Two Against One

Two Against One
Summary: Chosen Thomas and Priestess Tylon get caught talking about Chosen Alyona by the woman herself, and the course of conversation changes from the two Chosen tag teaming against the Priestess concerning her protection, though the tables eventually turn to the two women against the one man.
Date: 5 July 2013
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Laketown - Temple Gardens
A simple stone path leads out into the garden of the Temple of Four. Several trees offer shade along with small stone benches for people to rest and enjoy the peace and fresh air of the garden. Though by far the offerings are more practical with the many herbs and vegetable patches that exist within the flowers and bushes that exist. A close look by one knowledgeable in the area, would notice that most of the flower and bushes themselves have purpose beyond scenery. Near the back of the garden is a small orchard with various fruit bearing trees : apple, pear, peach, and cherry.

Of the many paths that branch out in the garden, one can be seen leading over to an area that has been setup for the purpose of weapons and combat training for the Chosen of the Temple. Targets and practice dummies are arranged in several places along with open spaces for those more inclined for working in pairs.

Fri Jul 05, 1329

"I should like to meet them sometime, our family, if the Guardians would see their paths or ours near the others for it. " Tylon giving a gentle smile when Thoma's hand closes over hers. The pair sitting upon a bench along the path. Tylon, barefoot as ever, with a cup of tea in one hand, and well the other does seem to be quite ocupied in holding Thomas's hand as the pair talk. Tylon gives a nod,"Yes, we did grow up together here. Even then she would watch out for me. But the Guardians saw us both left to the Temples care when we were young."

"And meet them you shall. They live in a little hamlet on the shores of the river near the Hamlet of Noye. About half way to the coast. Though I have not seen Tristin for a good long while. The last I knew she was serving in the Citadel." With his legs outstretched, he crosses them ankle over ankle. "Why did she not chose to be a Priestess? Why take the road of a Chosen?" He asks about Aylona.

Festival season has kept the woman herself rare. After returning from Brivey, Alyona has kept barely to the letter of the healer's orders - not even a full day passed before she slipped back onto the watch schedule, and the past few days she has spent reconoittering the shadows of Laketown, stalking after threats and rumour of threats surrounding the festivities. But here she is, in the middle of the day, walking away from the practice area with an acolyte in tow, her head bent over the fletching of an arrow. "That will do, though I do not prefer the glue. When there is time, you should go to Brother Cadby and have him teach you to sew them with silk…"

It is when she hands the arrow back to the acolyte that her eyes catch something else, there on in the garden, their backs to her. Her brow flickers upward. "Excuse me, son." She does not sneak up behind them, precisely, but she is certainly quiet right until she can lean over the back of the bench and confirm her suspicions. "Well, right under my eyes, Mother. And here I chastised the acolytes in the infirmary for gossiping about you."

"It sounds like it would make for a pleasant journey. I have always enjoyed time along the shores. Do you care much for swimming?" Tylon seeming able to jump topics ever so slightly in the course of speaking there. Shaking her head just slightly,"She did chose to be a Priestess, we became acolytes together. The Guardians had other plans for her."

Perhaps it was the perceptive sense that exists but Tylon does seem to takee a slight pause just when Alyona would truly be able to understand she was being talked about. And instead of words there is a slight suprised blink as Tylon looks up to the woman, though her hand does not seek to pull from Thomas'. "As you should, Sister. There is no truth to those whipsers, which have already spread. For I have even received…gifts…from the Westmarks. Brother Thomas and I have only just been getting better aquainted." So what if Tylon does blush a little and look mildly guilty. "Which, Sister Alyona, this is Brother Thomas……Brother Thomas, Sister Alyona."

A shrug "Swimming, we used to all the time. It has been a good long while since I have done ti for fun. For my tasks as a Chosen were more recent." Then he smiles "It is a nice cottage. Warm in the winter, cool in the summer. It was a perfect place to grow up. Then I was sent to the Citadel. But I do return to there every chance I get in my travels." He listens about Alyona and nods "She must have some talents that they saw in her that could better serve as a Chosen. I guess you and her are close then?"
Almost used to the senses of Tylon, it takes a moment for him to turn as well. Just as Alyona herself appears. He laughs at the reference to the gossiping as he stands. As is his way he measures the smaller woman, as he would any other Chosen. "Sister Aylona. We were just talking about you. How fortunate that the Four have chosen to send you our way at this particular time."

