The Bandit King: The Taniford Traveller

The Taniford Traveller
Summary: While the Rhaedan Wedding Party travels south, they come across a Taniford Knight under attack by bandits. But as it with all things - all is not as it seems. A prelude to the Bandit King TP.
Date: 22 June 2013
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Open Field Near Laketown
An open field and a road on the way south from Laketown to Taniford.
22 June 1329

It had been an uneventful ride for the group and as they approach the open fields of the border of Laketown, Amira feels certain relief. The whole nightmare from before had been foremost in her mind during the entire ride, expecting crocs, spiders or dragons around every bend, over the next hill. When nothing had been forthcoming, she momentarily questions her own sanity as to what she had seen that night, but brushes it off. Something had hurt her and several others. And something had harmed her sister and Darrin. Relaying the tale now and then to Jerric, she rides beside him simply because she had missed her older brother more than she was able to express and the telling glances she keeps casting his way lend that notion credence. The sun moves across the horizon, settling lower in the sky as the horses begin to tire. At least that Amira is riding does, somewhat. She pats his neck gently, her hands loose on the reins. "Just a little further, Moses." Her voice soothing.

Riding easily, Jerric sits tall in his saddle. The horse is one of the best from Taniford lands. Given to him by the late Princess herself. When he thinks on it he feels he got the better of the deal every time. Listening to his sister recount the drama that occurred while he was in the North he just nods. Listens and rides. "Well with the Kid here we are protected," he says loud enough for everyone to hear him. Even the other guards that travel with him constantly. "Yep, almost there. We will pick up the rest of the party soon. Then it's off to Wolveshire." Each step closer seems to make the Prince's smile that much more apparent.

Her absence from any climactic battle has spared her the nightmares and worries that plague Amira. Cricket hangs back towards the end of the group, content to watch her betters converse amongst themselves from time to time, the distance giving her room to think and mentally prepare for the journey into Wolvershire. Her last visit passing through there had brought with it a certain unpleasantness — she'd nearly died — and it's with a small sigh that she shifts in the saddle, rolling her shoulders as if to shake off any residual feelings of dread. No, this will be a happy, colorful occasion! Weddings always are. Aren't they? Far enough from Jerric that she only makes out "… we are protected," the girl chuckles to herself. Perhaps she should turn her thoughts to nicer things.

What the knight had been doing in Laketown is anyone's guess. But the fact that he had been coming from the north is readily apparent. Was he straggler that got lost along the way? Someone who had become ill and was treated at a Rhaedan clinic? A spy that was sent to watch for troops movements such as this one? The answers at this moment are not apparently clear. What is clear as the Knight, dressed in the colors of blue and silver of Taniford, is in a battle.

Knocked backwards and nearly falling over, the Knight's blade strikes and parries with the mis-matched armor of a bandit, the bandit's tanned skin and wicked smile speaking of a life spent in the sun and in illegal deed. "I want that parcel, boy!" he growls. Following after the bandit are a few other men and a couple of women, apparently a small pack of bandits that have stalked after the Knight and captured him.

"That fine leather case will be mine, as will your coin, or I will have your life!"

The Knight stumbles backwards, his blade flashing again in defense. "You cannot have it, it is a parcel for the Queen, not for the likes of you, brigand!" he demands as he continues his desperate fighting retreat. Already, the armor of the Knight is dented in several places, and blood covers the plate on his abdomen as he continues his desperate battle.

Stefan rides and whistles low to himself. Nodding to what Jerric offers. Though his whistling comes to an end at the talk of bandits. Sighing a bit to himself. Having his blade with him of course. He does glance to his brother before riding to be able to help out. Be it a Taniford knight or not. It's not like he is alone at the moment. So if anything happens he should still be fine. Hopefully.

When Jerric says everyone is protected because he's here, Kameron smirks, and tosses a wink at one of the other guards riding with them. It's a charismatic, but cocky, wink. When they come up upon the bandits, he immediately rides up beside Jerric, drawing his sword. A moment later, he's off his horse and charging the bandits, as if he's super knight or something.

Upon seeing the action Maldred draws one of his blades and charges into the melee without a word of warning. No warcry or shout of alarm. Just a smooth practiced manouevre.

