The Pit of Despair

The Pit of Despair
Summary: Trapped in the Temple Dungeons, Breanna was not sure what to expect, and the outcome a surprize.
Date: 17/9/1329
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LakeTown Temple Dungeons
While the Temple itself is a rather lovely place to be, the dungeons may be someone's worst nightmare. There is a set of stairs that leads downwards towards a large room that is in the shape of a circle. The floor is dirt covered, and there is a main drain within the center of the room, cleaning down here isn't a big deal so there is a rank smell in the air that rather over powering at times. Light is supplied by oil lamps or candles, and without either there is not much in the way of light down here. Truly if someone wish to be forgotten this is a place to take them to make them feel that they are truly alone.

There is one wall that is lined with hanging rusty shackles, used to make a person stay put and not giving them a chance to sit down. Three hallways are to be found, each leading to some other type of damp darkness, or who knows what could be waiting for them. Down a short hall next to the shackle wall can be found four thick wooden doors, a barred window found within the center of each door and the only way to get into the room is with a specific key. The cells that rest behind these doors are anything but homely, shackles rests hanging from the walls in different positions, two sets hang down from the ceiling to keep a person from being able to lean back against anything if they were shackled within them. There is a small window at the very top of the cell which offers some light down into the dark and dreary room. The floor is covered in dirt and bits of straw but there is nothing else to be found.

Tue Sep 17, 1329

Within in one of the cells down that short hall is Breanna, when she woke up in the Infirmary and demanded to be released they figured it was about time she was taken to the dungeon. The Ranger ha to get dragged down the steps, and even though she felt like someone in a racing wagon ran her over she put up a fight as best she could. She was dragged into a cell, shackled and left with the door slamming close behind the ones that brought her here. All of her things have been taken from her and she is wearing her tunic, leather pants and boots. Her face is bruised, right eye swollen nearly shut thanks to the fight she had with dear Ignacious, and she is sore beyond belief. At the moment she is sitting in a corner of the cell, her wrists are somewhat bloody from her attempts to get the shackles off, which didn't go very well from the looks of it. She stopped yelling hours ago, and she has no idea what time it is outside even with that slight window casting a dull light down into the cell. Her caught wolf has stopped howling, though there is a large male resting outside the Temple forever watching and trying to find his Alpha.

/Chink/, /chink/, /chink/, /chink/….it is a sound the grows louder as it echoes around the dank space beneath the Temple, and the closer it gets, the easier it will be for Breanna to identify. It is the sound of thick, heavy metal plates bouncing against each other with every step a man takes, as he approaches. They stop, perhaps predictably, outside of Breanna's cell door, and then there's the sounds - distant and close at once, of a large rusted key being crammed into its lock, the metal moaning as it is twisted into place to allow for the door to swing open. And then, of course, there is the person that she /most likely/ wishes to see the least at the moment…Sir Ignacious, with a satchel over one shoulder. He steps into the cell, and closes the door behind him, then drops a cloth over the barred window into the room, as if it were necessary. There is a small table; really more a few boards being held upright by a few chains in the wall, and the knight goes to it now, and sets down the satchel, and begins removing…some interesting objects. Candles, oils, spiked metal rods, large hooks…

Breanna was not expecting to see Ignacious, he said others would be the one do question her after all. The movement outside is heard, for a few moments there is hope, perhaps they have came to their senses and are letting her go? She lifts her head slowly, wincing as she goes as everything just hurts from her struggling so much. As the door opens she holds her breath and then her heart just sinks seeing who it is. Her left eye follows after him, pale gaze narrowed slightly from pain but she says nothing as the man comes within, closes the door and goes about taking things out. If he was hoping to scare her it doesn't work. She eyes the items pulled out and soon lets her head lower to her arm, eye closing tightly. There will be no begging, no pleading, she merely waits to see what is to be said by the other.

