The Hooded Ones

The Hooded Ones
Summary: Stopping for a bit of rest on the road northwards, the hooded healers continue to rouse the curiosity of some.
Date: 11/06/2013
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Road to the North
Trees to the left, trees to the right, a muddy road drenched from a recent downpour.
June 11th, 1329

The party of riders look weary as a stop for the midday has been called down the line. The rain has let up at last but the road is still wet and mud is caked to everyone's boots. Tamara still disguised as Mary is talking to some soldiers about proper care of their feet in wet conditions, urging men and woman to air out their boots while the sun still shines. This seems to have left a line of bootless folks in her wake.

Ah yes. A wet, but wonderful day indeed. Apparently in good spirits, Deidra pulls at the reins of her horse, bringing it to a halt, casting a glance about the area as she does so. Then the Deputy Commander of the Blue Guard swings her amoured behind off her stead, frowning slightly at the squishing sound as she lands with her feet on the ground - her boots of course look a mess as well while her blue cloak is too damp at the moment to bulge. It clings to her armour, as does her dark brown hair to her face. A night of sleep has worked wonders on Deidra though, her green eyes gleam and her gaze darts here and there, with almost no fatigue at all showing in her usually sour face.

Successfully dismounted, Deidra turns and starts bellowing some orders at the group of knights and soldiers that she is leading, pointing out the area for them where they can rest for a moment.

Muttering a little to himself, the healer known as Wilhelm is still keeping his hood up. Which is probably a good thing with such a rainy day it was earlier today. He's keeping silent as he looks around for a few moments, pausing as he watches Deidra order the soldiers around, nodding a little to himself now.

"I like this one." Samwell Taniford says quietly, holding an unsheathed sword and testing its balance in the air. The steel shines brightly, mimicking the nature of the clean and polished armor he is wearing. Clean, yes, despite of the weather and travel time. Certainly a good work from his squire - as good as the work of the smith in the weapon the Prince is examining. "It is perhaps too long." he says, swinging it in half circle and returning it to the warrior by his side in ceremonious offering. "I hope it keeps you safe."

Just a couple of steps are needed for him to recognize a voice. A voice he probably has heard before. It is. He recognizes it. "Mistress Mary." the commander asks. "Is it you? Oh, I think you are busy," a glance slips to the line of bootless people around, stopping yet again at none other than his trusted Deputy. "Sir Deidra, it is good to see you. How are the soldiers today? Ready, I guess." a smile and a nod are given to her. The healer, presumably Wilhelm, is not noticed for now. They haven't crossed words, so for Samwell it is just an unknown hooded man still.

Mary looks up as the southern prince approaches, "Oh yes your highness, busy, busy trying to explain to these good men how to keep rot off their feet." She says the last part louder and in an almost mothering voice. The approach of the Blue Guard causes the disguised woman to pull her hod forward self consciously and looks away. Her gaze travels over the gathered men and seeing Wilhelm a smile touches her lips but she doesn't call out to him.

After making the necessary arrangements for her unit, Deidra turns and walks over to the Taniford prince to return his greeting. A simple task under normal cirumstances, were it not for her boots that sink a little into the muddy ground, hampering her movement a bit. But when she finally stands before Samwell, in that slightly worn plate and chain armour she wore when she arrived and even the token of her station, the blue cloak in a rather sorry state, she bows to him with a light smirk. "My prince. They are well enough I s'ppose. The soldiers, sir. Although a bit displeased at the weather I reckon."

From the corner of the eye she glimpses the male healer and the other one as well. Frowning slightly Deidra mutters more to herself: "I couldn't ever trust anyone wearing these damned hooded cloaks. So eager tho conceal their faces, aren't they…?" Intrigued she steps closer towards the healer called Mary. "Rot on their feet, you say? Do you have any means to prevent it, Mistress?"

"Just don't poke anyone's eyes out," Wilhelm mutters as he sees Samwell with the sword, before he smiles momentary as he listens to the others. "Well, the best way to keep such things away is taking the proper measures before needing medicine or any other treatment. Take off the boots, change socks and dry the feet." It's offered a bit quietly at the moment, it would seem.

Seeing to his mount and that of its feeding and grooming. Roltoff does his best with one hand to removes all the tack and blanets and sets it up so that its near the horse for when its needed. For now he takes the time to properly brush down his mount, and see to that its well fed. Of course this takes him twice as long as most due to having only one good arm but he doens't seem to mind as it keeps him out of trouble while sam and the others discuss what they plan on doing in the next few hours before they reach their destination.

