Summary: The Wedding of Prince Jerric Rhaedan to Lady Guinevere Riedel.
Date: 09/14/Year
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Brivey Keep - Temple of the Four
Like all temples of the Four, this one is a slightly stretched diamond in structure with lofty cathedral ceilings that let natural light shine in and illuminate this sacred place. It is accessed by a graceful archway on each of the four straight walls, emphasizing that neither direction holds prescedence over the other. Combined with the stone walls and polished floors create a wonderful echo that catches almost every footstep and whisper.

At each of the four corners of the temple are the altars of the Four. The northern corner belongs to Bornas the Mountain God; a tall effigy of a bulking, bear of a man with his sigil carved into the platform at his feet. There is an offering dish that is often filled with handfuls of earth, leaves, or seeds. Directly opposite of him in the south is the handsome and youthful statue of Ravas the Fire God, and his offering bowl often contains hearth ash or bits of tinder. To Ravas's left in the western corner is the old and wise Stilltha; river stones and water occupy her offering bowl, including the occasional fishbone. Last, but not least, opposite of Stilltha in the east is the young Altheara with her long, windswept hair and fiercely beautiful features. In her bowl is held bird feathers and bones, as well as small carved flutes and chimes.

September 14th, 1329

Oh blessed day! Truly it was, for the day had /finally/ come for the long betrothed Prince and Lady to be married. The town of Brivey had been all a flutter for weeks as preparations had been made, as guests had flooded into the city for the occasion and the tournament to follow. From the far reaches of the Northern Kingdom had they come to pay homage to their future King and his soon to be wife, from the South had others come to give witness to the occasion, and no doubt live it up a little on the provisions of the North. And the time had come for the ceremony to begin.

Many had made their way into the Temple of the Four already. Chosen were stationed near the doors to provide oversight and security, never know when some accidental stumble might set of the next war between kingdoms. Priests and Priestesses could be seen upon the fringes as additional witnesses for the Temple. Though it was the Temple Priestess of Laketown that was found at the center of the Temple to perform the ceremony that would bind the couple in marriage. The woman dressed within dress robes for the occasion, even if yet simple in comparision to the many dresses sported by nobility. Tylon giving a slight smoothing to the dark blue material, the sleeves giving their own bit of a swish with the movement allowing a bit of a glint off the silver accents.

Thomas is one of those that stands near the door, dressed in his armor (which has been polished to a deep shine) and the fresh Tunic of a Chosen. He stands there, stoically as his eyes go about the guest. Only when they alight on Tylon is there a smile. As each one enters the Temple they will get a proper bow of his head.

Standing near Tylon, Jerric shows an outward calm. As what goes on within him is anyone's guess, but the slight beads of sweat that dot his forehead might be some indication. He is dressed for the wedding, not in armor but in fabric that was picked out by Guinevere and tailored by the master tailors of Rhaedan. His hands are clasped behind his back. As each guest enters he greats them with the slightest dip of his head.

Set about the Temple as well are various members of the Royal Guards, some near their 'assigned' persons of Royalty, others simply near the doors and edges of the crowd, giving precedence to the Chosen but duty bound to yet be where it was the Royals were. Alek is one who has taken to a place not to far into the Temple, just past the door an upon the other side of a Chosen. Decked out in the usual armor of a Royal Guard, all polished to a shine and thus looking much like a newly minted silver piece…wrapped in a freshly laundered red surcoat and that red cloak that flutters with the stray breeze of air. The man offering a charming smile to a familiar face here or there, otherwise keeping to a polite bow of his head as appropriate.

With the air of one who has not only been married for a good many years, and the amusement that comes FROM having been married for so long - which, in turn, gives rise to FURTHER amusement at the usual air of determined NON-nervous resolve usually displayed by one (or both) of the wedding party - Katarina is merely one of the many guests attending this wedding. Accompanied by her eldest daughter, heir to Westmark, and husband Paule - who is currently speaking with their eldest son as they move into the temple, Katarina makes a special note to exchange greetings with other council members and speaks with other notable nobles while making her way to a seat.

Thoams and Tylon are not the only visitors from one of the other temples in the land. Cafell and Cristof are standing quietly against one of the walls of the temple, both wearing new and neat vestments to signify that they are members of the Covenant. Cafell's robe marks her as a priestess, while Cristof's identifies him as a humble acolyte in training for the work to which the Guardians have called him. The almost iridescent blue of their attire attests that they primarily devote themselves to serve Stilltha of the Waters.

