Talia Ashlan
Rose McGowan
Rose McGowan as Talia Ashlan
Full Name: Talia Ashlan
Byname: Talia
Age: 22
Kingdom: Rhaedan
House: none
Title/Profession: Mistress
Position: Healer
Place of Birth: Sipdon
Father: Mikael Neuberg
Mother: Elyse Neuberg
Siblings: Nicoli Neuberg
Spouse: Savaric Ashlan
Children: none

Healer, herbalist, midwife, apothecary from Sipdon; wife to the ranger from the north - Savaric.

Immediate Family

  • Savaic - Husband

Physical Features


Thick russet hair that is sun streaked with golden threads curls heavily around her face and shoulders in a riotous explosion of heavy curls. She is a petite woman, a mere 5'3" in height, small of stature with a figure that is strong and agile, hands that are slender and deft with fingertips often stained faintly green from working with herbs, a simple band of etched silver encircles her ring finger on her left hand. Her hair is bound back from her face with a length of soft leather cord that, despite this perfectly reasonable effort, escapes to curl about rather wildly at times. Her delicate bone structure and the stubborn set to her chin are matched by the intense shade of dark green eyes that survey the world beneath the fine trace of russet eyebrows that arch upward in a look that often conveys a touch of amusement as well.

Wearing a vest made from leather that is soft and supple to the touch and dyed into a dark green that picks up the shade of her eyes, the vest is sleeveless and tailored to her chest and the slender span of her shoulders. The vest is worn over a long sleeved shirt in a warm shade of cream, the sleeves of which are folded up along her forearms and ride just above the bend of her elbows. Laces fasten the edges of the vest together, tying off at the bottom which rests just at her waist around which is cinched a wide leather belt. A full skirt made of a heavy weight material, black in color, reaches nearly to her ankles and is fashioned in a wrap around style that allows for ease of movement. A pair of leggings are often worn beneath and are, in turn, paired with ankle high boots that add another inch or so to her height.



  • Dreamer
  • Fear of Heights
  • Fiery Temper
  • Rock Hound

Known Associates


Scenes and Events

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