"Talking," he begins, pulling out a vial, and carefully inspecting the inscription on it, "Is rather something of a trade of mine. There are potions we could mix that would loosen your tongue, and I might be giving you one of those yet, but…I think we have plenty of other methods to exhuast, first. Heretics like you always crack, and I /enjoy/ it when they do," he tells her, as plainly as possible. He's not quite as slick (as say, some certain one eyed southern nobles) as to erased the threat from his voice as he does it; Ignacious will always have it. "My goal is to /not/ have to use the hooks…and if even they don't work, well, then your witchcraft is too strong, and we must need 'purify' you first." He finally spares her a glance. "And you don't look like you could take much of that."

Breanna takes in a slight breath once the other talks, if she has nothing to say what is she suppose to do? Her one eye opens slowly and she sends an unsure glance towards the man. "I am not a witch. I am a Ranger." Her voice is firm, yet there is a wariness also there, she is tired, worried, scared? Possible. As for the rest that he says her gaze flicks up towards him slowly, wondering what he might do first. "Do yer worst. I have no answer to give ye that will change yer stupid dirt filled mind."
"You know…I rather like the defiant ones. It makes it better when you squeal," Ignacious admits, finally selecting an oil. A gauntlet is removed, and a cloth is put over the vial as a stopper, dampening it. He makes his way to the witch, then, and applies it to some of her wounds…under her arms…etc. It doesn't seem to have an effect for a moment, and then it burns. Not altogether painfully, except where the wounds are concerned, but it doesn't relent, either. It's like having an open flame just centimeters from your skin…but without any physical damage.

Breanna is in one of the cells down the hall, there is a voice speaking and it isn't hers that is for sure. Once inside she is rather beat up looking bruises across her face, her right eye swollen shut. Shackles rest upon her wrists, which are rather rusty and now covered in blood from her struggling to get free from them. She's hurting and it's clearly seeable to all that enter which for any that know her it's not a normal thing to see. "I'll be defiant until I die. Why not just go ahead and do that?" Brea snaps out, spitting towards Igacious as he moves towards her. The bottle is half seen thanks to how her vision is at the moment. The oil is felt and she lashes out with a hand towards the man's face trying to catch him off guard before he can pull back. As for that oil put on her skin, it doesn't bother her until it runs into the wounds on her wrists which makes her cry out ( not squealing yet!) and she struggles to try and get it off, though the shackles aren't helping at the moment. "Bastard!" Is hollered out the knight.

As she cries out, the former noble simple moves away, back to his bag of torturous goodies. "Molten oil is a favorite of mine," he explains, as he goes. "It leaves no trace or mark, but the effect lasts for hours, or until I apply a salve to wipe it away. And just /think/ of where else oil like that can drip into…" It is tucked away, and a leather glove is picked up instead, and put over the hand no longer in the gauntlet. "Now. You have information, you said? Let us begin there, shall we?" he asks, approaching again.

The sound of armor adjusting to each step as someone walks down the stairs is ever ominous in the loud and rather eerie depths of the Temple. Bootfalls aren't hurried but loud enough to hint that someone else is coming, as well as the flickering orange light of an oil lamp helping to guide the way. Blue eyes move over the darkest heart of the Temple, frowning at once as soon as he sees the manner of it's design. At the base of the flight of stairs, he lifts the lamp up to regard the lonely gaoler who is sadly assigned this dismal task of watching empty hallways - save for perhaps one or two that are used recently. The man exchanges a nod with him, "Brother Ignacious has a witch I heard? Is he down h—" and the screams cut him off, making the younger Brother close his eyes and take a steadying breath to prepare himself for whatever's happening down there.
He thanks the gaoler quietly, turning toward the sounds that reverberates down the hallways. The oil lamp is held aloft, giving further light to the already dim atmosphere. Every step is taken with an inward cringe and a mental debate to proceed. His skin is starting to crawl at the cries that he hears. It's a long walk down that hallway. Once at the door, he wraps his gauntlet against the door, "Brother," he airs with a question, tone a little forced. He doesn't realize who yet is in the cell with Ignacious, just, that Ignacious was worth checking up on when it comes to the manners of having a witch captive.

