The Wedding of Lady Elenore and Lord Lyam

The Wedding of Lady Elenore Taniford and Lord Lyam Varghem
Summary: What it says up there.
Date: 23 June 2013
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Elenore Lyam 

Summer Citadel
The Taniford Home Base
23 June 2013

The day had finally come, the month of their betrothal period had passed and their wedding day was upon them. The Temple of the Citadel was to be where they would give their oaths, for her family had met them there. Many were yet absent with so much yet afoot in the times, but to have a wedding yet showed that life still moved on, that Kharnas himself could not disrupt the rhythms and way of life of those who held true to the Guardians of Four.

Within the Temple of Four, Elenore's immediate family, her most adored cousin Samwell and several others from House Taniford have gathered, along with members from House Vaghrem and a handful of other interested nobility from about the Citidel. As promise, a gentle melody carries over the gentle murmur of conversation that exists as the small crowd waited for the ceremony to begin, speculation on what offerings will be made, how they shall look and some perhaps yet speculating if the match was payment to House Vaghrem for some matter of another.

At the center of the temple, a priest of Bronas stands in deep green robes with the embellishments of silver that mark him as a Temple Priest. The song that Prince Samwell plays on his lute carrying through the temple as those gathered await the appearance of the groom and bride, for the ceremony to begin.

There is a hint of disappointment in Lyam's expression as he makes his way into the Temple. While there are represenatives of his family here, the fact that most of his immediate family ran off to fight in the battle and didn't bother to tell him is weighed heavily on his mind. Which is fine - if his siblings want to have their secret sneakoffs, he'll have a very public one.

Dressed in the dark reds of the Varghem house, Lyam tugs on his gloves, removing them, his hands sweaty, nervous. The month that went by was insane, and now he offers Ellie's parents a warm smile, and a nod of his head to her older brothers as he takes his place to await his Lady's arrival.

A nervous breathe was drawn as Elenore stepped to the Temple door, the month had passed like a whirldwind and the day was here. Nothing had quite come together as expected, but the ways and plans of the Guardians were beyond her to fathom. Quick glances were taken to each of the four alters, the spots were the needed offering had be prepped for the ceremony, ensuring they were yet there. Before her eyes drew to the center of the temple, the priest, her Lord and Elenore took a breathe before stepping into the Temple.

The Young Taniford Lady offering a smile to her family as she takes the path to the temple center to take her place beside her lord before the Priest. A slight glint playing off the delicate silver circlet worn, the white silken skirts trailing after her along with the ghostly flutter of gauzy white that are of her sleeves. A shy smile offered to Lyam as she reaches that place near him withing that white dress.

The music from the lute coming to an end as Elenore completes the trio ate the center of the Temple, Samwell looking most pleased and happy for his most adored cousin. The rare priest of Bornas clears his throat to speed quiet to any lingering conversations.

As he takes in the sight of Elenore in her wedding finery, Lyam can barely surpress the pleased and bright smile he offers to her, a flush in his cheeks as he realizes. This is not just the woman he is courting - this is his muse. His bride. She has come for him. And she is better than any angel that visited him in his dreams when he was ill and young.

He waits patiently for the Priest to start, rocking just slightly on the balls of his feet, nervous excitement in his eyes as he looks his bride over and prepares for the Priest to speak and the offer of the price before he is allowed to take Elenore's hands.

As quiet is achieved the baritone voice of the Priest raises easily to reach all in the Temple,"By the Guardians blessing, we have gathered here this day to lay witness to the binding of Lady Elenore Taniford and Lord Lyam Varghem in marriage." The man's gaze moves from one to the other as he asks of the pair,"The Guardians are willing to hear, we have come to witness, are you prepared before those gathered to make your offerings , your oaths to the Guardians and each other so that you may come together as one in marriage?" A steady patience had as the man awaits the response of the young pair.

Quiet glances are snuck towards Lyam as Elenore listens to the Priest, as the ceremony begins. He had been here waiting for her, her wolf. He who was to be her husband, her partner in life, her focus and guide, her inspiration within the colors. With the question, Elenore lifts her head a little and answers with an edge of conviction,"Aye, I am." Her hand lifting and offered to the Priest and the braided cord of silver and gold that he raises in preparation to bind their hands so that they may together as one tranverse between the alters of the Guardians.