Sir Gustav Sollinger can be found amongt the royal retinue of the Summerlands, quietly attending to his duties as the Princess Fayre's steward. He is certainly dressed for the court, which is somewhat altogether unusual for most members of his house - but despite his eyepatch and cane, his velvet doublet is well maintained, a cloth-of-silver half cape draped over one arm to remind that world that curmudgeon, crippled sea dog spawn can be noble, too.

He does manage to glower (with his one good eye) towards to the Westmark entourage as they arrive. Some things never do change, the day's festivities aside.

Being somewhere around the area is of course Stefan. Dressed for the occasion and smiling as he isn't taking center stage this time. Just being around more or less, for now.

Entering the Temple with her father, Duke Neale Riedel, gently holding her hand and leading her down the isle. The maiden's cheeks are flushed a rosy hue and a brilliant smile is spread across her face as Guinevere quickly looks to her father standing at her side and mouths a few inaudible words that makes the man smirk. Turning back her violet eyes scan the faces of those who are in attendance, so many faces, before resting on that of Jerric.

Guinevere's gown is trimmed in fine ermine, embroidered with gold and picked out with pearls. The fabric a pristine white, no gold, no it is white but shimmers with gold when she walks into the sun that is filtered in by the windows of the Temple. Her hair is curled and encased in curls and a veil held in place by a plain golden circlet, a long train trailing after herself as she moves slowly towards Jerric nodding to those she passes in quiet reverence.

It was but a moment before she joins her prince and the Temple Priestess. Guinevere's father, releasing her hand after passing it off to Jerric, bows deeply to royalty who is to take his daughter in marriage. He kisses his daughter on the cheek before going to stand with the rest of his family and kin at the front of the Temple. There is a smile for her father as he heads off before Guinevere gives her full attentions to Tylon.

As those gathered begin to quiet down with the arrival of the bride, Tylon draws a slight breath as she looks around to those who have gathered and then begins to speak. Her voice raised just enough that the calm tones of the priestess are carried about the Temple," On this day we have come together to pay witness as Prince Jerric Rhaedan and Lady Guinevere Riedel seek to join their paths together and take up the path of marriage as one. We shall give witness as they make their offerings to the Guardians of Four and request Their Blessings upon this union."

Her gaze drops to the pair before her as she continues,"As you each have come to here of your won free will, if you are yet ready and willing to proceed in seeking the Blessings of the Guardians please state so and offer up your hand." Doubtful that either will turn back now, but the opening is yet their for it as Tylon falls silent allowing each to speak their intention to proceed.

Jerric's world seemed to shrink the moment that the old family friend escorted Guinevere to him. His eyes fixed on his bride to be and the rest seemed to fade. He had to blink a few times before he bowed his head to to Neale then looking once more at Guin. The smile on his face speaks volumes of what he thinks of her at this moment. It takes the words from Mother Tylon to turn his head, and reluctantly he does.

He just stands there, smiling. Even when addressed by Tylon. It takes a shake of his head before he responds "Yes, I do wish it so." And with that he holds out his hand as instructed, but not before he wipes it on his pant's leg.
Augustus has arrived.

Violet eyes stare back at Jerric, cheeks still flushed pink, but she doesn't miss what Tylon says Guinevere simply turns her head back towards the priestess and smiles. "I do so wish it," also putting her hand out to await further instruction.

The glower that is aimed at her by one of those Sollinger sea dogs is not unnoticed and, in response, Katarina offers up a smile in return that is both charming and polite, in fact she adds a brief lowering of the lashes over her eyes - two good eyes, indeed - to accompany this smile. After all, a one eyed Sollinger Sea Dog is nothing to, ahem, squint at. Seated with her family, and well aware of her eldest daughters feelings toward matrimony in general, Katarina simply tucks one hand over her daughter's, smiles at her husband and tucks her other hand into his and remains silent while the vows begin.

After each offers up a hand, Tylon draws out a twined cord of silver and gold. Speaking as she moves to loosely tie it about their wrists, joining them together in that symbolic way,"Marriage is a journey taken together and so must you together begin upon this path. As one will you visit each of the Guardian's alters to give up up the offerings you have brought. If you are ready, " a slight pauses as her gaze moves between Jerric and Guinevere before stepping aside,"first you must seek to honor Bornas."