<COMBAT> Bow Bandit attacks Taniford Knight with Hunting Bow - Light wound to Left Hand (Reduced by Armor).
<COMBAT> Bludgeon Bandit 1 attacks Jerric with Cudgel - ARMOR on Right Arm stops the attack!
<COMBAT> Sword Bandit 1 attacks Kameron with Greatsword - ARMOR on Right Arm stops the attack!
<COMBAT> Sword Bandit 2 attacks Taniford Knight with Broadsword and MISSES!
<COMBAT> Taniford Knight attacks Bludgeon Bandit 1 with Broadsword - Critical wound to Head (Reduced by Armor).
<COMBAT> Bludgeon Bandit 2 attacks Stefan with Bludgeon - Moderate wound to Chest (Reduced by Armor).
<COMBAT> Stefan attacks Bludgeon Bandit 2 with Bornas Bastardsword but Bludgeon Bandit 2 DODGES!
<COMBAT> Maldred attacks Sword Bandit 1 with Greatsword - Critical wound to Head.
<COMBAT> Kameron attacks Sword Bandit 1 with Broadsword - Serious wound to Abdomen (Reduced by Armor).
<COMBAT> Jerric attacks Sword Bandit 1 with Bornas Bastardsword - Critical wound to Chest.
<COMBAT> Amira attacks Bow Bandit with Longbow and MISSES!
<COMBAT> Bludgeon Bandit 1 has been KO'd!
<COMBAT> Sword Bandit 1 has been KO'd!

As he is about to say more, the crash of steel jerks Jerric's attention from his sister. He yells out "Watch Amira!" Then leaves his horse on the fly. His special sword is pulled from it's scabbard, the glint of the fading light strikes is and shines. For this is no regular sword but one of Rhaedan's finest. A Bornas blade. He takes off running, eyes aflame at the upcoming fight. As he dashes forward he spots the attack coming from the side and feels the strike on his right arm. But his attention is focused on the one with the blade. Still on the run he takes a swing at the bandit's chest and after striking his momentum carries him on past where he skids to a stop and turns all in one swift motion.

Kameron charges at the bandits, and as soon as he's close enough, he engages with the first bandit wielding a great sword. They clash, the bandit striking the armor on his arm. He growls, and then Kameron brandishes his own broadsword across the bandit's abdomen. A moment later, Jerric's at his side finishing the bandit off. He smiles widely at Jerric and lets out a hoot, "Yeah!" And then he turns on the next bandit with a sword.

The bandits weren't expecting the Rhaedan freaking army to show up to their party. "HEY!" one of them yells out. "We're Rhadeans too! This piece of filth was in our lands!" he cries out.. too late, however, as the bandit is fired upon and they move to defend themselves as they attack the Tanirford Knight. One of the arrows from the female bandit smacks the Knight in his hand, causing him to drop his parcel.

As Jerric comes charging in, one of the bandits that had been pursuing the Knight turns to defend himself, and even as he brings his sword up, he is cut down not once, not twice, but thrice, his body falling limp and dead to the ground in a lump.

One of the bludgeon bandits manages to slam his weapon into Stefan, just as the Knight from Taniford manages to come to the rescue of the Rhaedan Prince, running his sword through the bandit. "Thank you for the assist!" he gasps in pain, turning his attentions back towards the battle at hand.

As he turns however, the Knight finds himself again in defense against the bandit that has been pursuing him all this time, as the archer prepares to fire another arrow at the Knight.

The other bludgeon bandit looks around, decides that he has had enough of this, and starts to try to flee from the field of battle.

When the matter of the bandits is brought to her attention, Amira reaches for her bow, drawing it as she nocks an arrow from her quiver. This is something she had not expected, just random bandits and it was a frightening experience. She had not worn her stronger armor, choosing the jerkin for comfort and less.. chafing against herself. Seeing the bow bandit in the distance, she aims towards him, not wanting any in their party to get caught by an arrow. As it flies uselessly past, a frown mars her brow and she lifts another arrow to place it on the rest and aim once more.

Stefan does charge his target as well. Making sure that he has the man's attention and that they aren't charging against those that do not fight. Although it seems that the bandit is able to catch him off guard as his own swing misses and leaves him exposed to take a head to his chest. Causing him to stumble back and shake his head. Soon enough charging in once more. His movements softer as he still seem quite aggressive. Nodding to the knight before looking to the bandits, "Hey, bandits are bandits. I prefer northerners that aren't." He suggests and grins a bit, despite the situation. Although he does seem focused.

Maldred cleanly sweeps one of the bandit's head straight off his shoulders sending it flying towards the others with a vicious kick from his elevated foot. The Westmark knight is almost mechanical about the slaughter.

