To have wandered to far

To have wandered to far
Summary: It seems that the Taniford Artist went for a bit of a walk and fell into habits of old. Time and distance having been lost to the woman as she finds herself entirely someplace she did not mean to end up, but at least she finds a friendly face to help her.
Date: 3 July 2013
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Elenore Roltoff 

Laketown - The Drunken Clam
A large oak bar is prominent in the common room of the tavern. The smell from the kitchen is generally delightful, and the hearth situated at the back of the room is large and always burning. A sign above the bar reads 'No Fancy-dancy wines here. This tavern is for real drinkers', while the bars front has been carved with the likenesses of clams here and there, to echo the place's name.
The Tavern has a slightly seedy crowd and is generally messy, but never unclean. Tables are spread out and some seem mismatched, but the seating can accommodate any number of patrons. All the furnishings are made of highly crafted Oak to remain quite sturdy no matter what condition they might be put thru. Just past the main bar is the door, leading to the Kitchen itself, and to the right of the door leading to the kitchen is a flight of stairs that lead up to the second floor. To the right of the bar as you enter can be seen another door, with a Sign above it labled 'The den'.
Wed Jul 03, 1329

The lunch crowd has abated and only a few remain within the main tavern. More people can be heard past the door toe the Den.
Roltoff his scrambling as he aids the servers clearing tables and cleaning them a push broom gathers up the trash as its collected and take out back. Roltoff then moves back to the bar and pours himself a small glass shot of brandy and downs it in a single swollow. Then calls back "Hows that pig comming…" a sharp cry is said.. "Just fine, now shut up and let me cook…" this gets a small chuckle from roltoff as the cook grumbles about the constant interuptions.

Looking perhaps a little road wary, Elenore slips into the tavern. Dark eyes widening just a touch as she looks around and takes the place in. And perhaps odd for one who surely looks noble by the make of her attire, she is utterly lacking in guards today. Etheral steps carrying her further into the establishment as she continues to take it all in, a slight blink here or there as some detail is peered at.

Having finished wiping down the bar, Roltoff hears the tiny bell over the door ring and looks to see who just entered and upon seeing the road weary traveler he rush's to their side. "Welcome to the clam, how might I assist you. " as he slips an arm around your waist while his other hand grabs your arm to gently guide you to a nearby and clean table. "Erin some tea and flat bread and some of that mild cheeder . " a young waif of a girl maybe not more than twelve bolts into the kitchen to get the things ordered, her red hair flowing as she runs. "Easy now , here sit down and relax, the tea will aid you and a bit of food wont hurt either until you can place a large order. " he says with a gentle smile.

Dark eyes blink a few times when Roltoff is suddenly at ehr side, at leas to her it is sudden as she was looking at something in the other direction. The feel of a arm about her waist, ahand upon her arm ahs her looking at them a moment then you with a cant of her head,"Thank you..I have seemingly wandered further than i was meaning to. Though I am not certain what I was meaning to wander either. " The wispy young woman is easily enough guided. "Tea would be of lovelyness. And food aye, it has been…" Elenore frowns a little,"I forget when…so it must be of to long again. So some aye, whatever you would be of suggesting. But not large, I am never able to eat so much as others seem." Dark eyes drift off again before coming back to you,"I do not know this place…you. It seems most interesting though."

Roltoff chuckles softly and nods. "well Im sure you'd have heard of this tavern under a differnt name. " he replies "Though I have rebuilt it since it owner died in the fires that consumed the old tavern and renamed her. Erin arrinves in a flash with a cup of steaming hot tea and a plate of flatbread, and some mild chedder. Her hair is flaming read, her eyes a bright cheerful green and she has that impish look to her. "anything else I can get Master Roltoff. " as the girl seems eager to please. Roltoff kneels down and says. "why dont you go see if cookie has some of the Clam Chowder she claims she's famous for ready Im sure our guest here could use some.." Erin just grins and once more bolts back into the kitchen in a flash.

"Oh?" The young woman looking slightly puzzled for a time before something seems to click,"Fire? This is.." Dark eyes look about the tavern a moment,"I…am in Laketown then?" Guardians preserve everything, Elenore doesn't even know what city she is in. "I have wandered far indeed…I had not meant to…but ten I never mean to." There is a quiet sigh as he murmurs,"Mitner will not be pleased. No…not at all. But it has been awhile."

The arrival of the girl does draw Elenore's attention a faint blink to see such hair, but it does cause a smile. "Some chowder does sound nice…and….Ellie…most call me that. Unless they are upset or trying to be formal with me. Which they will be soon."

