The Blue Guard and the Sellsword

The Blue Guard and the Sellsword
Summary: The wedding feast of Sir Deidra and Roltoff at Laketown
Date: 21/09/2013
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Open Field, Laketown
In the scene set.
September 21st, 1329

The day has been rather warm for a late summer day that is almost early autumn, with the sun shining brightly and only a few clouds. But as the hour moves towards late afternoon and early evening, the shadows grow longer, and the first torches, lamps and paper lanterns are lighted.

The Open Field at Laketown has been prepared for the feast, long trestle tables have been put up along with benches, framing a rectangular space in the middle, a podium of wooden planks providing an even surface for a dance floor. There is one table at one side which stands on another podium, the 'high table' at which the nobility will be seated, as well as the happy couple of course. Posts have been driven into the ground, with canopies put up against them, providing a provisional protection against the weather, should it decide to turn for the worse. Festive garlands have been attached to the posts, as well as paper lanterns glowing in many colours. To provide a better light, torches with long shafts have been placed around the tables, as well as close to the space where the dancing might take place later.

There is a pavillion close by, where the food preparations are in full swing, judging from the tempting smells of roasted ham, garlic and onions, and other tasty meals. It is also the place where the serving wenches return with their empty pitchers of ale and wine for a refill. The tables are laid out with cups and plates of plain pottery ware, and a handful of early guests have already found a seat. The air is filed with music, provided by a lute and a fiddle, the musicians, common bards in plain clothes, sitting somewhere at the lower tables, each sipping from a huge mug of ale inbetween songs.

The wedding ceremony had taken place a few hours earlier at the Temple in Lakeshire, with all in attendance who wanted to witness this important event. It had been Mother Tylon of course who had led the Blue Guard and the Sellsword through the rituals, and after all the offerings to the Four Guardians had been made and all vows and prayers had been spoken it had been her who had pronounced Deidra and Roltoff husband and wife. Needless to say the pair had used the opportunity to seal their marriage with a long and affectionate kiss.

Now the bride stands there somewhere close to the high table beside her sellsword, looking a bit awkward in the way she brushes her skirts as she is not wearing her usual plate armor and blue cloak but a dress of finest green velvet, moderately cut with a hem of gold at the decollete. The bodice is tied tightly at her back, accentuating her slender figure while her muscular arms are concealed in wide trumpet sleeves worked with a golden thread at the seam. Wound about her waist is a belt of green orange and gold, matching the ribbon in her hair, which combines the colours orange, gold and some dark green to create an image of autumn leaves in a golden October sun. Just now Deidra takes a step towards a serving wench to reply to a question, revealing a fine pair of calfskin shoes below the golden hem of her green skirts.

Roltoff has a perpetual grin on his face as he looks at Deidra, none more so than while she's constantly making sure she's fine. He steps up to her and says. " Quite the worrying, the hard part's done. " he teases lightly. "Now its time to sit back and relax and enjoy the food and drink. " as he slips his hand into that of his wife's and gives her hand a squeeze.

Thomas stands near Tylon, his eyes going over all those gathered and the feast that has been set up. He leans his head down "Well done, Mother. Soon we have to look at when you shall be standing," his head inclines to where the bride is "where she is at." Dressed as he usually is, thought his armor has been shined to a gleam and his surcoate has been freshly cleaned "I should go give my congratulations though."

Prince Samwell Taniford had been present for most of the ceremony, having led the bride down the aisle initially before withdrawing to watch proceedings. Now the young royal has taken his seat at the high table, content to enjoy some wine while he watches the newlyweds greet other guests and generally making merry.

Aethel is dressed in a fine set of doublet with the colours of his house, he holds a pensive expression, rather thoughtful for someone who is in a feast. He takes a glass of mead and just watches the other guests for the moment, nodding and waving as a greeting to those faces which are already known to the knight.

Having made the way over to the festivities after the wedding had completed, Tylon is dressed yet in those dressier robes for cermonial functions, if yet ever plain in the grand scheme of things. Glancing up to Thomas as his words are heard, a warm smile given towards him,"I suppose we should, Mother Cafell and I had rescently been talking about that even. " Giving a small nod,"Yes, you should, though I imagine they have little attention for more than each other."