"Better acquainted, aye." There is an unmistakable glimmer of sisterly mischeviousness to Alyona's small smile, quite out of line with her reputation in the Temple and with dictums of propriety towards head priestesses. But, oh, the acolyte is far away and the garden is quiet, so she even reaches to ruffle the other woman's hair as she moves around the bench. Thomas, however, gets a respectful, measured bow of her head. "Brother Thomas, it is a pleasure to see you safe. The first and last I saw of you was barrelling after a bandit last fortnight."

The lady Chosen moves with economical grace, and when she is still, she is very still indeed; she even blinks slowly as she looks between the two, though her smile doesn't dissipate. "I did feel my ears burning, though I thought it was simply the sun. I certainly hope I'm not in trouble."

"It is perhaps something that will be done for fun again, it is something I occasionally slip to do when there is time for it. Though of late, there has not been as much time found." And perhaps not the wisest thing to do with an active sea dragon in the late. Tylon letting the matter of Alyona and her path fall away as a topic with the woman herself appearing.

With Thomas standing, Tylon's hand does drift back to her lap to join the other upon the cup of tea held there. "Yes," is all Tylon says even if she does look a little sheepish as Alyona ruffles up her hair. Certainly not seeming to mind the familiar teasing. Though she does sober a little at the mention of that chase, noting softly,"Aly…it wasn't just a bandit…it ended up being Darrin." Consort to the Queen of Evil, rules under Kharnas. You know…nice people.

Tylon shakes her head,"No, you are not. I hd simply been telling Thomas about you, and that you were likely going to want to meet him, perhaps have a chat as we were close."

Thomas smiles and nods "There is a fine little spot near the cottage that lends it's self to swimming very well." He watches the interactions between Chosen and Mother Superior. An interaction that he is unaccustomed to. But he says nothing till the bandit chasing comes up. With a nod "It was him. I fought for a long time, neither gaining nor loosing to the other till he used the Other's power to make good his escape." A stern look comes to him as he recounts the story.

That causes Alyona's smile to finally disappear as if it never were, and her nostrils to flare softly in a minute signal of anger. "Darrin." She says flatly, before drawing in a deep breath. "Then the Four have blessed you, Brother, and I am very glad indeed you are home safe." She shakes her head a few times, as if trying to rattle the fact to settle into her brain. "I do not like this, Tylon. You are wearing your jerkin, yes?" She murmurs, protectively.

And Tylon so doesn't mention she went ducking into the woods after Thomas…by herself. "He sought escape because he knew he could not win. " Slipping to her feet now as well, Tylon nods slightly to Alyona,"They have, and he is near as stubborn as you as well when it comes to allowing me to do my duties as healer." Slowly does Tylon shake her head,"Not at the moment, Alyona. When I travel, yes, but not at the Temple…not around Laketown." A faint glance is given to Thomas a whole 'see, I told you' sort of expression.

Thomas just nods as Aylona comments on him being blessed "Yes, Bornas was looking after me that day." he comments. But a brow rises as he looks from Alyona and then to Tylon "Jerkin?" Why would she have a Jerkin? She should not be in a place of danger with out a Chosen to protect her." It is then that Thomas looks intently at Tylon for an explanation.

"She should not, you are correct, Brother." Alyona says, flickering her brows upward like punctuation to a long-standing argument between herself and Tylon, who she looks at pointedly despite referring in the third person towards Thomas. "But you and I are hardly the only ones who are strong-willed here. It is in your favour, though. I might be more critical of your intentions with her, but I find myself thankful that she favours your company. I could use the help keeping her in line." Faint amusement seeps into the old veteran's voice along with this stereotypical old Chosen's complaint, but slips away just as quickly. "The city walls are no magical protection, Ty."

A breathe is drawn when Tylon gets so intent a look fro Thomas,"Yes, jerkin. It went with the training Alyona wants me to do. And it is all because of the harpies. It was not obvious danger, and I could not simply allow them to make off with Knights." Green eyes flickering between the two Chosen, Guardians help her!

