The Stillness That Comes After

The Stillness That Comes After
Summary: Sir Deidra and Sir Jaren briefly chat in the aftermath of the Battle of Fort Brenton
Date: 04/11/1329 Well before sunrise
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Deidra Jaren 

Fort Brenton
Along one of the walls of the Fort
November 4, 1329

It has been a long day of fighting and bloodshed, and finally Fort Brenton has been cleared of all the scum that had infested its halls - well, in part at least, as the Prince had proved a little soft here and there and insisted that those who had surrendered where to be spared from death to experience the hospitality of the fort's dungeons instead.

The most obvious traces of her commitment have been wiped away from Sir Deidra's face, the damp cloth with the characteristic brown-reddish stains still in her hands as she stands there on the battlements of the fort. It is late, and the darkness of the night impenetrable for her steely green eyes, yet she cannot help but let her gaze wander to what lies beyond, ever vigilant as usual. The rest of the party and the freed captives have gathered in the Great Hall for the night, and most of those will probably already be asleep. Still. Someone has to keep watch. There could be still bandits lurking somewhere in the surrounding hills and mountains.

Sir Deidra is not the only one awake, it seems. Sir Jaren Cassomir has not been able to sleep, both occupied with seeing to many of the administrative details of "cleaning up" after the battle or simply being preoccupied by the fate of Bethany and Sir Gauvain. In either case, Jaren moves up along the battlements, offering over a waterskin towards Deidra, "It always seems unnaturally calm after a battle like this, doesn't it?" He comments, moving to stand beside Deidra and examine the dark woods outside the Fortress. "The Prince is well? He had a bit of a limp the last I saw."

"Aye, it does," comes the reply from the Blue Guard as she hears Jaren's comment, her gaze lingering for another moment on those woods that lie somewhere in that darkness before she turns and graces the knight with her attention. "Still. I am not sure it is already over, Sir Jaren." She puts that damp cloth down to accept the offered waterskin, muttering her thanks as she takes a long sip from it. With all the battle and following activity she has obviously forgotten about her own needs, apparently. "The prince is well enough, and taken care of, I am sure." she adds after another moment as she hands the skin back to the Cassomir, and a light weary smirk enters her usually so sour mien. "But what of Sir Gauvain? And his daughter?" She has heard of course some of the disturbing news, as the concern in her eyes betrays.

"They will survive, by all accounts. Gauvain's wounds were not inconsiderable, but far from mortal. Young Bethany…was a more near thing, but Lady Claire's sure hand managed to keep her among us. She plans to take them to Laketown, where the Temple and Healer's Guild may be able to insure she suffers no lasting harm from her wounds." Jaren explains, still looking out towards the forest and noting, "There are always other battles to be fought eventually…but I think this particular one has come to a close. Between our two sorties, we've accounted for near forty bandits, and at least two seeming leaders. It would be unlikely any organized opposition remains." Jaren pauses, then glances briefly to Deidra, smiling ever-so-slightly, "But it never hurts to remain vigilant. We still have sentries and watches posted. Much to the men's chagrin."

Her head is lowered a touch while Deidra listens Jaren's reply regarding the well being of father and daughter. "The Guardians be blessed," the Blue Guard mutters, looking a bit relieved. "I had heard she was near death. Poor thing." That second remark clarifying her concern was for the girl foremost. However, the mention of Laketown does soften her features, and the hint of a wistful smile sneaks onto her face. Her gaze flits towards Jaren and she turns to look out over the battlements again, nodding to the knight's assessment of the situation. "Aye, they are weary and so are we. As much as I hope there is noone out there, lurking and waiting to come at us in a surprise attack… We must not let down our guard.", she remarks, her tone casual as her mien probably has regained her usual countenance.

"I somehow doubt lowering your guard is something that happens with very much frequency where you are concerned, Sir Deidra." Jaren replies, his smile polite, and ever-so-slightly humored, though there's still a touch of tension to his stance and the edges of his expression. Likely the humor is there just as much for his own peace of mind as anything else. "She's a strong girl…I suspect she will be fine." He takes a pull from the waterskin, setting it on the edge of the wall between them. "I suspect we may remain one more day before traveling."

