Sir Tyler Sollinger
Aneurin Barnard
Aneurin Barnard as Tyler Sollinger
Full Name: Tyler Sollinger
Byname: -none-
Age: 18
Kingdom: Taniford
House: Sollinger
Title/Profession: Sir
Position: Youngest Son and Knight
Place of Birth: Tharnam
Father: Count Bartholmew Sollinger (deceased)
Mother: Countess Bethany Sollinger (deceased)
Siblings: Helena (deceased), Nimue, and Danielle
Spouse: None
Children: None


As the youngest child and only son, born after three daughters of the main Sollinger line, Count Sollinger laid all his hopes and dreams upon the young boy. A father's son, through and through, he spent all of his time trying hard to impress the older Count and live up to the glory and bravery that any young knight should.

Immediate Family

  • Countess Nimue Sollinger — Eldest living sister
  • Count Evander Taniford — Husband to Nimue
  • Lady Danielle Sollinger — Older Sister
  • Sir Malcolm Sollinger — Older cousin, married to Sir Moirae Lohstren
  • Lady Cordelia Sollinger — Older cousin and Captain of her own vessel
  • Sir Gustav Sollinger — Older cousin and retired Blue Guard

Character Features

Physical Features

This youthful man's pleasing lines and assertive enthusiasm speak of the noble's blood flowing in his veins. Commanding of six feet in height and of a disarming smile that could pause even his greatest detractor, Tyler expresses mirth, passion, and sincerity with effortless ease. A raven's collection of tumbling locks frames an olive-skinned complexion, complete with brown eyes capable of all the sparkle and depth of a fine cabernet. A natural complement, his definitively coastal features carry a natural symmetry within his head's ovular shape.

Today he wears brilliant white poet shirt, complete with an array of buttons that shine with polished chrome, creates a narrow 'v'-shape over his lithe frame; a hint of olive-hue shows through at the neckline, where fabric yields to a lattice corded tie. Attached by a leather belt and sword loop, his side sports a most exquisite sword — its hilt encrusted with glittering gemstones and expensive metals, and its steel blade meticulously polished with the loving care of its master. Straight black pants, imbued with the deepest black, fit closely around his well-formed legs. A quality pair of black leather riding boots don his feet and provide him a solid foundation.


  • Curious
  • Honorable
  • Dreamer

On the Grid

Known Associates

Malcolm Malcolm Sollinger : Older Cousin: Jaded and really a bit of a stick in the mud, Tyler can't deny that when it comes to action, Malcolm is definitely the man you want at your back. He likes his older cousin, even if he thinks the guy really needs to get laid more often. If that's what marriage does to someone? No thanks, he thinks he'll pass for now.

Recent Logs

Recent Memoirs


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