The Princess and the Sellsword

The Princess and the Sellsword
Summary: Niniane spents time relaxing with Roltoff, Gustav makes a rather formal appearance and Esther deals with a misbehaving barmaid.
Date: 18/07/2013
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Laketown - The Drunken Clam
A large oak bar is prominent in the common room of the tavern. The smell from the kitchen is generally delightful, and the hearth situated at the back of the room is large and always burning. A sign above the bar reads 'No Fancy-dancy wines here. This tavern is for real drinkers', while the bars front has been carved with the likenesses of clams here and there, to echo the place's name.

The Tavern has a slightly seedy crowd and is generally messy, but never unclean. Tables are spread out and some seem mismatched, but the seating can accommodate any number of patrons. All the furnishings are made of highly crafted Oak to remain quite sturdy no matter what condition they might be put thru. Just past the main bar is the door, leading to the Kitchen itself, and to the right of the door leading to the kitchen is a flight of stairs that lead up to the second floor. To the right of the bar as you enter can be seen another door, with a Sign above it labled 'The den'.

Jul 18, 1329

Its just after the dinner rush, so most of the tables are empty of patrons but still cluttered with plates o fhalf eaten food. The staff is busy about trying to clear and clean with brutal effeciency. One young lady about twelve years old with firey red hair and bright blue eyes comes up to Roltoff and Says. "cook is in need of some herbs so she need to go get some she asked me if there was anything else she should get while she was out. " Roltoff looks to young Erin and smiles. "Well pipsqueak, " as he slips her a coin and depending on observant you are you can see its of silver .. " Give this too her and you and Eros go with her and make sure he buys as many Onions and Garlic and what ever else she might require. Then to stop by the store and get you and Eros some candy for doing such a good job.. " Little Ernin jumps up and wraps her arms around Roltoff's neck as she hugs him and then dahs's out thru the kitchen to go with cook and Eros , Who pokes his head thru the door he appears to be roughtly fourteen years of age. Roltoff goes back behind the bar to continue serving drinks.

The northern princess, who has been staying at the Drunken Clam as per the southern queens orders, is sitting in the back of the room by the hearth with a book open upon the table and her blonde hair hanging around her face. The young woman looks up at the sound of the younger person's voice and Roltoff's in answer and a smile plays across her lips, "I must say Master Roltoff, you are quite an extraordinary tavern owner." She says quietly but hopefully loud enough the tavern's patron will hear here.

Roltoff looks up at the princess and arches a brow, "Oh in what way Princess. " as he moves over to her table to find out what she might require. " care for something else to eat I think cook still has a wild blackberry pie and can I get you an ale, or maybe a sweet mead to wash it down with or rum or even brandy?" he is all smiles as he asks the northern princess these questions.

"Well Master Roltoff, the way you seem to treat your staff is extraordinary. I have not been here long enough, but if you were not in the employ of a friend, I might have to convince you to work for the north." Niniane smiles to the man in an obvious chipper mood since the tournament started. "And the pie sounds delicious, sweet mead please?" She asks as she closes her book and keeps a finger in it for a marker.

Roltoff givs you a combination bow/nod and smiles, "of course princess I'll be right back .. " he steps into the kitchen for a bit and returns with a plate half the size of a dinner plate but Whats on it seem to try to dwarf the plate supporting it as he carries this massive slice of blackberry pie in one hand and a large tankard of mead in the Other. " will there be anything else pricess. " as he sets both items down before you and hands you a fork.

Niniane blinks as the man comes back and raises an eyebrow to the pie, "Oh my, am I really suppose to eat all of that?" She asks with a small giggle and shakes her head, "It smells wonderful but I would be so afraid of wasting such lovely food." She does take the fork however delicately for Roltoff and set it down on the table though.

Roltoff chuckles "Well I've made it a rule with cook, that we dont serve no skimpy portions, sure we might charge a bit more but you get what you pay for.. " he grins. "Oh Im sure you'll do just fine princess. "do hope you enjoy the food."

Niniane's head bobs with the mans words but she still looks skeptically to her plate and takes a deep breath, "for the sake of your tavern Master Roltoff, I shall attempt this. Perhaps if I manage this piece I will have to enter the pie eating competition." She grins then takes a small bite and gives a rather appreciative ummm.

Roltoff chuckles softly. "well Im sure if you did you'd do quite well. " as he speaks softly to you and goes to fill a few more orders for pie and some just for refills of drinks.