Peronell enters the feast being dressed as always - full armor and a blue cloak. She doesn't have any other clothes, especially dresses. So, it is better to wear hers uniform than simple leathern trousers.
However today is the day of the feast of one of her colleagues. This is the best time to have that armor perfectly cleaned and put on a newly made blue cloak.
Of course, this knight does not wear helmet today and lets her fiery curls sway freely and playfully.
Her intent gaze slips through the crowd, looking for the lucky ones. When she will catch the sight of them, she will walk svery slowly closer to them, clenching two small boxes in her hands.

Deidra's face seems indeed to have lost some of its tension after the ceremony, and while the unusual attire of a dress, and such a courtly one as she wears today makes her indeed feel a bit awkward, she leans over to her husband raising a brow. "The hardest part? I found the offerings to the Guardians quite… relieving. They have given us their blessing, and now… I can't believe I am really standing here beside you. When I think about how all of this started…?" She chuckles, giving his hand a light squeeze, before she adds: "Some food and drink… I am starving, actually."

Mother Tylon and the Chosen are offered a polite incline of her head, with a warm smile even for the former, before Deidra's gaze comes to linger on Peronell. "Ah, a fellow Blue Guard. I wondered if any would show up…" she remarks, eyeing those boxes The Blue Slayer carries with curiosity.

Roltoff chuckles as he follows his wife and nods to Tylon and Thomas, and then spots Peronell and nods to her as well. "Greetings Sir Peronell, I do hope your enjoying your time here." as he takes a brief chance to glance around to see whom all else has shown up. He looks to Deidra and says. "I do believe we'll find food and drink over there love."

Peronell respectfully bows for the couple, when she approaches them "Sir Deidra, Master Roltoff… That's a wonderful feast!" She extends her hands with boxes to them "Congratulations with such a… Well… Beautiful… occasion!" woman a bit nervously utters. Her gaze slips through the man, studding him intently, raising a brow, likely, considering his age. She was never the supporter of wedding and especially, when there is so huge difference between ages. It looks like her thoughts make her be silent for too long and the Blue Slayer blushes slightly for the first time, she appeared in the Blue Guards.
"I wish you luck and… patience. I heard it is very needed in the relationship."
Nell glances at the boxes, she gave for the man and woman "It was believed, in my village, that two identical bracelets made of the wood and carved with the symbols of Guardians and names of the loving hearts… These bracelets help to find each other, when two loving souls are separated. Sometimes it happens, so through that time, you will always feel each other, wearing these. We are the part of nature and just the strongest part of the nature can bound us. My grandmother always believed it is wood," shrugs woman.
When they will open the boxes, they will see two identical bracelets, made of dark wood, carved not just with the vivid symbols of the Guardians, but also with the names of Deidra and Roltoff and smaller carved shapes of leaves.

It is ever impossible to know exactly when Elenore shows up on occasions such as these, likely at some point during the ceremony. Never would she miss one of their precious Blue Guard's delightful moments in life. Having blessed her most adored cousin with her usual hug in greeting before having slipped along again to have settled upon her ever more adored husband's arm as way had been made to the feast area. Someone had to keep her from slipping on off again, and the Guardians knew her guards struggled with that one. "Over there perhaps, aye? Everything is of being such lovely."

"Sir Peronell," Deidra greets studying the other woman who is actually the same age as her with a faint smile. Catching that glance towards Roltoff she lowers her gaze with a smirk, misinterpreting Peronell's blush as some hidden admiration for the sellsword maybe. Although her green gaze is raised once again once she is handed one of the boxes by the Blue Guard. "I am glad you could attend, Sir." And when she hears the fiery haired woman's explanation about the present her eyes widen, and she eyes Peronell again with surprise. "I am most grateful for this present, Sir. It means much to me as it seems to mean a lot to you. These bracelets will keep us from losing each other. And they are so beautifully carved." Her green gaze shifts to her husband. "A beautiful gift indeed."

