The List

The List
Summary: Three boys find themselves messing up a delivery.
Date: 9 July 2013
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Drunk Clam Tavern
A large oak bar is prominent in the common room of the tavern. The smell from the kitchen is generally delightful, and the hearth situated at the back of the room is large and always burning. A sign above the bar reads 'No Fancy-dancy wines here. This tavern is for real drinkers', while the bars front has been carved with the likenesses of clams here and there, to echo the place's name.

The Tavern has a slightly seedy crowd and is generally messy, but never unclean. Tables are spread out and some seem mismatched, but the seating can accommodate any number of patrons. All the furnishings are made of highly crafted Oak to remain quite sturdy no matter what condition they might be put thru. Just past the main bar is the door, leading to the Kitchen itself, and to the right of the door leading to the kitchen is a flight of stairs that lead up to the second floor. To the right of the bar as you enter can be seen another door, with a Sign above it labled 'The den'.

9 July 1329

Roltoff chuckles as he moves to aid Esther and move the barrel into position. "How many have we gone thru today.. " he asks with a light chuckle. He looks up to the Acolyte at the bar and nods. "need a refill?" he asks once they've gotten the barrel into position and tap'd.. He then pulls Elspeth aside to whisper something into the girls ear, which cause her to blush and then scurry off to the kichen. Leaving roltoff there with a large grin on her face.

Mouse has just sent buxom barmaid Ember soundly on her way, the young Acolyte perched at the bar over a now-twice-empty whiskey shotglass. Leaning an elbow on the bar, she watches with mild interest as Esther and less-buxom barmaid Elspeth struggle beneath the burden of a keg fresh from the cellar. When Roltoff has addressed first the barrel and then her, the Acolyte opens her mouth as though to respond, then shuts it again when he interrupts himself to harass the younger barmaid. "I think an ale would be fine," she replies with an arched eyebrow.

Esther watches Roltoff interact with the barmaids, smirks, and manhandles the empty barrel back towards the cellar; that she can handle on her own, just about. She's strong enough for that. The Acolyte drinking gets a bland look - she's too good a bartender to look overtly curious, but it's fair to say that Esther is definitely paying attention, and when she returns from the cellar and closes the trapdoor (lest someone fall down it) she takes care to be within earshot of Mouse as she starts to dry a collection of washed leather tankards.

Roltoff moves to pour Mouse her drinks as Elspeth returns with a plate of flat bread and some mild cheeses and fruits and sits it on the a bar next to mouse before taking an order to a table to refill some sailors drinks.

"Thank you," Mouse says to Rolftoff as the man pours her a tankard, narrowing her eyes and studying him with a bit of a squint. "Do they pay you more to keep the barmaids' spirits up?" she inquires of him somewhat sharply. Bringing her drink to her lips, she makes no discrete matter of sweeping him up and down with her eyes, then glancing past the busy Elspeth at Esther. If she has more to say, she witholds it for now.

Esther has a great, what they would call in another time and place, poker face. She smiles at a regular customer, pausing her mug-wiping to give the man a wave. Then she's telling the buxom Ember to go sweep the floor. But not once does she look at either Mouse or Roltoff during their exchanges. Gold to silver she's listening, though.

Roltoff looks to Mouse and says. "Actually I pay them to work and then if I need to get them motivated I do that as well. " he puts the tankard down before mouse and adds. "Concidering I own this place. " his tone neutral if polite. He looks at the flatbread cheese and fruit and sometime I tease them and ask them to get members of the temple something to eat when they look like they could use it." he then walks donw the bar to refill a few more tankards, mugs and glass's as needed.

"That's interesting," Mouse replies. Her tone is fairly mild, but she gives her head a cant. "You'll have to forgive my misunderstanding. I thought that flirting with pretty little wenches was the business of a stock boy. I'd think that the man who counted on them to fetch him his dulcimers by night's end would want them to save their energy for the drunks." This is punctuated by a broad, full-toothed grin. Or maybe a baring of teeth? No, certainly a grin. Mouse pops a grape from its stem and flicks it upwards, leaning to catch it in her mouth.