<COMBAT> Bow Bandit attacks Taniford Knight with Hunting Bow - ARMOR on Chest stops the attack!
<COMBAT> Taniford Knight tries to attack but has no target!
<COMBAT> Sword Bandit 2 attacks Taniford Knight with Broadsword but Taniford Knight DODGES!
<COMBAT> Bludgeon Bandit 2 attacks Stefan with Bludgeon - Light wound to Left Hand (Reduced by Armor).
<COMBAT> Stefan attacks Bludgeon Bandit 2 with Bornas Bastardsword - Moderate wound to Abdomen (Reduced by Armor).
<COMBAT> Maldred attacks Bow Bandit with Greatsword but Bow Bandit DODGES!
<COMBAT> Kameron attacks Sword Bandit 2 with Broadsword - Light wound to Neck (Reduced by Armor).
<COMBAT> Jerric attacks Sword Bandit 2 with Bornas Bastardsword - ARMOR on Right Arm stops the attack!
<COMBAT> Amira attacks Bow Bandit with Longbow - COVER stops the attack.

Seeing the bandit that took his hit now laying in the grass staining it a deep red, Jerric an only smile as he searches for another target. Though the blow he took, his armor did stop it, has left his right hand slower and tingly. Hardly paying it any attention he grins and moves to tackle the next bandit "As he said, bandits are bandits and today is your unlucky day." Swiftly he moves but the damn'd tingling in his arm won't stop and slows his strike. Yet again he swings at the fellow, the blade once gleaming now is stained red.

Kameron attacks, but this time, his sword crashes across the bandit's neck, mostly striking armor. He furrows his brow just a bit as Jerric attacks the same bandit, noticing the Prince has hurt his arm. It only increases Kameron's resolve, and he moves to attack that bandit even more ferociously, hopefully to protect Jerric.

Unable to get a good sighting of the bandit with the bow, Amira attempts to move her position to get a better sight as she draws another arrow and slips it into place. Only briefly does she look around for her brothers to see to their safety, breathing a sigh of relief when they are both still on their mounts. Her attention goes back to the bandit as she looses another arrow.

As the retreating Bludgeoning Bandit was trying to run, Stefan cuts him off. "We're on yer side!" he tries to plead, but as Stefan strikes at him, the man finds himself has to defend himself and strikes at the Prince, striking him again, as he tries to find a way to run from the lopsided battle. A single Knight is easy pickings - this, this is bad!

The woman with the bow sees that her cover gets notched with an arrow, and she rises up, drawing a shot towards Maldred as she prepares to fall back into the deep cover of the forest, and away from the battle, abandoning the fellows to their fates. Such it is with bandits.

Tracking Maldred, the female bandit sees Jerric suddenly flash across her field of vision and she looses a shot at the crown prince instead.

Maldred attempts to ride down the Bow bandit - oh how he hates archers - no dignity in ranged combat - woman or otherwise. Then he bleeding misses. An ordinary person would curse or some such. But Maldred keeps on trying.

Taking up the fight with his opponent Stefan is able to offer a hard hit to the man, although taking a minor blow to his hand in the process. "Come on now. Don't aim at my hands." He says as he prepares for another attack. Also making sure that people are kept safe enough. Those not fighting that is.

<COMBAT> Sword Bandit 2 attacks Taniford Knight with Broadsword - ARMOR on Chest stops the attack!
<COMBAT> Bow Bandit attacks Jerric with Hunting Bow - Serious wound to Head (Reduced by Armor).
<COMBAT> Bludgeon Bandit 2 attacks Stefan with Bludgeon - Light wound to Right Arm (Reduced by Armor).
<COMBAT> Taniford Knight attacks Sword Bandit 2 with Broadsword - Light wound to Chest (Reduced by Armor).
<COMBAT> Stefan attacks Bludgeon Bandit 2 with Bornas Bastardsword - Light wound to Chest (Reduced by Armor).
<COMBAT> Maldred attacks Bow Bandit with Greatsword and MISSES!
<COMBAT> Kameron attacks Sword Bandit 2 with Broadsword - ARMOR on Left Arm stops the attack!
<COMBAT> Jerric attacks Sword Bandit 2 with Bornas Bastardsword - Moderate wound to Left Arm (Reduced by Armor).
<COMBAT> Amira attacks Bow Bandit with Longbow - Light wound to Abdomen (Reduced by Armor).

