The need for intervention

The need for intervention
Summary: The Mother Superior returns from Brivey to find more issues than she had expected and has a need to intervene in the work of Brother Ignacious
Date: 18/Sep/2013
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Ignacious Tylon 

Laketown - Superior's Office
Upon the farthest wall of the office, hangs a tapestry with the symbol of the Temple of the Four embroidered upon it. The office is furnished in a rather functional way with a pair of finely carved desks that face one another within the center of the office and corresponding bookcases behind them. Inkwells and quills are found upon the desks and parchment and ledgers can be found both there and shelved upon the bookcases, all which is needed for the Temple Priest and Priestess to see to the keeping and running of the Temple.

Etched reliefs circle the room near the ceiling. Centered upon the top of the northern wall is an etching of the Guardian Bornas with scenes of mountains, warriors and Chosen, of crops being harvested. Upon the western wall is found the Guardian Altheara with scenes of archers and scholars, sails filled by wind filling out the top of the wall. Scenes of jousters, birds, fires and lovers take up on the southern wall expanding out from the depiction of Guadiana Ravas. And upon the western wall is found the Guardian Stilltha with scenes of oceans and rivers, healers and sailors, of farmers tending to their crops.

Wed Sep 18, 1329

The Mother Suprioer had not been long returned from Brivey and the wedding for the uppity, pompeous…er lovely and regal royals of the north before she was besieged by everything that surely had to wait until she could deal with it. Cause no one else could make a decision about a single thing, even whether Father Bryon was allowed to serve fish for dinner two days in a row. But there was a bit of news in the stream of things that were dumped upon her even before she was out of her traveling robes that had her sending an acolyte off to fetch up Brother Ingnacious and have him report along to her office. Now.

Brother Ignacious, one would think, would get tired from wearing his full plate getup every day. Not just tired, but exhausted…and one would be wrong. There is something ridiculous about the man's stamina that allows him to lug all that metal around, as though whatever brain damage he's recieved from his decades of service have turned off some switch that would let him know to get out of it.

Thus, when he reports, she faces a tall, broad knight - fully dressed for battle, holding his helm under one arm as he knocks on and is admitted into the office. In place of greeting, he takes a knee, kneeling before the Mother Superior in an act of reverence that is typically reserved for the highest born of the realm's leiges. "You called, Mother, and I am at your service," comes the pious announcement.

Having managed to take a breathe to find a wash basin to clean up, a change of robes….dusty blue…to clean blue, Tylon was at her desk going over a series of parchments when Ignacious appearred. Her green eyes taking in his attire and his motion to kneel, not entirely uncommon for some Chosen, least towards the Temple hierarchy. "I did, and thank you for being prompt, Brother Ignacious. " Her hand slips to give a small motion for him to rise, giving motion to a chair not far from him,"If you would. I asked for you as I have been told that you have found yourself another witch. And not only have her locked her in the dungeons but another up in the dungeons. I fear the details were not very clear on this matter and do figure it is always best to get the start of the story from the source. So please, fill me in on this matter."

The former-nobleman rises as he is bid, and finds the seat - it is probably a little small for him, his posterior adding several inches with the metal, so he attempts to sit on it as gingerly as possible. Given Ignacious' slow learning curve, it's possible that he only does this because he's broken many chairs in the past…"Ah, yes, Mother. It was a sad bit of business," the small giant sighs, the plates on his armor rubbing against each other slightly as he exhales. "The brazen little witch had the gall to approach me during prayer, and set her bewitched wolf to inspect me. When confronted about her power over the beast, she claimed she had come to give us news of the attacks - as if some unclean outsider like herself could have any knowledge of the attacks on our fair City if she had not been in league with them, or worse…scryed some truths using dark magic," he grumbles, recounting the tale. "I have seen her about before…brazen, for a heretic, bringing the wolf amongst the sheep. I insisted that she be brought in for questioning, or at least to have a priest check her for taint…and she attacked me, Mother, and set her wolf upon me. T'was all I could do to subdue her, and take her to the dungeon."

He pauses, to shake his head. "Therein, I went to 'question' the witch on her information and to check her for the taint myself, but I was interrupted by Brother Merrick. He insisted, rather keenly, that the interrogation was to cease and the witch was to go with him. I offered, graciously, to allow him to go find a priest to resolve the matter, and that I would withhold my questioning for an hour. He refused, and drew his blade." Another deep sigh. "They have both been seen to by the healers, and await inspection and purification in the dungeon below, Mother Superior. It was with a heavy heart that I was forced to draw blood from a fellow Brother, but he has survived the process, and it is my firm belief that he is prepared for redemption."

Hands are folded lightly upon her desk, the parchments set aside as Tylon does give her attention in her ever calm fashion to Ignacious as he takes to the seat and begins to explain the matter. The only outward sign that comes as he speaks in a single tap from one of Tylon's fingers against her hand. "So it is Mistress Breanna and Brother Merrick that is held? And let me make sure I have this correct, even though Mistress Breanna has often been welcome in the Temple and even treated here by myself and others, and always been allowed her wolves, just like Brother Merric, you found her presence this one time to be out of place, Brother?"

There is a slight pause as Tylon considers the Brother before her and all what she has heard. "Indeed, Brother Merric should have taken that path, I am finding, he seems to lack the insight of Stilltha's wisdom as much as you. However, I have not yet heard proof of damnation of either. I believe both are not beyond redemption, and will speak with them both before any further inspection or purification is taken up. " Tylon draws a bit of a breathe, a finger tap again,"However, I would have them moved to the infirmary, for Brother Ignacious, Brother Merrick was investigating into the matter and had sought the add of others to aid in that investigation. I have heard that Master Roltoff, a fine friend of the Temple, and Mistress Breanna had gone out hunting a trial. Your conclusion there is quite off, " as is to often the case," I fear. You may see guards placed to watch over them. But they will not be kept chained in the dungeons, is this understood?"

