The Mad Prince and the Dark Sailor

The Mad Prince and the Dark Sailor
Summary: Docks, sailors, live steel drawn, and blood. Also, it seems Prince Samwell is having a bad time.
Date: 18/April/2013
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The cry of the sea birds that have made the vast lake of Eikeren their home echoes above as the small waves lap against the extensive docks that jut out into the waters. Here, the river and the marshlands meet with the ever expanding stretch of stone and wood piers and docks. Ships of all sizes, from small dinghies and local fishing vessels to large trading ships creak at their moorings, with their crew ever constantly in motion - whether it is sailors cooing drinking songs to their single-night lovers or workers and soldiers toiling with supplies and goods.

The steady stream of wagons and carts of all strange shapes and sizes head in and out of town towards the west where the broad road leads back to Laketown proper.

Thu Apr 18, 1329

There is never a dull moment along the docks. Dockhands, shiphands and visitors all find their way to this area at any given moment, some as buyers, some as sellers and some who just don't care. At the moment, one of the larger ships - one who has certainly seen its better days in terms of cosmetics - is preparing to set sail, the crew shouting back and forth to each other in their own preparation. By the sounds of it, they've been together for a long time, and based on their clothing and likely their smells, they may not be the most reputable of men. But more than anything else, they're waiting for something. Each man is tense, eyes darting around suspiciously, especially as there now seem to be Taniford guards crawling all over.

Roltoff chuckles and nods to the prince. "Nor is it mine but occasionaly I get lucky. " as he now toss's the line back out into the water and Cross's his legs, to keep them out of the water. The commotion at one of the ships now becomming an issue. "great I dont have to scream at the fish, but If there were any for me to catch I have a feeling those fella's there have scared them all away " he sighs, and extracts his pole and line as he starts to stand up.

Kerianne laughs a little at Samwell's words about fishing, "I'm not overly fond of it myself. I'm much more inclined to chat with people." Collette and Roltoff's conversation is listened too but she leaves it uninterrupted. Towards the men of ill-reputedness she looks, expression looking a little wary but she still smiles faintly.

Collette remains silent. Just her look from the waving water slips to the ship and men, which displeases Roltoff. Her look is curious, but not too much. To be more specific, she is more thoughtful. Her spruce gown is sawying with a wind and her soft fingers clenches a raven-black fabric of her dress.

Stepping out towards the dock, and flanked by four guards, Pawel looks around for a few moments, shaking his head a little to himself. He looks around a bit absently, to spot someone familiar, perhaps.

"When we thought it would be quieter here." the Taniford knight mutters to himself. "Well," the words serve as an answer to the acolyte, "I am sure those sailors are very fond of fishing." a sigh is casted in the general direction of the suspicious ship, "One way or another." a rather pale hand lowers to caress the pommel of his sword. "Should we go to ask? Maybe they have a pie or two?" a cold grin, and the man in silver armor returns his attention to Collette. "Are you feeling alright, my lady?" is softly whispered.

Roltoff has toss'd the pole down and is in the process of slinging his bow over his shoulder, then attaches the Quiver, as lastly he slips his arm into his shield and straps it down. With a huff he looks to both ladies and bows. "Ladies if you'll excuse me. " and he proceeds to head for the ship, as he pass's Prince Samwell he grins. "Some people never learn how to behave.. "

He gets about half the way down the peir as he spots pawel and his guards. " looking for someone Duke pawel.. ?" his eyes shift to the vessel .. "I'd stay and chat but I have some annoying guests that need to shut up as they are disturbing my fishing."

"We go as soon as the cargo gets here," is one shout to another as the crew begins up the ramp to reboard the ship. Only one waits at the bottom gangplank. He is dressed entirely in black, a slender figure on the smaller side, but that does not make him any less dangerous. The simple blade slung from his waist is more than just ornamental. His arms cross and he keeps his eyes trained on the movements around him.

Collette nods and turns her eyes back to the Prince. She gives him a warm smile "Yes, I am good. Just… In the docks I become a dreamer. This small breeze and murmur of the waves. You just want to stand, listen and dream," she chukles "However, there is always such people," the young lady nods at the ship with a strangly behaving men "They disturb everything. For example, Roltoff now will not catch the best fish, which maybe was waiting for him," and Collette chukles one more time. Then a Roltoff boldly starts walking near the ship, Collette becomes worried "Maybe you do not need to get in to the fight just becouse of fish?" she asks and offers a smile to the Duke.

