Traffic Jam, Medieval Style

Traffic Jam, Medieval Style
Summary: A little catching up is done by Paule, Kataraina and Alek while they pay witness to Adelore causing a bit of a traffic jam on the bridge.
Date: 14/Aug/2013
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Rhaedan Wilderness - Oldstone Bridge
The towering woods close in on both sides as the well traveled road between Laketown and Brivey winds its way through the trees. Near the edge of the river, the foliage begins to thin until the landscape opens up onto a complacent, peaceful riverbank. Here, a large bridge crosses a narrow channel of the river to join the two kingdoms and allow for the back-and-forth of travel. The giant stone monstrosity is of an an indeterminate age and unknown origin, and the decades of exposure to the elements have worn smooth the edges of each brick; moss creeps ever upward between the cracks, and here and there chips in the stone stand as testament to its endurance despite its age. It is wide enough for three carts to pass abreast quite comfortably with room on either side for single-file foot traffic.

To the northwest lie the Rhaedan lands and the township of Brivey, and to the southeast are the Taniford lands and the neutral territory of Laketown.

Wed Aug 14, 1329

With the heat of the summer day slowly, ever so slowly, beginning to abate the cooler evening air - especially nearest the river - is a blessed relief from the heat of the day. Those still nearest the river, be they soldier, armsmen, citizens who live - or lived - in the area move back and forth across the bridge at their own pace. Seated beneath the pavilion, a silliness that she continues to view with marked amusement, Katarina is playing with Goliath and observing the traffic.

Sipping on a glass of lemonade that he had made, Paule glances over at Katarina and arches a brow with a grin. "What's got you looking like the croc that ate the Corsair?" he asks casually before passing the glass over to his wife.

Seeing to some final tasks before having to head further north with the Princess and others, Alek has been seen moving about what remains of the camp here and there through the day. With all that red and the splashes of gold, how can he be mised? Especailly when he finally makes his way over towards the Pavillian and that pair watching over the happenings, giving an incline of his head to each in turn.

Katarina waves one hand upward at the Pavilion, "This silliness. A Pavilion. Oh, I'm sure that keeping the noon day sun off of everyone in armor is a nice thing, only the soldiers, the knights, don't crowd in here under the tent. So, maybe it's to keep the rain off of them. Only.. the same thing applies, they don't get to stand in out of the rain. Thus, it must be reserved for Sir Auldholme and his gaggle of courtiers that flock with him from place to place," she suggests, a near-snicker escaping her as she spots Alek and holds one hand briefly over her eyes. "I'm blinded!" she says with a grin.

Adelore moves on foot along the stone bridge with the traffic up from Laketown way, pushing aside her veil and shading her eyes against the evening sun she scans the carts moving to the southeast.

Paule snorts. "But of course it's for the Auldholmes. They're all rather pampered, don't you think? After all, one member of their house is so in love with a southern noble that gave her up title for true love, and now another one is being married off the Riedel. Sometimes I just wonder how deep their breeding pool goes over there… what the chasms." the Count offers as he tilts his head to the side, looking at Alek askew. "If this is Coriaria's idea of new armor, we need to have a serious talk about her fashion tastes." he rumbles as he watches the carts and such crossing the bridge.

Alek gives a faint smirk at Katarina's reaction,"Yes, I know, it's eye catching. Mistress Bryony tells me that it was bad enough before but now the girls don't stand a chance with this new look." Shaking his head at Paule,"No it is not Cricket's idea, and she is not entirely keen about it. It was rather Prince Jerric's idea, if you hadn't quite gotten that tidbit of news yet." Alek looks to the pavillion,"It was for the festival, but I guess it makes for a fine enough place to take a stop for a drink in the shade while you watch the rest of us trot about to and fro."

"Shallow end, my love, shallow end, though I'm finding myself fond of the lady Victricia and Lord Sammel is a particular friend of Prince Jerric's," Katarina explains with a movement of one shoulder in a shrug. "Though," and once more she squints - rather comically - at Alek. "I don't imagine Cricket likes the idea, it does sort of make you a bright, shiny, walking talking please shoot me now target, though," she reminds Alek and ruffles Goliath's fur again with one hand while glancing up. "It's a nice pavilion, but he speaks at length about the glory of his soldiers. I have yet to see them in action, so I can't speak to the truth or veracity of his words, as of yet. They do look pretty as honor guard though."

Adelore abruptly bustles out into the wheeled traffic to address a teamster driving an ox-drawn wagon filled with new-milled lumber. The form this address takes is vociferous yelling — the exact words are lost in the general creaking of wood, jingling of yokes, and snaps of the whip, and the woman's voice becomes entirely drowned out as the teamster stops his cart and loud complaints begin to be heard from the occupants of the various vehicles behind him.

