The Sword and the Needle

The Sword and the Needle
Summary: Princess Amira slips away from the Battle Royale to check on Sir Kameron, who had carried her favor in the tournament.
Date: 16/July/2013
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Laketown - The Royal Guard Tent
A tent in which the Rheadan Royal Guards prepared and stayed in during the tournament.
16 July 1329

Kameron was brought back to one of the tents of the Royal Guards. He's laying on a straw bed on the ground, his armor neatly stacked in the corner. He's sweaty and shirtless, his chest beginning to bruise from being stricken so many times. Kameron's neck and part of his jaw are swollen and bruised as well. His left arm has a fairly decent, bloody slice across it, and it has been partially tended to. Pages bustle about around him.

As soon as Kam had been taken to the tent, Amira had left the stands and followed to them. Once inside, her guards and maid follow, but she is immediately pushing past the pages and kneeling at his side. "Oh Kameron, you did so well! Are you.. are you hurt?" Of course he is and she looks so very worried.

Kameron smirks, "It took TWO to take me out," he says softly, holding up two fingers proudly. "Did you see it?" He smiles, "I'm fine. Really." He sounds hurt. He sighs, "Tanifords."

"I did see! I did! I watched everything." There is pride in her eyes as well as concern as Amira remains kneeling beside him. "Tanifords never fight fair, I just know you did so well and I think you are already bruising," she gently and very, very lightly brushes his cheek with the pads of her fingers before she noticed the blood. "You are cut!"

Kameron smiles, nodding a little, "Yeah… I had Pawel. The other guy, though… Heh… I don't even know his name." He sighs again, rolling his head to the side to look at her better. "Yeah, I was hit pretty hard, that happens…" He shrugs a little, looking at the slice on his arm. "Ouch," he simply observes. Then he looks back at her and he grins. "They say I'll live." He smiles a little more.

Well /that/ was a relief. Amira still looks worried about him though and when he looks at the cut on his arm, she reaches for the medical kit. "Please allow me to take care of you. You did so well." Using an antiseptic she to clean the cut if he allows… His smile charms her, as always, and she cannot help but smile back, despite her concern.

Kameron tilts his head a little, "I didn't know you were a healer," he says, a little wonder to his tired voice. "Oh man," he says, suddenly laughing. His laugh becomes a painful cough, and he winces, his free hand moving to his chest. "Owwww…" He sighs, shaking his head a little. "Sorry… It just… I just realized, your brother's gonna be mad at me."

"Why will Jerric be angry with you?" Amira questions in a gentle voice as she tends to his wound, tipping her head to the side to gauge if he needed it sewn back together, or how bad it truly was now that the blood was cleansed off of it. "I can help heal people, but I am not as good as those of the temple. I would like to learn more eventually." Her smile quirks up several notches. "I am so very proud of you, Sir Kameron. You fought so well."
<FS3> Amira rolls Healer: Good Success.

The wound on his arm does need a few stitches. It's not a serious wound, but it's deep enough to need tending. "I took him out," he reminds her. "He's gonna be so mad." He chuckles. "I was just looking out for him."

With the medkit at her side, Amira continues to speak to him as she administers first aid, swabbing on a numbing herb before gently stitching up the wound. "I think he will survive. He has to be impressed that his personal guard is so able bodied to protect him. It was an amazing take down because Jerric is very strong."

Kameron nods, "My job is to protect him. He wouldn't be convinced to NOT compete, so…" He shrugs a little, "I figure it's my duty to eliminate him before a Taniford can do so and take advantage of an opportunity to REALLY hurt him." He looks at her stitching, and watches her fingers work on his muscular arm. "You're good with a sword AND a needle." He smiles, still staring at her fingers, "You'll make someone incredibly happy one day, Amira." Then he furrows his brow a bit, still watching her fingers, and quietly corrects himself, "Princess."

With a gentle touch, she finishes the final stitch on his arm, and if her fingers linger overly long then it is because she is being careful! Finally, Amira cuts off the thread and smiles in triumph as it is neatly stitched back together. Afterwards, she smoothes a balm over the cut then places a bandage over it, wrapping it around his arm so she can tie it into place. "I think it was a very brave thing that you did because he is so very strong too. Only… you were stronger!" Once he is tended to, she places an herb soaked cloth on his bruises, a blush sneaking into her cheeks. "I hope to make… someone happy someday, Kameron." Lifting her eyes to meet his.

Kameron smiles at her, his own eyes meeting hers for a moment in silence. Then finally, "You will," he offers, with a reassuring smile. He then slowly lays his head back in the straw. "I'm gonna sleep now." He sighs, closing his eyes. "You should stay… You know… Until I'm out…" He swallows, a bit labored with the swelling so it's loud in the tent, and he starts to drift.

As he falls asleep, Amira does not move. Instead, she continues to watch over him while he sleeps, not even intending on leaving when he is out. With her guards around her and her maid there, everything was proper, so she would remain at his side until he woke.

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