The Tears Of The Four

The Tears Of The Four
Summary: A subdued departure, Princess Amira leaves for the South on a rainy day.
Date: 04/Oct/2013
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Brivey Keep - Barbican
The tall, towering structure of the gatehouse serves as the entry point into the barbican - the well-outfitted fortress through which all traffic must pass. On the outside, arrow slits in the high crenellations provide airborne defense against invaders, and guards on duty man the parapet walk. To traverse inside, one must walk over a drawbridge and beneath a raised portcullis before heading into a long, wide hallway beneath an onslaught of murder holes. Once through the barbican, the walls cut away to reveal a second drawbridge and portcullis leading into the lower bailey.Heading east through the hallway leads out past the curtain wall and into the lower bailey, while turning back westward will take one toward Brivey township.
Fri Oct 04, 1329

The fanfare for the Princess Amira's departure is not initially as grand as it could be for a Royal. Though while it is not large, the elite seem to be present. One of Guinevere's own personal guards has been added to the ranks and it seems, by displeasure of the others, that he has sort of taken unofficial charge of the outing, riding nearest to the carriage that contains the Princess and those going with her. His name is Raulin Caine, a name to remember of course and known for those of Rhaedan. The Royal train is even short by comparison to the Royal Prince's, or other of Royal blood, as only three wagons seem to be following behind the Princess' carriage. Servents, valets, stewards, hand maidens and that sort of manner are going, but, limited. There's no need to have any more than what is really needed on the road South, as Taniford will have its own to replace those who do not venture South with Amira.

Amira, while often seen astride a horse, has chosen this day not to ride in discomfort. It is a long trip after all and she'll need to rest along the way and one would better do that inside a dry carriage. It rattles still, wheels made of a combination of steel and wood, but, the royalty of it has ensured it was of the best design to minimize discomfort. The other reason she has decided upon the carriage is to envoke a measure of conversation with the Lady Auldholme, her decided companion within the carriage. She may ask for a hand maiden to join them later, but for now, the ideal was to have Cassia alone. There was a game of Chess to learn about, after all.

Amira is dressed in a simple white dress with gold fringes and inlaid leaf patterns, while around her shoulders is a crimson travel cloak. Her hair is done up with ringlets and pins. She looks Royal enough, with the simplicity of the garments. Though strangly, she doesn't rely on the guards soley on this trip, as a dirk is strapped to her side while her bow has been stored underneath her carriage seat in a special case. She's not leaving Rhaedan unarmed, not after all the stories of bandits and the perils of dragons!

She's standing by the carriage now, longingly looking toward the keep with a soft frown lining her features. The send off party is rather small. Most had gone off before her, to Laketown, namely, her Brother. Almost with a mournful expression, she pulls up her hood as it starts to drizzle, cold autumn weather pressing in around them.

Cassia rides up on her own horse, her personal provisions carried in saddlebags as well as in the baggage train. She is dressed for both practicality and comfort in a double, shirt and split riding skirt. As she does a slide off dismount from her mount she dips into a curtsey in front of the princess. "Your highness, I am at your service." She says as she rises and removes a shortbow from her saddle and a couple of quivers that she swings over a shoulder. One of her own personal guard then take her horse to ride in the train with them. "And the sky weeps to see off its treasured daughter for the south." Cassia says lightly to the princess. "Is all prepared for the journey south?"

Amira turns at the sound of hooves coming toward her, not an untypical sound, but one that does draw her interest nevertheless as it isn't followed by shouts or grumbles by the guards nearest to her. Her one finger climbs up to push back the trim of her hood, peering around it until she is facing Cassia directly. Amira smiles kindly at the woman and her mention of the weeping sky, "It weeps for the last days of summer are truly well and gone." Her own horse is in the train line, because she too does want to experience a ride when the drain of the four walls and bumps of the road get to her. "I'm glad for your company Lady Cassia," she actually looks relieved at the woman's acceptance to her request, "It wouuld've been a lonely road and I don't think I would've been able to learn about chess all on my own." A look is cast toward those assembled, "Yes, despite the delay due to dragons and the shift of my lord father's treasury to other capable hands." That in itself could be a heap of trouble. A king's treasurer was an important role and there's little doubt that it could be used for political ambition against the King.

"I am still awaiting word from your parents, but I should at least be able to travel with you to Laketown." Cassia assures the princess as she joins her next to the couch. "We should at least get a few games in by then." Well her last trip south did not end so well, so it would do well to ensure her presence is welcome before she ventures down south again. Given the full quivers and bow she is carrying, well at least she will be a welcome guard for the trip. No doubt her armour is included in her luggage as well. "May yet get called on to deal with some corsairs if we get word of any other attacks. I pray you will release me from your companionship should that need arise." She dips another curtsey to the Princess.