"I…." the humbled knight begins, his shoulders drooping - though it's hard to tell, the way his spaulders are designed to ever make him look broad shouldered and intimidating. "I know that it often seems…as though my judgements are misplaced, Mother, I know this, but…but I have been there, in the villages, when the ordinary citizens turn on one another. They only ever give the barest hint of heresy or witchcraft, and the next thing you know…babes are being slain on altars," he reminds her, as he does every time he gets in trouble. His words are not as stale as his story, however; it is clear that, on every level, he still considers it a threat. "/Someone/ must be vigilant for such things, Mother. /Someone/ must…ensure it does not happen again. I know that you are not fond of my methods, but…that is why I do insist on priests performing the checks, when I can. To ensure, for your sake, the….authenticity of my findings."

He argues nothing else; her decisions on what to do with the prisioners are, evidently, not for him to approve or disapprove of.

Rising from her seat and moving about to the front of her desk, a mild swish to her robe. The woman is 'short' in comparision to most of her faithful Chosen, even if normal by most standards. "Brother, I am quite aware of that. And I have seen such horror myself, I have een what people can do to one another, what war brings upon us. It is an ugly thing. I have seen the horrors of Kharnas himself and shudder yet at the memoires of it, to know such yet walks in this world. " Tylon doe give that ever clam look,"But Brother, it is also more the reaosn why we must keep from jumping to quickly to condemn lest we fall for some trap that the bringing of Chaos would wish for u. Especially to begin to question and accuse our own, or those who seek to aid us. To bring down the very threat which they offer to aid in doing. We must be vigilent, I do not disagree at all. And your methods have their place, however, you are sometimes to quick to take to them, to jump to a conclusion."

Green eyes take in the devote man for a few moments before she shifts to place a hand on the shoulder of his armor,"I know you mean well, and I will see to them both before I consider releasing them or seeing either back to your care for further….questioning. But as they were taken within the Temple, even if you gave Brother Merrick the chance to fetch a priest, you should have done this yourself soon after having captured Mistress Breanna. "

A head is bowed again, in shame. "It is…not my place to comment on the…willingness of your priests to abandon their prayers on such a holy day as was when the witch was captured…" he comments, trying to select his words carefully, but unable to get certain prejudices out of his head first. "There does ever pervade the idea that when the Mother Superior is away, the work can wait until she is back to affix her seal to it. T'was the only reason I had need to interrogate the unclean woman myself. You must forgive me, Mother, I am only doing my duty…now as ever," he bids, his tone as rueful as his eyes are downcast.

There is a slight flicker of a smile, as the comment gets implied ever in not commenting,"I can see there were many failure these past few days, Brother and take heart, I will be addressing them as well. For there is little excuse to have any delay in seeing a person inspected to find the truth or not. We do not wish for innocents to be held longer than they must, and suffered witches longer then needed." Tylon gives a small nod,"I have taken notice of that very thing, when it should not be the case. There are matters that I know must wait, but they are few and this is not one of them. I will ensure that this is not something to reoocur in my absence again. For the Guardians do call me to serve as they wish, as They do for us all, and sometimes it does require me to travel. "

"Indeed it does, Mother. I will pray that the solutions to your problems come as quickly as mine do; and faster yet for the witch and our ensorcelled Brother. Do be gentle with him, if the time comes for purification…for I was not," Ignacious sighs, before remembering to add, "…again." His head does rise, and turns toward the Mother - he might be a handsome man, if his eyes weren't so sunken and shrouded from the things he'd seen - and he awaits the order to rise and again.

"I will appreciate that being within your prayers, Brother. " Tylon gives a small nod of her head,"I will be as gentle as I can be, should purification be needed. He has had a rough time of it of late, between the attacks upon us and his tanglings with you. It is no wonder that perhaps his mind has gotten muddled. " Oh yes, she's heard about the sparrings as well, when merrick wasn't even close to fully healed up. "Should this situation appear again, Brother Ignascious, if there is not a priest about as there should be, if I am expected back in a matter of days, the questioning can wait til my return and there is chance to inspect those in question. " There is a thin smile before she adds,"As long as they are not professing their devotion to the Fifth as our other guests have. "

Dipping her head slightly, another light pat to his shoulder, doubtful he feels it really through all that armor,"If you have nother further to add or additional concerns, you may see to having the pair moved. Separate rooms in the infirmary as well, if you will. "

"I will see to it," he promises, gravely. "And I will allow such matters to wait, in the future, if you are not here," he promises further, rising. "I take it that was all you wished to discuss, Mother?"

"Yes, Brother, it was all for now. There were other matters that piled up as well in my absence, but of this, I did not wish for it to linger on. For as noted, I do understand the need to see them taken care of promptely. We will get to the bottom of this and swiftly see what redemption might be had for the pair." Tylon drifts to move back to the other side of her desk. "The Guardians go with you, Brother."

"And you, Mother Superior," Ignacious offers in return, bowing as best as he can in his armor. A few CHINK CHINKs of his steps away, and he pauses…turning back to look at Tylon one more time before he takes his leave for true. "You look well, Mother Tylon. The road and time both have little impact on you," he offers, as though it were meant as some high compliment, and then he is gone…not-so-silently striding down the hall.

There is a bit of a smile to the Chosen as his making of a compliment, a small incline of her head with a,"Thank you, Brother." Before Tylon does make a return to the pile of paperwork that had built up in her short absence. No doubt, to see after the pair later.

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