Kerianne steps back a little, her arms clasping a little tighter. She considers a long moment what she should do and keeps out of the way. "I'm only able to shoot a bow but I can tend to any wounds you might get." she calls after Roltoff.

Samwell smiles to Collette, paying close attention to her words. A nod of understanding is given at the dreamy mention, and a new grin at the words about the sellsword and the fish. But it becomes more a nervous grin filled of worry. A strange gesture he has shown many times as of late. "I think I will check everything is fine. And I don't think this will end in a fight. Not in the middle of the docks. And, certainly, not in the presence of the local authorities." he says to both women, "Wherever they might be." is muttered afterwards.

And with it, the Prince runs to short his distance from Roltoff, giving a nod and a smile in the middle of the rush, "Cousin! Are you coming with us?"

"Depends on who I find," comes Pawel's reply to Roltoff, before he looks over at Samwell. "Cousin. What's going on now?" A brief pause, and a nod. "I'm with you." Someone needs to keep the Prince safe, after all?

The man at the end of the gangplank does not look the least bit concerned. No. Instead, his dark eyes shift to take in those who seem interested in his ship and a slow smile grows, steady and not the least bit pleasant or friendly. It's taunting, almost daring any to approach.

Roltoff looks at the Duke and shrugs, "pardon me.. " as he rounds the corner and continues up to the ship, His eyes focus'd on the man below and studies him for a bit. Roltoff keeps his hand at his side but rubs his fingers on his leggings to remove any excess oils and gets ready should this go south in a hurry. Roltoff's steps are well measured as he sizes up his opponet his forarm lightly brushing against the hilt of his dirk thats in his back shealth. He is currently twenty paces away from the man in black.

Than all men goes straight near the ship, Collette just can't wait away. She starts slowly and a little bit nervously walk after them. Her two guards follows the lady. This time, they are quite close to her. Both men frowns, but looks a little bit happy. Maybe, they are hoping finally to get some action. Collette grabs the fabric of her dress to raise a skirt a little bit in order to walk more comfortably. Her look is worried, but curiously at the same time.

Light steps carry Tylon onto the docks, seeming to be on some errand or another as fingers lightly fuss with shoving an empty bag into the satchel worn crossed from shoulder to hip over her robes. Eyes drifting over those that make up the crowd this time of day, for there is always people about the docks. Though shifting a little as there seems a measure of tension in the air that isn't always there.

Kerianne is an acolyte.. patience is likely one of the first things she learned. When Kerianne notices another robed figure arrive she moves to Tylon and offers up a smile. Kerianne otherwise keeps silent, watching the men and Collette do their thing.

The knight in silver armor, dark cape, and Taniford sigil, walks a couple steps ahead of Roltoff. Several heartbeats are taken before he adventures to speak, but when he does, his voice is strong and solemn. The voice of someone raised in the royalty, of course, but denoting more of the pride of a righteous knight.

"We don't want to bother you." he says, dark eyes scanning the man and the ship. "My name is Sir Samwell Taniford, Knight of the Citadel." his tone is calmed. "You, as men of sea, may have heard notices and rumors. And even if you haven't, you may understand our concern in times of trouble. Many royal guards have been deployed in this area, and we may have some interest in any cargo shipping from this port. Some things are missing." his eyes burn a little more. "Some important things." a long breath is taken. "Do you care if I ask of your cargo, my good man?"

The man lifts a brow as he looks Samwell over, followed by those with him. He gives a non-commital grunt, hands flexing before one comes to rest on the pommel of his sword. "Last I checked, Your Highness, Laketown was neutral territory and me and my crew don't have to answer to anyone but the Laketown officials, or perhaps the Guild," he says politely. He is far more well-spoken than one might want to give him credit for, given his appearance. "However, in the spirit of cooperation, we are carrying some fine Lohstren steeds to the North for resale. All completely legal and approved through the Guilds. Everyone is getting the cut they so rightly deserve to steal from my hardworking men." His eyes glint with a slight touch of anger. "Is there anything else I can do for you, Your Highness?"

Roltoff is seemingly dancing on the balls of his feet, waiting as the prince steped in front of him, as he cant help but yell out at the men on the ship. "YEAH Keep it down your scaring off all the fish, YA loudmouth jerks!!" his own eyes showing a touch of anger.

Than Collette feels, that she is close enough to hear and see, what is going one, and at the same time she is safe, the youn woman stops. Her curious and intent look slips from her company to the strangers. However, than she hears her family name and some talk about steeds she raises an eyebrow and dares to come even closer, but not too close.