Lyam sneaks one last glance at Elenore, and as he catches her eye, he smiles brightly and mouths a gentle word to her before his attention to move his attention back to the Priest. "Aye. As am I." he says as the Lord moves to present his hand to the Priest, ready to have his hand bound to Elenores - his life bound to hers, one altar at a time.

Once Lyam has presented his hand as well, the cord is bond, loosely and symbolically joining the pairs hands. The Priest's voice echoing out again,"Proceed then, seek the Blessings of the Guardians before us and begin the path to become one." Stepping a side to give them a clear path to the alter of Bornas, perhaps a small subtle remind to where they should head first.

As their hands fall slightly, Elenore's fingers seek to twine with Lyam's as the move to approach the first of the alters, Bornas. A faint smile offered to the young acolyte who hands the prepared offering to Elenore.

Young wheat freshly woven into a wreathe with rather interesting looking rock giving a slight gleam when the light hits it just right as the wreath is placed up upon the alter of Bornas by Elenore. Her soft tones raise to offer her wedding oath to the Guardian, "Our union is blessed by Bornas. Together we will continue on the path before us, steady shall we walk it with the strength and endurance granted to us. Though the easy days as well as through the harshest of trials, we will endure them as one." Her voice fading and allowing Lyam to speak his oath before Bornas.

As Elenore places the wreath, Lyam accepts his own offering. A metal smith's hammer. Freshly forged and marked with whirls and swirls, the handle made from the wood of a rare tree and polished to perfection. Setting it upon the altar, Lyam's fingers lace with hers, holding tight as he speaks as well. "Our union is blessed by Bornas. Together we will walk and stand. Our paths will never diverge and will always merge again as one. Despite the roughest of mountains, and the easiest of valleys, we will remain together in our step and walk as one leading many." he says, a squeeze of Elenore's hand as he glances towards her for approval.

A small nod is given by Elenore as Lyam's word are spoke, agreement and approval of them in her own way. A small breathe is drawn, one alter down, three to go. Giving Lyam's hand a gentle squeeze as she gives him smile, her eyes bright and she moves with him to the next alter, Altheara's. The eyes of the Temple Priest and those gathered upon them. Some sniffles to be heard as those prone to being weepy at even happy occasions become…weepy.

One the alter is reached, as before the prepared offering is accepted from the acolyte by Elenore, the dress just didn't come with pockets to store anything.

Upon the alter of Altheara, a sculpture depicting a winged horse of legend is placed. An exquisite piece with fine and intricate details having been painstakingly coaxed from the stone. A close look would have one able to see the details in the very feathers of the animals wings, along with the delicate rendition of Altheara's sigil upon the horse's chest. With the offering places, Elenore's oath for Altheara comes, "Our union is blessed by Altheara. Together will we be to learn from one another in our days ahead. To learn with each other as we weather and soar upon the winds that will take us, from the gentlest of breezes to the fiercest of storms. Today and everyday forward, shall we find joy in the simplest of pleasures for we will be together." A quiet look given to Lyam as she finishes, looking for his approval as well as to hear his words before the Guardian as they become further bond before the Guardians.

And once again, Lyam's gift is more.. male-minded. A fine hunter's bow, again made of that dark red wood is set upon the altar as he smiles towards Elenore in open approval of the young woman's words as he sets down the bow and speaks. "Our union is bless by Althera. Together, we will grow wise and learned. We will temper the other, and teach the others. We will walk in the colors and light, feel the breeze of your blessings lifting us forward, guiding us in the raging winter gale and in the gentle summer breeze. The joy that we provide each other will bring us comfort and happiness as our colors are merged together in a brilliant caphony of light and shade." he says and squeezes his Elenore's hand. Halfway there.

Fingers yet linked and twined as they walk as one to the next alter, Elenore giving a faint glance towards the Priest, perhaps checking for approval of how they are doing before her eyes are again stealing looks to the Lord who walks beside her, the wolf who will soon be her husband.

