Sir Vin Leah
Scarlett Johansson
Scarlett Johansson as Sir Vin Leah
Full Name: Sir Vin Leah
Byname: The Archer
Age: 22
Kingdom: Rhaedan
House: Leah
Title/Profession: Sir
Position: Knight/Royal Guard
Place of Birth: Rhaedan
Father: Sir Jakob Leah
Mother: Tayani Leah
Siblings: None
Spouse: None
Children: None


Vin was born the first child of a common knight of House Leah. While common, the family has served House Rhaedan loyally for as long as anyone can remember, at least one child of each generation serving the family directly. Due to complications during the birth, which at the time were thought to pass, Vin's mother proved unable to bear any more children afer her first daughter, something that took a number of years to realize. Vin's father was a knight, and one often called on to serve as a member of the royal guard, so he was not often at home. Her mother was a bowyer, as well as fletcher, and one fairly well known throughout the area as being one of the best and known to craft the truest arrows. Vin was a happy child, prone to running around with the other children making a racket and getting into trouble. She made friends easily and frequently, and rarely lacked for some form of entertainment.

As she grew older, the girl's mother, thinking she yet had time to bear a son, began to teach Vin some small bits of her trade, carving arrows, balancing them for flight, and fletching. She developed a fondness for the wilderness as well, and could often be found out in the woods near home, or sitting at the edge of a nearby body of water. Her father was generally a rare figure in her childhood, but when he was about, he was a strong presence in Vin's life, a comforting strength. Nearing the age of ten, it became apparent that for some reason, her parents would not be having another child, and thus her father decided he would train her to become a knight.

This would prove to be a role the young woman fell into easily enough, showing a knack for most things fairly quickly, and finding herself fascinated with the notion of serving her home's royal family. What child wouldn't? Her greatest talent quickly proved to be her abilities with a bow, perhaps her childhood working at her mother's side coming to light. She developed a bit of skill with sword and shield as well, using her speed and smaller size opposed to the strength and sometimes hulking size of other knights.

Vin was a natural talent in many areas, and lacking in some others despite working upon them. Despite her flaws, her capabilities with the bow and her devotion to her service quickly elevated her above those around her, and at a relatively young age, she was knighted and placed amongst the Royal Guard, where she has served since, developing a strong bond with her fellow guards, and her loyalty to the royal family growing.

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