Roltoff shrugs, "Im sure that might the case when Im not watching, but for now I help out where needed and when not out here Im keeping an eye on the den, and those inside who like games of chance." he watches as the girls continue to work and asks. "anything else I can get you today?"

Into the tavern comes a slip of a child. No more than fourteen to fifteen years old, he's one of the resident wharf rats - a child that works for coin unloading fish from the boats that come in from the lake and river. With the local fish supply suddenly down with rumors of the monster in the lake, it seems that there isn't as much work for these boys. This boy, however, seems a bit more confident than his pair of peers that follow after him. Heading up to the bar, the young man offers a grin, hasty and too quick. "A set of meads for me and my friends." he orders and sets out a set of shiny new coins - as if freshly minted - to pay for the purchase.

Roltoff looks at the youth and arches a brow, "And young sir where are your friends hmm? " as looks to the croweded tavern "you see if your drinking then your staying in the tavern no drinks are allowed out of my establishment. so you'll have to bring your friends inside if they are not already here. " He looks at the coin and checks them out.

Lower lip protruding slightly, Mouse crosses her legs and props an elbow against the bar, giving a faint sigh and a roll of her eyes. "I suppose not," she admits rather sullenly, sliding the tray of nibbles closer to her. She wraps a bit of cheese up in bread and proceeds to dunk the concoction into her mug, then munch balefully on the disgusting looking result.

It is about this time that the dock rat sidles up next to his rodent-fellow, and Mouse casts her eyes boyward, giving a skeptical little twitch of her nose, then leans over to take one of the glistening coins from the counter. "Random inspection, Temple sanctioned," she announces. "Check the robes if you don't believe me." Unless she's intercepted, she will bring the coin up to eye level for closer examination, remarking: "Quite a dole for a day's work."

It hadn't been since the grand opening that Tylon had been by the Drunken Clam, there just hadn't been time. But it seems a few moments had actually opened up for her to swing on by and check and see how things were going with the new place. The generally serene priestess seen stepping through the door and pausing just a few steps within as green eyes took the place in. Though her gaze turn barward in catching something about the Temple, an eyebrow raising slightly to see the familiar Mouse and Roltoff there.

The coin is real - in fact, it seems to have come straight from the press to the pocket. "Hey hey, I pay my tithes!" the boy says, reaching to swipe back his coin from Mouse. "Ya ain't got no right to be touchin my pays." he comments, a lift of his chin and a look between the two. "Don't want my coins, I'll spend em elseplaces and tell people ya ain't working fer coin, workin fer the temple!" he complains, reaching to try to take back his monies.

Roltoff 's hand reaches out quick as lightning and snatches the coin. "boy I didn't say it wasn't good. but if you and your boys wish to drink my brew. you'll do so while in here, Them's the rules. So you can go get your friends and drink your fill, or…" as he holds his palm up and reviels the coin. He does lean in closer, "but you'll not find watered down ale, mead or any other drink here. " he says flatly.

Stepping up lightly behind the small little group, Tylon catches only the last bits of the exchange in process. "Problems already with mugs vanishing off when lads go to whistling at the pretty girl walking by outside, Master Roltoff?" Just a touch of lightness coloring Tylon's words before offering a slight incline of her head to the man, and then the Acolyte and eventually the young lads.

"By Altheara's left wing, you've got a mouth on you," Mouse snaps. Pot, kettle, black. Nevertheless she relinquishes the coin, tossing her head like an agitated horse and retrieving her soggy sandwich. "Anyone could do a lot worse than to work for the Four rather than for coin. Maybe do yourself a better turn and say whence comes such fresh copper? I am curious." The Acolyte casts still and watchful eyes on the boy, wavering only briefly when Tylon shows up just in time to hear her speaking well of the Temple (gasp). She actually looks faintly sheepish about it.

