Lady Victricia Riedel nee Auldholme
Blake Lively
Blake Lively as Victricia Elenai Riedel nee Auldholme
Full Name: Victricia Elenai Riedel nee Auldholme
Byname: My name should be enough.
Age: 18 (May 12)
Kingdom: Rhaedan
House: Riedel
Title/Profession: Lady
Position: Ambassador
Place of Birth: Old Home, Malgrave
Father: Sir Myrik Auldholme
Mother: Lady Allana Rhaedan
Siblings: Sir Augustus Auldholm, Sir Titus Auldholme (deceased), Sir Seneca Auldholme, Lady Cassia Auldholme, Sir Julius Auldholme, Sir Lucilia Auldholme (deceased)
Spouse: Lord Sir Sammel Riedel
Children: None


Being the youngest daughter in a house where those who have come before all seem to take up a penchant for battle and arms, in a place where many are to be known for it has given Victricia a mind for other things and more, the time for it. As most will in youth, when seeking the passage for the course of ones life, Tricia, as she prefers to be called, dabbled in many things. Archery and swords, a passing moment given to polearms but knowledge atrophies in the wake of blooming passion and fighting with steel…was never Tricia's passion. Others before her had already blazed such a path and Victricia preferred to take her own.

So she has, with a nonchalant air when it comes to the less recent bits of play towards manhood in regards to those tournaments and swordplay for competition. Perhaps…perhaps there is a hint of disdain in her for women who carry weapons as though they're men to wield them with the same ease, but she hides it well behind the politeness of her smile and it is, always unfailingly polite. Her passion, indeed, her pleasure lay within the realm of games of the mind instead. There, she deems it worthy to show her prowess or not, as case may be. The simple truth of the matter is that it depends on who needs to know and who doesn't.

Her pleasure, nay, her passion is the realm of politics. It was there the bulk of her studies were spent, not with swords and not with bows, not on the manner in which steel might be best folded and pressed but in the games of court and intrigue. In wisdom. Long years were spent merely watching the play, both by the other nobles at court and later, by her sister Cassia. Watch and learn, watch and learn, while biding her time. Some might wonder just what that time was spent waiting for, while others would look to the current events and try to find the answer.

Whatever the reason, Victricia has seen fit to settle herself into the public eye, keeping company with faces of renown and her secrets, much like her hand, played close to her heartless chest. Though to ask her, one would say what she does, in fact, all she does, is for the good of her House and more, the Crown. Loyal to a fault, with a stern eye and harsh judgment; the latter more often kept to herself.


Physical Features

Standing at five feet and seven inches, Victricia is an elegant creature, with large bright eyes and a button nose, set above lips that seem just made for kissing. Her features are expressive, her laughter as infectious as her charm and both run in equal measure…to her temper. Long blond locks frame a cherub's face and are often done to fey effect framing her cheeks and highlighting the slender curve of her neck; woven thick with thin ribbons in house colours, the bulk drawn up in twin steel pins, one crown lion, one iron fist.

Slender shoulders and a defined collarbone are left bare by the cut of her gown, with tiny red half sleeves that cover no more than an inch or two of her upper arms. The bodice that hugs the length of her frame is a form fitting affair, amplifying the swell of her hips and the rise of her bosom and at a distance looks to be a mesh of black on gold, while closer inspection reveals the intricate workings of embroidery done to the effect of the ivy.

Long legs are hidden away beneath the full layers of heavy skirts, black all, save for the main panel in the front, which like those sleeves, stands out in crimson, where the colors for House Riedel are on artful display. And when she walks, occasionally black slippers can be seen, or the hint of a stocking clad ankle.


  • Avid Learner
  • Light Sleeper
  • Quick Witted
  • Hard Hearted
  • Politically Minded


  • Victricia hates her name and will take any possible shortening to the whole.
  • She was a bookish child, one who never gave her parents a spot of trouble.
  • Fostered at Rhaedan until she was sixteen.
  • Keeps collecting jewelry all of a sudden, courtesy of the same two men.
  • Rides a sleek black mare named Gilly.
  • Is something of a Songstress.
  • Married to Lord Sir Sammel Riedel.
  • Ambassador, courtesy of Crown Prince Jerric.

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