Niniane does try, she really does but a quarter of a way through the piece of pie as Roltoff moves about serving individuals, she has to put her fork down. A small sigh comes from the princess and she takes a sip of the meads before pushing the plate slightly away.

Roltoff comes back and grins. "So Im thinking pie eating contest not your thing after all. "he teasing is warm and gentle "Are you staying here or headed back to the pavilians out in the training field or headed back to woveshire? "

"I believe I ought to be staying here. Wolfshire is quite the ride to be undertaking when I would love to be here for the joust." Niniane responds with a small smile and again reiterates, "Thank you for the suggestion Master Roltoff. Oh were you a competitor in the battle royale or did you see it by chance?"

Roltoff smiles a bit "I took part in the battle and If it wasn't due to a previous injury I might have beaten Xander but as it was he took gold and I took silver. " he grins. "though it was a fun fight."

"You took silver? That is wonderful, I heard there were many talented knights there." Niniane smiles to the tavern owner and even goes as far as clapping her hands together for the man, "Who came out with the bronze? I have not heard yet actually. If you happen to know?"

Roltoff grins and nods. "Sarah and the squire Isabella tied for copper. as they were knocked out at the same time. " he tells you.

"Oh Lord Pawel's squire and Sarah? I do not think I am familiar with that name…" Niniane pauses and looks as if she is thinking for a moment but then shakes her head, "Who is Sarah?"

Roltoff grins. "sarah is a red haired lady archer who is similar to me as she hires out her bow skills I think but mostly from what I've seen she prefers to flirt with every male she can find. Though she was flirting with Xander much to Prada's Ire.. " as he grins impisly at that. " Very little upsets her but to prove to Xander she can be jealous is a feat in its own making. " he chuckles.

"So she is a sellsword like yourself Master Roltoff?" The northern princess asks and then covers her mouth with a slight giggle escaping, "It is ever so hard to bring forth Lady Prada's ire, I am impressed in that at least."

Roltoff shrugs, "Not in the sense I believe I am I honestly dont know much about the girl save she likes to flaunt what she's got.. Which is conciderable and She seems to be skilled in archery but little else? " he gets himself a ale and sits down at your table. "I don't know enough to make a guess she doesn't frequent the bar much though Im sure she'll be around from time to time to speak too should you be interested."

"Well, well, has this woman peeked the interest of Master Roltoff perhaps? With her considerable assets?" Ninient gives Roltoff a friendly smile as he sips down and seems rather unprincess like for the time being as she take a sip from the sweet mead.

Roltoff grins softly. "She does have .. assets as you put it princess but tis not her that has peeked this ones interest. " he sips more ale and occasionally turns to keep an eye on the tavern but thankfully his servers are on the ball and keeping them well in hand.

Niniane's eyebrow raises further, "The mystery surrounding you deepen Master Roltoff, and I was always taught a none mysterious person was a waste of time." She chuckles and gives him a most genuine smile, "Thank you so much for lightening the mood Master Roltoff, I find I am often lately in need of non-bias conversations."

Roltoff chuckles softly "well thats what were here for " he chckles "North, south makes no never mind when you come in here all that gets left outside the door. " as he continues to talk to Niniane, at her table sipping ale while she is nursing her mead. The Tavern's been mostly quite as Elspeth and Ember are working to keep patrons happy. Although Embers means is mostly by sitting in their laps and flirting. It appears Elspeth is learning faster and becomming more proficient in her skills and is slowly earning more tips than Ember.

Esther chooses that time to make an appearance. She's been in the back room balancing the books, painstakingly adding up the columns of the ledger, and now she's done. She emerges, rubbing her temple, and fumbles in a pouch at her waist for some ground-up white powder in a little wrap of parchment; she tips it into a mug, adds beer, swills it around, and swallows it down.

Niniane gives another rather girlish giggle and shakes her head, "Yes well I am sure you will be so much happier once the tournament is over, though I am so enjoying my time in Laketown I dread it." She shakes her head and a frown pulls at the corners of her lips. The northern princess' eyes catch sight of an arrival from the back, but she merely turns back to her apparent new drinking companion.

Roltoff cocks his head "why dread it princess. besides in some ways the festivle has improved business for me, and the Duck Im sure as were packed due to those odd attractions.