Deidra's gaze flits downward to her mud spattered boots as she hears the male healer's words. "Hmm, that makes sense. I will certainly follow your advice, Master… Wilhelm." She casts the man a curious glance, trying to glimpse some of his face beneath that hood. As for Roltoff… she notices him of course, watches him for he moment as he takes care of his horse, biting her lip as if pondering something. But then she shrugs and turns her attention towards the female healer again.

A brief smile can be seen at least, as Wilhelm nods his head a little bit. "Good. Wouldn't want an experienced knight such as your self to catch something like that, Sir Deidra." Glancing between the others again now, he goes more silent at the moment.

Roltoff finds a spot to set up his tent, and has to jiry-rig things so that he can get it standing, so that he can crawl under it, and examine his arm and then looks around for the healers so that they can come work on it, He stops a soldier and has him find the nearest healer. The man at arms looks annoyed but after a bit he just nods his head and rush's off to see who he can find.

"Ah yes." The female healer agrees in a small voice before wandering over to stand with her apparent male counterpart. She watches the blue guard and prince for a moment from under her hood then whispers something to Wilhelm.

Samwell listens to Mary and smiles slightly. "Then you will do good if you pay attention to her." his voice is caste to the gathered soldiers, loud and firm enough, but nothing more than it is needed. To Deidra he speaks in soft tone. "Hooded or no, they seem honest. At least I want to think so. And any help we can get can change the balance of any confrontation we might have.

As the Deputy Commander talks to the unknown man, shrouded in mystery, the Prince glances at him curiously. Even more when his name is spoken. "Master Wilhelm, it is good to finally meet you. Mistress Mary talked to me about you, and Prince Stefan made a comment or two as well." a light smile and he nods to the newcomer sellsword. "Master Roltoff, are you feeling better?"

A soldier arrives and salutes to Sam, Deidra and says politely . "My appologies my prince but the sellsword, is looking for one of the healers " he glances over at Wilhelm and then back to WSm. "seems he's in need of some help concerning his arm. I would have told him to look himself but he looks way to tired to move. Who should I enlist to aid the man?"

Wilhelm pauses for a few moments as he hears Mary's whisper, nodding a little to her as he whispers something back to her. He then looks to Samwell for a few moments, offering a brief smile. "A pleasure to meet you, Your Highness. I hope you are well?" A brief pause, as he studies the Prince a bit longer than needed, perhaps.

Deidra hears Mary's answer and expecting more to follow she seems a bit baffled when the female healer runs from her to join her companion. "I tell you, my prince. They are whispering again. Must be upto something, and I'm not sure it will be good. Honest you say, sir?" She shakes her head raising a brow, her steely green eyes still fixed onto the pair.

Overhearing the remark of the soldier about Roltoff, her gaze flits to the sellsword, the expression on her face showing a bit of concern. But after a short moment she says in a voice loud enough for the pair to hear: "What are you waiting for? The man is in pain."

The female healer Mary nods her head to Wilhelm and to cover up the whispering quickly kisses him on the cheek under his hood as an excuse before turning to Deidra, "Of course Sir Deidra. Sorry to be so slow for you." She snaps back in an ever polite voice however before moving off to follow the soldier to the sellsword.

Approaching Roltoff she smiles lightly and gently moves to touch his arm, "Pain it seems? Did the splint slip?" She asks quietly.

Roltoff flops down on his bedroll using his saddle for a very stiff pillow as he listens to the rain splatter agianst the makeshift leentoo. as he works and struggles to slowly get his boots off and give a sigh of relief when they slip free. He grabs his woolen blanket and draws it over him as he tries to keep warm. Just as the one called mary shows up with soldier and he smiles. " feels like it might have also need to apply some healing balm to it as well. " he looks to the soldier and nod his thanks to the man. "In my kitt is an earthen jar withe healing balm, you'll have to undo the wax cord that seals it. Though Im not sure if I have any fresh bandages left in my kit or not."

"I don't know if there are healers nearby, except for," the Taniford Prince answers the soldier, turning to smile to the hooded man, "I am very well, Master Wilhelm. The pleasure is all mine. Would you please provide us a little help with Master Roltoff? He is one of our most trusted men-at-arms, and he seems to be," pausing a little for Deidra to speak, "In pain, indeed."

Getting a little closer to the Deputy Commander, he continues in a soft tone once more. "Let them prove themselves. If they are good healers, it would be almost a gift from the Guardians." whatever could happen otherwise, though, is not spoken by him. "Lady Aylin is still busy, it seems. So we can only rely on them for the moment."