Kameron slashes at the bandit with the sword again, but the bandit's armor stops it once more. Beside him, Jerric attacks and seems to have a bit more luck, but then an arrow nails the Prince in the head. Kameron immediately turns his attention the direction it came, looking across at the tree line. He grumbles, and then runs back to his horse. "Hyah!" And with that, he's galloping toward the archer, blade raised.

Totally focused on the bandit before him, and his head long charge into the fight, Jerric forgot two things. The first was to keep an eye on one's surroundings. The other was to wear the helmet. Forgetfulness now costs the Prince of Rhaedan. As his sword strikes there is a split in his blond hair where the arrow has neatly sliced his scalp open. Good thing he is hard headed, Else the arrow wouldn't have skidded off his skull. But the blow is serious, eyes cross as blood flows freely in his hair and over his face. He falls first to one knee, head down then fully flops into the grass unmoving.

Loosing another arrow, Amira manages to strike the bandit, but it hits the armor and does very little else to the man. She does not immediately see what has happened to Jerric, only withdrawing another arrow from the quiver and lining up a more aimed shot this time.

Stefan offers another back and forth with the bludgeon wielding bandit. Seeingh his brother get hit in the head causes a frown though he is not able to do much more than that before the other one is upon him again. With his own blade going for the man again. "Someone check on prince Jerric." He calls out.

Maldred continues to ride down the wielding female bandit - not noticing the injury done to Jerric. Not that this would immediately do anyhting to alter his aggressive posture.

As the woman realizes she's hit the frigging Crown Prince in the head, the bandit gives a small ulp of sound. She starts to back up towards the woods, even as the two knights charge at her. Amira's arrow catches her in the side and she gives a yowl of pain, and looses an arrow towards the charging Kameron the Kid, as she starts to try to blend further into the woods and escape, now that she realizes what she has done. Better part of valour, indeed.

And now the Bludgeon Bandit turns to battle Stefan, realizing that this is now a life or death battle. Jerric was downed, the blood lust has risen. They will pay for the womans mistake as he takes another blow from Prince Stefan, his chest cut open in a fresh wound.

The sword bandit finds himself attacked on all sides but continues after Taniford Knight, trying to fell him before coming to the aid of his companions.

Fan-freaking-tastic. Fearless leader is down with an /arrow/ slice to the dome. How did /that/ one happen?! Oh, the wonders of aerodynamics and one bandit slag! For the briefest of moments, Cricket stares in slack-jawed amazement — and horror — at the damage the projectile has done. Mercifully, she recovers her wits at the same time she seems to recover her agility, dismounting and grabbing at a small bundle stashed within one of her packs, her long strides eating up the distance between herself and Jerric's fallen form. She moves with such speed that she nearly has to skid to a halt beside him, dropping quickly to one knee and making quick work of tyring to stem the flow of blood. Yeesh, head lacerations. They /bleed/. A lot.

<COMBAT> Bow Bandit attacks Jerric with Hunting Bow - ARMOR on Right Arm stops the attack!
<COMBAT> Taniford Knight attacks Sword Bandit 2 with Broadsword and MISSES!
<COMBAT> Bludgeon Bandit 2 attacks Stefan with Bludgeon - ARMOR on Chest stops the attack!
<COMBAT> Sword Bandit 2 attacks Taniford Knight with Broadsword - ARMOR on Abdomen stops the attack!
<COMBAT> Stefan attacks Bludgeon Bandit 2 with Bornas Bastardsword - Serious wound to Abdomen (Reduced by Armor).
<COMBAT> Maldred tries to subdue Bow Bandit but fails.
<COMBAT> Kameron attacks Sword Bandit 2 with Broadsword - Moderate wound to Right Leg (Reduced by Armor).
<COMBAT> Jerric passes.
<COMBAT> Coriaria treats Jerric:
< Head (Serious): successful
<COMBAT> Amira attacks Bow Bandit with Longbow - Moderate wound to Head (Reduced by Armor).
<COMBAT> Bludgeon Bandit 2 has been KO'd!
<COMBAT> Sword Bandit 2 has been KO'd!

<FS3> Opposed Roll — Bow Bandit=3 Vs Kameron=reaction
< Bow bandit: Good Success Kameron: Success
< Net Result: Bow bandit wins - Marginal Victory
<FS3> Opposed Roll — Bow Bandit=3 Vs Maldred=reaction
< Bow bandit: Success Maldred: Success
< Net Result: DRAW
<FS3> Maldred rolls Perception: Failure.

