The Friendly Southerner

The Friendly Southerner
Summary: Morla visit Niniane and the two women talk of the northern princess' safety among other topics.
Date: 07/07/2013
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Wolveshire Castle - Gold Room
The wood paneling of this room is rich and warm, reflecting the color of the summer sun. A sun of hammered bronze and gold hangs over the fireplace, and the wide bed at the far end of the room is clothed in deep yellow. Between bed and door, a collection of high-backed wooden chairs are clustered around a table.

A single door leads out into the Guest Hall.

Jul 07, 1329

Niniane has been secluded in her room with the meeting of the southern people. The northern Princess also has merited more guards it seems. The three at the door to the gold room and the two down the hallway stand looking mostly bored. The evening has Niniane once again requesting food and the princess can be heard to mutter under her breath, "At least they feed me."

There is a light rap upon the door followed by the arrival of the pale noblewoman from the South. Morla does not quite wait for permission to enter before slipping on inside bearing a tray bearing food and drink. Crossing on over towards one of the tables, she sets it down easily as she comments simply, "The kitchens appear to be a bit slow this evening due to all the guests in residence, but your meal should still be warm enough. I apologize for the delay but I thought it best to be 'tested' first to ensure it was edible." Stepping away from the tray, the pale woman assesses their 'guest' thoughtfully for a moment before adding further, "I do not think we have been properly introduced, I am Lady Morla Lohstren of Estermarch."

Niniane looks up as someone enters and is about to brush off the servant, then catches sight of who it is. The blonde turns on her heel rather quickly and moves to walk over towards the unknown, but obviously noble woman, "No we have not, but a pleasure my lady." She comments, voice dripping with politeness before she adds, "You were at the the meeting yesterday?" She emphasises the word and her nose wrinkles up slightly at the thought of it before she looks to the food, giving it a wary glance, well what can one expect with all the talk of killing her.

Pale blue-gray depths follow the direction of the princess' own gaze before nodding, "I was, yes." The Flower of the March backs away slowly to allow the princess access to the food before commenting, "As long as you are a guest of the South, your food will be safe. I will personally see to that arrangement. We are not without hospitality, Princess, though sometimes it might seem otherwise." Morla studies the young woman quietly for a moment before adding in a calm tone, "It is difficult for some to separate their emotions from their words at times. Such an art is rarely mastered by even the most skilled of diplomats. These increased guards are as much for your own safety as anything else, Your Highness, as tedious as they might seem."

Niniane's head nods to the woman and then picks up a carrot from her plate, taking a small nibble off of it to show she isn't worried. Setting the rest back down the Princess smiles to Morla then, "I do appreciate it Lady Morla, but I hope you can understand my concern." She looks about her room before her green eyes travel back to the pale Morla, "And yes I fully comprehend the guards of course are for my own safety, not everyone is so willing to forgive or not lay blame."

"Forgiveness is something that may never come, Your Highness, but spilling the blood of an innocent will not bring Aylanora back - as much as some might wish it so. Your sister has seen to that. However that blood stains her hands and hers alone," Morla continues easily as she moves to brush a hand idly over the back of one of the chairs, "Were that your brother more level-headed and less prone towards acting impulsively upon his anger, things might be different. However until such a time as he poses no longer a threat to our borders, I fear your stay must be extended. Unless, of course, you wish to share some further insight into how we might otherwise neutralize your brother's temper?"

A sigh once again passes Niniane's lips as she indicates a seat to Morla before sitting down herself, "My sister is to be honest as far as I am concern not my sister anymore. From what I heard of her at the battle, she did not seem human." Taking up her untensils the princess takes a few bites of food and in between, remaining polite of course so looks to Morla and speaks, "Jerric has always had a temper and I am afraid until I am dead or home, he will remain so. I honestly do not know what his demands are or if their are even any though, while my 'cousin' asked for my insight yesterday, I fear I am not exactly the most knowledgeable source of information right now."

Nodding once in silence, Morla accepts the offered seat with a graceful dip of her head. Taking a deep breath, the paler woman continues, "I believe Kerilyn sacrificed her humanity for power. How? Only the Guardians can say for certain. But she is not the only member of your house to have come here and cause unrest. There is also the question of Amira, who by all accounts and testaments seems to have quite the difficulty keeping her own skirts down where they belong." Pausing for a moment of consideration, she adds further, "I can respect the desire of Jerric to protect his family - it is a solid measure of a man to recognize a commitment to one's family. I cannot say my own brother would not do the same. Yet he has two sisters that have seeked to inflict their own brand of venom upon the Southern throne. Everytime we have opened our borders to your family, your sisters have tried to take more than acceptable and it is the good men and women of the South that have paid the price."