A low chuckle escapes Deidra at Jaren's first remark. "True." She shoots the knight an amused glance, her hand coming to rest on the pommel of her sword - not a menacing gesture but one that proves his assessment of her. But then she continues on the subject of Bethany: "Still, her state must cause her father to worry. You and Sir Gauvain are old friends, I suppose?" The latter part added after a moment of hesitation.

"We are. Our lands neighbor each other, and we are both sworn to Lord Lohstren. We fought alongside each other several times during the Corsair War." Jaren explains, "And yes, he is gravely worried over Bethany. No doubt he blames himself for her state. A silly notion, but a natural one for a father and a teacher." Jaren notes, "You cannot control the flow of a battle…only adjust as best you can to stand against it."

Those steely green eyes flit downwards momentarily at the mention of the Corsair War, and Deidra nods, her arms crossing before her. "Aye, that would explain it." Her mien unreadable for a moment, but may be due to the poor lighting at this hour. Her gaze moves from Jaren to the woods in the darkness again. "It must be hard for him, although I can only imagine what he feels, being no parent myself. It is after all a risk, to have your own daughter squire for you, I suppose."

"It is, but I think he viewed it as providing the best opportunity he could for her. She is base-born, and Gauvain has always been a warrior, and a good one. Even if she were but a hedge knight, at least she can make a successful living at it. He could have had his mother or sisters try to teach her the ways of noble ladies…and I suspect she's picked up a bit of it…but it would not change what she is in the eyes of so many." Jaren flicks a glance to Deidra then back out towards the darkness, "Though who knows what the future holds?" Jaren shrugs a shoulder, "But a few weeks ago, I would not have imagined fighting alongside the Prince and the Blue Guard. I was content to wait out the remainder of my days in a life of quiet and hopefully-uneventful duty." He grins ever-so-slightly, "Though do not take this for complaint. I am glad to have seen Gauvain again, and for the experience of fighting alongside such storied allies…but I had my fill of battle long ago." He shrugs slightly, looking a touch rueful, "Unfortunately, it's all I'm particularly good at."

"Baseborn?" One brow rises in surprise when Deidra hears Jaren's explanation and turns her full attention onto him. "I did not know that…" It takes her a few moments to digest the fact, but then she gives a light shrug. "They seem to get along rather well. And the sword would always be the reasonable choice over giggling and whatever these noble ladies usually do…" Her gaze drops and her right hand moves upwards to cover a smirk. "Forgive me, I shouldn't say things like that. I am of common birth, and had to fight on my way to get where I am today, Sir. The Corsair Wars,… well I fought there, too. It was afterwards that the Guardians granted me that one opportunity to show myself worthy of this position. And aye true, battle and sword fights… Never did anything else as far as I can remember." She sighs while that weary smile returns.

"She has been raised in Sir Gauvain's house among his family. She knows her place, but has lived as a young noble lady would. But yes…her mother was of common birth." Jaren shrugs, "It's not really my story to tell, but in any case, he took her in when others might have abandoned her." He smiles to Deidra once more, reaching to take another swallow from that waterskin before replacing it on the ledge, "We are all sworn to duty." He notes in response to Deidra's words. "In any case…I had best go seek some rest for myself, lest Lady Claire send her maid after me to badger me into unconsciousness." He smiles and inclines his head to Deidra once more, "If the Prince requires anything of me, I'll be in the main hall." He tilts his head towards the skin of water, still half-full, "The rest of that should be yours I think. Until later then, Sir Deidra." He smiles a touch once more, "Guardians favor you." And with that, he turns and strides away, just about ready for a good long sleep.

"I see," Deidra remarks pensively to Jaren's words about Bethany's story. Seeing the knight is about to leave she inclines her head. "Then rest you shall, Sir. I will stay up here for a while, until Sir Peronell will take over." In a few hours. "And… thank you for the water." Her steely green eyes follow him as he moves away, before her gaze returns to those woods out there in the darkness.

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