"Plenty of other places to get ale and mead that prolly right better than yers!" the boy snaps, and the other two boys with him, all of them wiry from not eating much, but well built from time working on the docks. The young man eyes Mouse for a moment and then smirks. "I got it from whorin around with gals like ya. Gimmie a few coppers I'll pop yer Temple cherry but good." he starts to say, and then there's that voice behind him, that voice of doom and meaness and control. In the back of his mind he can already feel the grab of his ear, the crack of the ruler on his hand for speaking so harshly. Who drives this level of fear into the boy?

"M-Mother Superior, I was just funning the lovely young Acolyte, surely I ain't gonna go pokin in her pot!" he manages to squeak out, and is suddenly. "Ain't thirsty no more, we should bes going!"

Having slipped in rather quietly, Thomas was on the search for Tylon. All he asked had pointed towards the Drunken Clam. so he entered, standing just in side the door, just in time to hear the words from the boy to Mouse. Arms cross over his chest, the soft sounds of moving maille follows. Still not a word is said, but it is clear that the Chosen does not take kindly to such talk, to any woman much less that one of the Temple.

Roltoff looks to the lads and then over to tylon as she enters. "Boy's you'll find no better here or anywher close. but that choice is yours. " he then is tempted to cuff the kids at the tone he uses to the acoylyte but it seems Tylon has things well in hands. "Mother superior, greetings. A cup of tea and some bread and cheese for you?" he asks.

There is a flicker of a smile comes to Tylon's lips to actually hear what Mouse says, it really is far more kind than the girl usually is when it comes to well….most things. The priestess just giving a gentle nod to Mouse when that sheepish look comes. Eyebrows do rise a touch though to hear the words that just spill out of the lad, not that it isn't unlike some of the fine things heard around the docks, Tylon isn't stupid or sheltered on such things. She was an orphan…and an young wild Acolyte once. "I'd imagine that would truly be her descion in the end," they weren't exactly controlling in such ways, after all had the lad not met any of the Ravas bound Acolytes? "Of course, if you're not thirsty any more, but it seems your words got ahead of your wisdom there. And you have an apology that should be coming right about now before you depart, and I'll be seeing you later surely to give proper penence and prayer for the slip of disrespect." No ear twisting, not even a twitch of her fingers, just that simple calm look.

But there is that Chosen who appears behind her, Tylon simply saying,"Brother, I see I've been found out again. I wasn't even gone but five minutes." A gentle incline of her head goes to Roltoff,"Yes, perhaps. I had simply wished to stop in and see how business was going for you, since I've not had time to see since the opening."

Leaning back in her seat, Mouse laughs. It is probably the first time that anyone present has heard her do so, and the sound seems nearly alien coming from a creature usually so stoic. Attribute it to shock, or to whatever is in her mug, but regardless of what spurs her to do so the girl tilts her head back, squinting across the bridge of her nose at the boy. "A few coppers is a bargain for a dock whore with a face as pretty as yours. I'd not wager that much on what's between your legs for that price," she retorts, giving Tylon a sidelong glance. "Mother Superior," is said considerably more gently.

"Right.. uh.." the young man starts to stammer towards Tylon, an apology trying to form, but when Mouse speaks up, he retorts. "Not that a tight-lipped fancy cow like yerself could handle what's between my legs, girl!" The boy can't help it, it just comes out because Mouse made it come out. "Or is the bar owner bendin ya over the counter after hours?" he starts seethe.. but there's more Temple people here now, and that's no good.

One of the other boys pulls on the young man's arm. "Come on, we promised to deliver that message." he growls under his breath. "Ya can flirt with her later!" he offers as they try to backtrack and make their way out.

Ahem. Right. The young man suddenly seems to remember he has someplace else to be and coughs a little. "Yeah. Another time." he murmurs, as he starts to try to turn and leave. And there's Tylon and Thomas.. right there. "Pardon me!" he offers quckly, bowing his head to the Mother Superior and her Chosenn.

A grunt is given to Tylon but his head turns back to the lads. Even as he speaks. "I turned away for a moment and you were gone when I looked back. I do hope we are not having a problem here, are we?" The last is said with a rise of his brow to the lads. But when Mouse speaks up, the frown seems to deepen, yet he does not take his eyes off the men.

