Titles and Hierarchy


Royalty. The rulers of the land.
For Rhaedan it is King Breac and for Taniford it is Queen Regina.
Addressed as Your Highness. All will bow when they enter and will not look them in the eye till they allow you to stand and address you directly.

Royalty. The children of the King/Queen.
Addressed as Your Highness.
In the case of Prince Jerric and Princess <name> they are the voice of the King and Queen respectfully. While kneeling by Dukes and Dutcheesses is not mandated, it is recommended to do so except for informal meetings. Other Nobles and all Commoners will kneel till instructed to stand.

Lord/Lady of the largest keeps. Royal advisors/intimate Court members
Addressed as Lord, Lady, Duke or Dutchess.

Lord/Lady of major vassals. Always striving to gain favor to Court and thus building their strongholds. They report directly to the Duke/Dutchess that governs their lands.
Addressed as Lord, Lady, Count or Countess.

Heads of minor Keeps and fiefs. The lowest of the pecking order for nobles. They are always looking for ways to grow their holds. Barons and Baronesses report directly to the Count or Countess nearest to their lands.


The ultimate head of a Guild. They are the final say on all Guild matters. Highly skilled in their trade. The would produce goods for Royalty when they do the crafting or the oversight of it. Usually very wealthy. It has taken them years to gain such a position. Addressed as Guildmaster. For commoners this is akin to Royalty.

Master Craftsman/Craftswoman
Just below the Guildmaster, they see to the day to day running of a Guild. One per craft is elected to a council to assist the Guildmaster. Very skilled in their trade they can produce goods that any Duke or Duchess could afford, but can also work in conjunction with Guildmaster for Royalty orders. Addressed as Master or Mistress.

Apprentice and Journeyman
Craftsman in training, always apprenticed directly to one master craftsman. This training can take years before they are elevated from apprentice to journeyman, and several more years before becoming masters of their craft. Addressed as Mister or Ma'am.


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