To track and investigate

To track and investigate
Summary: Roltoff and Breanna take to tracking the trail of the attackers on the Festival of Kites to see if anything can be found.
Date: 10/Sep/2013
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Taniford Wilderness - Deep Woods
The road connecting Laketown in the north and Wolveshire in the south is a winding one. Made with carts and wagons in mind, the road winds around the larger of the hills. Tall hardwoods tower overhead; in summer the leaves provide a canopy from the sun and skeletons of the branches reach out in the winter, like a dead man's fingers. Around one of the bends the road opens up and grass has grown in a meadow, free from the shade of the trees. A favorite spot for weary travelers, a small spring provides a steady stream of fresh, cool water. And since it's a favorite of travelers, it is also a favorite of bandits that make the woods their home. Some call it a waystation, while other's name it the 'bandit hole.'

To the north, one may find themselves in Laketown, while the south leads to Wolveshire.

Tue Sep 10, 1329

Activities and life had been busy around Laketown, from the attack at the festival…the attack at the docks and the rescent faire itself. The roads had seen more travel than usual with the harvests coming off the fields. Yet there were still signs of paths that took off from the main routes. Occasionally there was a camp to be found not far after following a path a short ways, a rescent stop over, or perhaps a few days old. And there were those that just kept going deeper into the woods, hints of being worn paths from game or hunters.

Roltoff is out searching one of many paths, in light of the recent attack on the temple as he searches for those responcible. Now while he has the ability to track he's not as good as professionals so he asked Breanna a ranger to help him out. Though he's here for now waiting on her arrival as he examins tracks and looks for sighs that might indicate those who broke in and ransacked the temple a while ago.

Breanna is indeed offering up her help to try and track down the ones behind everything. She is not up to keeping him waiting to much longer as she makes her way down the path heading towards where they was to meet up. A pair of wolves follow behind her, keeping close it would seem. The ranger is dressed for being out in the forest, and tracking, dark brown cloak with hunter green tunic, brown pants, she could blend in rather well with the area around if she needed it. "Roltoff." Is offered once she catches sight of the man. Her bow is settled over her shoulder, quiver full of arrows as well.

There is a path that leads deeper into the woods, not as obvious as the others. But one with tracking skills might pick it up the disturbance to the grasses and branches, passage not rescent. But further down it, there is a chance for dried blood to be found. Small spots here or there, a bit upon a few blades of grass. Not obvious, but it is there to be found.

Roltoff smiles as he see's Breanna and nods. "hello. ready to get started? " as he looks to the wolves, and waits.

Breanna nods at the question, a soft smile seen. "Of course." She offers before going ahead and taking point in the matter and moving ahead starting to check the place out. It'll take her a few moments to tak in everthing, pushing some branches back, checking some bushes and hums softly. "This way." Is offered with a soft tone once she has the picture in her head about which way the people may have went. One wolf slips off while the silver she-wolf follows behind her a few steps.

The scents linger yet, something for the wolves to pick up on perhaps. The blood is steady enough to track, though the drops are sometimes small and not easy to see within the lush greenry that makes up the forest. There is that broken bit of twig or bent grass speaking of a previous passage. It is difficult to tell how many went along this way, save it was more than one. And the blood certainly speaks of an injury.

Roltoff follows the ranger, as he gets his bow out and ready. "you lead I'll follow, Im sure your wolves are much better at this than I am Breanna. " he smiles as he lets the ranger and her wolves go first.

The wolf that stays with Breanna trots ahead of the pair a few paces after the Ranger gives the wolf a soft soft commands. In this case to help with the tracking. The wolf is the one that picks up the scent of blood and is following it, large paws moving slowly as to not make a lot of noise at the moment if able. Bre follows, pointing out bits of leaves and grass that is bent and broken to Roltoff as they go.

The path leads them along a fair ways, evenutally weaving along to the ruins. Those that are rumored to be haunted and often avoided for this very reason. But the path leads to them all the same, the closer they get it is easier to pick out that those who created the path scattered upon reaching the location, a total of four had been present. The trail of blood leads along into the ruins itself.

Taniford Wilderness - Ancient Ruins
Tangles of brush and bramble eventually part to each side, allowing travelers to break free of the dark woods and step into an overgrown clearing. The ruins of an ancient keep stand tall and stark against the sky, and while its walls once rivaled those of newer design, they have since fallen into disrepair. Once the guardian to the south, the keep was overtaken and destroyed during the first years of the 400 War. Stone debris litters the ground, hiding amongst the knee-high grasses and scraggly heather, and the entrance to the keep has long since been blocked by the crumbling walls. Rumors out of Wolveshire describe this area as haunted by the ghosts of knights and men-at-arms that once called the keep home.