"Well, you go ahead and like them.. and Alek, put back on your normal armor. If the Prince pitches a bitch, I'll remind him that we have not been compensated properly yet for trying to steal you away. Though it seems we are all getting ordered around these days." Paule mutters, reaching over to touch Kat's hand for a moment. "I've been reassigned by the King." he finally tells her. "I'm being sent to Laketown in the morning.." the commotion catches the Count's attention, but only for a moment as he watches the young woman cause a traffic jam, medevial style.

Alek takes Katarina's joking all in stride,"It rather does, I have to wonder the logic of whomever came up with the concept for it. Though I imagine they were going for the flashy look, and succeeded I might say." Nodding,"I cannot ay I have seen them in action either, but there is not many oppurtunities for that these days." Paule's words actually bring a flash of relief to Alek's expression, a proper excuse to get out of the gawdy, shiny stuff. "With pleasure, and I do not imagine he would pitch a fit, he's not said word to me since making that proclamation. Which I might add, there has not been the proper ceremony either. It was said and the next day I was off. Not much opening to bring up the technicalities." Alek's head turning and taking n the commotion that apepars to be going on at the bridge.

Katarina glances toward the commotion, one eyebrow subtly arched in curiosity, "I never did approve of the use of a whip on horses or oxen, the sound should be sufficient without the actual use of," she says in a low voice while shifting her attention back to Paule. "I see. And why has my cousin so ordered you?" she wonders. "And don't worry about technicalities, but I'll be sure to remind him, Alek. The amount of duties he juggles per day are rather staggering. I'm sure he has it scheduled but hasn't made you privy to the details because he probably thinks he has done so already."

The teamster is out of the wagon now, having a heated argument with Adelore. The stoppage of the traffic has, of course, attracted guardsmen, who approach and open mediation. From the look of it, the conversation with the guards begins with round accusations from both parties which are of zero interest to the men. In an effort to restore order, they separate the two, directing the teamster back towards his wagon. The other guard escorts Adelore back to the side of the bridge where the foot traffic continues, although somewhat impeded by gawkers now.

"Whips are fun in the bed, however.." Paule comments casually, a wink at Katarina before he considers. "Because I mentioned an embassy is needed during the talks between the Queen of Taniford and your cousin and he said 'great idea' and I got assigned to it with Loady Morla of Lohstren." the Count mutters. "So I'm searching out land to buy out for it and we're supposed to cooperate to build the damn thing." he comments, before he grins. "I'm so curious, aren't you." He waits for the girl to notice him and Paule lifts a finger and makes a come hither gesture at Adelore.

His shoulders move in a shrug,"I'm not entirely certain, I beleive I might have made an impression during the joust. And I proved a convient option in being near while he and the Southern Queen were bickering at the tournament feast, almost like family. I can't say I saw it coming at all, but weren't like I could tell him no either." That would have gone over well. Least it would have provided everyone else with further entertainment. "As I'm sure naming your champaion in front of a crowd and having them decline just wouldn't be seen as a favourable thing." He just rolls his eyes a bit at Paule, he'll just have to take the Count's word about the whips.

Alek gives a look over to the bridge now and again, watching the matter continue to unfold as guards finally appear to help get traffic moving again. "Ihave to admit being a touch curious myself. Not everyday someon dares to ensnarl that traffic. "

"I see. So. When i agreed to take the position that Jerric offered and I said that I wouldn't do so unless you were with me," Katarina says quietly, "and you were so upset about the fact that I was considering taking him up on the offer because you thought I was more or less leaving you to serve the crown. And I explained that no, not unless you were part of the deal, as we're both on his council, we're a matched set, we go together. But you're staying here," she ruffles Goliath's fur once more and rises to pour more cider into her cup, shifting her attention toward Alek. "No, you're right, you can't decline what you've been asked to do by the crown, can you."

Adelore stomps away from the curious onlookers with hunched shoulders. She pauses to vent her anger by wrestling with her fashionable veil, swiftly unpinning her hat and violently cramming the whole lot of lace frippery into the reticule she carries. It is shortly thereafter that she notices the nobleman gesturing to her from the pavilion. Flushing from her neck up to her now rather disheveled coiffure, she makes to comply with the request, squaring her shoulders for the approach. Upon her arrival, she makes a low and graceful curtsey, glancing to the lady and the armored knight as well, but not venturing to say anything.

