Two Matters

Two Matters
Summary: Eldrick seeks out Pawel to discuss a pair of issues.
Date: 07/July/1329
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Eldrick Pawel 

Wolveshire Castle - Study
This room is expansive, but retains an intimate feel with a lowered ceiling and dark wood furnishings. A window-seat with tall, narrow windows provides most of the light in the room, but there are also mirror-backed candles scattered around the corners of the room. Several groups of chairs and tables are scattered about the area, divided by low bookshelves to create more intimate settings.

A single door opens back out into the hall connecting the noble rooms.

7 July, 1329

A day after their last meeting, Eldrick had sent word through the proper channels that he wished a private audience with the Lord of Wolves, at Duke Pawel's convenience. Informed of the place and time, the heir to Estermarch was admitted to Wolveshire's expansive study. The solemn sir briefly surveys the chamber in search of his host.

Already seated at one of the tables, Pawel is reading through something as he waits for the Lohstren to arrive. Looking a bit thoughtful as he does, he shakes his head at what he was reading, and putting it away now, looking up and spotting the Lohstren. "Sir Eldrick," he greets him, words quiet at the moment.

Eldrick turns to face his host, obeying etiquette by offering a bow to "Duke Pawel." Rising from the formality, the nobleman steps to join the Lord of Wolves at his chosen table. "I was glad to learn that I might speak with you today, as I must needs soon take my leave of your hospitality."

Pawel offers a brief smile and a nod now. "I'm always glad to speak with members of House Lohstren, Sir Eldrick. How may I help you today?" Studying the man carefully as he takes a seat now.

Eldrick keeps his countenance composed throughout his words to Pawel, no trace of a smile coloring his expression as he acknowledges the duke's words with a short nod. "There are two matters I would see addresed before departing Wolveshire, Your Grace. The first is a matter of curiosity, the second a matter of state between our houses. Shall I begin with the stately matter, or my own curious indulgance?"

"Perhaps it's best to get the matter of curiosity out of the way first?" Pawel suggests, before he adds, "And if there's need, I can send someone for some refreshments." Studying the Lohstren heir still, he adds, "So, what is it that has caught your curiosity?"

"A drink, with my thanks," Eldrick begins with a nod on the subject of refreshment, before moving on to his curiosity: "With the constant presence of Rhaedan and the emergence of Ellowe, we are each charged with the defense of a long coastal border with a hostile power. As we seem to share a wariness of the unknown east, I wonder what defensive steps have been taken to maintain vigilance over Taniford's eastern coast?"

Pawel nods a bit as he hears that, and gestures for a servant over in the corner to see to the refreshments. At the question, he nods a little bit now. "We have patrols running along the coastline at irregular intervals, as well as a small cavalry group prepared to head out as soon as word comes back from the patrols about anything being out of the ordinary."

Eldrick nods to the word. "This is good. I am sure that Varghem's wardens are well up to the task, and trust that you would take no insult in the offer of my House's assistance should it be of need. In the north, we have made use of signal pyres upon hilltops to quickly summon aid, though I confess I know not whether the ground of your eastern shore is suited to such measures."

"Signal pyres? That might be a good idea. I will see if that can be done here as well," Pawel replies, nodding a bit as he hears that, offering a smile. "There are not too many things happening along the northern coast, I hope?"

"There is word that Rhaedan is massing hundreds of men north of Laketown, but we have grown well accustomed to such sabre-rattling," Eldrick notes without much color to his tone. "Word only just reached us here that the Lord Equis has taken ill, which compels me to return in short order to Summit Hall, Your Grace."

Pawel nods a bit as he hears that. "They are good at rattling their sabres," he remarks a bit dryly, before he lets out a bit of a breath as he hears that other part. "I heard the word as well, Sir Eldrick. When you return, please send my best wishes for a speedy recovery to your Lord Father."

Eldrick nods shortly once again at the well wishes. "I shall do so." Drawing a fresh breath, he speaks on: "There is yet one more matter I would address before departing to bear such good sentiments northward, Duke Pawel. My cousin, Sir Xander, has expressed a high esteem of the Lady Prada, and wishes to formally court her for marriage into House Lohstren. I would know your mind on such a match."

"Interesting…" Pawel replies, after a few moments of pause, before he lets out a bit of a breath. "Because I have been writing a letter to your family about Sir Xander's sister, Lady Tamara. I know she has the Taniford name after her marriage, but still she is one of your family, right?" A brief pause, before he adds, "I think I will have to speak with my sister before I can make a decision."

"Whilst Lady Tamara shall always be dear to us, she is now of Taniford, Your Grace," Eldrick answers evenly. "It is to the Citadel that such a letter must be sent." Another slowly drawn breath before the Lohstren adds, "Deliberate as you will, and when the Duke wishes to render unto Lohstren his answer, seek out my sister, the Lady Morla." He has thus far let his cup sit untouched, focused entirely on his words with Pawel. "Those were the two matters I had wished to discuss. Has Your Grace any further inquiry of me?"

Pawel nods a little as he hears Eldrick's words, taking a sip from his own cup now. "I will speak with Lady Morla as soon as I have an answer ready," he replies, with a quiet nod, before he shakes his head a little at the last part. "No, there's nothing at the moment, thank you. Be safe in your travels, Sir Eldrick. In troubled times like these, we have none to lose, after all."

Eldrick nods a final time to Pawel, at the benediction, before at last taking up the offered cup to offer a toast in parting (mustn't seem rude, after all): "To both our Houses, Your Grace; may they both see better days ahead than behind." Proffering his cup to Pawel, he takes a single swallow of the cup, to seal the toast, before setting it down and rising from his borrowed chair.

Lifting his own cup in the toast, Pawel nods, with a brief smile now. "To both our Houses," he agrees, taking a long sip from his cup now, as he watches the Lohstren as the man gets to his feet.

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