Breanna hears the bit on the oil, but really did he expect her to comment on that? The shackles are pulled and yanked as she tries to get at her wrists but no matter what she tries she can't get the oil off. "I'd love ta dump it down yer bloody throat" She hisses out once able to actually speak. When it comes to pain Brea can handle a lot of it, which is why she isn't in tears here at the moment as well. Other's might be screaming, but the few cries that have escaped her have been it. A slight ragged cough escapes her and she shifts to send a glance towards the man that is moving towards her once more. "I won't tell you, only Merrick or Mother Superior." She has nothing to tell this man, knowing that no matter what she says at the moment will do her no good. "Where is Aislinn, where is my wolf?" There is a moment of pause as her gaze lifts upwards at the door at the sudden knock; the voice makes her tense up. "Merrick!!" Is yelled out in an almost begging tone. Though knowing her luck Ignacious is going to drop something else on her for this.

At the sound of another here, Brother Ignacious turns away from his prey - and a good thing too, for the leather glove was to beat her about a bit without cutting her on a metal gauntlet. Eyes roll darkly as she cries out for Merrick, once Ignacious is almost at the door. The cloth is lifted, and Ignacious peers out of the barred window to the man on the other side. "Brother Merrick. What timing. The witch claims to have news only for you; do come in," he insists, opening the door for the younger Chosen.

The yell has a blood curdling result. Someone just yelled for hi in a way that was desperate and tense. He stands there trying to not let the anger rising up in him to get the better of him as he works out on just who it might be. The fear is also stomped down. He lowers the lantern as he waits for the Brother within the respond to him. He said one word and whoever it was inside knew him by that one word. His blue eyes are full of cold fury when Brother Ignacious flips the cloth back, flickers of the orange light making his features harder, more ill-omened as it were. As soon as the door is opened, Merrick will take the opportunity to levy weight into the door to slam it back toward Brother Ignacious as his fears are confirmed once he see's Breanna. He knows her face, even as swollen as it is. He turns on Ignacious, fists curled up and if it wasn't for his oaths holding him back, he would've already taken a swing. Instead, he's standing there with one fist actually shaking from self restraint, voice as menacing as he can, growling to the older man, "Let her go Brother."

The door does indeed fly back at Ignacious…who, as ever (doesn't this man ever get /tired/?) is wearing his plate armor. It crashes against him, but is stopped fairly quickly by his bulk and the weight of the metal coating.
Despite that, Ignacious' tone is still much softer yet for Merrick than it is for thge prisoner. "Stay your anger, Brother. I, too, was shocked to discover that the one we let in amongst our flock was merely a wolf in disguise. But we will expose her witchcraft yet for what it is, and with permission from the Mother Superior, when she returns, we will purify her. Hers is a heresy of /ignorance/, not of willful disdain for the Guardians."

Breanna sends a glance to Ignacious before she looks back to Merrick once the door is open, a faint breath escaping her once she does indeed see Merrick. Everything will be alright now… Hopefully. "I told ye I knew him." Is murmured out as she shakes her head slowly. There is a pause as she hears Iggy and she lifts her gaze up slowly to watch him a few moments. "I'm not a bloody damn witch!" Really, this is what she gets for helping? Then maybe she shouldn't help anyone ever again. She yanks and struggles against the shackles which only proves to make that oil dig into her wrists more, a half yelp of a cry escaping her at the feeling.

Merrick is doing his best to keep that anger from something he couldn't take back, his features tight as his upper lip curls from the incredulous circumstance that has landed his friend in shackles and in pain. It's tearing at him, for reasons unknown to these two. He flinches a bit as he hears her cry out, "It's alright Breanna, I won't let him do anything else to you…" and that seems to outline his promise, bold faced and drawn. To Brother Ignacious, his attention having never left the man, as if sizing him up, the younger Chosen even in a recognizable stance. "Witchcraft? Brother, I was in the process of recruiting her!" He takes a step forward, "What has she done to be accused of such?" the rage is in his voice, unrelenting, vibrating every word with the threatenings of a darker growl.