Stefan pushes up against the bandit to cause the hit to cause little damage to his chest, while his own goes through the armor to bring the bandit down and dead. Looking around to see only th fleeing bowman still alive. His own feet bringing him to Jerric's side. "How is he doing?" He asks Coriaria. Trusting the others to bring down the archer.

Kameron continues to charge off into the woods after the fleeing archer, even though she's off into the trees. He's lost her, but he doesn't give up, charging his horse galloping into the wilderness and disappearing into the foliage. "Do you have her?" he shouts at Maldred, whom it appears still sees the fleeing bandit. He follows her.

As Jerric is tended to by Cori, there comes a muffled moan from him. He lays face down which is actually a good thing as the cut is more accessable. But it's clear that the Prince is out, which is a good thing more than likely. Yet the sword in his hand still is firmly held onto. Years of training comes into play and the muscles seem to have a memory of their own.

With the immediate threat gone, the Taniford knight makes his way over to pick up the parcel he was carrying, tucking it back under his arm as he holds his wound. "Thank you.. for the assistance.." he manages. "I.. should get this to my Queen.." he says as he starts to walk from the battlefield and towards Laketown.

<FS3> Stefan rolls Perception: Good Success.
<FS3> Stefan rolls Heraldry: Good Success.

"I can see her!" Maldred shouts to Kameron, "Trying to take her alive." Maldred angrily shouts, "Surrender!!" the the fleeing bandit. "I am on horseback you cannot possibly hope to escape."

"He'll live," Cricket grunts without looking to see who it is that's doing the asking, "It looks worse than it is. One simply has to apply enough pressure and the yarrow can begin to do its work." Her brows knit together in concentration, a singlemindedness overtaking her as she watches the blood leak out in sticky rivulets through the compress, considering it a good sign as only moments before those rivulets had had more force behind them. She glances up and only then realizes that it's Jerric's brother, looking none too good himself. By Kharnas, where's that sister of theirs?! No time for formalities! "Amira!" the girl shouts, "Some help, if you please!"

Stefan settles on his knee, indeed injured but not enough to not notice the knight, raising a brow at him. Taking his sword in hand and getting ready. "State your name." He says, recognizing the heraldry. "Ellowe…" He says and clenches is jaws. Cori more or less ignored, even as she speaks and tries to help him.

The Knight holds the hand to his wound. "Sir Wesson, m'lord.." he manages to say, looking shaky. "I was at the battle against the traitors.." he manages, as he draws in an unsteady breath. "I was lost after the battle, but was told to deliver this parcel.. let me pass." he says in a tired voice, trying to demand, but it's clear he's been travelled for a while.

Shaken out of her anger at being attacked, Amira hears her name and looks back, gasping in shock. She drops her bow and hurriedly dismounts heading for her brothers at a full run. "Jerric! Stefan!" Cori had Jerric, so she skids to a halt near Stefan and looks at him, immediately touching his shoulder. "Oh Stefan… you always keep getting beat up. How do you expect to dance at the wedding?" Lowering her voice, she speaks even quieter now, trying to get him to lie down. "Let me look, please."

<COMBAT> Bow Bandit passes.
<COMBAT> Taniford Knight passes.
<COMBAT> Stefan passes.
<COMBAT> Maldred tries to subdue Bow Bandit but fails.
<COMBAT> Kameron passes.
<COMBAT> Jerric passes.
<COMBAT> Coriaria attempts to treat Stefan but Stefan has no treatable wounds.
<COMBAT> Amira passes.

Jerric continues to lay there. A Frighting stain of read has formed about his head. The compress that Coriaria has applied has halted the majority of blood loss.

As Maldred is chasing down the Bow Bandit, she just suddenly… is gone. As if she vanished in mid-air. Everyone knows this place area has trees and hidey holes and tons of other places a bandit can vanish into, and she seems to have ducked from Maldred's sight.

Maldred turns his horse around angrily, "Lost her!" he says to Kameron. "Gone but not forgotten. She had best pray I do not set eyes upon her again." Returning to the camp he lays eyes upon the damage. "How is the Prince?" he asks Coriaria redundantly.

Kameron rides up alongside Maldred, looking around. "I lost her," he grumbles to the other knight. As Maldred shares he too has lost her, Kameron hops off his horse. With an angry growl, he spends the next minute slashing at a large bush. "Damnit dammit dammit" he mutters as he decimates the foliage. In the end, he sheathes his sword and kicks the earth, sending a dust cloud and rocks flying from his foot. "Damnit!" He scowls, shaking his head, and paces back and forth for a minute, trying to calm down as Maldred returns to the others.