As Mary moves to attend the sellsword, Samwell smiles and returns to examine Wilhelm for a moment. A bit longer than needed, perhaps.

There's a brief pause as his cheek is kissed, before Wilhelm sees Mary heading over to help Roltoff. Looking around for a few moments, his gaze stops on the Prince once more, studying the man carefully for now. Keeping quiet, though.

Deidra watches the healer called Wilhelm at least as attentively as her prince. "I will let them prove themselves. But somehow I have a feeling there is something queer about them." she says in a low voice to Samwell. "The so-called Mary looks very much like that Lohstren who was married to a Taniford… Lady Tamara, if I recall correctly." There. Her observation from yesterday.

Tamara nods her head to the sellsword, looking over her shoulder to the other healer one last moment she slips into Roltoff's tent quickly to start removing the older bandages, "Not to worry Master, I have some of my own." The red head smiles and gets to work, though the drifted sound of her real name being said quietly causes her to freeze a moment.

A small piece of cloth is revealed by Samwell. A fine cloth, would reveal a closer look. And even then, not nearly as fine as its content, for it is wrapping something in the inside. The smell of a fresh-baked bread escapes it, taking the air to its own. A smile of happiness and enjoyment is drawn on the Prince's features as it is carefully taken out. There is another one inside, as it is a tiny leaf, all wrapped in the cloth. The distraction of it prevents Samwell to look more carefully to the pair of strangers, but he speaks about it all the same. "I noticed red hair. But I have seen so many as of late, that it can be another person as well. I think Lady Tamara is in Wolveshire." before giving it the first bite, the other bread is offered to the Blue Guard by his side. "Do you want some, Sir Deidra?"

Roltoff nods his head to the healer and smiles. "Well if you require anything extra Im sure I have stuff in my kit that you'll find of use. as he leans against his saddle supporting himself up while he allows Mary to undo the old wrapping and sliped splints where she can see the still very raw and pink lines where the bone had pierced his skin at the break and the expert healing down by the temple priestess. The cloth bangages will need to be properly boiled before they can be reused but there is nothing so far to prevent that from happening.

Pawel keeps quiet for now, moving to check on some people. Rather quietly and carefully, it would seem.

Deidra shrugs at Samwell's reply, although she doesn't seem too convinced of his words. "She might be. She didn't react when I greeted her with that name. On the other hand… call it female intuition, but I feel those two are not who they pretend to be." A faint smile appears on her sour face when her prince offers her some of the bread. "This is your squire's work, isn't it? It is for you, my prince. I'll find something else to eat, I am sure. And… besides I think I must see to my unit. I wouldn't want them to feel neglected." Deidra's face twists into a wry grin. "Commander, sir. See you later, I suppose. It won't be long and we will continue on our way."

And with that said, the Deputy slowly walks over to her unit, but not without turning and casting another glance towards the injured sellsword - and the healer that is tending his arm.

Tamara sorts through the bag, finally finding the balm amongst the man's other vials and containers of other healing orientated supplies. She carefully, with deft fingers, spreads the balm over his arm she smiles at the work that has already been done, "You are lucky Master Roltoff, seems you had a talented healer before this." She comments before closing the balm and tucking it back in his bag. Pulling out a fresh roll of bandages from her own bag the woman tucks hair back under her hood before proceeding.

"It is from Lady Aylin, indeed. Who else could do a bread so delightful?" Samwell smiles and nods at the Deputy Commander's departure. "We will see about them. But it seems Mary, or whoever her real name might be, is doing a good work with Master Roltoff. About your unit, I shall do the same soon. Have a good travel, sir, in case we don't meet in a while." his glance goes for a moment to the sellsword and the named hooded woman, and as he happily bites from his bread, the dark eyes finally meet Wilhelm. "Prince Stefan told me you come from the vicinities of Wolveshire. I am half wolf myself, perhaps I have met you, or one of your kin before?" but not a close inspection is given this time, for the meal tastes like it should be professionally cooked, with olive spread already on it.

Roltoff smiles "aye you can thank priestess tylon for her good skills. " as he catches the movement and grins softly. "Though perhaps when done with this," as he waits for the splint to be placed, he nods to his kit " could you take the balm with the brown and green thead tying it closed to a pot of hot water to seep for about an hour. I think the herbal tea would help me greatly recover and if you wish there should be enough brewed to pass out anyone who's feeling really sore and needs a pick-me-up. " he leans forwards just enough to peirce the hood and at seeing what he thought he saw his grin returns two fold.

(… The rest is missing)

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