When Merrick makes his promise, that's enough for Ignacious' brow to furrow. "Beyond the /beguiling/ she has done to you, Brother? You know better than to speak such words, when you yourself profess ignorance to her crimes. She is a commander of beasts, and a scryer of dark magics. And a tainter of men, it does seem," Ignacious growls back, glaring down at Merrick (though only two inches or so). "Do tell, dear Brother. How would you manage to recruit a wolf such as she?"
Breanna does her best to calm down which seems to help with the pain in her wrists, she's dealt with pain more times then she can recall but this is getting worse the more it rubs into her wrists. She looks to Merrick, able to relax slightly hearing what he says as she fully believes him. "I haven't done anything dammit!" She snaps out at Ignacious. "I'm a Ranger, my wolves are /trained/." A tainter of men? A slight glance is sent to Merrick, yes well no comment there. *cough* Something has to be said to make Iggy see she is not a threat, though she is at a lot of words for such things.

Ignacious' words causes Merrick's posture to straighten a little before he chuckles with some dark amusement about all this, looking up to the ceiling as if Bornas would guide him in these cruel times. Then, with a brow arched he sneers at Ignacious, "You're the one who is ignorant my dear -Brother-," that's said with an increasing level of frustration, "If she is a commander of beasts, then so am I, unless you have -forgotten- that Bornas lends me his strength in the form of a wolf, silver, male, called Grim?" He grunts quietly, "I hasten to think that Mother Superior will not be pleased at your choice of criminals. Breanna -fought- with us against those who would soil the Altheara Festival of Kites and she fought -with- us on the docks when we were attacked by Corsairs. Your accusations are spun from Kharnas himself." His hand starts to flex, "They call me Brother Wolf, so you figure it out…" He announces quite clearly, "I'm taking her with me. It is a sign from the Four that I must return my debt to them. And if you propose to stand in my way, then Brother, I pray for us both."

Iganacious' eyes narrow. "I have seen untoward acts of kindness and loyalty before, Brother, from outsides far more palatable than she. They called me crazy, until the streets were running red with the blood of their children, on dark altars. Heretics, Brother Merrick, come to us looking not so different from any other person, and whom they choose to fight alongside matters not to the /mothers/ of the innocent /slain/." A step foreward is taken, and a gauntleted fist rises to grasp Merrick's collar, Ignacious' void-piercing eyes just inches from his own. When he speaks, his voice is barely above a whisper. "When you have place the blood soaked, cruelly sacrificed newborns back into their arms of the corpse of their mothers, when you watch villagers driven mad by dark powers and foul, unclean potions, /eating each other/ in the streets, unable to tell their siblings from a raw piece of meat…you can speak to me of heresy, my ignorance, and /what you will and will not be doing./"
The gauntlet opens, and Merrick is released. "Go and find a priest, purify her yourself, but she will not leave this cell until I am satisfied. You have one hour before I begin my examination again. Go."

Breanna is unsure what to think, or say at the moment as her good eye drifts back and forth between the pair. A faint breath escapes her as she hears Merrick, his getting her out of her? That works for her so well at the moment! Though when Ignacious moves forward her gaze lifts up to him once more and she watches him a few long moments. Her spirits sink as it were and she leans back against the wall behind her. A tired and slight pained filled breath escapes her. "Merrick Do as he says." Is soon said, if he gets into a fight now because of her it will do them both no good. There has to be another way to get around this. Her gaze turns back to Ignacious. "I have never one harmed anyone that is innocent. Unlike ye at the moment. I do honestly hope the Guardians can forgive ye in some manner. A man that was supposes to help the innocent, and not harm them. Makes me wonder how many more ye have dragged down here and had yer way with them until they told ye what ye wanted ta hear."