Eyes narrow as the lad starts towards to Mouse and his hands fall to his sides "That is not a good idea," he all but growls at the lad. Then when they turn towards him he just levels his eyes to them. "I suggest an apology to both the Acolyte and The Mother Superior would be in order about right now." He doesn't even bother to move.

Roltoff has gone into the kitchen while this was going on and comes out with a platter of flat breads, cheese and a small steaming kettle and a mug for Tylon. Roltoff then sets all this down at the bar to pour Tylon a cup of freshly brewed mint tea and smiles. "come sit and enjoy.. " he doesn't know what Mouse had paied for her drinks but what ever it was, has now been refunded. Roltoff then looks to Thomas, "what can I get for you sir.?" as he looks at the boys and wonders if they are actually going to drink or leave.

"How many cows have you had that you'd know?" Mouse returns in kind, clipping off the retort in similar fashion, brandishing her mug before taking a long drink. Her eyes flick Thomaswards then; taking stock of the large man and his expression, the young woman seems to decide that further interjection on her part would not be welcome, so she busies herself with the remainder of her bread and cheese.

"Sister Alyona is always saying I tend to sneak off," Tylon giving just a slight shrug. It's not like she tries to be sneaky. Must be the barefeet. A brief smile is cast towards Mouse,"I would say perhaps it was more about what pillow talk is offered, but we have heard him speak." And talk he does some more, causing those green eyes settle back towards the mouthy lad. An eyebrow ries just a little bit.

"I think perhaps that message delivery might have to wait a little longer," as Tylon's green eyes simply gaze upon the rather mouthy lad,"I do believe you heard, Brother Thomas. Perhaps you should try again on making a proper apology, as that just was a bit in the wrong direction. And you are expanding the list on whom you owe one too."

Giving a small nod to Roltoff as he reappears,"Just a moment, Master ROltoff, this young lad has some more he needs to be saying, before they are on their way. Then we can enjoy, what I am sure is some fine tea you've brought along there. "

"I ain'ts apologizing for nothin!" the young man says and points at Mouse. "She started it! Claimin that the coin had to be inspected!" he says as he tries to find a way around Thomas and get the chasm out of the bar as the other two boys go. "Just apologize already!" one of them says with a frown.

"You heard what the man said.." the other boy hisses under his breath. "…what he'd do to us if you didn't deliver that message in time." he reminds as he gives a darkening frown.

"But I didn't do anythin, these idiots were being asses! Especially the cow!" he complains again.

"Look, we apologze, please let us pass!" one of the other boys tries.

<FS3> Opposed Roll — Thomas=melee Vs Boy=2
< Thomas: Good Success Boy: Good Success
< Net Result: DRAW

In a calm voice Thomas says "You are not going anywhere till you apologize." He looks to the other two that are telling the mouth to say he was sorry "I would take them up on their free advice. YOu want to leave, it seems, to take a massage to someone. But you can't till you apologize. It is very simple really." As the mouth moves closer Thomas quickly strikes out, aiming for the lads jaw.

Roltoff nods his head as he hears tylon speak. Then looks to Thomas as he tries to ask the boy to applogize and shakes his head when talkings not working and fists start to fly.

Quite simple and concise is Mouse's retort to being called "cow" again: she simply sticks out her tongue at the boy, then turns away from him and speaks to Tylon. "But seriously, Mother Superior," she begins as though she had been conversing with the Temple Priestess all evening, "these boys are carrying coins that seem freshly pressed, and no small number of them at that, and they're now speaking of delivering a message although they seemed in no great hurry when first they came in to buy ale. There is something foul afoot here; I think more important than any apology is getting to the root of what these boys are about." This she says calmly and clearly to Tylon, as though in perfect sobriety, but when Thomas suddenly moves forward to strike the boy Mouse gives a start and nearly topples from her stool.