Roltoff cocks his head "why dread it princess. besides in some ways the festivle has improved business for me, and the Duck Im sure as were packed due to those odd attractions. " he spots Esther and grins. "Done already are we. " he grins, then turns to look at Niniane. "well you know your always welcome here." he tells the princess.

"'Done already'? Master Roltoff, I have been working on your books since dawn, but yes, they are done," Esther replies with a long-suffering grin as she refills her flagon of ale to wash down the bitter (to judge from the expression on her face) powder.

Niniane does look towards the newcomer then and give the woman a smile and a nod of her head, "Oh I dread the lack of freedom and the return south, which I hope is understandable. Though it was lovely to see family once again." She then looks to the tall women by the bar again before smiling to Roltoff and the woman in turn, "And here I said you seemed to be an extraordinary employer and now I must eat my words?"

Roltoff looks to Niniane and laughs, "Well if it wasn't for her skills this place wouldn't be nearly as profitable as it is. " and with that said he looks to Ester ." we are still making money right?" as he waggles his eyebrows in a playful manner. He then looks to Niniane again. "well they are well paid so working hard is part of the package deal. " he smiles softly to the princess.

Esther nods, flexing some feeling back into her hands. "Yes, Master Roltoff, you are still making money," she grins. "Even when you pay myself and Mistresses Ember and Elspeth." Ember, the curvy brunette currently sitting on someone's lap, looks back over with a sulky pout; apparently she isn't paid what she thinks she deserves.

When next the door to the common room opens, it is from further within the Inn, towards the guest rooms - and in tromps a man who might be tall, if he were not ever so slightly bend over a cane, which clanks heavily on the floor beneath him, in tandem with his slow, measured pace. He wears the deep forrest green of the Sollingers on his velvet doublet, and a cloth-of-siver half cape draped over the arm carrying his cane. A patch covers one eye, while the other is free to roam over the chamber - and roam it does, casting a scrutinizing glace about, seeking something and not finding it.

There is a boy in his middle teens accompanying the nobleman, and he runs off to secure a flagon of mead while the one-eyed knight seeks as empty a seat as he can find.

The northerner princess chuckles and shakes her head at the two she is already speaking with, "Well that is good to hear, I am sure Laketown would not have taken on such an undertaking if they did not hope for an increase in business." The princess' apple green eyes roam the room occasionally and now catch sight of the southerner. The blonde's eyebrow raises as she tries to place him and finally says quietly to the tavern owner, "Do you happen to know the man Master Roltoff?" It may not have been quiet enough.

Roltoff turns to look at the Aged gentlman and shakes his head. "No cant place him but thats nothing new. Rarely do I get north or south here. It makes it hard to keep track of who's who. " he chuckles. He looks to Ember and says. "back to work you. unless can find a better place of employment for what I pay ay!" his tone has a bit of an edge to it. He then looks to Esther and grins, " aye Estehr but I pay ye what your worth and not a copper less. For sum its a pay raise." he looks to Ember again.. "for other might mean a pay reduction."

Ember's face pales and she scurries back behind the bar, producing a broom and starting to sweep the floor. Esther's gaze follows her, watching her work for a few moments before she rises to her feet. "Mistress Ember, a word if you please? Excuse me, Master Roltoff, but I can deal with this." Then she walks over and steers a worried-looking Ember through to the back room.

It is the colors of Rhaedan that finally catch the seaborn noble's attention, and a few /clomp, clomp/s of his cane later, the discerning eye is hovering a mere few paces away from the princess. There is a bow - though it is labored by needing support from the cane, and only halfhearted at that - before the Sollinger finally deigns to speak. "Greetings from the West, my dear princess. I do hope the good people of the south have seen to your comforts?" he asks, his tone slow, half mocking, half excessively polite.

Roltoff he ignores, for the moment; he seems not to have noticed the man.

Niniane gives Ester a small not an worried look for the woman as she goes off to deal with the issue before smiling and nodding to Roltoff, "Thank you anyways." She then blinks as the elder gentleman approaches and her tone changes from one of friendly happiness, merging more into proper and polite as she clears her throat. "I thank you for your greetings my lord, and assure you her majesty has seen it fit to attend my needs in a gracious and welcoming manner. To whom do I have the honor of speaking to since you have knowledge of me already, I feel as if I should know." She offers a nod of her head in way of greeting and the young woman's back straightens.

Roltoff follows the older mans approach and asks "So what can I get for ya.? " he looks to niniane as she address him as well. " food, or drink or maybe something sweet?" Roltoff stands up and smiles to Niniane. "though you look like you could use a refill as I know I could."

