The Broken Spoke

The Broken Spoke
Summary: Princess Amira's travel is interrupted by a broken spoke on the carriage. They come across Sir Alek while they wait.
Date: 05/Oct/2013
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Rhaedan Wilderness - Oldstone Bridge
The towering woods close in on both sides as the well traveled road between Laketown and Brivey winds its way through the trees. Near the edge of the river, the foliage begins to thin until the landscape opens up onto a complacent, peaceful riverbank. Here, a large bridge crosses a narrow channel of the river to join the two kingdoms and allow for the back-and-forth of travel. The giant stone monstrosity is of an an indeterminate age and unknown origin, and the decades of exposure to the elements have worn smooth the edges of each brick; moss creeps ever upward between the cracks, and here and there chips in the stone stand as testament to its endurance despite its age. It is wide enough for three carts to pass abreast quite comfortably with room on either side for single-file foot traffic.To the northwest lie the Rhaedan lands and the township of Brivey, and to the southeast are the Taniford lands and the neutral territory of Laketown.
Sat Oct 05, 1329

"Sabotage?" An incredulous feminine voice exclaims as she stands outside of the carriage that has a broke wheel spoke, "How pray tell do you think it was sabotage and not just poor road conditions?" It's a young woman to whom the outraged voice belongs, her arms poised on her hips as a crimson cloak sways down behind her. Her arm gestures toward the wheel, "We're expected in a day, no less. If I'm not there in time, there will be -consequences-…" she gives an exasperated look toward one of the knights at her side, known to the Rhaedan's as Sir Raulin Caine, Guinevere's rented knight, or something to that extent. The young woman, in a simple white dress with goal fringes and an inlay of golden vines, is none other than the Princess Amira. She sends Raulin a haughty stare, "I'm not willing to gamble the peace of our kingdom over a broken spoke. Get my horse and transfer the cargo from the carriage to the other two. Leave it here and send a man to bring word to Laketown to get it fixed and stored." Raulin falls to it, leaving the Princess to pace toward the horses hooked into the now disabled carriage, one of the other knights staying close by. They were not so far from Laketown but far enough away that it could still be risky, especially as the sun is lowering more quickly in these autumn months.

Coming down the path often taken towards the familiar ruins outide Laketown is a long haired blonde man wearing the colors of House Westmark. Pulling up the horse he rides upon hearing the voices, and then the sight of the ruined carraige before sighing and shaking his head, ever his luck. Alek draws a breathe and set the horse into motion again, drawing it up as he swings down nearer the 'wreck' inclinging his head to the other knight who'd remained behind before going to that knee as is proper enough to the Princess on her return round of pacing,"Princess Amira, I see your travel is not going well." Even if he is not within the proper uniform of the Royal Guard at the moment, she might recognize the pretty knight as the newet member to the Royal Guard, Personal Champion of Prince Jerric and most often assigned to accompany and guard Princess Niniane.

While Amira's escort is not as grand as could be expected for a Princess, it seems the men with her are drawn from the elite circles of Knights that Rhaedan can spare for her mission south, Raulin and Kameron amongst them. Neither are near to her now though, even so, the sound of horse hooves coming their way alerts a few of them. It would be the colors of Westmark that disalarm the knights around her. The young woman's eyes swivel toward the approaching knight of Westmark. She watches him with a placid expression as he bends a knee before her, ushering him up with a hand, "Please, stand good Sir," she watches him for a time until he does stand, "It would seem that the Four have tried to send me a warning of going South. Twice now has my trip been delayed. I do hope the land further South is not as hostile in regards to my arrival as the North is at my leaving." The recognition filters through as she gets a better look at his face, "And what draws a my brother's personal

Smoothly does the knight rise back to his feet, having been forcedinto the Royal Guard, it was a motion he'd fast gotten used to. "Warning or perhaps simply holding you up to avoid chancing upon bandits, they are well known to work along this route, Your Highness. Though form my experience, the path upon the other side of Laketown is far smoother, less likely to cause a wheel to have issue." The man having been sent south with Princess Niniane and Lady Cassia once. Alek gives one of his charming smiles at the question,"A bit of hunting as well as checking upon the known places the bandits like to keep to, to make sure they are not setting up bases once more."