There is a faint glance by Tylon down, surely the robes don't make her look /that/ fat…And really, those rumors were false. It was just some bad eggs! A nod going to Mouse as she looks back up,"I do have to agree with your assesment, they did not seem to be in any hurry when I first came along. "

Just neatly stepping sideways a little with the retorts that continue to spill from the lad who just does not have a filter between brain and mouth. "You really aren't going to make it very far with a mouth like that. And yes, you should listen to your friends." Seeming to be fine with letting Thomas to step in and impress this particular point upon the lad… his fine fashion. Looking to one of the friends,"And just what is this message about, that he'd rather risk Brother Thomas' lesson on manners?" And a faint notation to ROltoff,"Is it always so exicting in here, Master Roltoff?"

"Ain't no care where we get our coin for, it's honest work!" one of the boy's start to protest, "We were asked to deliver a message, we tryin to deliver it. Let us go!" he says as he squeaks. Why?

Because Thomas swings. And connects! Just not where Thomas wanted, the boy's shoulder takes the blunt of the hit as he gives a yelp of pain. It's one thing to stand up to the slip of a gal that's the Acolyte. But against a full grown Chosen? Already the boys are breaking ranks and starting to try to run to escape from the angry Chosen and his fists of justice!

<FS3> Opposed Roll — Thomas=Melee Vs Boy2=2
< Thomas: Great Success Boy2: Good Success
< Net Result: Thomas wins - Solid Victory

As one of the other boys begins to make a break for it, Thomas uses his other arm to shove him back into the bar. "I said apologize, and what is this about coins?" He asks Mouse with out looking at her. His gaze fully focused on the first mouthy boy, the second has been taken care of but the third? Well he does only have two arms.

Looking to Tylon he shrugs his shoulders. "Oh every night's different. Some better than others. " as he watches Thomas's blow strike the boys shoulder and the others scatter. "Just remember to remind your people that the food and all non alcoholic beverages are free for all temple members. " he says with a smile.

Grasping at the bar to steady herself, Mouse replies to Thomas as soon as she's in no danger of losing her balance. "They came in to buy drinks, they had plenty of coin on them, all appearing brand new. I only looked closely at one," she admits, "but they were all of fresh copper, as though they'd been recently pressed. I can't say just how much. A handful, perhaps, more than a night's work hauling at the docks or other business they'd be likely to get up to."

<FS3> Opposed Roll — Ty=melee Vs Boy=2.
< Ty: Success Boy: Success
< Net Result: DRAW

A slight shake of Tylon's head simply goes at Roltoff…Her attentino coming to be more upon the matter at hand. And as Thomas does only have two arms, she tries to do something about the third lad who is trying to make a break for it now that the mouthy leader has gotten them all into trouble. Granted, it is never a good thing for a Priestess to try and be Chosen-like, but at least Tylon keeps it fairly simple with how her foot goes out trying to connect with the lad's leg to trip him up. No punching or trying to tackle, she doesn't need that much of a lecture!

Seems to sound like more than what tends to be the going rate for a message being delivered. And I've seen you lads helping along with the fish unhauling. It just message delivering that this honet work of yers entails?" Tylon looking to the two lads that Thomas as seen to.

As Thomas rounds up two of the lads, the third, who has been really quiet all of this time was just trying to escape. He was starting to run when the mother superior sticks her foot into this and she trips over it, tumbling over it as the young man was trying to escape.

As he falls, he hits hard and an enevlope comes tumbling from his pocket. He doesn't seem to notice it as he pushes to his feet and continues to run to escape from the bar.

"Hey, it was just a message!" one of the captured boys yells, struggling fruitlessly against the Chosen's grasp. "We ain't done nothin wrong!"

Something flits at the corner of his eye as it falls from the boy's pocket. He moves slightly, letting the lad flee as he steps on it, an attempt to cover it with his boot. The other two are given a look "Apologize and you may leave. I shall not stand in your way," he tells the boys but nods to Mouse's answer. A slight smirk is given to Tylon at her attempt to slow the lad down.

The paper flitting to the ground does not escape Mouse's notice, but she does not look at it for fear of calling undue attention to it. She is silent as Tylon gives the boys a rattle, folding her arms and regarding them with an expression much more in line with what is usual for her.