"Yes, Alyona, I am quite aware that the city walls are no magical protection, nor are the walls of the Temple. But how would it look to those of the Temple, the city, for me to be walking around wearing that? There is enough tension already upon the air, I do not need to offer more fuel to it." A small breathe is drawn by Tylon,"Would you have me wear it under my robes? Surely the dangers are not as they were a month ago."

Holding up a hand "Wait, this is the second time I have heard of these Harpies." Thomas looks between Alyona and then Tylon "So what happened when you went after them?" He asks crossing his arms across his chest. "No you are correct, Alyona. We are /not/ the only one's hard headed I fear. I think someone has an explanation forth coming? " With a chuckle "I shall do the best I can but some times I feel as if I am trying to heard cats here." And there his gaze drifts back to Tylon as he waits for an answer.

It is an old struggle, this, older than Alyona and Tylon and Thomas, old as the Temple itself. But just the same, it is personal, and like any fight between sisters - even adherants of Stilltha - there are undercurrents of old arguments, unspoken pains, fear. Alyona squares her shoulders with a moment's tension when Tylon argues, then draws a breath and lets the tension release with the exhale. "I would certainly rather you wear armor under your robes than fish a knife out of your ribs. It isn't /all/ about the harpies - I concede you did what you must, but that is all the more reason for you to be protected." She cuts a glance over to Thomas, nodding thankfully for his support. These hard-headed priestesses were going to be death of her, just out of frustration. "The danger is perhaps worse than a month ago. It is only a matter of time before the news of Darrin's treachery brings steel and courage to other adherants of Kharnas. A mundane arrow will kill you just as easily as a harpy's claw."

"I did not go after them percisly, Thomas. They were dressed as priestess of the Four and trying to guide the injured off after inthralling them. Men only, of course. I caught up to one just as she was about to lead a Knight off, at the time, I did not know what she was. But she had on Bornas robes," as if Boroans isn't rare, let alone since when do they heal? "but I noticed feathers, and caught hold of her elbow, it went down hill from their. And I fear to note, that robes do not protect against razor sharp talons. So when she swiped at me, there were injuries that resulted." Tylon's green eyes flicker over to Alyona,"Upon discovering of this upon my return, Alyona was most displeased and thus came up the matter of training, which you know of already. Though Alyona, you would be pleased, he has been insistent that he be a part of any training that comes. Which if he opts to grope me during it," oh yes, she went there," I am sure you will have a harder time breaking his nose." And some how she is actually saying this all quite calmly, even if her green eyes flare a little.

"I will concede that, for the danger is greater than a month ago. We know what, who we face in full. The depths to which it goes. but the targets are greater." Drawing a small breathe,"And yes, a mundane arrow can. But what of those things that do not come like knife or blade? Shall I worry about what might have gotten slipped into a drink,' raising her cup of tea for good measure," or some powerder slipped into a meal?"

"I agree Sister Aylona," Thomas starts as he looks to the Chosen "Under her robes is fine." Speaking as if she wasn't even there. "I have given her a dirk that can also be easily hidden in her robes. Now we just have to get some training in." Turning to Tylon as she recounts the story he listens "What is done is done, thank the Four that they protected you then. But this I would not want to happen again. I am sorry, Mother Superior but I fear since you disrupted their plans that this now makes you a prime target. So protections shall have to be put into place." Again looking to Aylona "Do you have futher suggestions? I shall listen to your words of wisdom as you know our Mother Superior better than I."

"Yes, you should worry about that." Alyona says, darkly, to Tylon's last suggestion. It was not so far-fetched that she'd be trying to test all of Tylon's food next, and not just to filter the worst of Father Byron's cooking. The older Chosen nods at Thomas, quite pleased that they are very much on the same page. "I suppose a little groping is permissible if you train her well, so long as she consents to it." That's almost teasing. Almost. "My mentor suggested that I take a cot in her rooms, but for the time being I have been content that we have increased the watch and set patrols through the grounds. If I had my way, we would also set a guard upon her offices, but she has not yet consented to that."