As the alter of Ravas is neared, fingers carefully accepting her offering to present. A 'bouquet' of colorful and delicate peacock feathers, both of traditional and white, are placed upon the alter of Ravas. Each painstakingly gathered herself, the white so carefully protected in the journey from Wolveshire. As fingers uncurl from the feathers and Elenore steps back to offer up the words of her wedding oath to the Guardian, "Our union is blessed by Ravas. With courage will we travel the unknown of our days ahead as the creativity and passion given to each of us alone comes together to twine as one, to become something greater together as one. Like fiery embers of the sun, our love shall ever burn for each other and our loyalty will be ever constant as the rising of the sun each day."

A nervous smile touches on Lyam's features for the first time, as it comes to the offering to Ravas. The young Lord sets out a few pots of paint. As he opens them, the scent of the paints comes out - the berry paints - Lyam made his own batch of them this time. With them set out, he looks towards her, and reaches with her twined hand to take her free one and turns it to him, palm first. "Our union is blessed by Ravas. Stained red with courage." His thumb dips into the red pain and presses his thumb print into he palm. "Stained gold with wealth of knowledge." With that, his thumb dips into the gold paint and next to the red on her palm.

"Stained yellow with the courage to feel joy in the time of unease." His index finger dips in the yellow paint and presses into her palm, opposite of the gold. "Stained green for the courage to protect and provide." A green finger print is placed above the red. "Stained blue for the courage to promote understanding and tranquility." he says, and presses the blue print below the red.

His hand then curls hers up into a balled fist, comibinging all of the colors together. "Stained white for the courage to continue to walk the path of goodness and light." And with that, he releases her hand and closes the pots to leave them as his offering. "The light of the sun burning away the fog of ignorance and fear, burning brightly in our hearts and presents this rainbow for all to see."

As Lyam starts presenting his offering to Ravas, Elenore looks slightly puzzled at first, curious in some way. Glancing to her hand after the first print of color is made, a faint blush rising to her cheeks before she looks to Lyam as he continues. Her dark eyes following him as he goes through each statement, each colored print to reflect it as her palm is stained with the paints as the Oath is made. Even the most cynical of hearts present would be able to see the absolute adoration in Elenore's expression for Lyam, the fondess had for him in her eyes. Linger several moments to simply look at him as tears of joy threaten to spill from her eyes. Thing she would wish to say held back with so many looking on, with one alter left to go.

The hand of many colors is kept curled and tucked against her as the final alter is eventually headed for, oh so reluctantly do her fingers uncurl to accept her final offering to be given up to the Guardians.

Settled upon a cushion of flowers just starting to bloom is a small jar of sea water that Elenore reaches to place upon the Alter of Stilltha as the last of the marriage offerings to the Guardians. As before, once the offering is placed she offers her words up to Stilltha," Our union is blessed by Stilltha. Together, with calmness and patience will we travel the waters that our life's journey must cross, whether raging sea or still pond. Together will we discover the wisdom of each passing moment as our eyes are opened to the colors and patterns of the world around us. Fruitful will our marriage be under the blessings of Stilltha." The last words drawing a blush to her cheek as they are offered up, that implication and expectation within them that is always placed upon a marriage. The Guardians preserve her.

Lyam smiles and nods his head slightly as he sees her expression. They will have time to speak, once the ceremony is done. As they stand before the altar for Stilltha, this time, the offering for Lyam has to be brought in. A pair of olive saplings, just starting to bear fruit are placed before the altar.

"Our union is blessed by Stilltha. Will patience we will plant and cultivate the seeds of our love. With patience, our hearts will blossom together. With the journey we take, we shall bear fruit and provide from two a whole orchard of blessings with the encouragement of Stilltha's will." he says as he finds his own blush. He knows of their expectation, and his hand squeezes hers tightly for a moment as he looks towards Elenore - now one step away from becoming his wife.

The blush lingers in Elenore's cheeks as Lyam's Oath is given, her hand returning the squeeze of his as they remain yet bound together by the cord. A quiet look given with the last alter having been done.

As the last of their offerings are made, their Oaths to the Guardians spoken, the Priest of Bornas voice resinates out,"The Guardians have heard your words, accepted the offerings you have made to receive their blessings upon you and your marriage. Come again before us, so we may hear what Oath you will give to one another so that we might to give our blessing upon you." The motion of his hand indicating for the couple to again stand with him at the center of the Temple.