Pawel follows after Samwell, but keeps quiet as the man speaks, just nodding very thoughtfully as he listens now. "Cooperation is always a good thing," he offers, a bit lightly. Studying the man rather carefully for now, expression neutral.

The Taniford Prince is not a violent man, but certainly he is not the most patient there are. He stops, looking for a moment to the sellsword and the Duke. A little turn before, Collette and Kerianne are caught in his sight. And his hand holds tightly the pommel of his sword.

"I love horses. More than you should imagine." his eyes steal the light in a thunderous way. "Do you care if we take a look at them? We won't take a share to steal from your hardworking man, do not worry." the traces of gentleness are fading slowly.

The approach of the white robed figure has Tylon gazing calmly down to the younger woman, as an equally calm smile is given. "Good day, Daughter. What brings you to Laketown?" A slight glance to the others on the docks before noting,"It does appear that you have lost the others of your group." Some attention seems to occasional go to the small crowd that seems to have gathered somehwat unnaturally near one of the ships. "It is not the best of places for one such as yourself to be about by themselves." Speaking ever calmly, might as well be discussing what sort of rolls to have with morning tea.

A momentary laugh escapes from the dark man's lips as he shakes his head. "My apologies, Your Highness, but you will not touch my cargo. Not unless you have plans on paying for it beforehand. They were placed in my care and I will see them safely back to Brivey before I let anyone lay a hand on it." His hand does tighten visibly on the hilt of his sword. "If you have a problem with that, take it up with the Guilds. You have no reason or right to hinder me in my perfectly legal transaction. I'll even provide you with the paperwork to prove this sale as legitimate, even if you have earned no such courtesy." The dark man turns and snaps a finger toward the gangplank. "Bring it," he shouts. And then looks back to Samwell again. "Might I ask why you're so intent on me and mine, Your Highness?"

"I was sent. I am in the final stages of my training, Mother, they thought it best to send me here." Kerianne responds. Her eyes settle on the people she was just with, "It seems they are wary of the people and that ship. I am not much of a fighter so I'm staying back so I am prepared to tend to those who need it." Kerianne herself doesn't seem hugely concerned herself, mildly wary herself but otherwise content.

Roltoff cocks his head at the man.. "ahh hey stimpy, he never said touch, or are you deaf, he said to look at them. Therefore there'd be no loss of value to your cargo. " he's now stepped in front of the Prince, placing his body before samwell's. Roltoff's hand still has not gone fore his obvious broadsword as he closes the gap. "ya know nobody would be this hard up to deny a simple looking at the horses unless they had something on board that wasn't part of the oh cargo manifest. Which makes me believe your a full on lier and I just hate liers. " Roltoff has closed it to ten paces (aka ten steps before he's face to face with the man)

The sword pommel is left by the Taniford's hand, but it doesn't get too far from it. Instead, and for some heartbeats of tension, a worried look is given to the sellsword, but no more words are spoken until an answer or an act takes place.

Strolling at a easy pace, one step rolling calmly into the other, Rae is weaving her way along the docks with it's myriad of ships of all sizes moored and standing to, the hulls of which rocking lightly against the piers. The sound of birds crying over head draws her attention upward for a moment, the sight of the gulls wheeling and diving brings a brief smile to the knights face.

Tylon gives a slight nod,"I see, though I do seem to not be seeing the Chosen assigned accompany you and ensure you arrived safely, have they already gone on to the Temple, Daughter? " A light pause before inquiring,"Which area of training have you been focusing upon?" Her gaze goes to those Kerianne speaks about,"A wise thing to do, there is a reason we leave the fighting to the Chosen. And I suppose if it comes to injuries, I can wield a bandage far enough. Though what was their interest in the ship, do you know? I hear menation of horses and creates drifting this way. Was it specifically horses, that ship, or are they going about trying to search all ships loading up large crates? If its about, they should perhaps not all focus so upon one ship alone. There are many about, and the one over there," an arm even raises and points,"seems to have some rather large crates being loaded up and near ready to depart. And another yonder about to load up a herd o'horses." Trust the local priestess to seem to be yet taking in the entirety of the docks and ramble about it.

Like his royal cousin, Pawel keeps silent for the moment, studying the man they've been talking with carefully for the moment. A glance over at Samwell as well, before his eyes are back to the man in front of them.

