Tylon Stillvin
Gene Tierney
Gene Tierney as Tylon Stillvin
Full Name: Tylon Stillvin
Byname: N/A
Age: 32
Kingdom: Temple of the Four Guardians
House: The Covenant of the Temple - Laketown Temple
Title/Profession: Mother Superior / Priestess
Position: Temple Priestess
Place of Birth: Unknown
Father: Unknown
Mother: Unknown
Siblings: Unknown
Spouse: N/A
Children: None



There is not a time that Tylon can remember when she did not live at the Temple. They have told her that she was nearly two years old when she showed up, by their best estimates. They found her wondering about the main temple chamber wearing only a man's shirt, which on her was an overly long dress that she kept tripping upon. At first they had thought she'd simply woken and wandered away from her family, but after days of no one coming to look for a lost child, nor word of one being sought, it was clear the child had been left to their care, perhaps orphaned at the very least abandoned.

While some of the others raised in the temple were ready to flee to a life with more freedom, adventure once they were of age, there was never really a question that Tylon would join the Covenant when she came of age. The question was simply, which of the Guardians she would pledge to, which of the Temples would her path take to. The Temple of Bornas was certainly out of the question, for even if she had the spirit of a warrior, while she grew taller, she lacked stature. She was yet a slip of a girl, most swords probably weighed more than she did. But her choice became known when she moved from being a ward of the Temples to pledging to the Covenant as an Acolyte, selecting a last name of Stillvin. Even if she had time within her Acolyte years to choose, she had made her intentions clear. When she took the Oath of the Covenant, she would become a Priestess of Stilltha.

Upon becoming a full Priestess, Tylon took up further duties around the Laketown chapter of the Stilltha Temple in helping to care and training for the orphans in their care, in addition to adding in the lessons of those who were just beginning their path as Acolytes all while bettering her own skills in tending to those who sought the skills of the Temple Healers. As with many in her Temple Order, Tylon serves as she is called to by the Four Guardians, seeking to give aid and healing, both physical and spiritual to those in need. A task that does carry her from the Temple, for not all who need aid can come to receive it and must be gone to.


Immediate Family

Completely unknown.


Physical Features

Shoulder length hair the color of chocolate tops off this five foot six inch tall female. With her hair pulled away from her face and held with a simple leather band in the fashion of a pony tail, features of her face can be easily observed. Moss green eyes take in the world from over prominent cheek bones. And when she smiles, it appears that she would have a slight overbite.

A simple, calm blue, priestess robe flits over the contours of this woman, the few there are to be found upon the rather lithe being. The location of her waist is marked upon her slender form by warm brown the belt that secures her robes. A simple cord circles her neck with the symbol of the Guardian Stilltha hanging from it.


Restless Sleeper
Forever Barefoot
Religiously Devote
Calm and Steady

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