Once the pair have taken up the path towards the alter of Bornas, some no doubt watching (and hoping) to see if either trips, Tylon's voice carries forth once more,"Marriage is a journey, there are times when the path is long and tiring, when it is full of joy and happiness, when there are trials that must be endured, there will be times for celebration and feasting. It is to Bornas that the blessing of strength and endurance must be asked so that this journey might be transversed for all of the days and years that are to come before you. " The flow of her words timed with their passage so that the last of her words come as they stop before the alter of Bornas,"Give of your offering and seek his blessing."

The cyclopean Sollinger's features can usually be described as dour and sharp, but they are no more so than when the Lady Katarina grants him that courtly smile - and the slightest, involuntary sneer sneaks up on Gustav's lips, before he returns his attentions to the ceremony, and (should any arise) Fayre's needs.

Thomas watches the proceedings, but he finds his eyes continually drifting from the royal couple and to light upon Tylon. At times he just clears his throat and goes back to his duties of being a Chosen. The interaction between the Westmark and the Sollinger do not go unnoticed though.

As the ceremony gets underway, already being silent Alek simply remains so. Even ensuring there is not any movement that might make his armor creak or clatter. Though after the initial look to the bridal pair, his icey blue eyes might seem to be paying far to much attention to the Westmarks and Sollinger's than to the couple, or his other Royal charges. A show, with a side show.

Augustus stands in the back as the Auldholme Heir to Malgrave stands in his armor. Recently polished to a shine his cape and other medals gleaming off him as he Has his sword on his hip, and a Ceremonial spear in hand. His watches with a warm smile as his prince gets married to the love of his life. Wishing that his love, Collette, was around to share this moment with him as he watches the pair become one with Tylon running the ceremony.

Embracing the silence Cafell remains near Cristof listening and watching. Reaching up she brushes back a wisp of dark hair from her brow. Not far from her and Cristof is Lonnie a grizzled old Chosen, who's hair has long sense turned grey and his face is a map of scars. He keeps his two charges within line of sight and only offers the ceremony part of his attention.

Jerric watches the rope woven over their hands before smiling to Guin and then, as one they makes their way to the alter. It is then than a squire, dressed in his best, comes up with one bowl, enough for offerings from the pair. "Bornas, give me your strength to be strong for my wife. Give me the strength to do what is right by her always." And with that he dips his hand into the bowl and with draws his offering and sprinkles it before Bornas.

Behind a fold at the front of her gown is a small white purse of sun bleached leather, from it Guinevere produces a band of iron, small, the size of a ring. Guinevere searches the faces of the gathered peoples as she pulls out the small offering, giving a small nod to Augustus before turning back toward the alter. Saying in unison with Jerric, "Our union is blessed by Bornas. Together, we will be strong and steady, enduring the harshest trials as one," and slipping the band into the offering bowl when finished with her words, adding to the ashes that Jerric places in the bowl.

After the offerings have been given, the words spoken, Tylon gives a small incline of her head before her stance shifts from the northern alter to face eastward,"Upon a journey, one must seek learning, and thus must you now seek the blessing of the Guardian Altheara upon yours." Giving that pause, that moment of time to allow for them to start towards this next alter, no doubt some attendant having to shift around the long train on Guinevere's dress so it does not get tripped upon and so it looks just so and perfect. The calm tones coming again as they do take up the path to the next alter,"Upon the journey of marriage, each must learn of the other, knowledge gained so that you may walk as one together. It is through the blessing of Altheara that you will be able to learn of each other, her winds to guide as you need as your two paths become as one." Again words seem to flow with their passage, the last of her words coming as they come to pause before the later," Seek her blessing as you give of your offering."

"Our union is blessed by Altheara. Together we will learn from one another and find joy in simple pleasures," Jerric says before once again reaching for the new bowl that was brought up. A simple white feather is retrieved and placed before the alter. He then looks to Guinevere as she begins her oath and offering.

Again she reaches into her pouch, producing an offering with her free hand, this time it is a small flute, something that would be fit for a child. Guinevere shakes her head, almost as if she is shaking off a trance and looks to Jerric to say her vows to Altheara. "Our union is blessed by Altheara. Together, we will learn from one another and find joy in simple pleasures, and laugh always… even at the foolishness," Guinevere adds the last shooting Jerric a wide grin leaning over to place the tiny carved flute into the offering bowl.
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Two down, two to go! Once the offering has been given and the words spoken, the priestess again turns this time towards the south and the alter of Ravas. "To undertake the unending journy, one must have passion and drive, and so now must you seek the blessings of Ravas upon yours." Those moments of pause coming to again give them time to turn and begin towards the alter question. "There is a need for passion in life, to greet each day as a new adventure but also to have passion and love for one another upon this adventure, to have the courage to allow such love to grow and evolve as each day passes. It is through the blessings of Ravas that this is granted. With the dawn of each day, does he bring the renewal of these fiery emotions." How long must those of the Covenant practice to these things to get their timing just so, for as the pair take those last steps to stand before Ravas alter, so do the last of Tylon's words come," give of your offerings to him and seek that which are his blessings."