"Sir Gustav of House Sollinger, formerly in her royal and most august majesty's honored Blue Guard, your highness," the one eyed man introduces, bowing again. "You will pardon my appearance, of course - it is not always safe work, protecting our region from the corsairs. Would that your highness never need deal with the likes of that lot," he offers, his tone unchanging.

It is his squire, however, who speaks to Roltoff. "Hoy, sir, we'll be having two means, if you don't mind. Flagons, mind you, and the good stuff, too," he requests, tossing the obligatory and expected small coin purse on the table that typically accompanies a nobleman's night out.

Niniane gives a polite if not stiff smile to the southern noble and she nods her head slowly, "A pleasure to meet you Sir Gustav. I do hope the current talks of wars and enemies do not bring such a burden to any of us again Sir." She replies before looking to Roltoff and speaking in the same polite and courteous voice, though a hint of the former warmth is still there for the sellsword, "A refill would be much appreciated Master Roltoff." To the southerner she adds, "You should try the pie here sir, it is rather wonderful."

Roltoff grins at Niniane and looks to the squire " My good sire we only serve the best at the clam." as he accepts the coin and goes to get the two flaggons of Mead. He sets them down and smiles, and once you taste the mead you'll realize he wasn't kidding. He then sets down a full one for the princess as well as he drinks his own ale. "She is quite correct sir we have a very good wild blackberry pie. That Im sure would satisfy even your cravings. "

The words from the princess do little to improve the dour noble's face, which hardens even more as they reach him. "Indeed, your Highness. It is not a burden we Sollingers take lightly. Let us pray for cooler heads, for…as you can see…" and here, he lifts his cane up to tap his skull near his eyepatch, "We tend to leave it all on the field when we are thusly burdened."

The squire accepts the flagon from Roltoff, and hands one over to his mentor, who promptly raises it towards the princess, his eye never leaving hers. "To an unburdened peace," he utters, quietly, almost too quietly even to fill space between she and he. And then, without waiting for a reply, he takes a sip and begins to move off further into the common room. His squire remains behind for a moment longer, looking somewhat embarassed, and turns back to Roltoff. "Sorry about that, sir. He's not one for many words, y'see. Or pie, either. Though I'm sure it /is/ as good as y'say," he nearly stammers, before turning to hustle back to his knight.

Niniane lifts her glass as Gustav does and takes a sip with the man before nodding her head, "Yes to an unburdened peace sir." She keeps her composure until she is sure the noble and his squire are out of sight, then bursts into a fit of quiet laughter, "Wow…" She mutters and looks back to Roltoff, giving him an apologetic smile.

Roltoff can only arch a brow as the southern departs with his squire. "I wonder what that was all about. " as he sips his ale. "yet to think I'd serve something other than the best drinks in town.?"

Niniane's shoulder shrug as she tries to stop the inherit need to stiffen her spine, "I honestly do not know. It seemed quite like a test though. I have been finding many in the south expect me to be rather different then they find."

Roltoff nods his head "well Im sure we will constantly surprise people with how they preceive us to be or act when we do something they dont expect. Though I would have hoped for better mannors from him in my tavern." he sips his ale. "for that I do appologize."

A small nod and Niniane shakes her head, "Oh no that was most formal manners to me Master Roltoff, which can only be expected. I apologize to you however for his lack of manners in your direction." She sips at the mead and gives the tavern owner a small smile again.

Roltoff gives you a very surprised look. "My dear lady, I am sadly to say quite used to being ignored or dismissed in such mannors unless Im of use. Then most seem to be all please and thankyou's." he sips more ale. " you on the other hand are a delight you like your sister treat me like and equal even if My station is beneath that of your own."

"The southerners would call us brutes, raised no better then animals Master Roltoff, but I do hope you see this is untrue, and thank you for your praise." Niniane smiles and finishes off her mead, rather unprincess-like in her actions. "Thank you so very much Master Roltoff for your company and pie. I shall not forget such kindness." She smiles to him as she stands up from her seat, picking up the long forgotten tomb, "But alas I must slip off to sleep if you will excuse me." She grins again before starting to make her way upstairs.

Roltoff stands and then offers you his arm as to lead you as far as the stairs to your room. "It was a pleasure to host you Princess and I do hope in time you'll be able to return when you wish too."

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