement is a bit clumsy though, as she is not used to it. "My prince.", she greets with a nervous smile.

Samwell remains in the doorway for a moment, staring, taking in the completely changed appearance and the rather charming attempt at a curtsey. He does ogle a little. He can't help it. He's a man and she, out of that armour, a rather pretty woman. "You look wonderful.", he finally declares and enters the room. The maid curtseys as well - with more practise, and Samwell dismisses her with a smile. Though she will remain on call no doubt, for those last once-overs before the actual ceremony. For now, Sam slips her a coin, so she can go and buy herself some food and take a break. Once she's gone, Sam looks at Deidra again. "Excited?"

Deidra offers the maid another nod as she departs before her green eyes come to rest on Samwell again. "Excited wouldn't be the right word for it, Commander sir. Scared. Overwhelmed. I… am not sure how to put this. But it feels like I am standing beside a chasm of sorts and am about to take a leap down - I'm not sure what awaits me." She hesitates, blushing a little at her dramatic analogy as she shakes her head. "No. Certainly not that way. I am convinced that I want this to happen. But everything will be different, in a way." Back to her babbling again. Deidra shuts her mouth at once, shooting Samwell a glance. There is a smile on her face though that contradicts the uncertainty of her gaze.

Samwell chuckles softly at the babbling and steps closer to look firmly into her eyes. "You will be fine, Deidra. You will take that leap - and land in Heaven." Yes, he can do shitty analogies too. Then he takes a step back to look her over once again, nodding. "The colors suit you well. Roltoff is a very lucky man. However… there's still something missing… a little… " He snaps his fingers in faked helplessless, "A little je ne sais quoi…" Then he produces a little box from somewhere about his royal person.

Deidra's right brow twitches upwards a touch as Samwell approaches her for an inspection. The situation feels awkward as she is wearing a dress and not the steel armor, which would not have her cheeks turn a little rosy as they do now. Hearing his compliment she lowers her gaze, offering a "Thank you, sir" under her breath. But then her gaze jumps upwards again as she hears the snap and notices the small box in his hands. "What is this, my prince? More generosity?" Deidra inquires, her green eyes widening as they shift from what he holds in his hands to his face.

"You're my trusted deputy and a good friend. You can't be anything but perfect on your big day.", Samwell replies with a smile and opens the box to reveal a trinket. It's nothing too grand and elaborate, since he know she wouldn't appreciate that, but it's pretty nonetheless: A round green emerald, matching her eyes and the dress, set in a golden frame, attached to a thin golden chain. He holds it up, so she can see the engraving on the back: Hers and Roltoff's names and the date of the wedding. "If you allow me -", he asks, gesturing towards her neck.

Deidra's jaw drops as she beholds the gift, so adequately chosen by her Commander. "Oh… Guardians! You are too kind, my prince." she gasps, taking the pendant in her hand as he holds it out to her, her face brightening even more as she reads the engraving on its back. "I am… overwhelmed, your highness. This is so… I am so grateful." Her eyes sparkle as they find his again and she lets go of the pendant that he still holds by the thin golden chain. "Well, sure." is the reply to his offer, and Deidra's gaze is lowered again as she stands there, her back straight, waiting for Sam to put the necklace in place.

Sam puts the empty box on a table quickly, then stands behind Deidra to place the chain around her neck and fasten the clasp again. "If I had suggested this while we were out shopping, you would have murdered me.", he jokes with a soft chuckle, "Besides I wanted to have a little surprise left for you." He steps around her again to survey his handiwork from the front and nods, content with the result. "Lovely.", comes his judgement.

One hand moves to the pendant, and Deidra smiles at her Commander, all gratitude. At least in the beginning, then that smile turns into a smirk. "You know me well, Commander sir. I would have killed you, with all due respect. And… a surprise it is indeed, as I wouldn't have expected any more gifts from you." She lowers herself in a second attempt of a curtsey, this time it is a little more graceful. "Damn, I hate these dresses.", the Blue Guard mutters under her breath.

"What can I say?", Sam grins with pretend-helplessness, "I like you. I couldn't have you get married in a banged-up armor, looking all scruffy, no matter how much you would have liked that." He takes a few steps away, out of her comfort zone and towards the window. "Shall I call the maid in again or are you ready for your big moment, Deidra? I believe it is about time.", he asks softly.

"Oh I would have loved that.", Deidra replies with a chuckle. "Me at the Temple in my good old armor. But alas,… for once in my life I need to look good. At least on my wedding day." There is pause that follows Samwell's question, and the Blue Guard hesitates, biting her lip, the nervous expression from before returning with a swiftness that almost overwhelms her. But then. A shrug. "I better get this over with…", the bride mutters, her hands running over the fabric of her skirts that still feel so awkward. Her gaze is all calm and determined when it meets Samwell's again.

"Aren't you the joyful excited bride.", Sam teases. It's easy for him to talk, he's never faced the altar himself after all. Or perhaps he hopes that the humor will make the nervous bride relax. "Come on, you'll live to see another day.", he winks and offers her his arm, ready to walk her to the altar and hand her over to her new husband.

Deidra's gaze darts to Samwell at his remark, in an irritated glare at first that turns soon into a smirk. "Very funny. I wonder if you will be all cheery and joking when it will be your turn. I remember, not too long ago, at the Drunken Clam. You were scared like shit, my prince. At the prospect of marrying a certain Rhaedan princess." And with a chuckle she accepts the offered arm, adding, with less sharpness to her tone: "And true. We will all live to see another day. At least I hope so…"

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