Merrick doesn't move an inch as the other Brother approaches him and grabs his collar. It doesn't impress Merrick, that's for certain. It doesn't leave frightened as it would an Acolyte, in fact, it does the opposite. The boldness in which he regards Ignacious is one of pure challenge from a young brazen individual - blue eyes as wild as a wolves, hauntingly determined. There's something in him that cannot be moved or deterred, at least not right this moment with words. He starts repeating his oaths, namely, "Thou shalt respect all weaknesses, and shalt constitute thyself the defender of them. Thou shalt be respectful of all, especially the weak and the defenseless. Thou shalt be everywhere and always the champion of the Right and the Good against Injustice and Evil." The moment that Ignacious releases his collar from that gauntlet, Merrick brings up his arm and pushes Ignacious back. "Breanna is not a nightmare born of your imagination, she has slain no innocent. She does not practice dark magic." He takes a step back toward Breanna, "You fetch the priest, I'm not the one trying to justify the reason to torture an innnocent. You are. The blood will be on your hands Brother." The man resolves to loosen the hilt in his scabbard, "I will not leave her to your methods."

Breanna's plea makes him turn his eyes over his shoulder for a split second, "I will not -leave- you here."
"The blood of a Brother is a heavy weight for any hand to bear," Ignacious sighs, "But mine are so heavy already, with the Guardians' work. I can bear it, Brother, for I /know/ a thing of Injustice and Evil. You have been given your chance to end this bloodlessly; I will not be judged for your /indiscretion/." The long bastard sword on his back is forgotten; Ignacious is not possessed of much sense, but he knows the sword best for close quarters fighting, and a short sword finds itself unsheathed in his hand. "…and I vow that, with the knowledge that to bring a blade into the world is a thing of Evil in itself, that I will not return it until I have taken out as much Evil from the world with it as I have brought in…"

"Don't do this.. Don't fight" Breanna flicks her gaze to Merrick, fear and worry there, but not for her, rather for him. "Merrick, go get a priest. I do not want to be the reason for ye possible being hurt. Please" When it comes to begging Brea is not very good at it, though the thought of Merrick getting hurt over her pains her more than the actual pain that she is in at the moment. She looks back to Ignacious. "Ye may know something of it, but ye do not know everything. Yer not a Guardian, yer suppose to follow in their lead, yer suppose to follow their words. Ye truthfully feel that ye are doing that at this moment in time." The last thing she wants to do is be left with Ignacious on her own, but she has no idea what else to do at the moment.

Merrick's face drops as Ignacious proceeds with the insanity of his convictions, "It's not the Guardian's work to do this-" his hand flings back to indicate the woman chained up, "It was -never- their will to harm someone until they tell you what they want. How do you think I came to be a Chosen? I -was- saved from this very thing!" He is now seemingly pleading to reason with the man, "The -divine- powers that be stepped in, as I am doing now, to keep me from a noose Brother, so too am I keeping her from your bloodshed. She is meant to be one of us, don't you see it? Why else would a woman with a wolf find the only Brother of the order with a wolf at his side so easily? From the first time I met her brother, I have had a need to protect her. I see in her, what could be, the good she can do. Yet you accuse her of evil and so willingly create your own."
He looks abruptly sullen at what's transpiring, as if regretful that he had to do what was needed to protect the innocent, "To keep my oath, in defense of the innocent, bless my blade Bornas, so that the truth can be seen this day." His own blade draws, held with one hand, "Forgive me Brother, I should have hoped your ears would open annd your heart would know the truth without what must happen now… You've been too long down here in the shadows and filth… IT has corrupted you. I pray for you…" Breanna's pleads earn a stubborn, "If I leave, he's just going to start again… We share this pain Breanna, for truth, justice, and love."

"If you had left, I would have granted the hour I promised," Brother Ignacious sneers, his mood fouled, more by methods of torture being described as heretical than anything else Merrick has said, "But now I see you are far, far too gone, Brother. Far too under her spell now to even acknowledge the only bloodless opportunity…you have been made unclean, Merrick. Your poor soul. But fear not, Brother Merrick. We will see you cleansed yet!" The cell is small, certainly not the place for combat of many kinds. Close quarters dictates that there are few large hacks or slashes; at this point, it is almost more which man can manipulate their bulk and weight against the others' better.