With her own supplies sorted, Cassia comes riding around the bend. She is dressed more for combat at the present then a leisurely ride, but the Guardians have not seen fit to make this a calm journey so she is prepared for the next obstacle. Quivers are set to each side of the saddle and bow in her bow case, knife on her hip. Cassia reigns up her horse a step behind the Princess, silent as she regards the Knight before letting her eyes scan the landscape as she lets them to their conversation.

Amira smooths her hands down at her side, so as not to take on the haughtiness of the derailment of her trip from earlier, no hands on hips or arms crossed as she greets the knight set before her. "We have been fortunate enough to avoid bandits and dragons, so far," she pulls her cloak around her, looking up the road to see Lady Cassia returning from a quick scan of the area. There is a relieved smile sent to the woman upon her return, which continues upon her features for Alek, "I'm sure they are, but no less dangerous." She regards that charming smile with curiosity, the description of the man and how pretty he was, certainly proven in this moment, "All by yourself Sir Alek?" She seems a little concerned, "And what would happen if you came across a strong party of them?"

A bow of his head is offered towards Lady Cassia when the Lady rides up to join the party, but Amira does keep Alek's attention and focus. "Dragon's seem to prefer a larger crowd, from my experience and the relating of the other attacks. " The man had certainly gained his byname for a reason, even the thin scar, if even noticed any more upon th eone cheek did little to mar his features. "Yes, Your Highness, all by myself. If that came to be, I would do what was needed, but I would hope you have faith enough that I would not just blindly stumble into a group and need to face them all at once. "

Cassia sits casually in her saddle, seeming even more comfortable astride a horse than on foot or in the carriage. With the respect offered by the knight, Cassia inclines her head to the man and lets her horse take another step forward. "There are several knights amoungst our group, but I think another would not go astray in these times if you would care to join us sir?" She suggests as she urges her horse another step closer. "Dragons and Bandits…one my prefer crowds, but the other likes small groups."

Amira provides Alek with a gentle and soft laugh, short though however, for his mention of dragons preferring larger crowds, "As unfortunate as that was, I do hope we fail to attract that sort of attention." Down to three wagons, hopefully it won't seem too much of a rolling meal on wheels to such a beast. She looks toward the horses as they get unhitched from her own carriage, probably pleased to not be hauling such a weight any further. Her gaze lingers only for a time, switching back to Alek, eyes steadily regarding him as he questions her faith, "I have faith in your sense to keep from it, but a man with a title of my brother's Champion, that is troublesome. I've known men to do funny things when they have such honour to protect." She doesn't mean to insult or offend the man, as she lays a hand on his arm, "We need such brave knights as yourself for the battles to come, not to spend their energy on petty thieves." Her eyes swing toward Cassia, at her suggestion, letting that fall unchallenged or unturned. She simply looks toward Alek to watch his reaction.

Alek dips his head,"A new title does not change the duty I must see to when asked. And one man can slip amongst the trees easier unseen than a patrol of guards preffering to be at the taverns with a drink in their hand." Her words do not seem to offend, though he does seem to give a charming smile and nothing more on the matter of being needed for the battles to come. Cassia's suggestion does have Alek's attention and gaze settling more upon the woman. "If I was given leave to, I would be more than happy to accompany and see you both safely to your mission in the south. However, I have only been given one day of leave from my duties of seeing to the saftey of Princesses Niniane. "

Cassia can't help but smile at Amira's words of men with titles, "Men often lead with one sword or the other…" She says in a quiet voice a smirk on her lips, "But surely our Valient Knight does lead with his head as well. He kept us safe on our last trip south and I would hardly wish to remove him from the care of your sister." Her horse steps another step up to where she is nearly equal with Amira's mount. "We have valient men and women to see you safely south should the Guardians see fit to remove further obstacles from our path."

