The Haven Pirate

The Haven Pirate
Summary: Part of the search for Princess Kerilyn, Savaric and Talia come across a new source of information in the woods outside of Haven and the information she has turns their investigation on its ear.
Date: 27 May 2013
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Savaric Talia 

Woods outside of Haven
There are trees, the trees have branches and leaves, pay them no mind.
27 May 1329

Having hear rumors of the Princess Kerilyn (who is supposed to be in the clutches of evil kidnappers) actually being alive and well and seen around Haven have kept Talia and Savaric in the area. Savaric is kneeling down next to a burned out fire in an abandoned encampment and makes a face as he lifts his gaze towards the healer. "No sign of Princess. Hunters, probably." he offers quietly. The ranger rises to his feet and dusts off his hands.

"Maybe saw someone that looks like Princess?" he finally suggests to his wife. "But dressed too nice? Would leave trail. Dress would catch on brush. Perhaps changed, looks more like commoner now." Offered in suggestion, the man draws in a breath. "Not dead in. Perhaps should question acolyte again - but she went south."

"If they let her talk to anyone, she's bound to give herself away every time she opens her mouth," Talia suggests in return, standing a few feet away and holding her carrying pack along with what ever else Savaric isn't holding. "Nobles have a way of talking, all fancy like, all these there's and thous sometimes, like they can't find the end of a simple sentence with two hands, a map, a torch and a guide to lead them every step of the way," she explains. "Good sir, wouldst thou have the time, pray tell?" she mimics, her tone deliberately lofty before she smiles at Savaric. "And, if someone were dressed in her clothing.. though no one in their right mind would. The clothing itself is worth more than what we spend, each year, combined. just one gown, I mean. IT'd be smarter to just tear it apart and sell it, piecemeal, for the most amount instead of trying to turn the whole dress into a profit as one piece."

The breeze shakes the treetops, tugging at branches, leaves, twigs; and occasionally dragging one loose from its moorings to soar dizzyingly through the warm air on a collision course with the ground. Or possibly set free on purpose. One large leaf, too stubborn to stay with its fellows, at last forsakes the giddy heights and sinks on swirling currents towards a bent red head. Possibly, it was helped… high in the tree, did anyone look in the right spot or from the right angle, there is a shadow that may not be that cast by a tree-limb.

A bare-footed shadow that creeps and moves quietly high above, mirth captured behind bright green eyes and a small upturned nose. Again the rustle of branches is slight but perhaps noticable as the tiny finger moves higher, dropping at whim a stick here and and leaf there, until the girl child reaches dizzying heights, "Lo! I say NO! No Princess here. She is my captive. Now and forever to do ma bidding." she calls from the tree with a toothless grin, "Princesses are sissys. Silly girl children who lean on da men wif the ripple brown hair. She has been taught men cannot save her from the pirates of Haven. It is I, the leader of Haven who hold her now. Whining thing tha she is."

Talia's impersonation makes Savaric smile for a moment as he considers the healer's words. "Perhaps. If she is part of plot, then perhaps she has had others sell off stuff, aye." he agrees with her finally, though they seem to be of seperate minds of the status of said Princess. As he glances up into the summer air, he seems to sense something, and Talia will notice that the ranger starts to bristle and his stance loosens, becoming more defensive in stature. He glances into the trees and makes a shushing noise towards his wife before he hears the crunching of leaves and underbrush.

The ranger sees the young child in the trees and he curls his lip a little. But it isn't a frown, it's a small curl of a smile as he considers the young child. "You hold Princess? Must be powerful indeed." he says in appreciation as he folds his arms across his chest and watches the girl bound along. "So. Leader of Haven have name?" he asks towards the trees, as the dark haired ranger listes to her words and looks towards Talia. "Brown hair?" he asks her quietly. "…not Rhaedan. Rhaedan light haired, usually." he points out. Then he lifts his voice again. "You know someone with red hair?"

Talia cuts a glance towards Savaric, the sort of SPEAKING VOLUMES glance as he SHUSHES HER. That's right, SHUSHES her. When she wasn't the one actually replying at that moment, now was she?

Her head tips back to the trees and the child calling down to them, from the trees, with a toothless grin. "Ripple brown hair," she picks that remark from the lot, speaking in a low voice as she glances toward Savaric, "maybe but people wander," she won't speculate on that which she doesn't know.

With the breeze nice and warm to her liking the child desides to make it a day of pure self indulgence and she lowers herself comfortable on a gnarled branch, taking her time in answering and eating the stolen fruit in her pocket, "Mayhap I do, Mayhap I dont. She dun got red hair whacha need nuther for? She looks pretty healthy to me if you git my meanin." she calls out with a waggle of her brows at Talia. "Aint got one name, jus call me your worstest nightmare, the shadow that creeps, the knower of all thins."