Breanna lets her gaze rest back upon Merrick and she watches him a few moments as she takes in everything that is said. A soft breath escapes her, a faint smile caught perhaps. "Everything happens for a reason, remember? That was a good day when I met ye and Grim." No reason to hold back at the moment. As for the rest there is but a half nod. "I've dealt with worse Merrick." She has the scars to prove it. Hearing Ignacious she is surprised and taken back at such things while she leans back slightly (as if she could get any further back into that wall). Once the fight starts she is speechless for a moment. "STOP! Don't hurt him, I beg you!" This said to Iggy, though really with him going chopchoppity it might not even be heard. She struggles against those shackles, which makes them dig more into the wounds there. This is the last thing that she wanted, the last thing that she thought would happen.

Merrick shakes his head, tormented now with the lack of his own clarity to listen and take the opportunity for the higher road - to be the dog to fetch the priest. Why didn't he! He's left doubting himself as that is sneered at him, watching the increased righteousness that fuels Ignacious. "What spell?! You have no proof of any spell Brother…" though he raises his gauntlet to his brow all the same, as if struggling to close out the others words. It is a cramped place to fight. It seems senseless on one hand! On the other, hearing the thrashing of those chains, it's justified. And this is real…

As the 'fight' begins, Ignacious quickly gains the upper hand - his bulk a bit much for the room, but it gives him some leverage. His sword short comes up quickly…and avoids the gauntlet, its blade swinging out at an angle not meant to cut any flesh…as he instead drives the pommel of the short sword towards Merrick's head. Nothing gives a good advantage like discombobulating your opponent!

Breanna pulls and struggles against her shackles, trying to find some way out from them, but so far there is nothing. "Enough!!" She cries out once she catches sight of the attack towards Merrick, the very one that had her knocked out. "What do ye want me to say?! Just stop this!" This is a bit more then she wants to see, there is no stopping Ignacious if he does hit Merrick like before when she was caught by the same attack.

That… wasn't supposed to happen. He should've learned his lesson from the day he practiced against the other man. The leverage is given to the stronger of the two. He attempts to dodge the incoming, though the tight quarters limit that and before he knows it, he gets clipped hard enough by the pommel to go sprawling back in a sudden shock of white blinding light. Ooookay. Sign from the heavens?! That one is going to hurt for a while!

He slams back up against one of the cell walls, one arm pressed against it to keep himself from slumping down to the ground while his vision tries to clear - blood running down from an open gash on his brow. The other with his sword half askewed at his side, not even lifting it to draw against the other again. He tries to wipe the blood away from his one eye, smearing it across his gauntlet, though it keeps coming, the flesh split pretty well from the blow. Somewhere in his daze he ears Breanna's cries, flinching slightly at her submission to say what Ignacious wants to hear. "Just a scratch…" he compliments Ignacious with a curious twisted smirk.

"A scratch enough, I should hope," the elder Chosen growls, "To have driven the madness from your mind. Now, are you going to shackle yourself in the next set over, or am I going to need to hit you again?" To Breanna, only the barest of glances is spared; body language that says 'I'll deal with you later', as wordlessly as it can.
Breanna frowns as she watches the two, her head lowering slightly once Merrick is hit and stumbles backwards. "Damn ye" Is hissed out as she watches Ignacious. She's very rarely ever hated someone, there is a few she can think of and this one is now getting added to the list. "What do ye want me to say to end this madness that ye are causing over nothing but stupid truths that ye have pulled out from the very air around ye?"