Time for a fresh dressing — this one's as good as soaked through. It's a quick enough transition, and as it seems Amira is tending to Stefan, Cricket manages to let some of her attention drift to the Taniford knight. At the mention of a delivery, she raises a dark brow. "Eh? And what's in the parcel?" Nope — not shy, this Westmark girl — and she looks vaguely menacing, to boot. After all, she doesn't care for ambushes that she hasn't planned and executed herself, and the evening's festivities are enough to have put her in a surly mood. "I'm sure you'll be happy to tell us, as these men saved your hide from a juicy end over some bandit's campfire."

Jerric continues to lay there, face down, bleeding (but not as badly as he was). His blond hair is now all red and matted to his features.

Bryony makes her way hurriedly through the cursing lordlings and knights, her bag slung over one arm. Hazel eyes sweep over the wounded, noting those attended to and those still in need. Jerric becomes her destination and the woman rushes to kneel at his side, dropping her kit to the ground beside her. "Your grace?" She attempts to gain a response as she reaches out to check his injuries as best she can without moving him right away.

By the time news of the bandit attack reaches the ears of Castor Westmark, the battle itself is well and truly over - and the young man gallops toward the field on Shaggy-coated, blue-roan stallion, with his fenhound at his side.

He is already scanning specifically for his sister when he draws near, signalling his steed to slow down before he runs the risk of running into anyone.

The horse has barely stopped and Castor swings himself down, leaving Orion to stand with Cerberus (horse and hound, respectively) as he heads toward his sister. He is dressed in armor, with a white tabard over his vest (with a diamond-design on it).

Once Kameron returns from the woods, he spends most of the rest of his time to himself. In particular, he takes patrol duties and ensures he stays on the outskirts of the group as he watches over them.

Stefan keeps his eyes on the knight. "Oh? Then offer it." He says, "You are not passing right now, without explaining yourself further." He says, settlind down, but not laying down yet. Not wanting to be left unprotected. Unless someone got their eyes on the man.

"As I said, m'lady…" the wounded Knight says to Coriaria, and as Stefan addresses him, the man's hand falls to the pummel of his sword. "You are not my Queen, m'lord. You do not get to ask for my parcel." he says, his wounds causing him to barely be standing. A bit more blood loss, and he might just pass out.

"Please lay down, Stefan.. I need to at least stop the blood." Returning to her horse, Amira takes a small medkit she should have taken in the first place and stands beside Stefan, pulling out a cloth and pressing it against his chest. "Just let me bandage it, Stefan then you can get back up and start over on beating yourself up." Determined, Amira holds it sharply against his chest, to sort of get his attention.

A battle just happened, Jerric took an arrow to the head and Stefan is bleeding, others are hurt mildly but none more than Jerric.. except the fallen bandits. Cori and Bryony are dealing with the Northern Prince while Amira is attempting to deal with a bleeding Stefan. There is a Taniford Knight in the mix, attempting to reach Laketown.

The once orderly line of the Rhaedan march for the wedding prosession has been broken up. Dead bandits lie in the field. A stricken crown prince with a grevious head injury is being treated to by Byrony. A wounded Knight, wearing the colors of Taniford, is being questioned by Stefan and Coriaria, as the others work on injured and not.

Bryony lifts her gaze from the reposing Rhaedan prince, searching for a semi able body. "You!" Bryony points to the nearest unoccupied soul. "Come help me turn him to his side. Quickly, now." Her tone is insistent but without panic or fear. "Thank you," she murmurs to Cori as the woman moves aside. Digging into her bag, she produces a skin to flush the wound, wanting to check it for herself just to make sure.

As he's turned only the softest of moans comes from Jerric. The sword he was holding falls from his hand, his body limp.

Riders in the livery of the Queen of Taniford arrive upon the scene, quietly. They are scouts in the party of another who travels this way. Ascertaining to some extent what has happened and who is involved, then depart, and soon enough, a much larger group can be heard approaching.

The riders are formally arranged. Knights, soldiers, and a group of nobles and Blue Guard, amongst them a well-dressed and elegant girl. Fayre Taniford, in the midst of the group, rides her horse through them to come to the forefront where she is announced the the Rhaedans. She looks around at those gathered, looking for someone who can explain.

Casting his gaze left and right as he approaches the group on foot, Castor spots Coriaria first, then Stefan — and makes his way toward the Prince. "Your Highness," he greets with a bow (standing back several feet so as not to interfere with the healers). "I came as soon as I heard."