At least she did manage to trip him up some, even if not entirely stop him, and hey, Tylon didn't end up on her rear either, so she'll call it uccess enough. With her attention upon the lad, the fluttering envelope is noticed and then that foot that works to cover it up, least it is secured. Thomas is left to handle the two lads he cornered, or more so the lads allowed to make up their mind on if they want to risk anymore of his attention. She gives him a small shrug at the smirk,"What can I say…there has only been the one lesson."

"Sorry!" one of the boys, and then the other adds in his only apology. With Thomas trying to step on the paper, the boys use this as their chance to escape from the Chosen and two hotties with him. And they are quickly out of the bar as well.

Thomas turns as the boys flee, he has let them go yet still stands on the message. Once they are gone, he looks around, first to Mouse and then to Tylon. Bending down and retrieving the letter, he picks it up and says "Look, they dropped this. Perhaps, Mother Superior, you should check it over and see who it is to be sent to?" Holding out the letter to Tylon he has also moved a bit closer to Mouse.

A small incline of her head goes to the lads when they do finally give an apology, even if rather weak. Tylon waiting those few moments as they flee off and Thomas takes to picking up the dropped envelope. Fingers lightly accept it from him when it is offered,"Thank you, Brother. I imagine they aren't going to be pleased when they realize it has been lost, it seemed there was a price for failure." Turning the paper over to see if it is adressed to anyone, or any markings to give indication to sender or intended recieved.

There is no address on the letter - apparently the boys had that information. The paper has a simple wax seal on it. The seal is of a simple dagger shape. Do they break it to see what's inside?

Thomas looks the letter over, the dagger pressed seal. He nods to Tylon "Open it, we have to. This seems strange."

The letter is looked over, the lack of writing upon it and only the seal to give some hint that there was some official sender. Tylon gives a small nod to Thomas,"It is the only way to perhaps know whom it needs to be delivered to." Her fingers giving a light pressure and breaking the seal before unfolding the paper.

The seal on the paper is broken and the paper is open. It still seems to be very much blank in the light. However, as Tylon's fingers run over the paper, she can feel small ridges and loops in it. Something is on the paper.

With the paper opened and seemingly blank, Tylon cants her head a little bit and sends Thomas a slightly questioning as she angles the paper his way to show the blankness of it. And in doing so comes to feel the ridges and 'texture' to it. A bit of charcoal is fetched out and ever so lightly run over a bit of it to try and get a visual on some of the loops and ridges.

As Tylon rubs her charcoal over the paper, words start to appear. No words. Names:

Benoit, K ♦♦
Davison, J ♦
Lohstren, C ♦♦
Lohstren, E ♦♦♦♦
Paggion, K ♦
Sollinger, C ♦♦
Taniford, S ♦♦♦
Varghem, P ♦♦
Westmark, C ♦♦♦
Westmark, P ♦♦♦♦

A confused look comes to Thomas as he watches Tylon do what ever she is doing "What's that?

"Words?" Mouse offers by way of reply to Thomas. Always with the verbosity and this one. "Places? No, names. Whose?" She looks up at Tylon to see if she can spot a spark of rcognition in the Priestess' face.

"It seems to be a hidden list…." frowning a little as the words do begin to come into being. Tylon continuing to work the charcoal along unti lth elast of the appear before drawing in a breathe, being able to guess well enough at some of the combination and actually knowing some of them….personally. A few sparks of recognition, even if she voices none of the names she finds upon it. In recalling just where they yet are, Tylon's fingers deftly fold the paper back on up. "I believe this matter is perhaps best discussed further once we return to the Temple. I do believe someone will likely be displeased about the….message not being delivered." Lists of names… especially hidden…were rarely of good intentions. A slightly meaningful look given towards as she does add,"Would you walk with me, Brother, as I head back. I believe I have some paperwork I should be getting to." Looking towards Mouse as she notes,"I might suggest avoiding those lads for the near future, I don't believe they will be any more kindly disposed once they discover they have misplaced this." Giving just a slight incline of her head before she breaks to head back to the Temple……no doubt with Thomas escorting her….the ever faithful guard dog that he is.

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