Treated as a Thief

Treated as a Thief
Summary: Brother Merrick is seen after he is arrested on the gates of Estermarch
Date: 12/11/2013
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Merrick Setekh 

Estermarch Prison
A holding cell, Lohstren style
November 9 1329

Ser Merrick is not treated roughly, by Lohstren standards.

Of course, Lohstren standards for rough treatment are being tied feet first to a horse who is told to run over a rocky field. So. That's not saying much.

He jostled a bit, stripped of his possessions, called a thief for what was found, pushed into a cell before he could protest, and left to rot for half a day or so. Captain Heral, whoever he is, sure likes to take his sweet time. But when he does appear, it is by banging on the cell gate to get Merrick's attention. Nice guys, these knights.

"Hoy, up here, scum. We're just sent a pigeon to the Temple and back, and they said they sure as hell didn't give permission for any Chosen to be coming down this way. Whaddya have to say for yourself, eh?"

At least he is not left to hang by his feet or immediately sentenced as a thief and set to the block to get his head lopped off. For that he's at least thankful, despite the jostling and the expected treatment he earns for being arrested. Once he's left to his own devices, abandoned there in the dimly lit cell for as long as the Captain wishes him to sweat it out, he lowers himself to the floor, a humble servant of the Four. With head bowed proper and hands aloft in gesture, drawn repeatedly toward his chest as his words echo in the cell, he recites his oaths and prays that the Four will guide him and not abandoned him now while he was trying to do them a service in protecting one of their own.

The banging interrupts this cycle of benediction, lifting his face from his fisted hands as he hears the guard at the door. Though, he does complete his sentiments to the Four before he rises from where he has kneeled, limbs a little stiff for how long he's actually be at it. Left in only his under garments, he wears them as if he were wearing the emblem of his faith on his breast, turning toward the petitioner at the cell, who has indeed confirmed that Merrick was not given leave to aid Collette on her quest South. As he stands in repose, completely at ease, as if he weren't locked in some cell knowing that his fate depended on his words. He does speak, a dead calm to his words, "I came at the request of lady Collette and saw no reason to deny her." Simple. Yes. Keep it simple.

In the near darkness of the cells, far beneath the floors of the castle above, the captain may speak as he wishes to, and leaves all of the knightly pomp behind. "That bitch isn't a lady anymore; nor, it seems, will she ever be again. A damn fool you must be, to be beguiled into following the likes of /her./ Really, lad, the only worse descision you ever made was stealin' that dagger of yours. We'd have lopped a hand off for the offense already, but we thought we'd send it along it it's /proper owner/ first, and let /him/ decide what we do with you,: he admits, through a big, wide, toothy grin.

Merrick seems to react differently when the captain calls Collette a bitch, for his features darken and his brows knit, "Do -not- speak of her in that tone. She is what your liege Lord and your damn political games have made her. She's naive, a child amongst greedy men who would use her to elevate themselves. In the house of the Four, she will find her salvation." He sneers a little at the scorn he receives for being beguiled by her, until the man accuses him of stealing the daggers. There's some confusion on his features, saying immediately, "I have stolen nothing," he steps forward, toward the bars, voice heated, "I am the proper owner of everything that was on my person! I do not use stolen steel to defend my life and the Four with." He's becoming quickly aware that he's fortunate enough to have both hands still, using a tone that growls out his every word, "You've no right to disarm a Chosen, let alone send his weapons to another man."

Captain Heral just rubs his temples, though. "Gods, thank you for reminding me why I hate working with foreigners. I was beginning to forget." His sword is loosened, withdrawn, and the blade thrust through the bars, to force Merrick away from them. "Listen here, punk. I'm already sick of having to explain things to you lot. What you think and what you don't think are our rights ended at our border, got that? Which you ought to know, considering who you stol thoe daggers from. Or maybe you dound them off of some corpse, I don't know, but just your lack of luck, he's the one going to be deciding your fate. So. Sit tight, and worry about our rights again when they're yours to worry about, hm?"

Merrick is indeed forced back from the bars, having to be quick about it too, with a spring in his step that makes him reconsider the Captain. The repeated accusation that he stole those daggers makes Merrick frown, saying one last time to defend his honour, what left of it he has, "They were given to me, rightfully, by my father." Though, whoever that is, he has no hope in hell in telling the Captain. Finally, resigned, he says only one thing, "Send me a Priest, I have that right left at least, do I not?" A priest for confession? Or simply to get word to the Temple that he is held captive?

"Oh sure, sure, let me just go fetch an agent on your little cult for you. I'll get right on that. What, do you think I was born yesterday, kid? Preists come see the dying. When you're ready for the gallows, a priest'll be sent your way. Until then, sit tight and shut up. Got it? "
The captainturns to leave, but stops, and turns back Merrick's way for just a moment. "If it helps, Eldrick didn't hang the bitch. He sent her into exile. And said a delegation from the Temple should be coming for you…….but never said one /would/. Haw! Hawhahwhawhaw!" he laughs to himself…as he departs.

Merrick scowls at the Captain, saying little more when he's denied a priest. But why would he anticipate being allowed to? It was a shot in the dark and he knew his chances were little at being allowed to speak to a father or mother. He sighs as the captain moves to leave, lifting his face one last time however as the captain feels the need to inform Merrick that Collette was exiled and that there would be no such delegation to cart him back to the Temple. The laughter makes Merrick stalk toward the bars, his hands gripping them fiercely as he glares after the Captain, wishing the bars were perhaps the Captain's neck. He holds back his tongue from wanting to taunt the Captain, bound by his oaths, he fails to say much into the wake of silence that follow after that mocking laughter. Groaning to himself, Merrick rests his head against the bars, closing his eyes for a moment before he turns on the cell and anything in there he can rage at - which is likely just a bucket/pot for him to piss in. Good thing he is down below the castle, because he howls like a god damn animal trapped because of his own stupidity.

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