Seeing Roltoff, who looks like tries to provoke the strangers for a fight, Collette is frightened and withdraws a few steps back. However, she tries to remain as close as she could hear.

"He did, yes. He brought me to the Temple first. I wished for a walk. I believe he intends to return to Brivey soon. He has an unfinished task there." She gives a bright smile, "The Chosen escorted me as a favor." A small shake of her head is given, "I'm not entirely certain beyond they thought it to be questionable. Towards where Tylon points Kerianne looks, head tilting sightly. Then towards Samwell, Roltoff, Pawel, and Collette she looks again as she considers which Guardian she will follow, "I have inclinations towards Stilltha and Ravas, Mother. I am still finding which I feel closest too."

Having struck out on her own in search of clues involving the missing princess. The youngest of the Blue Guard, Marla Mentros looks nothing like a blue guard except the distinctive ring and blue cloak, otherwise she isn't wearing her common full plate armor. Seeing the gathering down by the ships the guard recognizes Samwell and starts in the prince's direction.

A thunderous shaking explodes through the Docks. A large herd of horses is being driven over the paths from the nearby woods and toward the ship. With a smirk, the dark man gives a mocking bow. "Gentlemen, I highly suggest moving out of the way before you are trampled by the pretty horses," he makes note as he steps up onto the gangplank. Rumbling along by behind the horses are a number of wagons, each weighed down heavily with goods. The dark man gives a bow and brushes his fingers across an invisible brim of a hat. "Always a pleasure but I have business to attend to now! Just remember, for all of your shipping needs, ensure you come to Derkin of Laketown for the best possible service."

The sound of hooves hitting the docks makes Rae turns abruptly, one hand resting on the hilt of her sword as she tracks the path of the herd of horses and the wagons that rumble along behind. Her eyes narrow, tracking the path and instinctively taking a head - er, nose - count.

That does causes an eyebrow to rise faintly,"As a favor? I would have thought your mentor to ensure you had a proper escort for the travel. " Tylon just gives a slight shake of her head at what the state of things must be at the Brivey Temple. "Odd of them to seem to be challenging the captain that way, least without any of the Laketown officals around. No wonder there was thoughts of potential injury."" Her attention goes to the thundering herd of horses being brought along, stepping to the edge of the docks before her gaze shifts to another ship, peering a bit,"Seems a fair bit of large cargo going out today. Wonder what they're loading up there." A hand shifts to her satchel,"It is good you have it narrowed down, in the end it does come down to which you feel most aligned with and which duties you find yourself called to take up as a focus." Glancing back to the young woman,"Not that we don't still aid in the other areas and dable here or there outside out chosne focus."

Roltoff steps back far enough to avoid being trampled and does his best to watch the horses as they are brought to the ship. He checks to see if things are possibly attached to each one to hide something as they go past, but with so many it makes it nearly impossibe. Roltoff does look to the Prince and then the approaching Wagons. Where roltoff moves over to the p rince and asks quietly. "I know your missing the princess or something correct. Would you have authority to examine the cargo on those wagons before they get loaded onto the ship, just as a oh safety inspection or something?" as he does his best to keep his tone low, thankful for the aid of a lot of horses on the decks.

Pawel shakes his head a little bit as he listens, stepping a little out of the way now. Keeping his attention carefully on the horses and wagons, his eyes narrowing slightly in thought at the moment.

"She let me pick myself." says Kerianne cheerfully. "I didn't want to be assigned a Chosen who would not enjoy my company. It is a bit of travel and it seems shorter with friends, after all." Kerianne likely had to argue her way to getting an escort she wanted. As the horses come a running Kerianne also moves to the edge of the dock, assuring she is out of the way. Kerianne nods her head at that, "I have been considering it carefully and learning as much as possible."

"Gods." the Prince mutters, finally taking his sword hand far away from his beloved weapon. In turn, he takes Collette by the shoulder, helping her to move out from the road the horses will walk. "Are you alright?" he asks quickly when they are safe, glancing around to watch for the welfare of the group.

Samwell breathes heavily, with his dark gaze fixed on the dark man. "I do not have that authority." he answers in half whisper to the sellsword, without moving out his eyes. "But if they have my sister, I don't care about authority." the last words are muttered, for the obvious nature of his speech.

"I know you hide something." he finally says to the sailor. "You have been rushing since my guards started to inspect this place." a few steps are walked towards him. "Are you a smuggler? I don't care. Are you a thief? Well, the authorities may have missed you. But if you have my sister, there will be no sea in the world big enough to hide you." the words are spoken as daggers aimed to a prey. "So I ask for your cooperation one more time. Let us see your boxes, and you will sail without us bothering you anymore. What do you say?"