Roltoff accepts his gift as his wife and Sir peronell talk and arches a brow at the explaination and grins. "Our thanks Sir peronell and please enjoy the feast and drink. The best the tavern can supply for such a wonderful day. " he pulls out the bracelet for Deidra and slips it onto he wrist, before giving her knuckles a loving kiss. "seems to fit you perfectly love. " as he turns to give Sir Peronell a warm bow in thanks.

The fiddle and the lute launch into a merry melody, as more and more people arrive. The serving wenches can hardly keep up with refilling the cups as the first courses of food emerge from the tent, carried along by servants that have been lent from Wolveshire Castle, a cloud of the most tasty smells following in its wake.

Deidra holds her hand out for Roltoff to put the wooden bracelet on, checking the carved name on its inside and smiling as she sees it is the right one. A nod is offered towards Peronell, but then her hand moves towards the trinket she wears around that thin chain of gold and her gaze drifts towards the Taniford Prince. "Hmm. I should eat something or I will get all ill-humoured. Maybe we should resume our place at the table and keep Prince Samwell company." Seeing his cup is all empty she moves over and waves for a serving wench to pour her Commander some more wine. "Your highness. I hope you are enjoying yourself so far…?"

Roltoff grins as deidra holds her hand up and then follows her back to sam, as he places an affectionate hand on the mans shoulder. "Thank you for joining us Highness, I was honored you were able to attend the wedding and lead deidra down the isle. " as he moves to refill his cup with rum and takes a sip of the warm brew as it warms him clear to his now empty belly.

Samwell has not been lacking company really. There's always people seeking the prince out or serving wenches trying to catch his eyes. He does smile at Deidra though when she comes to join him. "It's a lovely feast… and quite a turnout.", he says, looking around until Roltoff joins them as well. "Let me know if you want me to use my royal status to send them all home, so you can proceed to the next stage of your wedding..", he winks.

Thomas makes his way, after giving Tylon a warm smile, over to where the bride and groom are at. A dip of his head and he waits for the others that have gathered about to speak before he does "Sir, Master, congratulations on your wedding day. It gladdens my heart to see two people join in love as you two have. I shall keep you both in my thoughts as I pray to the Four." He lets his gaze linger on Roltoff and Deidra before turning to the Prince "Your Highness, seems that some time off for one of your Guards is in order?" He says with a chuckle "Or do you plan to put her right back to work?"

Aethel claps to the music, making a gesture for a servant to approach. A young boy hands the knight a nice box painted in red and silver. He approaches the couple, offering them a bow of the head, "Today I'm your guest, Master Roltoff, like you once was in my castle." He says, opening the box to reveal a silver necklace with a clam crafted in a pendant, "It's a small gift for a friend, may you both succeed in your life as a couple." The Varghem adds.

Tylon offers a gentle bow of her head towards Roltoff and Deidra in turn, seeking a quiet conversation with a familar face waiting their turn to give congradulations as Thomas gives his. Glancing over at the mention of food, though she does cough a touch to stiffle what laugh threatened at that particular series of questions from Thomas.

Peronell smiles for the pair "I am happy to see that on your wrists and I will be even more happy to know it will be useful," she chuckles a bit nervously again, glancing at the Roltoff and studying him once more.
Then she turns away,swaying with her blue cloak, and shaking her head. However, when she catches the sighs of the prince, Blue Slayer bows for him "Your Highness…" but she quickly turns near the drinks.

Deidra glares at her Commander at his proposition. "No proceeding to /that next stage/, your highness, until I have gotten something to eat. And I fear we owe it to our guests to linger a bit longer with you." Thomas gets a smile as her hands fold before her, that Taniford ring on her finger the only current reminder of her status as a Blue Guard. The gift from Aethel has her green eyes light up and a swift glance is shot in Roltoff's direction. "The Drunken Clam, aye. How thoughtful of you." Tylon's nod is met with another incline of Deidra's head and a smile. Her gaze follows Peronell over to the other tables until she finally waves for a serving wench to bring her some food.

Samwell chuckles at Thomas's words and shakes his head. "I do not expect Sir Deidra back at work for some days.", he assures him, amused by the deputy's glare. "By all means, Deidra, sit and eat, you'll need the energy!" He actually gets up to offer his own seat to the bride, picking up his wine glass though. "If you excuse me, I believe I should be seen among the people a little…" The prince nods to the little group and vanishes to circulate.