Near the entrance to the clearing, a fallen stones have been shifted into makeshift lean-tos, and the remnants of recently utilized campfires still remain. The only way out of the area appears to be the trail heading back to the east.

Tue Sep 10, 1329

Roltoff continues to follow the wolves and breanna, some of the things she points out he himself spotted, others not so much until they come upon the ruins themsleves. "guess we follow the blood trail yes?" he asks breanna in a soft whisper, so that if the bandits had sentry's they'd be less likely to notice.

Breanna pauses at the trail and looks off slightly to see where it might lead too. A nod is seen while she pulls her bow from her shoulder along with an arrow to get it ready. Can never be to ready! "Aye." Is murmured softly to Roltoff while she starts to follow along the trail of blood towards the Ruins..

Closer to the ruins, it can be noted that there are tracks that take off beyond the ruins, an indication that perhaps that some, or perhaps all might have already continued on. Though as the winds shifts, a stentch wafts out from the ruins themselves. For those familiar, they might place it as the smell of decay and rotting death.

Roltoff pauses a bit and look from Breanna to the wolves. "want to check and see how many are dead. I doubt they left any loot with the dead but number will help." as he drops to a knee and waits for Breanna's decision.

Breanna knows that smell rather well, she makes a face at it and coughs a moment. A slight nod is seen. "We can go look, see how many was left behind." Her gaze follows after the path that leads away from the Ruins and she nods towards it before she is slowly making her way towards the ruins themselves and is looking into them when able. Her wolf moves along, following the trail that was made by other.

The stentch is ever worse within the ruins themselves, with less air moving through them it simply stagnants. To be found within are two bodies and the remiments of a fire. One of those left behind appears to have simply sucombed to his wound, the other looks like his companions might have finished him off with the gaping wound that crosses his neck. The fire is long cold, but if looks like more than wood might have been burnt within it.

Roltoff uses his dirk to carefully search thru the embers to see if anything survived to be Identified. He pulls a scarf up over his mouth and nose to try and filter out as much of the stench as po ssible. "two dead at least two alive due to those tracks wouldn't you say?" he asks Breanna.

Breanna shifts slightly pulling her tunic up a bit to cover her nose and mouth to help with the smell. She looks over the scene making sure the place is quiet before she is creeping within, slowly but surely moving towards the fire. Her gaze flicks towards the two bodies, eyeing them a few moment before she looks to the fire. Her arrow is used to push and move around items within to see if it is just bits of wood or not. "Most likely I would agree to that. I don't think one of 'em died from his wounds either."

The search through the cold embers do turn up a few things, there is a chunk of metal that Roltoff's dirk clinks into. Turning it about and fetching it up would reveal a standard signal often worn by Chosen of the Temple. A bit of white can be seen poking out from under the one, if one dares to investigate further….a surcoat of the Chosen would be uncovered. And further stirring of the fire does cause several partially burnt bits of parchment to float up. Words can be spied upon them.

Roltoff collects the signal of the choses and sighs as his skill in this matter isn't as well founded as he tries to see if he can figgure it out but (doesn't have the proper skills) He notices the papers and see is Breanna can put them together. "Im not sure as I cant make this out. " as he holds up the part of a chosens uniform most likely. "what have you found.?"

Breanna slips her bow back over her hsoulder, arrow resting next to her while she slowly picks up the parchment bits here and there and works on putting them together. The words are there, but in all honestly this Ranger is not good at reading. "Words on the paper." Her gaze flicks towards the surcoat and she frowns while looking it over. "It was an inside job, someone was inside the Temple dressed as a Chosen one."

There is little more to the signal and surcoat to give way their purpose. Perhaps stolen after ambushing a Chosen? Perhaps stolen from a Temple to pretend to be Chosen for some purpose? Though the words on the paper do give some help, some further clue. But the bits seem to be from different letters or missives. The first if pieced together correctly gives simply - "Set…..all clear at……be festival." Corridiation for the attack perhaps? And the later - "……not found…..will need……..information……kidnap her……costs." Future plans? Past plans? Clues for certain but to what ends?

Roltoff arches a brow. "really, thats not Good you'd think they'd be screening their people better than that. " he collects the Evidence found and says. "well shall we return to the temple or continue after those who live?"

Breanna leans back slightly as she looks over the things here, letting Roltoff look over the words that is left from the bits of paper for the clues. She takes in a soft breath and nods slowly while shifting so she is standing. "Indeed. We're take it back to the temple. I'm rather sure they do check over such things. Just seems that someone got around everything that they do."

There does seem to be little more to be found about the ruins. ANything else was taken with or simply burned away. The other trail is old, it has been awhile and catching up with the others might takes weeks, if they are ever caught up with. They do have quite the head start! But something has been found, clues to be considered. A bigger picture yet not clear, but it is something.

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