Termiane Koronel
Rufus Sewell
Rufus Sewell as Termiane Koronel
Full Name: Termiane Koronel
Byname: None
Age: 32
Kingdom: As he pleases
House: None
Title/Profession: Captain
Position: Mercenary
Place of Birth: Malgrave
Father: Markus Koronel
Mother: Ilyanna Sermanni
Siblings: ?
Spouse: None
Children: None


Termiane Koronel was born on the very day that the Corsairs invaded Rhaedan and Taniford, the eldest child of merchants outside Malgrave. At age 12, he finally talked his parents into hiring a weapons trainer for him, and began to learn the use of the sword. At 16, he ran away from home to join the war. Somehow, he survived, and within a year, he was a member of the Red Hand Company, a small mercenary company led by a knight formerly in service to House Varghem.

It was in his second year of fighting that he received horrible burns, saving a minor Lady of House Westmark from the explosion of a burning grain silo during a Corsair raid. She was thankful enough to pay for his recovery, although she died some time during the fighting of the next 14 years.

Termiane, however, did not die, and remaining course of the war, he made a minor name for himself for taking on Corsair champions in single combat, his paired swords a blur of motion that always ended in red rain. He did not go unharmed during the fighting, of course, picking up quite the collection of scars, but none so debilitating as the burn he suffered early in the war.

When the Corsairs finally withdrew, Termiane was second-in-command of the Red Hand Company, and took the reins when Sir Eikos, the first — and thus far only — Captain of the Company decided to retire. Since then, he has been seeing to the needs of the 25-person Company, doing his best to ensure that they always have work, whether as bodyguards, bullies, or… instigators.

Termiane lives his life by three simple rules:

Rule One: Survive.
Rule Two: Get Paid.
Rule Three: Enjoy yourself with the proceeds of Rules One and Two.

Character Features

Physical Features

This man is of average height with broad shoulders which taper down to a thin waist and muscular legs. He wears a black silken coat with high-standing collars and silver lightning strikes embroidered down the outsides of the sleeves. Tight black pants show his legs to good advantage without being scandalously form-fitting. They tuck into knee-high boots of polished black leather. Around his waist is a black leather belt with a silver buckle in the stylized form of a bolt of lightning. From the belt hang a pair of double-edged swords with ball pommels and carved grips, one at each hip.

He wears a broad-brimmed black hat, with a silken hat-band of the same ebon hue. What little of his hair can be seen is a glossy black, cropped short against his skull. Beneath the hat-brim lurk a pair of ice-blue eyes, hovering in the shadow it casts. A broad swathe of twisted scar tissue covers the left side of the man's face, running from his eye down over the line of his jaw and under his collar, from the corner of his lips back to his ear. The back of his left hand is also marred by scar tissue of the same angry color as that on his face.


  • Disfigured
  • Delicious Voice
  • Flirt
  • Ambidextrous
  • Combat Pragmatist
  • Veteran

Musical Inspiration

"You're Going Down" by Sick Puppies (acoustic)

On the Grid

Known Associates

Maeve Serjeant Maeve Terannor : One of Termiane's Serjeants, he first encountered Maeve when she still served House Sollinger as an archer. She's level-headed, good in a fight, a solid tracker, easy to look at, and fun to tease. What's not to like?

Recent Logs

Recent Memoirs


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