This is for OOC information and to help characters new to the game to fill in what's happened in the past to pick up where they may stand now:


Game Opening

April - Wolveshire Tournament

The first in-game tournament is held in Wolveshire!

May - June - Murdered Princess

After Princess Aylanora is found dead, a search begins to find the killers. Which leads to the marriage of Darrin Taniford to Kerilyn Rhaedan and the return of Ellowe.

June: The Bandit King

After Rhaedan nobles assist a Taniford Knight under attack, the Rhaedan bandits declare war on Rhaedan.

June - Present: The Monster of Shelter Lake

A strange find in Shelter Lake motivates the Temple.

July - Present: Laketown Circus and Tournament

The circus comes to Laketown!

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