Roltoff smiles softIy., "Well miss Ellie , nobody will be yelling at you while your in my Tavern if they try, they'll be finding my boot on their rears. I dont mind a drunken brawl every now and again but to mistreat a lady is one I dont tolerate. " he gives your shoulder a gentle squeeze as Erin is gone an there is bark from the cook who pokes her head out and Erins right there to point you out. "See. Toldya…", Cook makes a playful swat at Erin who adroitly avoids the blow and grins as she runs out with a small bowl of fresh lemon slices and offers them to you, but while trying to be coy and secretive.. "the teas a bit strong miss, found some lemon really makes it better. " she smile sweetly to you.

That does cause a bright smile,"I would like that, i do not care for the yelling and the scolding. Even if I know it is only because they worry. And I know I should not wander, and I have not for so long. I had such focus…the patterns." There is a slight sigh and Elenore's voice falls a little,"But it seems to be fading, a momentary thing. I had hoped…." Shaking her head a little to push the thought from it.

Eyes flicker to see the girl reappear and the cook as well. Only seeming to remember about the tea with the lemon being brought. A warm smile and bow of her head offered,"Why thank you, mistress. I am most appreciating that. i am sure it will be of making it better like you say." reaching to take up one of the lemon slices to squeeze into the tea.

Erin just beams a smile at you as she return to the kitchen and seems to Immediately be ushered back out by the cook. "Careful now girl that hot.. " and little erin rolls her eyes "Yes cook.. " she says resigned " I can see that… " as steam flows from the top as Erin, good as her word carefully bring you the bowl of steaming hot clam chowder.

There is a soft smile for the girl, watching as the bowl of soup is so carefully brought along,"Why thank you, I do not think I have been being of served so finely, mistress. " Elenore giving the little young thing another little bow of her head before her eyes drift back along to Roltoff. "it is much new then here? For you spoke of rebuilding and the fire of before?"

Roltoff nods his head, " Yes I had them save what they could but from the ground floor up new timber and stone, had them add a few new things, such as hte water tower out back to prevent another fire like last time. Hired a great new cook and A good server and Someone who knows how to run a tavern well. So in essense this place is starting fresh with better fare than the old places served, no wine as were letting the Inn keep that while we serve stronger drinks. The furniture here is hand crafted and made stronger than before to withstand most things short of an axe."

Elenore cants her head a little as she looks around,"I can see it…it explains much now…why there is fading here or there within the pattern, a mixing of old and new. I could not explain it before, but to know….it is of making sense." Even if hungry, it does not seem the food entirely captures her interest, or perhaps more so it seems she often forgets about it. Though the odd bite here or there seems to be managed. "It seems a nice place, more with so much thoughts put into it as well…Is almost more of being home then anything. Aye?"

Roltoff grabs a cup of rum and sits down at your table and asks. "Is something the matter lady..? as you seem quite distracted. " he asks with a smile. "please eat you look like your about to fall over with exhaustion and if you need too I do have rooms upstairs that youc an use, quite a lot of privacy I assure you. "

The observation actually draws a blush from Elenore,"I am sorry….I am just often so. There is much on my mind with…well everything. And I fear I am falling again back to habbits I was of thinking were finally gone." There is a faint smile before she tries to explain,"My mind…is different….I see of things..differently…sometimes….it is always not sometimes, as others do not. I see colors, patterns that are there that no one else seems to be of seeing. Is is like…to see a piece of grass….all just see green. But I see so many greens, so many shades, and there is yellow and hints of white…Yet none see. But of this I see everywhere, in everything. Not just of a simple grass blade." Drawing a small breathe as the words seem to spill out,"They pull to me sometimes…I forget of everything and follow….I think I am but away moments but in truth it has been days. And…it…I thought…there was a pattern that would keep me drawn…that I had found that would allow focus so I would not do this again. But it seems….not to be so…for I am here and not there now."

At the reminder, Elenore does eat some of the food a little bit of a 'mmm' sounding when she eats of the chowder. "This is..good. I have not recalled of having better….and…room, aye..perhaps it is best as I am not thinking it is possible for me to be returning yet to night." There is a quiet sigh and simply another spoonful of chowder taken up.

Roltoff sits and watches you and makes sure you eat every bite and then reminds you of the flat bread and cheese. He seems very duty oriented toady to make sure you eat until you cant stuff another bite into your mouth. Its only then tha the allows you to stop and realx. "Erin a refill on this lady's tea please. " as Erin moves up and gently collects your cup and heads back to the kitchen, only to return with the cup fill and this time with a saucer below it and a new lemon slice. "here you go lady.. " she says with a dimpled smile as he hurries off to take out some trash. A larger boy of maybe fourteen followers her out, carrying a small club in his hands. They return a bit later both safe and sound.