At the mention of the princess from Samwell Marla quickens her steps to the move through the crowd and past the onrush of horses to the princes' side, "Her Majesty?" Is all the tall woman says fixing her light eyes on the man in question after bowing at the waist as is expected of her.

Collette gazes at all the boxes with curiousity. Her eyes burns with a wish to look inside. If there is horses next to her, she always wants to see it, to touch it and to talk with it. However, all her interest is interupted by the Prince "I am good, Your Highness," she mumbles, but her eyes remains on the boxes.

their discreet loading procedures and the ship begins to unfurl its sails as ropes are loosened and with the shifting tide, they are able to drift away into the current.

Derkin just shakes his head as he watches the ship begin to depart. "Bastard and his damned crew always getting out ahead of us," he mutters before looking back at Samwell and the others. From his higher vantage point on the gangplank, he shrugs. "You have no justifiable cause to search my cargo, Highness." With no florish but with a great deal of skill and grace, the longsword is removed from its scabbard and pointed at the Prince. "And I'll be damned if you touch my things without permission." He shouts up to his deck. "Lower the second plank and get our cargo aboard. We're on a timetable, gentlemen." His crew hastens to follow orders.

"It is true that travel is shorter when with friends, however, one does need to learn to travel with those who are not as well aquainted. And it is the place of the Chosen to fulfill their duty as called to, not simply as favors. One must serve when called to it, not when they wish it, Daughter." Yet observing the secondary ship as it finished loading up of all ti's rather large crates and begins to unfurl sails and begin to get on it's way,"Look like one of them is about to be on their way…. But yes, it is good to be taking in all you can, especially as by my eye you will be given the chance to take the Oath and make your choice before to much longer." Keeping yet by te edge with the occasional glance to the passing horses, in order not to get accidently trampled by them or the wagons.

Roltoff looks at the man who just drew his blade on the prince and works his way thru the assembled horses to get on the other side to get a clear shot at him without having to go thru the horses. "Now you shouldn't have done that. " as he walks closer and in a fluid motion of his arms reach's back extracting the dirk and in a calculated and fluid motion Throw it at the man in black.

Rae ambles along through the crowd, in the wake of the horses and wagons, until easing her way along the edge of the docks toward where the horses are heading. Luck has her on the right side of the dock, luck also allows her to spot her sister in the gathered crowd and threads her way forward. She says her sisters name quietly, lightly touching Collette on the shoulder and aiming a look that says 'are you ok' along with 'what's happening here' all in that nifty sibling-language that doesn't always need words.

"My friend had other plans, hence the favor more than duty." She really doesn't seem hugely upset at the chastening, it's probably something she is use too. "And yes, Mother." She gives a small sulky look up to Tylon, "I'll assure to accept whoever is assigned to me next time. Mother Eloise indulged me, I imagine. She raised me after all." Towards the departing ship Kerianne glances then looks back to Tylon, "Should we tell the prince and company?" she asks in a curious tone. They might not have noticed with their going ons.

"Sister!" quite happily whispers Collette, than she turns to the person, who just touched her shoulder. However, her tone quickly changes. She catches inquiring look of her sister and starts explaining vey quickly "Oh, you know what is happening? The Prince saw this ship. These men, whose ship it is, acted very strangly. They are taking some fine Lohstren steeds to the North for resale. However, the Prince thinks, that they are hidding something!" her voice is more excited than worried.

A strong laugh is set free. And the coldest of grins, matched by the dark eyes of the Taniford Prince, serve only as an adornment of his entertained voice. Both arms extend to the side, as silver wings of a bird ready to fly for his prey.

"You have no idea what you are doing." he says to the sailor. "You threaten me with live steel, but I doubt you dare using it." the cold tone comes from a hot-blooded head. "Come here." he says in rather rough tone, not something usual on him. Not at all. But these last days have been not usual for the young knight.

Noticing a new well-known face by his side, finally the warmest of smiles is offered. A friendly one, in the middle of such an hostile environment. "Sir Marla. You are just in time." the sweetness of his voice doesn't calm the raging fire of his gaze.

Pawel's eyes narrows as he sees the sword being drawn now. "Are you sure you have the guts to use that one?" he asks, a bit quietly, as one hand moves to his own sword. Studying the man a bit carefully. "I would say such an action is what someone with something to hide takes, cousin," he remarks a bit lightly to Samwell. "I wonder what it can be, hmm?"