Niniane's head nods and she presses her lips together at the mention of her younger sister, "I am sorry Lady Morla but I can not believe all the rumors of my sister Amira, she was never that foolish, but again is has been years since her and I have even had dinner together." The northern blonde takes another bite of her food, using it as an excuse to lull into silence for a moment. Swallowing she finally says, "I understand Fayre's concerns my lady, but I have been here in the south for far longer then any of my siblings and I have not heard one complaint about my manners or discretion, alas that does not excise me, for blood is blood and I am my father's daughter." A hint of a smile touches the woman's lips before she asks, "Since you are so concerned with my meals, do you think my religious studies might be seen to as well? I fear I seek the guidance of the guardian's far to much as of late, they will stop listening for me."

The defense of the youngest Rhaedan princess inspires the faintest twitch from the March Flower's hand as she rests it upon the arm of the chair, "It is always hardest to accept harsh truths about those we love most, Your Highness. However there has been countless testimonial witnesses to Amira's actions, included a signed confessional from one of the men who shared her bed." There is a faint flicker of sympathy which passes over her eyes as she adds in a softer manner, "Amira's transgressions, much like Kerilyn's, must be atoned for. No matter how much you might seek to help aleviate the burden or soften your yoynger sister's deeds… they are not for you to do so." Giving another pause, Morla's gaze slips over to regard the door for a moment when the discussion turns to religion. With a faint nod of her head, she offers solemnly, "I shall speak with Princess Fayre and see what might be arranged. It may be permissable with certain restrictions. Guidance is always a welcome release in times of discomfort, but never fear they will stop listening. It is not their way."

Niniane's head nods solemnly as her eyes travel to the ground and stay there a few moment, "It is hard to not think of ones youngest sibling as far to young for such games, but I try not to doubt the words of nobles, southern or northern, though I would like to see this letter for myself one day." She looks back up to Morla and her face is set in an almost pained expression as she follows Morla's gaze towards the door herself, "Thank you for speaking with her, if you do not mind. I did have someone in mind, we are old friends but as he has joined the temple I assure you he is fully neutral. I just find myself wishing to hear his words of wisdom. Though of course the head priestess or Princess Fayre will both have valid suggestions."

A faint ghost of a smile touches upon Morla's lips at the mention of youngest siblings, "We must remember always that though we might not pursue certain games, it does not mean our sisters always regard reputations the same. As painful as this news might undoubtedly seem, Your Highness, you must take comfort in knowing that you are neither the first nor will you be the last woman to feel such pains," she takes another deep breath before continuing, "If you give me the name of this neutral temple acolyte, I shall see what can be done for you."

Niniane lowers her green eyes to the table a moment again, "Castor Westmark. And yes I know, the Westmarks are not exactly the most likable family but their son has joined the temple and under their laws has to remain neutral." She shrugs as she looks up, "Though I fully understand if her highness disagrees with such a request." Pushing the food away the northerner then smile for once and it does look genuine, "Thank you for visiting Lady Morla, it is so lovely to have company."

The mention of the Westmark name elicits a visible tightening of the pale woman's jaw as she manages to offer a faint smile nonetheless, "That might complicate matters, but I shall see what can be done. I cannot promise it will be the young Westmark, nor that I can even grant you a member of the Temple to offer you peace. However, I do promise that you shall be granted some sort of spiritual discourse with the Guardians to ease your troubled mind. I should allow you time to rest with your thoughts, Your Highness." Morla rises slowly from her chair and starts for the door before pausing to turn in one last address for the northern noble, "For what it is worth, Princess Niniane, you are the best of your Father's daughters. I am deeply sorry it has come to this and hope we will find a means of peace between our two kingdoms in the near future. May you rest easy."

The Princess gets to her feet as Morla does, trying to show the pale woman the same curtesy she has been show. Bowing her head slightly the blonde northerner smiles to Morla, "Thank you for your consideration and taking the chance of talking to your princess on my behalf." She sighs ever so lightly and shakes her head, "For what it is worth, I really do not wish for a war. I enjoy the company of many of your people as much as I enjoy those in the north. I do not wish harm upon any of them." It seems sincere at least.

"I know," the words echo lightly as Morla passes to the door and prepares her leave, "May the Guardians keep us both, Princess." With that, the Lady of the March slips out of the guest chambers allowing the guards outside to once more stand at attention beyond the door.

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