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Talking Shop
Summary: On a trip to the Blue Guards camp, Claire and Gauvain have a brief talk about things. General, non-important things.
Date: 13/10/1329
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Claire Gauvain 

TP Room 2
It's a camp. Still in Eastermarch.
Oct 13, 1329

For the first time in awhile, Gauvain is not in armor, but he does have both sword and dagger on his hip. His arms are crossed as he watches the men in the practice yard going at each other. They curse, and laugh, and hammer at each other, but Gauvain remains silent as he watches the scene unfold.

For the most part, the big knight jsut watches. But every once in awhile he adds suggestions to the younger men as they battle each other. He doesn't criticize or insult, he just gives them suggestions. A moment later, his Squire runs up and brushes hair out of her eyes. "Father. The guys on the perimeter report nothing. Unsurprisingly, in the middle of Taniford power we have nothing that threatens us."

The Big knight sighs and looks to his daughter. "Bethany. Learn from this. Always keep an orderly camp and fortification. Even if you are not expecting an attack, be ready to react to one." He nods and gestures toward his tent. "The Chain Mail needs some cleaning. Yours and mine. Tend it please."

THe girl sighs and nods before Bethany turns to stalk toward the pair's tent. "You have no idea what that Favor Myrana gave you means do you?"

The older knight blushes, actually blushes. "Friends Daughter! We're just friends!"

Bethany giggles as she disappears into her tent.

Eventually, the chill becomes more and more like a familiar cloak when one is outside within the elements. That's also true for Claire and her guardsman who make their way into the camp, imposing tall figure with a smaller but no less imposing in her own way.

The men practicing are the recipient of a watchful eye, even as her steps slow to a leisurely pace. Nothing appealing in this particular noblewoman's eyes, but merely observant of what these land based troops undergo to stay combat sharp. Yet, it's the conversation between Gauvain and Bethany that draws her attention. Pulling the cloak about her shoulders in some measure of warmth, it doesn't keep the light smile not from tugging at one corner of her lips. Then the other. "What was that, Sir Gauvain," she asks abruptly, trying to quietly approach from behind without much fuss as possible.

Turning his head as he is addressed, Gauvain bows his head in greeting to Claire. "My lady." He says and then looks back to the practicing troops. "What was what my lady? Bethany? She's just being a teenaged girl. I'm sure my Lady remembers teasing your own father." He clears his throat and adjusts his sword belt to try and hide the favor a bit. The violet choker made of velvet flaps as he does so, and Gauvian clears his throat again.

"I recall teasing my brother," Claire explains, eyes drifting towards the favor settled about the sword with mild interest - hidden or not. "My father was not the easiest to tease, you see. But, it appears that you have a very fortunate lady." Somewhere. "I shall not pry, of course. But this would not be the first time of my seeing the favor. After all, I have been here among you and the men for how many days," comes the question before her head lifts to regard the troops once more. "Have there been any injuries among them?"

Shaking his head, Gauvain looks back to Claire. "A few bruises, some ego, maybe a scratch or two my Lady." He says with a nod. "Nothing soldiers who go to the practice yard are not used to." He shrugs a shoulder. "As for the time you've been here? A week? And we are grateful, your skills are impressive, and something you should be proud of."

Claire's lips twitch amusedly, but never once taking her eyes off the men intent on their practice. The swinging of swords and weapons are enough to captivate her, silent until remarking, "I am not unfamiliar with such things, Sir. I am quite pleased with what I can do. As I told Prince Samwell, I do have experience in tending fighters in combat situations during the War. Speaking of His Highness, it seems that I am feeling more and more as a fixture with this particular group. Perhaps, he will consider the fixture of a healer within the ranks. Handy, as it seems to be."

Gauvain gives Claire a slight smile with a nod. "Aye. Having a healer is usually a good thing." He watches the men practicing, and nods in satisfaction as the pair swap out for another pair of younger fighters. "Many of these men have never seen combat." He says finally with a tiny scoff. "They think it is all glory, all honor." He shrugs a shoulder. "One day they'll learn it's just blood, cursing and the will of the Four."

"Someday. If the rumors of the Corsair skirmishes persist." It's with a faint frown that Claire concedes that point, folding both arms rather than merely keeping the cloak closed against the deep green of her gown. "But even then those fuel the dreams of young men and women with vivid imaginations. Until then, this certainly gets them to think of such escapades. But there is more to life than war and the Corsairs. So." While they seem to be in agreement on one thing, she decides to ask, "How is your daughter taking this excursion? She seems to be a lively sort."

"She is loving every second of it." Gauvain says easily. "We had expected to go toe Laketown to see about some trade for Griffon Point, maybe find buyers willing to pay more for our Horses." He shrugs a shoulder and refolds his arms over his chest. "Then we met the Prince. I asked him if he'd allow me to be a soldier again on a whim." He gestures to the practice yard. "And here we are. To a sixteen year ofl girl, this is a hundred times better than the Point. There is the potential for action, excitement, and she gets to see the kingdom."

"So it seems." By way of explaining her own views on the matter, Claire continues to stand still another question comes to mind while the wind stirs at her hair ever so lightly. "Are these tours common, Sir Gauvain? It is a curious thought of mine. Did Sir Jaren also decide to take up on this trip for the same reason? Or is it merely a coincidence all around?"

"The Tours are common enough." The big knight says with a nod. "Especially with tensions getting higher between us Southrons and the North. His Highness has recently taken command of the Blue Guard and the Taniford military, he wants to make sure the Northern defenses are secure." He shrugs a shoulder. "As to Jaren…." Gauvain pauses in thought. "I'd think it a coincidence my lady. He has command of a Lohstren River Fort. Duke Lohstren asked him to escort the Prince and show him the fortifications within reach of the Duke's immediate power."

"It is going to feel odd once this tour is over and we all go our own separate ways. For all that my intentions of traveling were meant to be more.. specific," Claire says, turning slightly in the taller man's direction with the slightest smile. "I know that personally, I will be in Laketown on matters of business. Just not the sort that everyone seems to be thinking of, however. But, I may be getting ahead of myself. I should be heading back to the castle to finish checking on some tinctures that I had been compiling. It was boring to simply sit around my quarters and do little."

Gauvain looks over to Claire and gives her a little bow. "Of course my lady." He says evenly and with a touch of a smile. "I myself hate just… sitting around. Drives me insane. Hence, why I am running this little practice yard today." He nods to her. "If you DO run across Bethany…. Try to convince her of the goods of being a Lady. She doesn't listen to me in that regard. I think it is because I have the wrong parts."

With a nod of her head, Claire seems to listen to that request with an amused smile with contained laughter betraying itself only in her voice. "Would you rather that I take her on as another maid for the duration of my travels with the troops? Not that I would like to deprive you of an assistant, when it seems that squires are far and few in between. At least, I think so. But if you wish for me to speak with her, I shall. Later, perhaps."

Gauvain looks at Claire and smiles faintly. "I'd appreciate at least her hearing from another woman." He shrugs. "If she wants to be a Knight, she can go far in that field. As a Bastard. But I'm certain she'll be married one day, so knowing how to be a lady is definitely a good idea." He sighs. "If you'll pardon me my lady, I really must see to the perimeter."

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