"It is not an experience I wished for and I certainly do not wish to have my chest shred to ribbons once again. Once was plenty, I assure you, Brother Thomas. And Sister Alyona has quite ensured they will ever remind me of the incident always." Tylon gives a slight shake of her head,"I do not think the harpies will be coming this far, and it was you, not I who faced Darrin and know you must again. You are more target than I." Trying to redirect some, even if with the pair of Chosen pretending she isn't there half the time, and when they aren't…tagging teaming…it is certain to fall.

"Perhaps it is a good thing that is the one area that I am better versed in than you when it comes to detection and curing," in truth she was better than the infameous Shadown Baron, just she tended to specialize on the 'other side'. There is some minor chewing on the corner of her lowe lip as the conversation continues to ping around her. A brief spark appearing in her eyes before Tylon simply smiles,"Since you have thought so much about this, Sister Alyona. And the position of Chosen Lieutenant is yet vacant, I shall see about having the paperwork completed tomorrow to have you given the position. You are already doing the job, so I shall go ahead and just make it official now." Glancing to Thomas as she notes for Alyona,"He said in the training circle, I have no choice put to listen to him, so I believe if he wishes to grope me then, I have to consent."

Thomas nods along with the words of Alyona. Clearly in agreement. But maybe there is more now than just a Chosen doing his duty. Maybe. That is till she and then later Tylon mentions groping. A bit of color washes onto his features "Wait, why would there be groping in a Dirk training lesson?" Then he just sighs. While not adverse to the idea, just not his idea of training. "A cot in her room would not be a bad idea actually."
"But it is my duty to face him, Tylon, er, I mean Mother Superior. It is what I am sworn to do. And when the time comes I shall once again. Though this time he will fall." He falls silent as the news about the promotion comes to which he smiles and turns to Aylona. A bow of his head "Congratulations, Lieutenant, I look forward to serving under you."

Mischief tints Alyona's eye. "Distraction?" She says to Thomas' oh-so-innocent question, suddenly firmly ensconced in the role of the teasing elder sister. She nods in agreement with the younger Chosen's statement of intent, however, before turning back to finally include Tylon in the conversation. "As I told you much the same, Ty. It is our job to be the targets. Let us do it."

But then she notices that spark in Tylon's eyes. That was always a sign for caution. She tilts her head ever so softly as the priestess starts to speak. When the proclamation is made, she blinks twice, owlishly - and then a blush blooms high on her cheek. "I…" The silent one is once again at a loss for words. "Well. Thank you, Mother." That was the polite thing to say. She blinks again. "You actually want to give me more power to keep you bundled up and coddled?" That's the sisterly thing to say.

Alyona snaps a salute, one arm folded sharply across her chest, chin down - and just ever so little of an impish smile nudging the corners of her mouth. "Then I accept, Mother Superior. By the Four, I live to protect and serve."

"AS I have not trained before, I would not know why there would be any groping, but if Sister Alyona thinks it is possible, then surely it has happened before. And thus why she has a concern about it." Allowing Alyona to cover that part. Though Tylon does not to Alyona,"I know, it is not like I have actively been seeking to be a target, you know that. I do what I am called to do." Eyes going back to Thomas,"Even if that means going after you when you face him. If They say it is where I should be, then I will be."

Simply watching, with a little smile as the news sinks in for Alyona. Nodding ever so slightly,"I am simply giving you the power to do what you are already working to do. though mind you, you still do not have rank over me. It will however give you more leave to ensure the safety of the other Priestes and Priestes here without them being able to fuss to much at you." Not that rank has much seemsed to matter at this particular juncture. "I will see the paper work filled and then we can make it official, Sister Alyona."

" And if you truly wish a guard at my office, then fine. However," Alyona perhaps has some warning again that the calm ones Ravas nature is about to unfurl ever so slightly with that fiery look that flashes in Tylon's eyes,"I will not consent to a cot in my room. If someone is going to be in my room, they will be in my bed, and by Ravas Fire they best not be worrying about protecting me." And oh the fire that burns in those eyes as they move between Thomas…and Alyona…and back to Thomas. "Is this understood?"