Upon returning to the center of the temple, a shy but utterly delighted smile sent to her most adored cousin when they pass by him, Elenore turns to Lyam a faint breathe drawn before she speaks again. Her gentle tones carrying the oath she offers to him, her very soon to be husband. "Always will I be there to be at your side through our days ahead, to find the delights in the simplest of moments, to be your strength when you need it of me. To be the breeze that lifts you to soar as a leaf upon the summer breeze. To be the muse as the artist in you needs of me, to inspire in you the colors I know and see. To be that which brings you calm and patience when it is what you seek of me. With the blessings of the Guardians, my strength, my knowledge, my love and my wisdom will be yours always to have, Lord Lyam Varghem." Uncurling those fingers of that hand which and recurled and been held so protectively against her in order to draw out a ring of silver and gold, a closer look would have one seeing that the metals have been shaped into various branches of wheat before being joined, twined and smoothed into a ring. Perhaps Lyam, in time, would notice how the one 'leaf' is more wolf than leaf. "This ring I give to you as a token and reminder of the Oaths I have given to the Guardians, to you, that you may always remember of them and what I have sworn and shall always be for you as your wife, as we become one in marriage, from this day forth and always."

A nervous glance is sent towards his family, but it is tempered as soon as he sees Elenore's smile of affection for him. And it is enough for Lyam to find the courage to glance towards the woman, and then he speaks as well. "You have painted my world of dull grey with the bright and vibrant colors of your world. Always will I be at your side. Your words are the melody of my heart, your smile the brightness of my soul. I will guide you when you ask, and stand at your side when you wish to explore." he says quietly and confidently as his own hand reaches to take out his own ring. It echoes her own, except smaller and made for a woman, with several colored jewels entertwining with the wheat wreath, settling in one sparkling stone in the middle, made of the same stone in her first offering. "This ring is my token of my affection and Oath to you and the Guardians. To be your husband and guide and for you to be my wife and calm. With this ring and these oaths, we become one in marriage, from this day forth and always."

Those tears that had threatened before, do spill now as Elenore listens to Lyam's word to her, his oath for her. Overwhelmed with joy for him to be her husband, the happiness that is felt in those moments.

"Before us have you pledged to each other, sworn yourselves together before the Guardians, with the power they have given onto me as their servant in this world, do I announce you as husband and wife from this day foreward in their eyes and under their protection." Rings out the Priests words after the pair have exchanged their oaths and tokens for one another. "May all here recognize the union that has been made, may all in the lands recognize Lady Elenore Taniford and Lord Lyam Varghem as wife and husband from this day foreward." A knowing smile comes as he finishes with a,"My Lady, you may now kiss your husband."

Alas, Elenore need not be told twice, and it brings a few chuckles and several throat clearings, never mind a few shocked and scandalized looks at who quickly the usually odd but mildly mannered Lady does lean in to kiss Lyam, her hands raising (and draging his one along with) to cup his face as the kiss does linger. Not quite the chaste kiss and she does blush so when she does pull from it, whispering quietly to him,"I love you, husband." A shy and blushing look going to the Priest who surely over hears.

Indeed, she is the Lady of the Land and gets first rights to such things as Lyam finds himself claimed as her husband. His wife. There's only a hint of surprise as he finds himself captured and kissed, his own kiss eagerly returned to hers as he cups her face in return as they kiss and then he smiles brightly at her. "I love you, wife." Though the amused glance in his eyes is not just because those words have been practiced many times before, but as he pulls back from her, they both now have streaks of color of their face from the paint earlier.

The blush deepens a little to see the paint upon his cheek, realizing it of her doing in her eagerness to claim that first kiss from her husband. Elenore does try to look apologetic, but she seems far to amused and delighted by it in the end. Her hand seeking his again as they turn to go out and greet family and friends, random people who just stopped in to see what was up and stayed on to wish them well….presenting themselves as husband and wife, greeted in turn as such. So what if it takes a small nudging from the Priest when Elenore's gaze lingering in Lyam's for several long moments. It gives the romantics in the crowd something to shy about.

"I think it was a good idea to hold off for our reception as long as the troops are still in the field." Lyam says quietly to Elenore as they handle the greetings, a smile coming to his face every time he is introduced as Elenore's Lord. He glances over and gives her a grin, and continues with the introductions and greetings, his hand in hers, finger brushing over her ring on occassion.

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