The broadsword is quickly drawn from Marla's side as the man shakes his sword at the prince, "I suggest you lower that." She says with an eyebrow raised as she looks to Samwell gving him a questioning look for a moment before focusing on the man again, "If his Highness wishes to see your cargo I will have to insist he does." She holds her sword steady as she sees Roltoff moving to attack to man, giving him a queer look of surprise touch a hint of a smile touches her lips.

"Are they now?" Rae asks, her voice pitched quiet as she rolls her shoulders slightly, limbering up with that movement - not so subtle - and nods at Collette as she begins to ease her way forward. She aims a respectful nod at their Prince, another at the Duke, spots Roltoff as well and eases her sword silently from it's sheath as she moves to support Sir Marla. "Your highness," is all she says, making her presence and intent clear.

Derkin lifts a brow, still not looking overly concerned. "You attempt to touch what you have no right to touch, and yet I have no idea what it is I am doing?" he asks with a laugh. He just shakes his head and begins to back up the gangplank, sword still held up. But his attention is focused on the Blue Cloak of Marla. The man can tell a predator and threat when he sees one. Roltoff is easily forgotten about. At least until he throws his knife at him. The blade sinks in deeply, cutting through the leather jerkin he wears as if it were nothing at all. He grunts, staggering and nearly falling from the gangplank if not for the quick reaction of a crewmember who leaps forward to grab hold of his captain. The knife is dangerously close to important organs in his chest, but Derkin still lives for the time being. However, the attack on their captain does not make for a very happy crew. Most reach for their weapons, most of which are bows of skills archers.

Derkin, however, gives a bubbling laugh, even as he coughs up droplets of blood. "Fools," he mocks. "Are all of you so blind that you focus solely on what is in front of you, as if you were horses with blinders?" He waves a hand toward the departed ship, whose wake can still be seen in the water, even as the wind has caught up in her sails and they now are far beyond catching. "Mercenaries and thieves, all of them. Good luck catching them now. My ship's one of the few that could have caught up to them." He shakes his head, leaning on his crewmate for support. "But shove off. Look at my cargo. You'll find some smuggled cases of wine but nothing that you seek."

"Of course," is the final words from Tylon on the particular matter. Though she does note with a faint smile,"It is true, those who raise us do seem to indulge us more than those who leave their families and pledge when they are older." Green eyes drift back to the group near the other ship with the horses bording,"It would seem there are a few horses in the way of reaching them. And they do seem rather….engaged with that particular ship. You know better what their interest was than I," she came in after they all started taking off as it were. "If you think they would have interest in this one as well, espeiclly if their eye were on the larger crates then perhaps notification should be given…..But I am not sure there is much to be done if they are, it is after all already pulling away. Look how quickly they were able to get their sails up and catch the wind just right, it does seem Altheara favors them this day." The sudden commontion near the ship with the horses boarding does draw a frown,"I do think trouble is what they found."

Kerianne smiles faintly, "Mother Eloise let me gt away way more than she ought to have, I think." Kerianne is freely admitting her faults. She's likely to honest for her own good. "I think they got a moment of tunnel vision and did nto pay mind to everything around them." she responds. Towards the escaping ship Kerianne looks then her attention is drawn back when hte commotion breaks out and her lips part in surprise and concern. Kerianne is a little softy after all. Closer she draws, "I hope the fellow doesn't die.." The guy may or may not have been doing bad things but that doesn't make Kerianne any less concerned,.

Roltoff watchs as the ship departs and along with it, his favorite dirk. Ok so it was his only one, but still his favorite. "so what do we do now.. " a touch of anger in his voice. He makes his way back thru the Horses that were left behind and makes it over to the prince, collette and the others. "Im sorry I may have messed that up your Highness." he says sorrowfuly.

you, a lesson she could not give herself." Mentor can get a little tunnel vision themselves when it comes to their Acolytes. Tylon gives a slight nod as she keeps an eye on the scuffle for a few moments,"It does seem that way, it seems people do that when they allow their emotions to sweep them to fully. I do hope they have found what they were seeking there. And it was not upon that other ship. " Eyes squint a little,"It did hit in a poor spot, but with how that crew has responded, and how the group yet crowds, we would not even be able to get close enough to offer aid let alone a chance for it to be accepted." Yet ever calm, even with knives flying that could have caused a potential stampede. "I must continue on, Father Byron will be expecting the fish I was meant to retrieve for the evening meal. I would recommend you not linger to long here, Daughter. " Giving a faint incline of her head before continuing on with the errand she had come to do.