Merrick's one eye is starting to swell some, the brow at any rate, so he's squinting through blood and a bit of fiery pain coursing through his forehead, the throbs that start to pulse like wicked headaches. "I won't give this up…" he scowls at the other Chosen, "no matter how many times you try to drive it from me… You'll have to torture me to death, or strike me down now… I will not stop defending her or my oaht." His broadsword falls from his hand though, silently taking out his two daggers, better to use in the space the cell offers.

Ignacious allows Merrick to draw his daggers, and what follows in a tragic tussle. The blades shoot out, aimed at weak points or flesh - and are knocked away. The younger knight takes a step back, and attempts to hurl one of his daggers at Ignacious' exposed head…but a mailed fist soon rises to meet it, deflecting the small blade uselessly in a corner (and thankfully not at Breanna, how tragic would that be?) before he moves forward to smash that pommel into Merric's shoulder.
Merrick's armor takes most of the hit on his shoulder but that doesn't mean it fails to hurt him. Disarmed and sporting a wicked gnarly gash on his head and now a sudden forceful pain that makes him lose grip of any weapons… puts him down on a knee before Ignacious. The tragic end has come and he accepts his fate, gritting between his teeth knowing he has been beat once more, "My life is yours Brother, take it if you must."

Breanna shakes her head as she watches the pair continue on with the fight. "Merrick Don't, please!" She begs of him now.. Can't one of them listen to her? Her gaze flicks from one then to the other she isn't sure what to say or do. Though it doesn't last for long. "I beg ye… Brother, don't kill him. I'll do whatever ye want… Just don't, please." Her one pale eye is settled on Ignacious, and for one that wouldn't tear up over her own pain she is crying at the moment. Tears are rolling down her cheeks. She did this, she caused Merrick to get himself in trouble, to be in this moment and she has to do something to try and fix it.

Once Merrick is thoroughly disarmed, Ignacious takes a knee before him, and…wraps his arms around his Brother, in a short, touching show of respect. "Your life belongs to the Guardians, Merrick, not I. We will see you back to them, once you are freed of this…this curse. I will see you redeemed, Brother," he promises, before rising, and hauling his friend up on his feet, before dragging him next to Breanna, an unceremoniously shackling him in hext to her. Once that is done, he finally returns his attentions back to the woman, who most assuredly has forgotten the pain of the molten oil in favor of the pain of watching her friend beaten before her. "Be grateful that I am /not/ the kind of man who seem fond of describing me as," he sneers, giving the ranger a quick elevator glance. "A lesser man might take you up on that offer. But /I/ do not consort with the unclean."
Breanna glowers at Ignacious. "I would gut ye before that ever happened." She states even as the Chosen is walking off. As for that pain from the molten oil she'll be feeling it soon enough once her mind is off of the idea of Merrick getting killed in front of her.

Merrick is … shocked by the arms that are put around him. His eyes close as he struggles with the weight of this defeat. He doesn't struggle though when he's hauled up to his feet and settled next to Breanna. He says nothing. There is something dark in his eyes that suggests he's closing himself off to everything that matters. It's a defensive mechanism for sure. He watches blankly as Ignacious puts him in the shackles beside Breanna, watching distantly as Ignacious return his attentions to Breanna. The way he looks at Breanna sort of does something to him. What that will not be known until later, for now he grunts toward Breanna, "Told you I needed you at my back…" Apparently, as his eyes draw up to look at the shackles on his wrists, fingers tightening around the lengths, sighing loudly. He failed. Again. And again, without Grim.

Merrick looks down at the shackles around his wrists, staring at them, as if getting lost in the meaning of them. His eyes close, ashamed and defeated all at the same time. Why is this happening to him! The touch on his arm alerts his attention, eyes snapping over and situating on Breanna, "Will we? My -brother-," he sardonically drawls, "is presistent and has been known to take a person to the brink of death for their confessions. Said people often -hang- and are glad to once he's done with them." He narrows his eyes down at the shackles, "It's why I came… To see who he had down here. It isn't right, all this." He lifts his hand up to rub at some of the drying blood that's starting to itch. Ooo, yeah that still hurts a little. He does look over toward her, waiting for what she wants to say he has to promise to.

