On Game of Kings we have a number of pre-built character bits. These range from Bandits to Corsairs to Men at Arms. We have done this to lessen the need for NPCs as we have found it much more rewarding to RP against players, even if they are temporary, than non-existent names. There are conditions for the use of such Temp-Alts:

1. Staff will have to approve the use, provide the name of the Temp-alt, and password to connect with. They are not to be used for your character's benifit or reduce risk from your character.
2. Temp-Alts are just that, temporary. You may desc them as needed at the time of use, but they will not upgrade their stats, weapon choices and sex.
3. Temp-Alts may die. Actually that is one of the reasons they are provided. This does not mean that you may use a Temp-Alt to go slap the King or Queen to protect your character.
4. Temp-Alts are not for long term use. The most that they can be held by any one player is just a couple of days and Staff will set those conditions.
5. Players should not change the name of the Temp-Alt nor the password.

Some examples of use:
A. Player B raids Player A's keep. Player B shows up with 10 Players and Player A only has 5. Temp-Alts can be used to fill out the ranks. In this case the Temp-Alt can not be used by one of the players involved with the scene but can be used by some one that could not otherwise be able to attend.
B. You want to stage a bandit hold up but need bandits. Again Temp-Alts can be used for this. Again they can not be used by someone that is part of the scene but by some one that could not otherwise be able to attend.
C. You would like to have Corsairs come and attack, or a TP run by staff for a Corsair attack is being done. Players can be offered to take on the role of a Corsair and join the scene.

Any questions, please feel free to contact a staff member for additional clairification.

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