With such an insistent presence, Elenore does make her way through the chowder and eventually the flatbread and cheese. Some color seeming to return for it, even if yet a touch pale. Food can only fix so much, so fast. The tea used to wash down some of the bread and cheese in the process. Elenore giving the girl a soft smile when the cup is collected. An incline of her head when the full cup is returned,"Thank you, and you were most correct about the lemon, it was of making it much better."

Erin just smiles and nods " see I tolg you…" as she looks to Roltoff and he laughs. "ok scamp your rihgt, Tea's not my thing but from now on your in charge of the delivery of the tea's " and if she could go any brighter she would as he hops up into roltoff's lap, wrapping her arms around his neck and hugs him. "thankyou-thankyou-thankyou…" as she hops off only to dash back into the kithcen to help Cookie.

There is a soft laugh that slips to see the exchange between there pair. Elenore giving a small shake of her head in watching the girl scamper back on off. "You have made her most happy….Though she is of being right, tea is tricky ting of getting right. Even more so in remembering there are many teas and some are going with lemon and some are more of going with creams. Though I am also of thinking, this is is not so much a house of teas."

Roltoff shakes his head. " No but I know that some of my partneres enjoy it so we keep a few blends on hand for their enjoyment and you didn't look to be a Ale, rum, mead, or brandy dinker so figured Tea would suffice. " he looks to Erin as she returns to the kitchen and nods. "she an orphan and a ward of the temple, but I offer her some small work and coin. She and a few others are glad to do the work as it gives them something to do, that lad brings in fresh lumber three nights a week and a few others fill in when he doesn't. They get a bit of coin fresh home cooked meals, for which the temples stocks aren't hit with and they learn a trade or two while they are here as I know cookie shows Erin a few cooking skills and technique now will she grow up to use them as a cook ?" he shrugs, "but at least by the time she's done here she'll know how to cook the basic and feed herself ."

There is a bit of a smile,"That is of mostly true…I have sometimes had of brandy and like of the taste. But it is of clouding the thoughts quickly. I do not do it of much and…perhaps is of not being the best to do when I am not of being home." Fingers lightly taking up the slice of lemons to squeeze it into the tea as before. "I am sure they are appreciating of it, the Temple as well to know there is place for them to go, to be of learning something that they can take up and see after themselves when they are of being of age." A faint smile occurs,"Least better than me. Their minds are of working right. It is most good of you to be doing such for them. It is of showing a kind soul being within."

Watching you for a bit Roltoff grins. "Many think that due to my not having a home, or kingdom to call my own and since Im a sword for hire Im supposed to be cruel and all that but Im not, I at times have more honor in what I do than most mercenary companies I've dealt with. I've never broken a contract and I dont harm women or kids. Well let me rephrase that I dont harm non-combatants. as I've had to fight many a female warrior though when quarter is asked It's also given. Hopefully in time these children will learn more than they expect and become useful citizens." he smiles and looks to you. "Now im not sure about that lady.. as you seem to have a very good mind, just lacks a bit of focus and If I can aid I will. I know many techniques to help one retain focus as distractions in my profession get you killed."

Quickly is Elenore's head shaken,"I am not of thinking that, I know of many who are of with home and family that are such. It is not of having family, or such things that is of making person nice or not so nice. It is not of one such thing that can be claimed to to cause such either way. Sometimes it is of such that is of helping a person to be nice, or of lacking to make them not so. People are always of trying to just lump all into one thing, of not seeing the difference..the shades." She sighs a little,"Like the always comes back to them, but people are not of seeing. " An apologetic smile is offered for her rambling, knowing to well that half the time she often makes little sense to most. "It is good of knowing you are having a most kind soul, of honor and keeping to it. " Elenore gives a weak smile,"I know I am of having mind, it is of being good at some things, but of not so good to many others. I would not mind to know of the techniques, but perhaps tomorrow we could be talking of such and perhaps I should be inquiring about one of the rooms of which you were speaking? "

Roltoff stands up and walks around the table to take your hand and smiles. "of course …Erin!" as the girl rush's out "what rooms are available do you know? " Erin thinks and says. "Ahh yes Room one is not being use, is the lady staying the night. " Roltoff nods his head "she is, do me a favor and draw her a bath and tend to her needs, and get the good stuff out for her bath will you. " Erin nods and smiles and walks over to take Elenore's hand as she leads you to the stairs and up.. "Roltoff…?" and Roltoff looks up and asks. "yes Erin.. " .. she blush's abit." what bout her hmm clothing.. " he grins. "well we've spares should she wish to sleep in them and you can then send her stuff to be laundered tell them its a rush and needs to be ready by morning and I'll cover the cost. " Erin just nods .. "Okay…" as she then leads you up to your room, the hot bath and scented oils and perfumes and the very plush and comfortable bed as if you allow your clothing is taken and freshly laundered and ready for you in the morning.

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