Breanna is quiet while she watches him, there is a slight blink and she frowns a moment while glancing to the shackles. "I could see him doing that." Especially with what he has done to her already. She lets her head leans back against the wall, her eye settling upon the door to watch it q few moments. "I don't want ye to give up down here. There let ye out, they have too. Yer a Chosen. They wouldn't stop him with me but, with ye it's different." It has to be different, right? She's has spent most of the last two days in this cell getting use to the fact that she might not get out of this one in one piece. "I'm sorry ye came, I'm sorry I got ye into this."

Merrick rolls his head back and forth, swaying it side to side, as if to test his neck muscles, slowly working out his shoulder where Iggy's hammer of a thrust landed. Broken bones? Close, but not quite. He's battling some inner thoughts, eyes squinting one moment and appearing pensive in the next. He stares down at the shackles and gives a quiet laugh, soft chuffs of amusement as he tests out the strength of their iron hold. It's in good timing with what she wants him to promise. "I'm pathetic…" he blurts out, shoving the shackles her way, almost in anger, "What -right- do I have being a Chosen when I can't even stop one act of cruelty from happening!" He yanks on the lengths of chain and frowns, letting his head back against the wall too, banging it there a few times in frustration, "He'll be sorry…"

Breanna looks over to him tiredly, watching him a few moments. Her hand reaching to try and grab hold of his once hand is lifted. "Merrick, yer not pathetic. Ye have ever right to be a Chosen, he does not. He is not worthy, ye are." There is a slight pause while she leans forward slightly to peer at him. "Let Tylon deal with him, ye are better then this." As she says 'this' her other hand waves around, the shackles rattling as she goes, a faint wince escaping her at the feeling of metal against raw wound at her wrist. "Don't let him win."

"He already -has- won Breanna, you don't get it…" he looks over at her, "He'll be the first one to talk to the Mother Superior when she comes to resolve the matter… He'll say whatever he wants to her, he'll convince anyone who'll listen… By the time she returns, we'll be saying whatever he wants us to say…" He gives a laugh that sounds a little insane, "I should've fought to the death. Better that than what is to come. Next time, remind me to fight to the death." He shakes his head, whispering, "I'm sorry I failed you." He closes his eyes, squinting hard against the throbbing pain still in his head, but he doesn't want to seem to have any … physical connection to Breanna. Regardless she does snag his hand and that's all it takes for him to turn into her as much as the shackles allow, putting his arms around her and drawing her in whatever form of embrace they can manage.

Breanna would shake her head, but it still aches. "I don't think he has won. I don't think the Mother will believe him." That is the one little bit of hope she still has left, though really she thought Merrick could get her out of this and look at where they got them both? "No, the Guardians haven't taken ye yet, do ye think they would want ye to die now?" Isn't he normally the one trying to convince her of the Guardians? As for the rest she is quiet, her mind wandering while the pain in her wrists is becoming more aware to her. "Ye didn't fail me Merrick. If he had killed ye then I would be alone." She hasn't been truly along in a long time, her wolves have always been with her as she traveled and now without them she feels lost to a degree. Her hand grips hold of his as best she can and she doesn't stop that touching embrace, she shifts straining the shackles and lets her other arm curl around him as best she can. A howl rings out from her wolf at the edge of the Temple walls, her brown male searching for the others.

Merrick will actually try and shuffle closer to her, drag her into him, so she can lean up against him and he can hold her throughout the night. He doesn't let go, his eyes don't close, he just protects her and if this is the only way he can, then that's what he'll do. It's a loving embrace and has him whispering, "I'd do it all again… for you…" he will even kiss her if she lets him, murmuring, "We do this together… all of it."

Breanna presses as close as she can to him, her arms giving him a slight squeeze. As for the kiss, she'll allow it and give him a soft one back. She is beyond tired, and getting the chance to sleep she does just that, nestled as close to Merrick as she possible can. A soft murmur escaping her, the words not fully picked up.

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