Rae eases the sword she carries back into it's sheath and steps back from the edge of the dock, shakes her head at the departing ship as she returns to Collette's side. "I'll walk you back to the inn if you're ready to return," she offers her sister, glancing again over the crowd.

"I will return to temple soon then, Mother." assures Kerianne to the order not to linger long. "I will see if that fellow needs healing." Closer she inches being mindful of horses and any possible threats that may linger.

Collette turns her eyes from the ship back to her sister, than everything ends. "It would be lovely, I am already tired." Collette turns to her company and offers a respectful curtsy to the Prince "It was a pleasure to meet you all," and than she speaks directly with a Prince "It is sad, that our meeting ended like this. I hope to see you in a better days," she smiles shyly and beetles off near her sister to go back to the Inn together.

Looking ready to attack Roltoff herself Marla doesn't put her sword away just yet instead she looks to the retreating captain and says rather loudly to the commoner she doesn't know yet, "Just what do you think you are doing! You think you can protect the prince but only lose the princess!" She says the red heads temper flaring at the lose of a lead for her beloved princess as she looks to Samwell and watches him to follow his actions, the young woman's worries her bottom lip waiting for the prince.

Surprise is what his eyes say now. Amongst the confusion of the moment, and even more after the captain's words, Samwell can only shake his head. perhaps for his own actions.

"You should have spoken first." he says in the same rough tone as before, almost in desperation. "Now don't die here, Derkin." he shouts, turning a little to face directly the blood-tinted man's crew. "We can save him. We have a Priestess and an Acolyte, both women of the Gods. We have healers, don't let him die there, damn." it is clear he is desperate enough. "We made a mistake, now let us fix it." and the Prince, absent in his mind, cannot hear or see anything more by his side.

Derkin coughs up blood but laughs. "I won't be dying here, Princeling," he says. "I've faced worse than your little pet dog. Just put him on a leash before he picks a fight you can't handle." His head shakes. "My own healers will attend me." And with a grunt, he hauls himself aboard his ship and out of sight. The rest of the crew remains where they are, guarding their Captain's retreat.

"Just make sure we get a talk later on, Captain Derkin," Pawel offers after the man, before he looks around for a few moments, letting out a bit of a sigh now.

Roltoff spins to look at marla and has a blank look on his face. "Hey how was I to know huh… I was doing what I thought was right, and yes it was trying to save the princess. " as he watches the Captain and his dirk and the only possible chance of getting the princess back sail off along with the priates who actualy took her. " then he looks at marla and then to the prince and says. "I appologize your Highness, seems my over reaction cost us what you and the rest were seeking. " Its is if the fight has gone out of him for the moment, as he appears to be upset at his own bull-headedness and for not thinking clearly.

Kerianne frowns a touch in concern after Derkin but the utter tunnel vision of Samwell also distracts Kerianne and upwards her hands lift to catch his face and the soft tone of the acolyte sharpens slightly, "You need to focus, Prince Samwell. If you lose sight you can not meet your goals." When uncertain of how formal a prince wishes to be addressed go wih semi-formal.

The touch of a hand seems to wake Samwell from his daydream. The words from the wounded sailor and his friends, nothing had achieved it. He was just there, still absent and concerned. But the physical touch was the trigger his knight instincts were needing.

He sighs, fixing his eyes in Kerianne's for a long succession of heartbeats. The raging fire of his gaze fades slowly, until only a warm remnant is left. "You are right." he says, without any particular emotion, which is clearly more calmed than before. And he turns, disconcerted, giving his back to the ship.

Just as he does, he can spot one of his guards. One he saw not long ago, carrying —with noticeable balance problems- eight pies. The Prince cannot hide a little smile, filled of frustration, desperation, and a bit of amusement for the recent discovery. And still, he just sighs.

Stepping over to Samwell, Pawel lets out a deep breath. "At least, we have a lead to follow now." Spoken a bit quietly, before he lets out a bit of a sigh.

Kerianne relaxes slightly once Samwell has come back to himself. Back to being crossed under her bosom one hand goes the other points in the gneral direction of the ship that departed, "Mother said that that ship was loadng a rather large crate. She seemed to think it more suspicious that the other ones." Kerianne's own attention shifts to the pie carrying guard then back to Samwell, "How in the world do you expect to eat all of those?" she questions of him. Pawel is given a smile from the Acolyte as she continues to hover, just a little over the prince. She has to make sure he's okay and what not before she can fully relax.