Both the comments of Tylon and Alyona have left Thomas searching for words. He fails. So instead he crosses his arms across his chest and presses his lips together tightly. That is till Tylon speaks of not having a cot in the room but the bed! Where upon his jaw drops open, slightly. A clearing of his throat and as he is about to say something, well if the words would not have gotten stuck in his throat that is, a young trainee Chosen approaches "Um, Sir Thomas, is it not time for our lesson?" He asks innocently before bowing to both the women. "Yes!" Ahh, saved "It is time, where have you been?" Thomas says to the young lad before turning back to the pair "Mother Superior, we shall speak on the time for your training as well." Then to Alyona he bows "Lieutenant, by your leave?" But he doesn't wait for a response, clearly glad to escape as the tables where turned on him so swiftly.

In fact, Aly's brows have already flickered upwards as Tylon begins into her thoughts about her bedroom. They continue to climb as Ravas takes her tongue, and that wry half-smile settles more firmly into place. Oh, but she's not going to say what's on her mind. Not in front of Thomas. Maybe not ever. Instead, she simply nods. "As you wish, Mother."

And oh, she looks very envious as Thomas escapes. She watches him leave, brows furrowed, weighing and analyzing. But when she turns back to Tylon, she smiles. "You have that poor lad tied up in knots. I like him."

Eyes do stay on Thomas as he fumbles around for words upon the matter, perhaps some hint of amusement starting to flicker in Tylon's expression to see that /something/ has finally gotten Thomas tripped up and off step in the tag teaming the Chosen have taken to. Ah, but then he is saved and Tylon is giving a incline of her head to the young lad, her cusotmary calm greeting,"Son," even if those eyes yet remained on Thomas for a few moments longer. A blink and the fire is calmed again, simply noting,'Of course, Brother Thomas, I look forward to it.

Looking towards Alyona as Thomas finds his escape, for now. "You better, he is going to be around for awhile. And he deserved it as much as you that promotion. Though I perhaps could have warned him that Stilltha was not always my choice to server." Glancing back the way Thomas went,"I am sure he will figure that out soon enough though."

"Oh, I've always anticipated the day that some young buck gets promoted over me. And his courage certainly wants reward." High praise from Alyona, who generally detested the individual proud heroism of the storybook variety, citing how many good young people it murdered, nevermind the unwonted pride it instilled in impressionable young acolytes. She follows Tylon's gaze back to the departing Chosen - then laughs ever so softly. "If he hasn't figured it out already, he might be a bit slow, dear."

"Oh, don't worry about that, it'll be a long day off yet. He has been wandering between the Temples as much as you. Though it does seem the Guardians thought I needed the both of you now. He arrived in Laketown not long before you." And oddly, not long before poor Tylon ended up promoted on up. Tylon gives a small shake of her head,"I think we both were, he and I. It took MOther Cafell commenting for us to actually talk and realize there was something perhaps between us. But you know how I have never sought such a thing, looked to take a companion, especially not after…." Just letting the words fade there, Alyona knew well enough the mess that had existed in the wake of the one who had become a Ravas Priest.. "But we have only talked and held hands, it is not like he is actually seeking my bed."

Alyona laughs again, softly. It is not actually bitter, though one that did not know her as well would be easily mislead on that fact. "I am, in fact, surprised that it has not already happened. I am not, as they say, a conventional choice for promotion." Aly has long since accepted that her strange path to becoming Chosen has affected her career prognosis, as well as her particular skills. She listens openly as Tylon explains the route of her new relationship, the teasing mein dropped for the moment, and even passing into sympathy and a squeeze of Tylon's arm when the subject of the Ravas priest is brought up. Another one whose nose she'd like to break, one day. But finally, she cracks a grin once more. "He will have to be encouraged to do that, I think. Luckily for him, you are not shy."

There is a faint smile that comes,"No, you are not the conventional coice, but nor was I. Perhaps the guardians have shown that right now there is a need for unconventional in a few areas." Neither had ever particularly sought high stations within the Temple, they had been chosen to their paths. Tylon gives a bit of a thankful smile at the squeeze to her arm, the Ravas Priest did need his nose broke yet. He did still come sniffing around at times, there was a reason he had shown up in the rumor mill. "Yes, indeed, lucky for him. But he and I have much to dance through before we get there." A light sparkle touching her eyes for a moment, it was after all about the journey, right? Before a breathe is drawn,"It would seem though that I have some paperwork to get completed and sent off, and no doubt you all sort of plans to think up. "

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