The Covenant


Temples and the spiritual health of Eikeren are looked after by a sect of Priests and Priestesses known as the Covenant. Smaller temples and settlements may only have one or two assigned to them, while the Great Temples can have an upward of a hundred or more. To be a Priest is a lifelong appointment, and most enter the Covenant as early as fourteen years of age.

It is the duty of the Priest and Priestess to be an unbiased source of guidance and aid for those who come to the Temple. Their vows to the Temple are lifelong, though there have been very rare instances of a Priest or Priestess leaving the covenant. Their lives are quite simple, and they are not permitted to marry. Celibacy is not a requirement, and many do marry but very rarely outside the Covenant, but they are sworn first and foremost to the Guardians. Even in the smaller settlements, the Temple provides a means of education for most. Not only are the Priests and Priestesses there for spiritual education, but also practical education. The various subject matters they teach depends greatly on the individual Priest or Priestess, as some are more knowledgeable in one subject over another.

There are various sects within the covenant that provide support to the people of Eikeren. There are the Priests and Priestesses of Stilltha, which are often midwives and healers. The Priests and Priestesses of Altheara are often scholars, and in the Great Temples, provide much of the general schooling. Priests and Priestesses of Ravas tend toward artistic instruction, and Priests and Priestesses of Bornas provide most of the instructors for the Chosen.


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The Covenant's Oath

To the Guardians of Four do I pledge myself
My body I give to Bornas to fill with strength and the endurance to see my duties to the Four fulfilled
My breathe I give to Altheara, so that with every one I may be filled with the knowledge needed to aid the followers of the Four
My heart I give to Ravas to be filled with the fire of faith, the courage to share it
My life blood I give to Stilltha so I may know calmness and gain the wisdom I need from every moment of my days
My life I devote to the Temple of Four, to remain always as their servant in this world.

To Join the Covenant

Most who join the Covenant are commoners, though there have been a few Nobles who given up their title and position in order to answer the call of their faith. Tutelage toward priesthood starts as early as childhood, particularly for orphans looked after by the Temples. Learners are called Acolytes, and maintain that title until at least age eighteen. It is over the course of their training that an Acolyte decides whether or not they wish to become a part of the Covenant or Chosen.

Those who decide to enter the Covenant are assigned to a mentor who grooms them to become a priest or priestess. It is during this training that an Acolyte chooses their specialty within the Covenant. Midwives, healers, and those who intend to look after familial well-being join the Sect of Stilltha; Scholars are drawn to the Sect of Altheara; Artists often join the Sect of Ravas; those who are close to the Chosen join the Sect of Bornas. Priests and Priestesses in the Sect of Bornas are the rarest, as that particular sect is made up primarily of Chosen.

Political Relations

The Covenant swears fealty solely to the Temple, though they still respect titles and etiquette within the Kingdoms; nobles and commoners customarily hold Priests and Priestesses at a particular level of respect. While the Chosen remain almost completely out of politics, the Covenant has learned to navigate through the political waters that is the split Kingdoms of Eikeren. They sometimes are called upon to offer guidance regarding the spiritual health of Kings, Queens, Dukes, Duchesses, and other high-ranking nobles. Their guidance can sometimes help move entire political conflicts, particularly if the faith of the individual they are advising is strong.

Nobles must first speak to the Priests and Priestesses of a particular region before the Chosen may be allowed to involve themselves in particular military conflicts. They negotiate for hefty donations and favors before the Covenant will allow themselves to enter a conflict. They will often try to find nonviolent resolutions.


The leaders of the entire Covenant is the High Seat, a partnership between the High Priest and the High Priestess. Both members of the High Seat are elected into service by the Covenant as a whole. Before the split, there was a single set of leaders, one of whom stayed in the Citadel and one in the royal capital. Once the feud began and the Kingdom was divided, balance had to be maintained, and now there are two High Priests, and two High Priestesses. The High Seat is in constant communication with not only their charges throughout the Kingdoms, but also the royal families, and they both provide service as an adviser to the Crown.

Each temple has a Temple Priest and Priestess which look after the affairs of their particular region, and answer directly to the High Seat. For example, the Laketown Temple Priest and Priestess answer to the High Seat of Taniford. Beneath them is the rest of the Priests and Priestesses, though smaller settlements may only have a Temple Priest and Priestess.

Those in training to become a Priest or Priestess is known as an Acolyte. Acolytes decide through their training whether they wish to become a Chosen or part of the Covenant. Once the decision is made, they are placed under a mentor that grooms them to being raised to full Priest, Priestess, or Chosen.

Each position within the Covenant has a particular formal and informal title. The High Seat is known as the High Priest and Priestess, and are referred to as "Your Holiness." Temple Priest and Priestesses are known as Priest and Priestess, and are referred to as "Father Superior" or "Mother Superior." The remainder of the Covenant are known as Brothers and Sisters, while Acolytes are known as Daughters and Sons. For more information on greeting and etiquette, see the Etiquette page.

The Chosen command runs parallel to that of the Covenant. The table below should help understand the rank structure within both the Chosen and Covenant.

Covenant Chosen
High Priest & Priestess
Chosen Commander
Temple Priest & Priestess
Chosen Captain
Chosen Lieutenant
Priest Chosen
Acolyte Acolyte

Current Members

Tylon Stillvin - Temple Priestess of the Laketown Temple
Cafell Penderghast - Priestess
Ravos Althearin - Priest
Cristof Waterman - Acolyte


Priests and Priestesses of Wolveshire, Brivey, and Laketown.
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