Roltoff sits down and waist as the servers arrive and then he begins to load his plate up with food, pausing to have one server just set the pitcher of rum down next to him so that he'll refill his own cup as needed with out delay. "Brother Thomas I thank you for your gift, and best wish's they are a delight and joy to my wife and I. " he then looks to Aethel and grins. " you sir are just full of surprises, we are delighted as well that you could attend and make out joyous day complete. " he gives Sir peronell another warm smile as he shows her gift on his arm as well, before taking a bite of food to keep his stomache from complaining more.

Aethel nods to Deidra, "Exactly, I thought that might befit Master Delmort." He says, keeping a smile on his face as he turns to Roltoff, "The pleasure is mine, I think I shall find some drink to relieve me from this thirst now." The knight adds, moving back to a servant and taking another round of mead for himself.

With all the talk of food and it soon appearing about, Tylon gently places a hand on Thomas' arm,"Perhaps we should continue on as well, especially as it was so noted, they may perhaps need their strength later." Looking slightly bemused by it all, comments of that nature seem a nature to newlyweds. "Besides, it is a chance for you to figure out what you might wish for your own celebration. Mother Cafell says there must be the little cream filled tarts."

Deidra smirks at Samwell's remark about her needing her energy, yet that does not keep her from attacking a bowl of clam soup with a spoon most vailiantly, with an occasional bite of a piece of roasted bread inbetween. Something in what Aethel says catches her attention however. "Indeed it does befit my husband, my lord. As for the drink…" her gaze flits to that huge mug of rum before Roltoff on the table and remains there for a moment.

Roltoff looks at Deidra and Aethel as they talk about the necklace and grins. "yes rum and calms how could we fail. " he says in a teasing tone. " Though Im sure we'll have plenty of energy after this feast . " as he pretends to yawn and stretch.

When there is a brief lull amongst those who have given gretting and gifts the etherael Taniford seems to have managed to extract herself from her Lord husband's arm to appear before their table. A smile and murmurered,"Good Brother," is directed towards Aethel. Elenore offering just a faint incline of her head to the pair,"It was of a most beautiful ceremony and the bride most stunning on this day of such great happiness for you both. I am wishing for it to ever be so for you. For our gift, Lyam and I will be of giving a portriat that would capture the moment of making wife and husband for you. Thus I have it not now, but later will it arrive to you. Hopefully it will be of pleasing to you."

Aethel casts a sad smile at the sight of Elenore, it's evident that the girl brings him many nostalgic memories, specially when her words are muttered towards the couple, "What a beautiful surprise." He says, "The spirit of my brother truly lives throught your heart." The knight says, taking the glass of mead to drown the incoming feelings.

Deidra pushes the empty bowl away from her and uses a napkin to clean her hands and the surrounding parts of her mouth. Then a cup with wine is raised to her lips, and as she is obviously very thirsty, it is empty when she puts it back onto the table. A mischievous grin is playing across her face when the Blue Guard turns to address her bridegroom directly. "You know Rolt, where I come from they always make the happy couple have the first dance. Not that I am that great a dancer, but… maybe we owe our guests that bit of entertainment." The fiddle and the lute have just launched into a slower tune, more adequate for accopanying the evening's meal than any dance of sorts.

Roltoff downs the remains of the rum in his glass and grins. "Oh I hope your feet are insured. " he teases as he knows for a fact he's not skilled at dancing at all. " he stands up and move over to his bride to offer he his hand. "well then lets see what kind of damage we can create on the dance floor. " his eyes alight with merriment.

Peronell is standing away, from all the guests. Fiery woman in her armor slowly sips her wine. She is cautious, as always. So, /that/ Blue Guard looks more like on the duty, as she would be responsible to keep the peace of the feast.
No one remains unseen by her intent gaze, but the most, she studies the pair, still shaking her head in motherly manner. Likely, she is still shocked by the age difference. However, seeing how the coupleis happy, she can't hide her own strange smile. Especially, when the pair moves to dance. Her intent gaze becomes more curious.