"To Laketown then," she nods, "Though we hope to quickly press through, to avoid any further encounters of this dragon… There's no need for us to stick around while it attacks," she pulls her cloak in closer, nodding to the valet that opens up the carriage door for her as someone from the line, likely Raulin, interjects that the train is ready to depart. Amira looks toward the Brivey once more with a longing gaze, before she takes a deep breath and steps up, with an assisted hand from the footman. She does at least smile back at the other woman before settling herself in the carriage proper. Any further remarks are held in question until Cassia joins her inside. Only then does the Princess remark, "I would not keep you from battling this war however you feel you must. We all have our own methods of how to keep the enemy from our own doorstep," she sighs, "Though it is worrisome to me that you would seek to battle on such a field. Those corsairs are barbaric and vile."

"By then I should know if it is safe for me to travel down south. Who knows I may be accused of talking to a common Tailor this time or maybe a fletcher." Cassia quips as she mounts up into the carriage. A quiver is set to each window on her bench and her bow laid within reach. Once the Princess settles, Cassia takes her own comfort on the bench. A curious woman she is seen to some, warrior and noble, Commander and diplomat. A chameleon who settles into what role she needs to at the time. "That they are and it is up to those with skill at arms and warfare to ensure that they do not infect the land with their vile Barbaric ways. For now I am content to travel with you and offer what protection and companionship I may."

At once, when the footman sees to securing the door and proceeds to his own spot on the shot gun seat up front, there are calls that run from the start of the train to the back, final bellows that order the men and women to fall in and set forth. Those few who are out in the drizzle to wave off their Princess do, with waves or simply grim faces. Amira responds to any waves though they are few and in between. As the horses are given a snap of the reins, the carriage begins in a groan of protest before it starts to wind almost too noisy over the cobble stones toward the gate.
Amira leans out the window, a last look back at the home she's come to love. The North, her life, her everything. Her hands are upon the window sills as the carriage starts to pick up speed. The horses encouraged into a trot to get the royal train moving. That's when Amira sits back with a final slumping sigh.

Her blue eyes look up from her lap at long last, considering her companion for the time, "I am glad that you decided to come with me, at least that far. Thank you." Her fingers creep up to a pendant around her neck, a shield of two lions and the emblem of Rhaedan and Brivey. She looks out toward the gloomy skies as the carriage continues to thrum and bump across the stonework.

Cassia settles into her seat, leaving Amira to her goodbyes and lingering looks. Once the princess settles back in her seat, Cassia regards her for a moment. "A coin for your thoughts? You look as if you will never return home. Might I ask the purpose of this trip down south?" She queries as she extends her legs in front of her and settles back into the cushions. "You have guards a plenty to protect you and comforts galore. Does the pawn feel pushed across the board? Think upon what moves the pawn can make and how it can avoid between removed from the game."

Amira tilts her head as she settles her gown and cloak about her, nodding, "You might say I am a messanger of peace, as the enemy of our enemy is our friend." She gives Cassia a fleeting look, as in time again, her eyes drift out toward the windows, where most of the streets now are fill only with the train in which is departing, "In me, rests the hopes of our Northern kingdom to seek aid in our Southern lords." She doesn't call them a kingdom themselves, that is to be noted. Her gaze flicks back toward Cassia, "I may go and be presented as a pawn, though I have my own notions of being the queen or at very least, the rook."

Cassia takes a glance out the window before settling back onto the cushions once more and nods. "Whatever our feelings of our southern neighbors, we have mutual enemies and it will take our combined strength to defeat them. The corsairs take advantage of our bickering, they always have." Cassia responds before tilting her head at the last and smiles with approval. "Your highness, you are learning the game very well."

Amira turns back to Cassia, "Mutual enemies can foster great relationships between borders," she gives a little smile, her gaze pondering the span of the carriage, "We should have a game of cards if you like, while we are in travel. I did not think a chess board would … survive the bumpy roads to come." Her amusement becomes clear, as she goes to look through a pack that has been previously settled in the carriage, "We may stop for a break an hour or so, if they keep up this pace. Perhaps then we will risk a ride of our own if the weather breaks." She informs the other lady, nodding at the last, "I only hope when I get to practice it, that this is truly the case. I have already lost one battle," she notes, eyes turning toward the window as she notes a few guards riding relatively close by. "Well," she suddenly says with a smile, "Shall we play?"

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