The fruit is finished in silence and her tiny hands wiped on her shirt before she once again stands on the bough, "If its the whinin Rhaedan Princess you be looking for, mayhap I could tell you. Mayhap I wont. I will say this much for her, she sure likes to be smoochin on that fancy dressed man with the brown hair. Could be why ya missed em. You need to be lookin fer two people attached at the you know whats and happy as larks. Could be them, dunno fer sure. Money might make member faster. Could be their friend had red hair or maybe not, dun rightly recall. I was busy attackin ya see."

"Which means they are probably in a hotel, not in the woods." Savaric says quietly, his expression souring for a moment, and then he looks back up. "Said you captured Princess. You let her go to smooch man with wavy hair. Must have paid ransom?" he asks as he considers her, his arms folding over his chest in thought. "Did she complain that she was missing book?" he asks the worstest nightmare, his expression glancing up into the trees again and the slip of a child addressing them. "Could barter for information." he offers.

"Inn or being hosted by someone who is sympathetic to what ever bent cause they're on," Talia suggests as he reaches for the pouch at her side. "Are you hungry?" she calls up to the girl child. "I have some food but if you'd prefer coin.. I'm sure e can reach some sort of agreement, you seem like a wise leader, for one so young."

"Hotel? Dunno what tha is. She was a whinin bout the inn though, wanna stay there. Ole fancy pants dun told her no, might be noticed. Didn seem to might much last night sharing the skins in woods with him though. Barter?" the word catches the small girls interest and she moves again without sound downward, stopping at the bough directly above their heads, "Food I got. Coin is nother story. If you got it, Im willin to say those who sent ya here have more. Take me to your leader and Ill spill my guts. And jus fer good measure I'll tell you a little secret. I knowd it was her cause I dun seen her and her big lipped sister afore when my Father took me to some fancy tournnments thing. Try to say her name aint no Kerilyn, I knows better. Bu thats all I'm a saying till I meet with the leader of your pack." she demands in her sing-song voice, before leaning backward to dangle from the limb by her knees, "He, any one ever tell ya, ya heads dun bigger this way?"

Talia weighs the small coin pouch she carries, bouncing it lightly in the palm of her hand, "He's the leader of our pack," she says as she tilts her head toward Savaric. "And aye, they are bigger looking but then everything is sort of funnier looking when you dangle backward like that. Can you run from limb to limb or just climb like a squirrel?" she wonders, walking forward to stare up through the branches at the child. "No other leader, he's the best there is, too."

Savaric was just about to name Talia the leader when she beats him to it. The ranger looks vexed for a moment and then nods. "Leader. Yes. However, Talia voice. Loves to climb. Talk. Can handle such things better than I." he says. As he looks towards Talia and her coin purse, he frowns a little, and then considers. Reaching to his belt, he releases the finely made dagger he had recovered earlier and holds it up. "No coin. Have weapon. Will trade information for it."

Are ya just daft or dont hear none? Take me where ya goin and I can tell ya story ta make ya toes curl. Aint got no family to keep me here and I be set on findin me a Prince. If ya looking for the girl ones, ya have ta know the boy ones. Thats what I be a wantin and you two dun look like the kind that can make the duction. Take me ta one and we can git on the marrin business, or you could I pose bring him here." Quickly the sprite of a child pulls back up on the branch and darts upward, changing trees as she moves, "Refuse and I scape in the night like the shadow I am."

"You want to marry Prince, you have to be noble. Can't be noble if you don't have proper look. Dress. Title. Have to take bath." Savaric points out. "Can't climb trees anymore. Be free. be pirate. Will have to sip tea. Be proper. Listen to idle talk. Blah blah." the ranger points out as he watches the young girl intently, ready to track after the child in case she tries to take off.

"You can travel with us. We following on trail of Princess. And suitor. Will find them. You can have suitor if you want. Only want to see Princess." he says simply. "Not returning to others. Have other things to do than sit. Sip tea. Be bored." he grins a little. "You me. Play game. If you do better, I give you coin. I do better, you give me information." Giving that in response, "You chose first game."

"But the clothing," Talia argues with a glance at Savaric, "you can't really say that the clothing isn't beautiful though. Rich brocades edged with silk. Silk edged with gold. Linens and velvet. Fancy riding gloves. Gowns for every day of the week, a different gown for every day, a dress to wear during the day, afternoon tea, another one for the evening dinner and so on and so forth. Now," she tilts her head back to glance upward, "you'll have to get accustomed to the weight of clothing. The skirts alone weigh nearly a full stone, but then you add in the corset - or stays - and everything else, it's rather heavy, but it is so lovely, the way everything swishes when you walk. The slipper may pinch your toes but you'll get accustomed to that too, and boots, they make your ankles sore but they'll fit eventually. You'll need riding lessons and lessons on how to talk and walk and stand, a lesson for everything including how to drink tea. Don't forget to hold your little pinky out slightly when you sip, and remember - sip, never slurp - and one small sip at a time. Never more than a bite or two per meal, it's important to look dainty and to eat less than a bird, much less."