He glances toward Coriaria and Bryony, and then back to Prince.

"By Your Highness's leave, and the Four, if I can help — I'm willing."

Levelling a steady look towards Coriaria and Stefan, Sir Wesson, the Taniford Knight draws in an unsteady breath and steps back slightly, "I.. I cannot give this to you." he says, swaying, and then as he sees the Taniford colors off in the distance, he realizes that help may be on the way and then he falls to his knees and then collapses, expiring in front of Coriaria and Stefan as the parcel, marked with that strange symbol, spills from his hand.

"Oh.. Well, the good news is that he's still in there," Bryony murmurs as she studies the wound briefly. Again she delves into her bag and produces cloth to absorb the blood. Holding it against his head very gently with one hand, she flicks open a vial with another and soaks the top of the cloth with another liquid. "It is not that bad," the woman assures the sleeping knight. "We'll have you cleaned up before you wake." A dark brow lifts at Amira's arroval and interaction. "Um… as soon as we've staunched the flow of blood, perhaps we could move him off of the grass? It was a graze, as far as I can tell. He'll come back soon enough. Though, we should most assuredly send to the Temple or the Guild for one of their masters to make certain that there is nothing further that we do not see. Sometimes the sleeping means that they've addled their brain a bit." Reassuring, ain't it? "I take it Prince Stefan is being stubborn?" she asks with a rueful grin.

As Coriaria opens the parcel, a letter falls. Sealed with a previously unknown wax mark of a rearing dragon's head, the following is written in perfect script:


All is in order. The Knights we took from the battlefield were healed, as this one is. Once K. makes her move in the north, we will draw off forces. You will have opening to secure river and Shelter Lake. Will send support at that time. Make sure to keep A captive when she returns to S. K and I will see you again soon.


Nodding to those nearby, Castor makes his way toward his sister. He pulls his gloves off his hands, and tucks them into his belt. "Sister," he says when he is closer, a frown creasing his brow. "What can I do to help?" He motions to the herb-pouches on his belt, and the satchel over his shoulder, arching an eyebrow at Cori.

Cricket tries not to grimace as Sir Wesson croaks right then and there, though she notes with a flinty satisfaction that he's let his precious cargo tumble to the ground right at her feet. A sigh escapes her as she stoops over and swipes the parcel into her bloodstained hands, cracking open the missive once she's secured it. The contents actually manage to elicit a wide-eyed stare — something between disbelief, rage, and confusion write large across her features once she's scanned the document — and she makes a sound that could pass for a squeak of alarm, Castor's presence all but swimming on the periphery of her awareness. "Uh…" she tries, "Uhhh…"

Fayre always has been a most observant young girl. Her new status has not dulled her sense, and paranoia and anger have further harpened them. Add to that she has quite a few observant, guarded individuals with her— knights and ladies in waiting, all intent upon figuring out what this scene they have come upon is.

"My scouts reported a conflict," the young princess says, turning her horse by laying the reigns gently upon the mare's neck. "And I see one of my mother's knights lies here slain." She moves her horse closer, lest anyone dare bar her way. "And, it seems…I doubt that was meant to be delivered into your hands." She does not know Coriaria, she is younger, but Fayre is possessed of a new demeanor. Imperious is a heavy crown for a young girl's head, but the sight of the dead knight and the presence of a Rhaedan contingent has Fayre on edge.

Riding next to the southern Princess is none other than the Queens Champion, Dalyros Lohstren. The southern Knight is riding a charger, a beautiful red horse with a white spot on its forehead. His horse dances a bit at the sight of death, but not out of fear, in anticipation of battle. Dalyros surveys the situation before dismounting quickly and moving to the side of the fallen Knight. After a moment, he turns back to Fayre, ignoring the rest of those in attendance for the moment, "Your highness. It is Sir Wesson." He gives his report as his hands drop the reigns of his horse, moving to his hip, where his sword is sheathed. His hand grips the hilt, turning his attention toward the northerners. He remains silent at this point, merely waiting for the order from his Princess.

So /this/ is the Southern Princess. A few beats pass in which Cricket debates an astonishing number of options, most of them involving further chaos, her natural bent towards only barely-controlled mayhem nudging her to do something… difficult. But the proximity of the very-armed Dalyros is enough to pull her into line, blue gaze narrowing from the effort it takes to bite back a rude remark at his observation. She finally settles for another sigh, though this one is softer than the last. "Sir Wesson was being pursued by bandits," she says quietly, "We chanced across the fight and came to his aid… though regrettably, he did not survive. As you can see, we have wounded of our own as thanks for our troubles in dispatching thieving scum." With no further preamble, she shoves the note at his chest, not bothering to see whether he catches it in the darkness that has swiftly settled over the area.

