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Here you will find a list of characters that already have basic concepts attached to them. We encourage you to make this character your own, however, but still adhere to the guidelines that staff has initially established. If you have questions, please contact the appropriate staff member for more information.

The proud Kingdom to the South, this is a primarily Matriarchal society that has found their fortune and livelihood in agriculture and horse breeding. With their wide, open plains and rich soils, it is no surprise that many of the people find a path in the soil. The royal family, especially, feels a distinct calling to the land and it is said that they will begin to feel uneasy if they are trapped indoors for too long without that connection to the earth.

House Taniford of the Citadel

The Royal House of Taniford has been charged with the protection of the people of the South. After warring with the neighboring kingdom of Rhaedan for centuries, they now covet their peace to begin repairing the damage done to their lands and to find a different way of reclaiming what they believe to be theirs. A proud family, they can often be seen as haughty and somewhat hot-tempered to the Northerners, but the House is much beloved to their people.

Extended family of House Taniford - Aunts, uncles, cousins(of any ages) and more are welcome. We may be willing to consider adding other brothers and sisters to theme if there is an excellent concept that will help enrich the family dynamic.

Members of the Blue Guard

There are additionally two unnamed open spots that can be filled ICly. Please note to staff if you would like to so we can work with you towards a position on the BG.


Squire to Sir Peronell Savage, of the Blue Guard

House Varghem of Wolveshire

Holding Wolveshire, one of the largest keeps in Taniford, House Varghem is an old family that has always been loyal to the Royal House. Currently, one of Duke Pawel's uncles is married to the Queen.

Lady Saraiya

Lord Antyllus

Lady-Wife of Lord Antyllus
Lord-Child of Lord Antyllus

Lady Lilith

Lord-Husband of Lilith
Lord-Child of Lady Lilith
Lady-Child of Lady Lilith

House Lohstren of Estermarch

A strong and loyal vassalage to the Taniford family, they are known as the Horse Lords of Eikeren. Their family suffered greatly during the centuries of war with three sons of the main line perishing in the fighting. This has left the fourth born, Eldrick Lohstren as the reluctant heir.

Various Cousins & Aunts — See House Lohstren for more Information

House Sollinger of Tharnham
An older house that was once nothing more than a barony that tended to Taniford's naval affairs. Went rather unnoticed until their efforts in repelling the Corsair threat, which resulted in being awarded an elevation in rank and given stewardship over Tharnham.

Countess Nimue Sollinger - Character is CGed, contact staff for details.

Count Evander

Lady Ariel

Lord Callen

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