It isnt clear which the child is more disgusted by the offer of a bath or the mention of the suitor and proper clothing. All striking a bit of fear into the dirty child, with a heavy sniff the child clears her throat and promptly lets loose a large and nasty green wad of spit "Dirt is my disguise, cant wash it off! The suitor is a more a sissy than the Princess is. Whimper bout his dumb clothes bein all a mess. Pinky my eye! Give me a good ale, aint no pinkies loud in drinkin. " Seeing that the pair isnt going to be taken as easily as most the girl considers the offer of the game a moment while squinting, "I aint stupid. Your game, your rules. Jis take me with ya and promise no bath and you can have this trinket I dun snipped from his clothes." a tiny hand sneaks into her pocket and what appears to be a button of silver is dangled over her head, carefully the child pulls in back closer to her face an inspects it, "Maybe a unicorn, mayhap not. Might just take it to me hiden hole and bury it. Choice is yours."

"You can travel with us. We will help you hunt. Camp. Steal from us, I tie you up by toes. Or leave you tied up at Temple to be taken in." Savaric warns gently as he looks towards the young girl. The mention of the silver button and the symbol on it has the ranger lifting his brow. "No bath unless you decide to take one. We do not bathe often, ourselves." he comments as the ranger looks over to Talia, waiting for her to add to this.

"He doesn't," Talia remarks rather tersely, "but I'm fond of not smelling like a pig sty, it tends to be less off putting to everyone else if we don't smell like something that's been dead for a few days." She casts a speaking look at Savaric before turning back to look up at the child. "Travel with us and I'll probably make you stand out in the rain with a bar of soap at least once a week," she admits. "He has to do it to, for that matter, but he looks prettier once he's had a bath."

"It's a deal!" Down the tree the child scampers, jumping the last few feet to the ground where she crouches low a moment glancing around. As she stands the childs size is fully seen, and not much of it. Not even coming to half way on either adult near. This does little to tone down her attitude as she stands with her hands on her hips looking upward, "Mayhap I will, mayhap I wont. Sides how you gonna hunt if the creatures kin smell the pretty? Aint got no chance of sneakin up on them that way."

She takes a small step closer to Savaric while hooking her thumb toward Talia, "Think you migh wanna teach this one ta proper way to trap a vicious beast." Never the less the small hand pointed in Talia's direction is opened to give the button over, "Dun snitched it last night when he was a gruntin like a boar in his sleep. Figured I could see it if need be. Though dont know who would want a button with a horse that has a horn on it. Aint natural."

"Button you pull this from. Blue cloth? Silver?" Savaric asks as he looks towards the girl for a moment as realization suddenly slams the ranger dead in the face and his expression darkens by several degrees. "You said they are starting to travel. Do you know direction?" he asks as he looks towards the waif of a child and then he turns his attention towards his wife as he finally offers up the explanation.

"Unicorn. Taniford. Royal family. Only one royal not accounted for." he says in explanation. "Prince. Older than dead Princess. Ambassador." he explains, his eyes looking around as if trying to explain. "If Prince with Princess Kerilyn - explains merged crests. They want to rule all. Together. Killed Aylanora, she was heir. If Fayre dies, then Darrin is heir as oldest child left after girls. In south women rule before males." he continues. "Darrin and Kerilyn marry. Merge lands. Royal families on both sides in danger. Chaos." he says as he looks towards his wife, and considers the child again. "Noone in party have red hair?" he asks. "Maybe child. Like you?"

Talia turns the button around in her hand before handing it over to Savaric, "Maybe. It seems to fit together to neatly, however," she says as she wipes one hand on the side of her trousers. "There's no reason for them to kill Aylanora, however, except to get her out of the way. But," she moves her shoulders in a shrug, "it's hard to know why nobles do anything, however."

"Three of um did. Two men one woman. Cant say there were all lovey with one another like the other two fancy ones were but the didnt argue none neither. Fact is it seemed like the Princess was telling the man what to tell them and they simply did it. Never said a word at all. Only time I seed them exchanging any words was when Fancy Pants was a handin over some coins for the left for the boats." shrugging her small shoulders without concern for what she has said, the child hurries to a tree and enters through a large hole in the trunk, before returning with a perfectly made bedroll and pack tied expertly with several difficult knots. "Now where to first? Wan me ta show where they pushed off from?"

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