Princess Amira nods slowly at Alek's words, certainly not adding any more to them for now. Instead, as her sister is brought up in conversation, she tells him, "Then it is a day too short for we head South." A pause as she nods, "Princess Niniane needs her best knights at her side." She smiles, "I wouldn't dare keep you from your service, though your company now is not unwelcomed." Her gaze lifts toward Cassia, unable to keep a laugh from her throat again, at least sounding more cheerful and not so disgruntled with their current condition, "Evidently, that is not something any woman can change." She falls quiet to hear about the knight before them, nodding toward Cassia, "We do. I can only hope the Guardians are keeping me from a worse fate and have some plan while we linger here," she looks over toward her mount as it has been brought up for her, looking toward the two, "You have not see anything then, I take it, Sir Alek?"

The comments disparaging men and how they go about leading simply have Alek smiling, he was once Baronness personal protector and that woman has a mouth on her. And he just knows better than to even try to speak to comments like that. "I have spent time with Sir Kameron, and know he shall serve you well and see you safely there and back." Alek nods as he seeks to answer the last of the questions,"I have not, there were a few remenents of campfire, but only one was not a hunters, and it is at least five days old. "

Asked about the road they are heading into, Cassia leans forward in the saddle and nods slowly to the information. "Thank you for your information and also the support of her guards. It will be a good trip if I never have to put arrow to my bow, but I will be ready to do so just in case." She smiles to the man, "Give my regards to the princess and keep her safe as you did on our last trip south."

Amira steps forward toward her mount, a black gleding, something that wasn't as wild as a stallion and more sure footed for Royalty. He's a magnificant creature despite the fact that he's no longer a title of a stallion, with long silky mane and regal fetlocks. Raulin holds the reins for the Princess while her other knight means to help her up into the saddle. It's a side saddle too, so that she can ride with her dress and also protect the most important thing for an unwed woman. She smiles to Alek, saying naught of Sir Kameron, instead to his remarks about what is going on out there, "Thank you for the knowledge. We best press on though before the hour grows to late to see a step ahead of us. We are already running late with the delays." She looks to Cassia then back to Alek, "Send my love to my sweet sister. I hope it shant be long before we've returned," though the expression she wears certaintly doesn't match the sentiment.

Alek inclines his head to Cassia,"Any trip is better if a arrow is placed to bow only when hunting, but it is always best to be prepared. And I will be certain to pass your regards along to her. " He and Sir Kamron coming from the same lands and liege in a fashion, even if different social stations, it goes without saying he would say something well about the man. Bowing slightly, with the reins of his own animal yet in hand,"You are welcome, Your Highness, I am glad to have been useful." Even if just to off mild distraction while things were moved from carriage to horse. "May the rest of your travel be safe and uneventful, and I will be certain to deliver your words of love to her."

Cassia nods to Alek's words on her bow, "Far too true, I would wish a quiet journey down south for our princess. May only a hare see the tip of my arrow and nothing more threatening." Cassia inclines her head to the Knight and side steps her horse closer to Amira's as the princess mounts up. She nods to the princess, "Indeed, I would feel better once we are moving again. Too much gathers in the darkness for my liking."

"Be safe Sir Alek," she inclines her head to him at last, turning toward her party, nodding at Raulin who has taken charge of the group, calling in a gruff but commanding voice for everyone to mount up and head out. There's a couple men left behind, the footman and driver of the broken down carriage and one younger knight whom seems to send a suffering look toward the entire group that is preparing to leave without him. So eager to prove themselves! "Then we must hurry. Let us set a brisk pace now that we are one less carriage," Princess Amira adds to Cassia's words, before looking toward Raulin as he mounts his own stead, singling the party to march. With a click of her tongue, Amira sets the gleding off into a canter, assuming that Cassia would be behind her, leaving poor Alek to his hunting.

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