Drifting back along after making the simple presentation of the gift to arrive later, one cannot paint /that/ quickly after all, Elenore sends a smile Aethel's way before vanishing off again amongst the many gathered for the festivities. Eventually finding way back to the arm of her husband, a brief whisper to his ear causing the couple to vanish soon after from the grounds it would seem.

Deidra rises from her seat and accepts the offered arm with an amused chuckle. "I am not sure it is my feet we should worry about…", she remarks as she follows Roltoff to the dancefloor. Strangely enough the music dies down as soon as they reach their positions. A moment of silence follows, before the musicians launch into a merry gigue. "Guardians…", Deidra sighs in enacted despair as she starts with the required steps, moving swiftly as she usually does whilst in a sparring match. Alas the opponent is not Roltoff this time, rather her own agility. Still, she seems to enjoy the dance, shooting a glance now and then towards her husband.

Roltoff does his best to keep up with Deidra and the fast past music. He keeps his eyes on dei and just prays his feet dont fail him and trip them both up.

Deidra beams at her husband, seeing how hard he tries. One thing the dance does though is to bring some colour to her cheeks. As is the custom, the pace of the music picks up towards the end of the song, and as if finally succumbing to the challenge, one of the Blue Guard's feet trip over an uneven spot, making her lose her balance. Her arms reach out to the sides in vain trying to grab something to hold onto, but then Deidra looses her footing completely and falls.

Roltoff looks a bit flushed himself, perhaps too much rum before he did this but as he see's and feels dei lose control he springs into action as he shifts, slipping his arm under and around her waist as he spins, using her own momentum to brings her back up onto her feet and spins her a bit before drawing her back to him as he holds her tight. Even if the music continues to play, his heart beating what seems to be a hundred miles per hour as he manages to keep her from falling, well at least onto the floor.

Aethel just sits quietly for the moment, sipping from his glass of mead and still thinking in something that makes the knight brows to form a scowl, as if something were to disturb him.

Deidra gasps with relief as she finds herself caught by Roltoff and not hitting the ground - yes, it is that annoying but oh so beautiful dress that hampers her movement. She lets him spin her this way and that, but when the musicians have mercy on her and the gigue finally ends, she hesitates to follow her husband back to the table right away. Her green gaze finds his for a moment and she smiles. Leaning over to him she whispers something into his ear.

Seeing that fall, Peronell gasps,at first, but seeing how that soo young man quickly deals with the problem, the Blue Slayer sighs in relieve, concentrating on her drink again.
Though, she is a bit tired of standing, so, she takes a seat near the gloomy man. She whispers "All these marriage… At least they are so happy!" and she raises a goblet to the couple's happiness, whispering that under her own nose.

Roltoff smiles at what is whispered and leans over to kiss Deidra. He looks to the guests and thinks. Then says. "My lords, ladies and gentle people I and my wife can't thank you enough for your kindness and support on our joyous day. Sadly we must depart for a while, but would encourage you all to remain and enjoy the food and drink and music. We will return later to thank you all personally when the time comes. " he is all smiles as he takes his wife by the arm and turns to head back out, towards town and the taven. He talks to those who stop and greet the couple on the way out, but its brief and with warm hearts as they are soon gone beyond sight as the mucic picks back up for those who wish to dance or just enjoy the different songs.

Aethel snaps out of his state of concentration after Roltoff says his words, "Just go there and be happy, the both of you, this is an order!" He says, smiling and calling for a servant to refill his glass of mead.

Peronell raises her goblet and smiles Deidra's direction. "Oooh…that time…"she chuckles under her nose "He is so young… That should be strange…" and she finsihes her wine in one gulp, glancing at the man besides. "Mead? I never liked mead…"

Deidra returns the kiss, however brief it might be, as it is clear the bride and bridegroom will save any longer kisses for later. Her green eyes sparkle as she hears Roltoff's words to the crowd. "Your gifts and good wishes overwhelm us indeed. But you may of course continue to feast and toast to our happiness." After these words she turns to follow her husband, replying to the Blue Slayer in a lower tone: "And… yes that time indeed, Sir Peronell. I expect it to be quite enjoyable, not strange at all." on their way out. And soon the party is left to go on without them, the merry sounds of fiddle and lute echoing through the streets behind them on their way to their home, the Drunken Clam.

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