Frowning still Marla shakes her head as the boy retreats, "Honestly." She mutters in an exasperated voice push back those red locks from her face. She eyes the unknown man and woman still standing beside the prince looking warily to th ship of angry sailors, "Perhaps we should move away from here your highness?" She suggests giving a shake of her head.

The Taniford Prince nods. "We know where to search. They all, illicit or otherwise, have to fill papers and forms. This Derkin knows something as well. They left a trace we will follow. And Gods help them when we do." there is a tint of hope in his words. A big tint, indeed.

"Oh, the pies?" he laughs. "No, those are for us all. As much as I love them, it is more than I can handle." Samwell turns again to the acolyte and smiles. "Do you want some?" a little glance is given to the sea where the mysterious ship departed. "Sir Marla? Duke Pawel? Roltoff?" a beat or two later, he nods respectfully to the Blue Guard. "Of course."

Pawel nods a little as he hears Marla's words. "Good idea, Sir Marla, was it?" Looking out to the ea for a few moments as well, before he looks back to Samwell. "I know someone who might be able to help too. Do you know Sir Malcolm Sollinger? He's got some knowledge with ships and sailors, and was going to ask around a bit down here." Another brief pause at the mention of the pies, before he nods a little bit. "Sounds good," he offers.

Kerianne glances up to Samwell with a faintly amused look. The multi-colored eyes of the Acolyte inspect the prince once more, "Are you alright now?" she asks. And back towards Pawel and Marla she looks offering them both a warm smile. At the question of pie she considers a loooong moment, "I'd not object." She's back to carefully avoiding using any terms to address Samwell, she still hasn't figured out what he wants her to call him.

Arching an eyebrow to the well dressed man the Knight gives Pawel a bow from the waist finally then nods her head, "Yes Sir Marla Mentros of the Blue Guard." The young woman says politely to the obvious noble and asks, "And may I ask who you are my lord?" She inquires not knowing what to call him herself and then looks to the pie with a frown, "Pie your highness?" She seems to be anxious to move away and looks away from the docks inclining her her head in the opposite direction of the sea trying to give a relax smile as she sheaths her sword.

"I am alright." Samwell says with a light smile and a look difficult to read. "But Sir Marla is right. It may be better to leave this place. There is so much to think about."

Distractedly, the Prince takes a pie and gives it a little bite. "And, most importantly." the dark gaze moves from a face to the next, "Thank you all. You have my gratitude." and the most gentle of bows takes place.

"A pleasure to meet you, Sir Marla," Pawel replies, before he adds, "I'm glad to see that my uncle and his family is well protected." Another brief pause, before he adds, "I'm Pawel Varghem." Yes, the Duke of Wolveshire. Offering a smile to Kerianne as well as he studies her for a few moments. "Hello there," he offers. A brief smile to Samwell. "Anytime, cousin."

Kerianne looks satisfied that Samwell is not disconnected anymore, "I ought to return to Temple. Mother said I ought not dwaddle too long." Then to Marla and Pawel, "Acolyte Kerianne Ravin." she supplies. Back to Samwell she glances, "Unless you have need of me further?" She is still fretting, just a little, over his disconnectedness there.

"Well I beg your pardon your grace." Marla corrects herself giving the duke a smile before looking to her prince, "I only hope I can live up to Princess Aylanora expectations and find her quickly." The smile turns to a frown as she red head flicks her hair out of her face, seemingly annoyed with it's presence. Nodding her head to the Acolyte, "A pleasure sister." The knight says quietly, "I appreciate your help." She comments and then says as if out of no where to herself trying to relax, "I need a drink." A small chuckle falls from her lips.

"Daughter." corrects Kerianne with a bright smile, "I am not one of the Chosen." The acolyte doesn't seem bothered by the misusage of titles for her.

"A long day." Samwell says in soft tone. "I just wish to hear what the rumors will say about the Mad Prince." he chuckles and glances to his companions. "I think we all need a drink. It's on me, of course. For the trouble made."

The silver armor turns to the alley, reflecting the sun until it is eclipsed by the dark cloak. Although the rough events, still fresh in his mind, he walks with the grace and presence of a royal-raised knight. And the pie, fresh baked, disappears from his hand. Some would say even a smile was drawn, or even a sigh.

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