Looking down at their hands that are tied together and then meeting Guinevere's eyes Jerric smiles "Our union is blessed by Ravas. Together, we will be courageous and our loyaty will be as constant as the rising sun." Then he grins before adding "And passionate." He then takes the next offering and places small twigs and ash on the alter.

A small pouch is proffered this time, bound with twine, its contents secured with a piece of fabric. Guinevere grins as Jerric speaks, shaking her head slightly at his final words. "Our union is blessed by Ravas. Together, we will be courageous, passionate," she raises a brow before she continues, "and our loyalty to each other and the kingdom will be as constant as the rising sun." She unties the twine with her bound hand and dumps the ashes from that morning's hearth into the bowl.

Augustus smiles as he catches Guins look and as they continue to go thru each of the four vows. His eyes scan the room to see each and everyone who've made it to this wondrous event. He like his men are skill'd in discipline and once posed doesn't move until after the ceremony.

It is to the south and that final alter, the alter of Stilltha, that Tylon turns after Jerric and Guinevere have completed their offerings and oaths to Ravas. "To travel one must have endurance for the long journey, knowledge to guide their path, passion to see it through and yet you must also have the wisdom to know when to rest, the patience to work through what obsitcals may be found upon this path you take together. It is of Stilltha's Blessing that you must now seek." The priestess managing to remain rather still through each of the pieces, and again there is that pause, that bit of silence that comes as the couple is allowed time to shift their course. No doubt having figured out by now how to move as with with their hands so tied together. The attendant getting better at getting the train of the dress shifted about just so.

Clam tones again accompany their passage between alters,"It is only through time and experience that you may gain wisdom. The wisdom to use the knowledge you have gained, the experience to seek patients to endure. It is the blessings of Stilltha that grant the gaining of wisdom, of patience. It is through her that you will find renewal, rebirth, even as the days and years pass." The last bit of her words surely expected, timed just as as before,"Seek Her blessing as you would give up your offerings to Her."

Jerric and Guin move to the next and final alter. He can't help himself from stealing glances at Guin as he does. Then softly "Our union is blessed by Stilltha. Together we will be calm and wise," he almost chokes on the calm part, "and our marriage will be fruitful." He reaches at the next bowl, his squire smiling as he does. Three river stones and taken and placed before the alter and then he looks to Guin.

Lastly, a small vial of water is pulled brought out, she pops off the stopper with her thumb before completely pulling it from it pouch. She stifles a chuckle by biting her lip as Jerric stumbles over his words a bit. "Our union is blessed by Stilltha. Together, we will be calm, patient, and wise, and our marriage will be happy and fruitful," Guinevere recites as she pours the river water over stones and turns to face Jerric.

With the last of the offerings given up to the Guardians, Tylon returns to her original facing direction as she awaits the couples return to the center of the Temple to join her. No words coming for this last progression and thus silence falls across the temple, save perhaps a few stray murmurs, the sniff of those who get weepy at weddings. Tylon perhaps inwardly amusing herself in noting those few who snicker at the whole 'fruitful' part of that last one. But it seems as this silence fills the Temple, it then is broken from the back where Cafell, Lonnie and Cristof reside. What comes is a loud audible rumble of an empty stomach.

A flicker of Tylon's eyes in that particular direction before she just simply gives a small shake of her head and turns her attention back towards the couple. Once they have settled in those original positions, Tylon's gaze looks out of those gathered before settling upon the couple,"We gathered here have given witness to your offering to the Guardians, the words and oaths you have taken to see Their Blessings, now we would hear what Oath you would give to each other in this marriage, what token you may have for the other to represent your Oath in the days ahead." And in time, when Jerric begins his Oath and presentation, Tylon ever lightly and deftly removes the circlet that Guinevere wears, managing to not even pull a single hair.