"Just like you couldn't decline us surrendering our lands to our daughter to serve your cousin." Paule points out. "Once the embassy is up and running, I am sure that the new married ambassadors will fill in well." he says as he glances towards Katarina. "You see, I am privvy to the fact that Prince Samwell and Princess Niniane are betrothed now." he comments as he glances towards the approaching woman and grins. "That was quite the mess you caused. May I ask what caused such ruffled feathers?"

"I'm not sure he asked so much as ordered rightly." Alek shrugs a touch,"Guess I got to see a bit of the south, and the Princess got a slightly familiar face." Raising an eyebrow a little at Paule's comment, inquiring, "Has the Princess been told that yet?" Though his attention is soon turning to the woman who has been beckoned over. The pretty knight giving her a charming smile and a slight bow of his head.

The finely dressed commoner raises her head. "Ah, it was a /business/ matter, My Lord," emphasis on the business, that Adelore might not be judged a wanton woman. She casts a furtive glance back towards the bridge, where traffic has fully resumed. "To do with, uh, transport." Her sketchy answers suggest that a full explanation might not show her to be free of blame in the affair. "I didn't want to cause problems — it… it was urgent."

"Business, mmhmm." Paule says easily as he leans on his knees and studies the woman with a lift os his brow. "And what urgency would bring you to jump like a wanton woman in front of a teamster as you did? One with your looks would surely do better than that, aye?" he asks as he studies the woman again.

Katarina sets the cup down on the table with a marked thump of sound, "A woman with her looks?" she reiterates, staring at Paule with a look of marked surprise that is shaded with a wide thread of shock. "Perhaps you've spent to much time in the field," she says in a edged voice before she strides forward and offers a polite bow to the finely dressed commoner. "Kat Westmark," she offers, extending one hand in greeting as well, "and good day to you. What sort of business, if you don't mind the question? The gentleman over there seems to have lost his ability to speak in a civilized manner, perhaps if we give him time it'll occur to him."

Pale eye give the woman a quiet study as she answers Paule's inquirey Alek remaining silent on the particular topic that occurs. His arms crossing along the way, and a faint smirk comes at the questions Paule ends up asking in time. Though it turns into a full out grin as Katarina steps in, Alek shooting a glance towardsd Paule. Ah, how he's missed his 'family'.

Adelore notes Alek's smirk, Paule's grin and lifted brow, and seems to be struggling to contain her indignation as the nobleman insinuates exactly what she had sought to avoid. Stiffly, she responds in a rather tight high-pitched way, "I am much obliged for your assessment of my appearance, My Lord, however-" Relief is palpable as Katarina's approach rescues her. She takes the woman's hand and dips a curtsey. "Adelore Upshaw. I make lutes and violins - I have Terborg's old shop in Laketown."

"Ah, beloved, you know that I perfer my blondes to be well-trained, strong and beautiful in their own way." Paule says with a wink at the Countess. "After all, they make the best wives and mothers." he comments as he nods. "Paule Westmark, and the pretty blinding one over there is Sir Alek." he says, not rising from his seat as Katarina gets all up in arms. "And you know how nobles are, Kat, the paler they are, the more it seems that they are desirable, since it shows that they don't have to do any work. I'm surprised that having more weight isn't a desirable trait yet." he winks at Katarina again.

"Lutes and violins?" Katarina wonders aloud. "It must take a great deal of patience, artistic eyes and ears both and a great deal of skill to do that kind of work," she remarks before inviting Master Upshaw to have a seat in the shade of the pavilion as well. "Ahh. So. Now we're talking about weight," she says, her tone of voice ever so lightly arch.

Adelore bows her head and accepts the offer, taking a seat. "My Lady is too kind," she responds. The scene on the bridge earlier certainly had nothing to do with patience or artistry. Her manner is still a bit stiff, her flush fading. She touches her hair in a self conscious way, but then folds her hands neatly in her lap. What luxury craftsman in her right mind would pass up the chance to hobnob with nobles?

Watching the two women before Alek does cast a glance in Paule's direction. The Knight simply giving a shake of his head. Though he does offer a deeper bow of his head when Paule goes about somewhat proper introductions,"A pleasure, Mistress Upshaw." Noting lightly to Paule after that little exchange on weight occurs,"You do not always remember to walk lightly." Expanding his address to both the nobles and the guildwoman as well, who gets another of his ever charming smiles, "If you will excuse me, I have some blinding armor to trade out before I return to my dutie, I am sure it would not look to grand if I ended up left behind."

"Light of step sometimes does not fit well with mouth. Though if my beloved does not know of my feelings for her pregnancy or no by now, then who am I to be questioning things?" Paule asks, a pointed look given towards Katarina as he considers Adelore. "Is musical instruments all you do, mistress?"

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