Kneeling down beside her brother Jerric, Amira just holds his hand, hoping he will wake. When he seems no better, but no worse, she finally lifts her head and looks towards Fayre then Dalyros, then the fallen Knight… then Cori and her brother. So many to see. She does not rise, instead, she remains at her brothers side.

Fayre takes a breath. So the Rhaedan saved her knight? Well that takes a little bit of the pressure off. No mini war necessary!

"Her highness will be most graceful I am sure," the fair princess says, adopting an assured air though she also seems a touch bemused at the way the strange young woman thrusts a note toward s her knight. "Are your people in need of aid? We were on our way to Laketown to meet a merchant ship. I presume you are headed to Wolveshire? Perhaps instead we will accompany you the rest of the way." Everything still seems rather confused about the scene.

Castor nods to Cori, giving her one last glance with narrowed eyes. He whistles something softly and then pulls some of medicinal supplies from his satchel. "I'll do what I can," he says aloud to her — and walks toward one of the wounded.

Bryony leaves the nobility to their posturing. Until someone starts swinging a sword at her own head she has a job to do. She sneaks a peek at the cloth, checking the flow of blood and gives a small nod. "Someone help me move him to a bed," the apothecary calls out. And if there isn't one, then someone had better get to making one.

Dalyros snatches the letter before the northern Lady had a chance to pull her hand away. He watches her with narrowed eyes, his other hand continuing to rest on the hilt of his sword. When she is several feet away, he snaps the paper with a ship of his hand, glancing down at it for a moment, a frown spreading on his face. He then turns, stepping around his horse to hand Fayre the letter, as his gaze returns to the northerners, suspiciously.

Fayre extends a gloved hand and takes the letter from Dalyros with a small nod. She holds it before her. Moments later, her face darkens, but she holds anything more obvious in check. "Did Sir Wesson say anything before he died?" she asks those nearest her, and thus those nearest the fallen knight.

Unused to such behavior from a Knight, the Westmark girl rocks back on her heels for a brief second, wondering in a flash whether she's going to be forced to scale a tree to escape him. But no — he's merely glaring now, not reaching for his weapon. "Aye, Princess," Cricket finally replies to Fayre's very polite offer, inclining her head and dropping her gaze in a gesture of respect to the young lady of superior rank, "We were for Wolveshire. Any aid you could render us would be deeply appreciated, as would your accompanying us on the remainder of our journey." For all of her Northern pride, she does know when to ask for assistance — especially when members of the royal family require specialized care.

Then, she adds, "He voiced his very determined wishes to safely see that message into your hands, Highness. As it is now safely in your possession, his sacrifice was not in vain." Her tone is perfectly cordial, but she does spare a surly glance at Dalyros. Really, the nerve!

The southern Princess' horse starts to jerk abit through all the commotion, and Dalyros steps forward, grabbing the reigns with his hand, moving it away from the hilt of his weapon. He continues to survey the situation, looking toward the wounded Prince and his sister who is with him, then back toward Castor, as he survey's the man, sizing him up. He should be no problem. Bryony gets a mere glance, before his attention returns to Jarric. He remains silent, but vigilant.

By the time Castor returns to Coriaria, his hands are blood-spattered and he is wiping them on an old bandage. He gives Coriaria a curious eyebrow-arch, glances toward Dalyros and Fayre and then bows politely.

"I have Orion here," he says to his twin. "I can accompany you the rest of the way, the environment being what it is. It seems to be the night for undesirables to venture forth. I'll be with the horse — I have more supplies in the saddlebags."

He nods once to Coriaria, his hand twitching and then turns away.

The letter— that letter. It is slipped into a fold of the Princess's riding jacket, where no man could dare reach for it. Unsettled and distant, she is slow to say anything more, nodding at Coriaria with thanks for the explanation. then, after a pause, she lifts her young voice as loud as she can.

"I will send word to Wolveshire and laketown. If you are willing let us make camp here now and see to your wounded." She lifts her eyes, looking across to where the infamous Jerric— a man she has never in her life seen— lies unconscious. "If that suits the royals of Rhaedan? And then when the princes are well enough the taniford will see you all safely to Wolveshire. My errand can wait."

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