Cristof is watching the ceremony with keen interest, focusing particularly on how Tylon recites leads the couple through the vows that they must make and the sacrifices that they must offer. When the very earthy rumble of a hollow stomach breaks the sacred silence, he looks to Cafell out of the corner of his eye. He bows his head slightly and then turns it toward her, so that she can see a cautious smile before he steps closer to her. He reaches to touch the sleeve of her robe gently, and murmurs something that only she will hear.

Once back in the proper place, Jerric is just turning when the rumble of someone's stomach is heard "Well it seems that the feast is sorely needed," he says before chuckling. He looks to the squire who had hurried off and now returns with a red pillow with gold tassels. Upon it rests a simple crown of gold. A diamond on either side of a multifaceted ruby. Taking it up between his two hands he turns to Guinevere "My lady," he says then grins "My wife, and the love of my life. I give you this crown from me to you, from all of Rhaedan to you. For now you are of the people, all the people." He holds it up to put it on her head then gently places it there. He turns to those that witness "I present to you Princess Guinevere."
Jerric gives his Guinevere's Crown to Guinevere.

Guinevere has put on her Guinevere's Crown.

Listening on through it all, eyes watching the couple even at times, Alek stays ever respectful. Though his gaze does return to the Westmarks, his subdue family in life and the evil dread pirate Sollinger and company. Ah but then there is a giving of a crown and title, another royal that will have to be babysat…er protected. It seems an appropriate moment to clap, maybe even cheer a little with the presentation of the new Princess. Thus there is a bit of it done.

The lady's soft, purple eyes never leave that of Jerrics, not even noticing Tylon's swift removal of her circlet. There is a soft, serene look about Guinevere as she listens to Jerric's vows, the blush that had largely disappeared through the process races back to her cheeks and a small chuckle comes from her lips. "Indeed" she says quietly of the rumbling stomach smiling brightly at the crown he has to place on her head, she speaks her vows before he does so. "My husband, my friend. It has been a long time since we were but betrothed children running about Brivey shoeless, where I would beat you up every chance I had. We have grown together as children as we have grown together in adulthood. Our bonds could not be stronger, I promise to abide you… when I can, and do everything within me to do right by your people, for they are also mine."

A royal guard comes to present Jerric with a gilded sword, intricately tooled and a fanciful sheath equally resplendent in craftsmanship. "May this blade be a reminder of the fight and the woes that you will always face, may it also remind you that nothing may stand in your way whilst you wield it. You are my prince, you are my love." Guinevere bends at the knee while Jerric places it on her head, turning to the room as he announces her new title.

There is a nod of Cafell's head as Cristof whispers to her and rests his hand upon her sleeve. With a slight frown she whispers something to him back that can only be heard by his ears. Done speaking she and Lonnie exchange a glance and the Chosen for a moment looks amused as he shakes his head again. All too soon Lonnie and Cafell's attention is drawn back to the Ceremony and the lovely bride and groom.

Oaths exchanged. Check. Tokens given. Check. New title bestowed. Check. Appropriate cheering for new title. Check. Though for her part, Tylon remains quiet when others cheer, one last piece to get through so all may go and celebrate. And so rises Tylon's voice once more, "Before us have you sought the Blessings of the Guardians, you pledged yourselves to each other, and sworn yourselves together before the Guardians, with the power They have given onto me as Their servant in this world, do I announce you as husband and wife from this day forward in Their eyes and with Their Blessings. May all here recognize this union that has been made, may all in the lands recognize Prince Jerric Rhaedan and Princess Guinevere Rhaedan as husband and wife from this day forward." Just the briefest of smiles flickering before she finishes with,"Your Highness, yoy may now kiss your bride."

Oh, yes. Kiss. Jerric nods to Tylon before turning to Guin. His eyes fixed on her's before he leans close and does kiss her as his wife. He says softly as the kiss is over "To day is the happiest day of my life, Guin. Long in coming but now that it is here I could ask for nothing more."

She is wed and titled, Guinevere couldn't be any redder than when Jerric kisses her. She turns an ear to listen to his words over din of people cheering the newly wedded couple. "It is the first of many, my love. Nor could I. Now," she turns her eyes to those gathered, the blush retreating from her face and speaking loudly, "let us feast, Northerners and our esteemed guests the Southerners, as well."

This time Tylon does clap along with the others, though she doesn't quite cheer. It is rather contrary to her calm nature. The pair married and presented, Tylon does fade back as others come forward to congratulate the pair. So what if she just happens to show up beside Thomas after a bit of time, saying nothing as her hand lightly touches his arm and a quiet smile is offered.

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